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  1. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    Danilo says Pep Guardiola made it easy to pick Man City over Chelsea http://www.espnfc.us/manchester-city/story/3164934/danilo-says-pep-guardiola-made-it-easy-to-pick-man-city-over-chelsea
  2. Izzy Brown

    I'm telling you the outcry will come because we are parking all our youth in the PL.
  3. 30. David Luiz

    Yeah but those are those silly mistakes that David Luiz by trying to be too cute.
  4. 30. David Luiz

    Yeah but he still does stupid mistake. He did one where he tried to pass out from the back with James on top of him.....
  5. Virgil Van Dijk

    Because Andreas is poor and we can't gamble on that. Need this guy.
  6. The Conte Thread

    I hope he consider changing the formation in the bigger games. He always talk about 4-2-4. That might be the way to go Courtois Azpi/Rudgier - David Luiz/Andreas - Cahill/new Cb - Alonso/new Bakayoko - Kante Pedro - Fabregas - Morata - Hazard You can see we will need another midfield because if one of Kanta-Baka gets injured we are light.
  7. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Fabregas might work in the 4-2-4 if we ever switch. But never Fabregas and Kante in this formation. Need Kanta and Bakayoko.....now we see why we need another Midfielder, because we only have Kante and Bakayoko. Then in the 4 Fabregas can play as 10 with Morata, Hazard, Pedro.
  8. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    And this i why I really believe we will be going to Conte favorite formation eventually. The 4-2-4. Because this formation we are using is horrible against top team. Already saw it against Real Madrid final. So hopefully Conte see that.
  9. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    I agreed that Boga has been great. But Moses, Bats and Andreas has been woeful. We know Kante and Fabregas not going to work. Never against top team. So need to wait till Baka comes back. And then defense we shall see what Conte does because Andreas has been hit a miss.
  10. The Pre-Season Thread

    Well to be fair the only youth that has been great is Boga. Boga might pull a Moses.
  11. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Well the other concern is that the formation is the same one that Juventus got rip apart against Real. This formation not good against top teams with good fullbacks and winger.
  12. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Yeah the one youth that has been woeful has been Andreas. Do people still don't want virgil van dijk because of Andreas?
  13. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Well you also got Andreas. He has been looking pretty bad. But that's what you get when you play youth. Most people want to give Andreas a chance, so take his woeful performance if you want to give him a chance. Your going to get that from youth.
  14. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    And we made Arsenal look bad the other day. It's pre season. It is why I say I don't understand you guys taking pre season too serious. Don't hype it up like when we beat Arsenal and don't be the end of the world like today. It's pre season.
  15. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Your just a knee jerk reaction person. I realize now that A couple of days much praise for trashing Arsenal and now miles away. If anything it's Andreas that has been very bad. The one player people want to give chances. So give him chance and will have bad games since he is young. It's something you need to take when you play youth.
  16. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    And you was hyping us after beating Arsenal. Told you that, not to get carried away against Arsenal in a pre season....
  17. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Yeah this is the game you see the real team not the one against Arsenal where everyone was hyping Boga, Bats and the likes....
  18. The Pre-Season Thread

    Yeah this is the game you see the real team not the one against Arsenal where everyone was hyping Boga, Bats and the likes....
  19. General Transfer Talk

    Do you even know how they calculate the figures for FFP? Do you know that players contract are amortised? Do you know that they make good money each year?
  20. Virgil Van Dijk

    So interesting to see what this will come about. Saints just want to keep an unhappy player around?
  21. The English Football Thread

    I figured that eventually was going to happen. The outcry will just continue
  22. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Are you like an insider? Because you always say stuff a couple of minutes before they come out on the web page of Skysports.
  23. Richarlison

    I think he will be our back up striker. We are not getting Llorente since Swans asking too much.
  24. The Conte Thread

    Chelsea boss Antonio Conte admits he considered his options after first year Antonio Conte has indicated that he considered leaving Chelsea despite winning the Premier League last season, saying his first year in England was "very tough" on a personal level. Former Juventus boss Conte took charge at Stamford Bridge after overseeing Italy's Euro 2016 campaign, but his wife and nine-year-old daughter did not join him in England. He eventually committed to a new contract this month -- improving the terms of the final two years of his deal -- but has acknowledged he was weighing up his options even after winning the title. "After a tough season, it's very important always to look back, to see the season and then to understand very well," he said in the Mail on Sunday when asked if had considered his future in May. "It was very important for me because it was my first season in England, a new country without my family, and it was important to understand my situation in all aspects, OK? "For sure, I enjoyed the season in England and with Chelsea, but I must be honest, it was very tough for me and for my family. Sometimes when you win, you think that everything is easy, but it wasn't to win and to have this type of season." His family will join him in England for the coming season, and he said: "To stay another season without the family would be very hard, very difficult. "My daughter is at an age when it's very important to see her grow, to stay every day with her, and also with my wife, because she would be jealous for this. They are coming. My family is very important. "I think it will show my commitment to the club, to this project and to try -- I repeat -- to build something important." Chelsea have made some significant signings this month, with defender Antonio Rudiger, midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko and striker Alvaro Morata joining, but the only arrivals when the transfer window opened on July 1 were backup goalkeeper Willy Caballero and youngster Ethan Ampadu, who joined from Exeter. Manchester United beat Chelsea to the signing of Romelu Lukaku and, while Conte says he considers Morata to be "at the same level" as the Belgium international, he suggested he had been concerned by the club's lack of success in the market earlier in the summer. Conte, who was reported to have left Juve in 2014 due to a lack of investment, said: "We found the right view about the future of this club. "I repeat, we are a great club but we are in a moment where we can't make a mistake because it's very dangerous. We don't have a lot of space to make mistakes. We need to improve and increase our squad to be something important for the present, and also for our future." He added: "For every manager it is important to explain your idea. It's very important that the club understand your idea and the club is ready also to work together, to try together, and to have this solid foundation. I can want this, but if I'm alone it's very difficult to do this." Asked if that meant he had considered walking away, he replied: "For sure, my decision was always to stay with Chelsea and continue this work, but you know very well that our job is not simple and anything can happen during our path and our career. "My desire, and the club's, was to continue this work and, for this reason I renew a contract. Now it's right to start to work together and it's very important to know that there's a lot of work to do."
  25. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Hyping things up after a pre season game?