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  1. Stamford Bridge thread

    It's a bit of a piss take but fuck it, I just think of how far we have come since the Bobby Campbell days and all is forgiven lol. It's easy to forget when we are playing shit and I go back into 89 - 90s teenage mode and life is over because we have lost, a regular occurrence hahahahahahah . Standing in the shed freezing hands on the fences watching the ball slip between Daves legs lol. So let them have their bit of fortune we are so lucky to be in west London. Just wish when we lose everyone not to have a melt down and just take a breath step back and think what if we didn't sign Gullit what if Roman ( can't say it lol. west London baby) although being surrounded by Manu when young could see we was going places without Roman just not as quick. So fuck them let's worry about ut ourselves. Probably best to ignore this half way though a bottle of Woodford reserve KTBFFH.
  2. Chelsea 1-3 Atletico Madrid

    Stop talking sense mate.
  3. Mohamed Salah

    Agree, John played very little football and comparing him to a dead Beatle is madness.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Disgusting club and disgusting fans. Fucking pity city Shell suit wearing cunts. Harry Enfield got it spot on.
  5. Swansea v Chelsea

    Quite easy to understand, defo 2 yellows. He can have no complaints.
  6. Swansea v Chelsea

    Your not alone mate, I don't think I could handle seeing those fucking scummy scouse mugs celebrating on TV. The open top bus would last all week, I mean those benefit cunts haven't got anything else to do lol. But if they don't win they will prob start a petition about how unfair bla bla bla... Stevie deserves it.....
  7. Chelsea 2-0 PSG

    Every player played their hearts out to day and our Brazilian boys were brilliant, I know Luiz has that streak in him but I love it and we needed it on a night like this. And fuck me what a player Azpilicueta is.. He could get mom every game.
  8. Chelsea v PSG

    Henrique you was saying about Ba. Lol
  9. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    Engage your brain before you open your mouth and read what you have just posted. You don't come onto a Chelsea fc forum big up Liverpool and in the same breath slag us off by telling us not to talk about class ! I appologise for the insult, but have some manners mate.
  10. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    Someone ban this Kojo mug. Liverpool fans class... Ha ha ha I've heard it all now, what a stupid cunt.
  11. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    Stubborn mentality ha ha, Nah, we just don't give up and surrender quite like you guys !
  12. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    To be honest we're just not good enough at the moment but I can't wait to see what Jose does in the transfer window. A lot of shit has to be rooted out and a lot more quality brought in, I can't think of a better manager than Jose sorting it out. And by no way is this over, not by a long shot. To the PSG fans... you are nothing special, average at best.
  13. Juan Mata

    I think we should put in an offer of £5m.
  14. Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal

    Words cannot describe the feeling. Who can't stop smiling ?
  15. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Must win game. Fucking hate those slags, they are so far up their own arses. They are like southern scousers.