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  1. Hulk

    BBC opening ceremony: 'Mexico' mexico men's football has the marvellous Porto striker Hulk..I'm told he's incredible' 'yeah he's a very goood player.'. Tits
  2. Juan Mata

    Hasn't had a bad first season has he? FA, Champions League and Euro 2012!
  3. Fernando Torres

    Golden Boot Winner. So chuffed for him, many thought he wasnt going to go! Spain are unstoppable. Geez!
  4. Daniel Sturridge

    Can't help but think that Danny's going to get a lot more chances to prove himself as a striker next season. With the intro of hazard, Marin and probably hulk, can see him and Torres alternating in per season especially to see how he fares. Could bring out the best in him. A lot off my friends think he's to greedy and are unsure about him, but I think he's still one of our most exciting players in the team, i have faith he'll prove a lot of people wrong.
  5. Florent Malouda

    Baffles me really. Never have I see a better goal from flo in a Chelsea shirt. Still plays lacklustre and boring for us!!
  6. Luka Modric

    This is always my thought process. Everyone we seem to be linked with these days are talented foreigners, instead of any good British youngsters. Granted there isn't a great deal of them out there, but we need to give a chance to our FA youth winners. Would love to see McEachran this season, he is a huge talent who hasn't had his chance yet, as well as chalobah who likes like an awesome utility player. But off topic guys sorry but just riles me they don't get given a proper chance at CFC. With the exception of Sturridge, Bertrand are probably next Hutchinson, the other boys need to be given a platform to shine.
  7. Gaël Kakuta

    I've never forgotten about him. It's hard to when there was that drama about his transfer years back. How's he doing in France? Remember him being an awesome player in our reserves and playing for France in a youth squad at euro's he smashed it. Need to put him on the subs bench for pre season and give him a chance to prove himself. Wasn't given any of that at fulham or Bolton.
  8. Daniel Sturridge

    Ah gutted for him and the squad. Only got himself to blame I guess, but think he deserves his place over defoe's. Anyone agree?
  9. Daniel Sturridge

    Is Danny in the Euro squad?
  10. Fernando Torres

    Yep, I'd be rather embarrassed but I'd let it slide!
  11. Daniel Sturridge

    Danny just limped off for England. Hope it's not bad news...
  12. 24. Gary Cahill

    Who needs Torres when you've got Gary cahill scoring goals as a striker for England! Legend
  13. Josh McEachran

    Best of luck josh!
  14. Fernando Torres

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3JUdryT9zI&feature=related Almost makes me cry watching Nando score so effortlessly.. I agree, he needs to watch these back, and begin to give himself some belief! Which goal's your favourite though? Mine's No. 46. Would love to see him do this again, but in a blue shirt!