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  1. Super Frank Thread

    Poch only, I don't want the other 2. Anyhow my dream has always been Bielsa. Now that he is in the Premier League I wonder if Roman gets interested if Bielsa does good with Leeds in the new season.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    The guy from Leipzig?
  3. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    But I think United has spend the same or more since Pep been at city. United under Mourinho and now Solksker has spend a lot if not more. The difference is that City buy good, like Liverpool did.
  4. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Morata, then Kepa. I'm getting a bit worried about the Spaniard market at this moment in time.
  5. The Conte Thread

    Crazy, Conte come back for a second season ala Mournho, you fit right in. Chelsea FC Hollywood
  6. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Good news, we need the experience for this last game.
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Nice Conte building a team for next season. I still like Conte and hope he does well with Inter.
  8. Politics & Stuff

    He is not going to win. I think the whole black lives matter really killed him. Everything else was a pass, but this just put the nails in the coffin. The problem is now that the other option is even worse then Trump.
  9. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I agree with @Vesper Ake is not what we need. We got many players like him in Zouma, AC and Tomori. We need a real leader of a CB, not someone like Ake.
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Ferran Torres to City for 20 million is a good deal.
  11. Kai Havertz

    Is Havertz like Muller? Muller is a very versatile player, and to me him with Lahm and Schweinsteiger where the backbone of Bayern of the past.,,even though Muller is still around.
  12. 10. Willian

    Need to ease in the new guys. Kinda like Conte wanted to do with Matic and Bakoyoko. It's the right move me thinks.
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Napoli paying big. I wonder if they are selling to buy this guy for 60 million?
  14. Super Frank Thread

    There was nothing positive about Sarri.
  15. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    It says we need to sell defenders. Easy, sell Zouma and Andreas. We need to get rid of those 2 and keep Rudgier and Tomori. Get new CB in. But how much he would cost?