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  1. Coronaviral

    That's why this will lead to a world government to supercede major decisions. Kinda like what the EU does for the country's in their union. Maybe it will be the UN who forms this so that when such global scenario happens they take over and make the crucial decisions.
  2. Coronaviral

    Well if you are surprised those who study Bible Prophecy expected this to happen in the future. The one world order to be run by a popular leader is slowly being put into place. We are just seeing the shadow of what is really coming. If you cared to know more check this out:
  3. General Chelsea Stuff

    I hope they give us like 2 to 3 weeks of prea season type before restarting the season in July. I think finishing the season in July-August is doable. Giving that the virus started in Wuhan and they are already reopening their city, we can assume that it last anywhere between 2 to 3 months. We already been in lock down since March and will be all of April. This is good, hopefully by mid May we can slowly start to open things up again. And then let clubs get back into training and pre season in June.
  4. General Chelsea Stuff

    Very good, even the articles that come the athletic are the best. In fact years ago journalism was like that, methodical, a lot of analysis and what not. Nowadays the journalism like skysport, the guardian and what not is so sub standard of what it used to be. But the athletic is like the elite of sports journalism.
  5. General Chelsea Stuff

    So theoretically by June all of our players should be able to start for the club? Kante, Tammy, Pulisic and even RLC?
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    If you do the season in July and August then I think that's doable. But you have to let the clubs have a pre season in June, you can't put them to restart the season right away.
  7. General Chelsea Stuff

    Does anyone has any info into how some of our players that was injured are doing now? I remember Tammy, kante and such was injured before the season stop. I would like to know where they stand at this moment.
  8. Coronaviral

    I wonder how this happened? I thought they was on lockdown as well and did not had much virus. It was under control. How did it all of a sudden explode? People went outside to play? Went shopping? Etc etc
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I don't see Pulisic as being that great. To me he will be more like Schurrle quality. I don't have much faith in him. Coutinho? Men I really don't want him. I don't know about this.
  10. Coronaviral

    The problem is that we can't be like China. While it would have been amazing for a swift response but because of our values it was hard. However I do believe that next time no matter who is president, weather a liberal or conservative it will be swift and decisive. This set precedence and policy will put in place for a next time.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    That should be the norm. Just finished the season as is and award the title to the first place.
  12. Coronaviral

    We should have been strict like the Chinese did in Wuhan. It lasted for 2 months and now they are starting to open everything up. But that's because they took extreme measure and fast. We on the other hand did not, I mean look at NYC and the response of Coumo and what not to people in the street. That stuff did not fly in Wuhan. So we on our side are too soft compare to the rapid response from the Chinese.
  13. Coronaviral

    What's funny about this is that next time something begins to air the response will be immediately. I remember when President Trump decided to stop doing certain things with China people was appalled. Then when President Trump ban flights from Europe the same response... It turn out to be the right decision but a little too late. And eventually the whole world followed the same response. Next time the response is going to be fast and swift.
  14. Coronaviral

    Yeah I figured domestic violence would go up as well. Its starting to happen all over the world. Sad. 😢
  15. Coronaviral

    Of course they are lying. And I would not be surprised that this virus came from Wuhan Lab.