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  1. Kevin de Bruyne

    Reading too much into nothing......
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Ewwww Golf...
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Anyone else so completely over this Transfer window? I just want to see us play some Football....Cannot wait for the first 2 games.
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    They are already so good that they are the 2nd best first XI in the league.
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    No, reality is realizing we have the most talented squad in the league who are still, scarily, so young and will get better. Reality is realizing we have the best Manager in the world. Reality is realizing Ferguson is no longer around and Citeh are Citeh, no fight in them whatsoever.
  6. Edinson Cavani

    Villa is better than anything we have. Some people just have the weirdest and most childish blind faith in our 'Strikeforce', if you can even call it that.
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Wow, extreme pessimism...
  8. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    To be honest, what great signings have City actually made? Navas and Fernandinho are underwhelming. Pepe will be a good signing.
  9. Edinson Cavani

    Now even Villa is gone. This is truly ridiculous.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Good signs. Looks like the three amigos may not be in any danger. Also I had a random thought (after reading some deluded posts on Redcafe), that we have quite a better first team. If you were to take the best players from both squads in a 4-2-3-1, you'd get ----------------------------Cech------------------------- ---Rafael--------Luiz----------Vidic-----------Cole---- --------------------Carrick-----Oscar------------------- -----De Bruyne-------Mata----------Hazard---------- ---------------------------RVP---------------------------- 7 Chelsea players to 4 United. We may yet also get De Rossi which would displace Carrick. We won't get a striker better than RVP anymore though. The obvious omission is Kagawa. He hasn't proven much in the PL, although not all his fault. However what is obvious is that he is not at his best wide. He won't play ahead of Mata in the hole or Hazard on the left. De Bruyne is far better suited to play wide right. Their first 11 is quite...underwhelming. I think they'll get found out one way or another now that there's no Fergie to compensate for their team's averageness.
  11. Edinson Cavani

    Why would it be 70 million when his release clause is around £50 million? The Torres signing has fucked us on so many levels. Now even when the right player presents themselves we're so scarred by Torres that we'll never go there anymore it seems.......
  12. Edinson Cavani

    Utterly stupid that we didn't complete the deal because of a few million. Now we will pay for it, again.
  13. Edinson Cavani

    So we've missed out on Cavani, Falcao, Lewandowski and even Ronney now. Fucking hell...
  14. Edinson Cavani

    Not looking good. Rooney or Ibra it is. Perhaps if a miracle occurs then maybe Lewandowski.
  15. Edinson Cavani

    We'll just get Ibra anyway if he goes to PSG, so if he does go somewhere other than here, let it be PSG.