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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    Thank you for correcting me, its actually £68 from the Chelsea Megastore to get a adult sized kit, with the badge and Ramires on the back.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    The problem is the need for success. When Drogba was away, Torres wasnt scoring, Lukaku who is a proven goal scorer wasn't even given a start or two. Yes he played in a league not as well known as the Prem, but the jump from Anderlecht to Chelsea isnt really that big. He is a massive player, throw him in the box and let Mata cross for him or even try 4-4-2 with him and Sturridge upfront. I would rather we tried this for a year than sign Hulk for 85 mill and then have him Tevez or Robinho us when things dont work out.
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    So am I the only who gets annoyed at Adidas and their lies about this "kit making you more aware, improving speed" and all that crap to justify the £65 price ?
  4. Frank Lampard

    Right, first of all this isn't a "F**k Frank Lampard" thread. This is just me wanting to know peoples opinions on Lampard. Like every reasonable Chelsea fan, I liked Frank Lampard. I chose to say liked and not like for a reason. This season has maybe swayed me and made me realise he has become a problem that needs to be dealt with. I appreciate that Lampard is our legend. Will always be remembered as that. And rightfully so people have said, he is Chelsea's equivalent to Ryan Giggs, Gerrard etc. But is he really ? Lampard has scored 10+ goals for consecutive seasons now and some of these goals have saved us and got us the three points, so yes he is a valuable asset. However, lets look at Giggs, yes he is a scum bag but ever since he realised he was past 33 he changed his game, stopped going for goals in a sense and became a valuable creator for United. Something Chelsea has lacked this season. If Lampard maybe passed to Torres, Drogba Sturridge, created those opportunities that Giggs and Gerrard do for their team would we be in this position ? I am not blaming Lampard for our downfall obviously but I am however questioning if he is maybe part of the problem Chelsea has created in a sense. Obviously it isnt all up to Lampard but in my opinion. I would much prefer in the summer, we say our farewells to Lampard as a first teamer. Jamie Carragher, was effectivley replaced by Skrtel and Kelly and not once did he complain to the media about it. He accepted it and you now see him on the bench coming on as a sub etc. This whole "old guard" crap needs to end. We all wish to see Torres firing on all cylinders again, we all dream of one day seeing Terry lifting up the Champions League. But can we really do this when the heart of our attack we have a player like Lampard. If anyone remembers last season, Chelsea v Blackpool away, in like 45 minutes, Lampard made maybe 2 passes to Torres. Giggs however makes on average 17 passes per half to who ever is leading Uniteds attack. Once again, I mean no disrespect to Lampard but at this current moment in time, I ask the question, "Does Chelsea still need Lampard?"
  5. Bear Grylls has fucking issues.

  6. I haven't ate today. One meal a day is now so standard for me.

  7. RT @meligoodwin: @StevenChap hahahahahha I LOVE the feel of the feet they are actually brilliant << Im speechless, thats wrong

  8. Facetime with my mother.

  9. Red Chuck Taylor day today.

  10. Today has been nice.

  11. "Lost in this plastic life, lets break outta this fake ass party, turn this into a classic night"

  12. And then making an exam where we had to answer in 10 seconds. All but 7 questions where trick questions.

  13. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Tyler, the Creator (149), Lissie (100) & Kanye West (49) http://t.co/aa3ezi3E