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  1. Edinson Cavani

    mendes is mourinhos manager not sure if that implies anything
  2. Fernando Torres

    i feel bad for the lad, he was a magical player and has shown glimpses of it here and there. Unfortunately stamford bridge hast worked out for him and I think its just time for both sides to move on. I was one of the few who thought danny boy should have been starting in october, its sad now to see our own fans boo a player. Its not as if he wants to be playing shit, the BOARD invested in him, the BOARD did not buy another striker, managers were forced to start him. Its not as if he demanded all of these requests. As much as we can direct our anger at torres, it is more the doing of the board. I know everytime he plays, we are essentially walking on with 10 men, I know how the feeling of emptiness and shit after he misses chance after fucking chance, he is probably crying inside for those to go in as we all are. I kno torres doesnt show the emotion he showed for liverpool, but overall its not going to help our team if our fans boo our players. It hurts the overall morale of the team, I think we all know nando started the carling cup game so Ba could start the more important stoke game. Hopefully he will be in another uniform next season banging in goals and our man Ba will follow the path of the king
  3. Branislav Ivanovic

    its truly pathetic to compare iva, who has given so much to the club and has played selflessly wherever he is asked, who got us out of napoli and defended so well against uefelona, be compared to the lady boy who has lost us more games than I can count
  4. Fernando Torres

    the wankfest will commence shortly after the match
  5. Fernando Torres

    to be honest its a fucking disgrace for didier to be in the crowd for this mess, how we need the king back himself, or else I fear the worst
  6. Fernando Torres

    i am really curious as to what fucking excuses will be made on sunday when torres doesnt score, lets go over them shall we 1) was injured and didnt feel acclimated spends an entire offseason still is shit 2) no link up play, no creative minds for him mata/oscar/ hazard still is shit 3) needed the king to leave so he could feel more comfortable management pushes the king out who has won us so much and wanted to stay, still is shit 4) wait we haven't tried firing the manager yet oh wait, we fired carlo/avb, fuck it di matteo needs to go and we NEED BENITEZ only no one else can save this piece of shit
  7. Fernando Torres

    missed 2 sitters, whats new
  8. Fernando Torres

    what a goal !!!!, was looking shaky before, but man that was a beaut
  9. Fernando Torres

    not pursuing cavani**** ^^^
  10. Fernando Torres

    very good points, 1) The season is 3 games old and really only hazard/mata/ashley and a few others have shown their worth to the squad. 2) He has actually scored 2 goals, which is more than what we could have said in the past and is looking more threatening this year than every other year as far as I can remember. 3) We scored 3 goals in a half irrelevant of whether it was reading, last year asking more for more than 1 goal in a half was really pushing the pedal on the lads. The fact is we are playing pretty attractively and its exciting times at the bridge. There is a saying, " If it's not broken yet don't fix it". with all that being said, torres has been barely acceptable the last few games which is not what we want to see from him, we want the nando of old. That may never come when he could face a defender in the box and out maneuver 3 defenders. I am confident he can become a calm/cool striker he finishes the opportunities he gets. I kno its not what we paid for but we also could have seen this coming with his injury record. Its 3 games into the season, I would be more excited as this team gels, I am becoming increasingly confident mata/hazard will keep milking goals for whoever our striker is. I am a fan of using sturridge but I admit getting cavani would be a pretty attractive option. Drogba always battled for his spot irrelevant of the competition and never complained. On top of that he seemed to thrive amongst pressure, I am a big fan of nando but if he is to continue at chelsea, he needs to accept that if he isnt putting on a world class show, he can bet his ass someone else who is capable of doing it can and will replace him. In conclusion I think there is SOME reason for concern given his history, but I think we can agree he has been better these last 3 games and if he doesnt score against newcastle pursuing cavani would be stupid. If he had scored a CONVINCING goal or two, against reading/wigan, newcastle would not be crucial but since he didnt look so decisive, it would be irrational to not at the very least give studge a go.
  11. Didier Drogba

    missing the big man today, just ordered your kit from your final season, hope you comeback as some sort of manager/assistant/player for us one day
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    God he is so good on the ball and so quick. He has the lower body of a lion and a thick upper as well, seems like he is so strong on the ball cant be muscled off, he has been by a large margin our best player for the last 2 games him and mata are brilliant together, ashley seems to link up well with him as well.
  13. Edinson Cavani

    Lol lets just fast forward to the 31st and wake up to see who we get, this is getting annoying now
  14. Edinson Cavani

    these announcers are too funny
  15. Fernando Torres

    I never understood booing your own lads, they fight night in night out for the team, its not like they want to play like shit lol, it just happens sometimes, whether it be kalou/nando/didier we always need to give them our praise because lets face it they need our support at the bridge more then we need theirs