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  1. 19. Mason Mount

    He has been a bit up and down in form but that's expected for youth. I'm not mad nor surprised as I actually expected this with youth. So it's all good for me.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Panic buys incoming!
  3. Danny Drinkwater

    Eric Bailly: Manchester United trigger two-year extension in defender's contract I have a question about this? How come United does this and we don't do this? It helps so that no one can leave on a free.
  4. 8. Ross Barkley

    Should buy him. no loan.
  5. The Conte Thread

    Yeah Conte is just short term right now. Trying to win the league does that to you.
  6. 24. Reece James

    I'm glad, guy is really good. I think the best out all of our youth.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Not bad i guess inter going for the title.
  8. Conor Gallagher

    Should have left him there, but hey since we are doing with youth great this season, maybe we can fast track his development to a team in the epl.
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Exactly we already done that in the past and end up with dead wood. Zapacosta, Drinkwater are a few that come to mind. I much rather not sign anyone and hold til the summer when we can get the target that we want.
  10. 4. Andreas Christensen

    @Vesper That's a good a source for reading about futbol. It's very professional. Thank you
  11. Politics & Stuff

    So it's interesting that Trump said this way before Iran came to that conclusion. So how could Trump know that before hand?
  12. What TV Prog Are You Following Now

    Right now watching the expanse on Amazon Prime. I like it. The first episode or two was slow but in season 2 and I'm enjoying the show. I like sci fi so this show fits my profile. 🤓
  13. Politics & Stuff

    Apparently not going to happen, the sanctions more incoming: US knew Iranian missiles were coming ahead of strike; Trump announces new sanctions https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/01/08/us-officials-warned-missile-launch-iraq-bases-troops/2842200001/
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Yes I think Iran was also smart. They did attack but made it so no casualty happens, as they don't want a war right now. Now the last problem remains, if Iran does go ahead full speed with the nuclear weapons? If they are smart again they will wait till Trump and Netanyahu are out of the view....
  15. Politics & Stuff

    Agreed, that being said nuking Iran because of that issue is lunacy. Iran has many good people, just the regime that is bad. You don't go dropping a nuke just because you don't like the regime. Your killing many innocent people. Anyhow I hope we don't get to that.