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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I have to agree. He would still not be good enough at wingback and suffers from the same strengths and weaknesses we are all aware of. His performances wouldn’t change at wingback. What would change, and the reason he is more suited to wingback, is because, as I’ve said before, he does have a strength of positioning himself in the box for key moments in a match. Even if the rest of his game is horrible in a match he can do that and end up with a goal or assist. He can do this less as a normal full back. Under Conte he literally had a free role. Under Sarri if Azpi overlaps Alonso stays back outside the box. As much as I don’t rate the guy, as a wingback or full back, his record at wingback for combined g+a can’t be ignored. I personally think his goals output (his assist output tbh at wingback is poor, 2-3 assist per season under Conte) is boosted via free kicks and the fact the guy literally had no competition for two years. I do wonder if other players with a semblance of attacking threat would get similar g+a output if they played as a wingback for two years, every single game. For instance Matt Doherty is matching Alonso-as-a-wingback numbers this season. Alas I’m kind of just wittering on... tldr: imo Alonso is not good enough at wingback or full back. But being at wingback does suit what he’s good at more.
  2. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He is fantastic and despite only really coming into the fore this time last year for Liverpool, should’ve got in the PFA team of the year. Great two way full back. Having said that I don’t think anyone predicted his rise from watching him at Hull.
  3. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I don’t think I’m harsh in saying he was just average yesterday. Well, poor first half and average, bare minimum in the second. It is still not enough. The obvious weak link in the defence yesterday.
  4. Reece James

    Your description is basically Reece. He is a great crosser, I’ve seen him described before as already world class at crossing and I wouldn’t argue against it. He is strong and aggressive which helps him defensively. He has a good passing range, both long and short, and is good at FKs. Comfortable on the ball. From this perspective he reminds me of TAA - TAA probably better long passing though. Pace wise some people think he is slow, I don’t think so. He’s not lightening quick but hardly a slouch. Again TAA is probably at a similar level for pace, or someone like Ryan Bertrand. Maybe not as fast as Mendy. Dribbling he is ok at, certainly capable of a nice dribble but maybe not a consistent one v one player like say Ben Chilwell or even our own Emerson. Defensively he’s good too, as I said, strong and aggressive, uses pace well, good tackler. It is a strength to his game, he is hard to dominate as a winger I feel.
  5. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I am still a bit bemused by how overrated he is/was. I’ve talked about this before but come on the amount of times he’s described as great going forward, technically brilliant, best LB in the PL/even Europe or perhaps the most cringey, when he’s compared to Marcelo. Or people claim ‘is there anyone out there even better than this guy, what’s the point in trying to improve/spend £60m on Sandro. Very little has changed about him in 2.5 years. He’s still slow, can’t cross, can’t dribble, iffy defensively. It’s not a sudden thing that’s just happened. His ‘good’ games he’s still generally average in overall performance but he’ll happen to have one of his pot shots go in, or score a free kick. I’m not exaggerating here that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 8/10 PERFORMANCE from him. Maybe Spurs last year though I’ll be honest I didn’t see that match, I’ve only seen highlights. If you go back close enough to this time last year, maybe a bit earlier, I’d had enough of this guy. I, then, and still do now, thought and commented that this guy is one of the most overrated players in recent Chelsea history. Lot of backlash over that. Genuinely baffling. there are some things he’s good at. He’s tall. He does have good shooting technique. He can sometimes be a danger in the box. At his best he is a ‘poacher’ because while I never see any top, dynamic performance from him as a LB there can be games he is a threat in the box at key moments. But what’s wrong with calling a duck a duck. Alonso because he takes a few shots at goal suddenly became a great player going forward and one of the best LBs in Europe, for a while.
  6. Reece James

    Reece James wins Wigan POTM..again
  7. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Strong match from him tonight.
  8. 19. Tammy Abraham

    Shame on us for not being more creative with his loan. While I have championed him for being a good player to supplement the squad I do get him going on loan, unless Sarri is serious about giving him minutes, which wouldn’t happen. But he really shoud’ve gone to a stronger/different league to the Champuonship. France, Bundesliga, Celtic, even a top Dutch side. If we are smart with our loans it gives youngsters a nice progression, as opposed to just going to the Championship each year. We already know Tammy can do it in the Championship and him doing well again may not raise his stock significantly at the top level to the untrained eye. If Aina stayed in the Championship (a feasible thing we would do) I think he’d be in for another average season and see his career stall, but now he’s a starting XI player in Serie A.
  9. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    And although even I don’t think he should be given a run of games in the side (I think he should be rotated more, even in league games. Same with Zappa and Azpi. Competition. Really not that much between our full backs as some people like to make out). But I reckon if he did get given a run of 10-15 starts he’d be a whole lot better. Funny you say you doubt this guy was even top 10 Serie A full backs when Alonso wasn’t either. Surprise, that after 2 and a half seasons of the luxury of somehow having no competition at LB for Chelsea, he’s improved. If only we could give all our full backs that type of service.
  10. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Statistics of his good season in Serie A had him on par with Sandro and better than anything Alonso did there. You can see shades of what he’s capable of, but a lack of confidence / motivation and probably the injury too seems to have dampened his ability. Mind he provides different things to Alonso and I don’t think he’s even much worse (I don’t rate Alonso highly). Emerson in minimal appearances since January has managed 1 goal and 3 assists, a decent return.
  11. Islam Feruz

    http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/Feruz%2C+Islam Did a bit of searching just out of interest and found this article made in summer by a Celtic fans’ site. Not really related to where on earth Feruz is now/what he’s doing but just thought it interesting to find an article that quite succinctly puts Celtic fans’ perspectives on Feruz’s career choice. It is also probably easier to cover in hindsight - at the time in 2011, 2012, 2013 most Celtic fans were quite emotionally charged and so most comments on social media were just derogative insults, was hard to get a grasp on their frustration at the time.
  12. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    No, we have three players on loan at Leeds this year. There is a one player limit to other Premier League clubs.
  13. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    Even with Frank there he’d be unlikely to start at Derby, who have captain Keogh and Tomori as an established CB partnership. Villa have a similar set up with their captain James Chester alongside Tuanzebe. Maybe he could he playing midfield - but I still prefer him at CB
  14. Islam Feruz

    It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it..I assume he’s still on a contract when he probably signed an extension 2-3 years ago and he / the club can’t be bothered to force getting out of it? It is still strange he’s not on loan anywhere though/no information about him, no social media, no training photos
  15. 19. Tammy Abraham

    He appears to be doing quite well, 4 goals in 10, and did this assist on Friday (0:50)
  16. Ola Aina

    These rumours made me think..an interesting and best proposition for Aina would be to sell to Torino with a buy back clause.
  17. Ola Aina

    Seems to have staked his claim in the starting XI, albeit at LWB, having started this season on the bench. Well done to him. He also had a goal involvement last week, his shot coming off the post for their opener.
  18. Jay Dasilva

    Thanks for the information, it is good to see Jay getting some rotation minutes in the league now. Maybe in an ideal world (for me )Kelly is at left CB and da Silva at LB. interesting you mention his height, other fans seem to notice he’s smaller than his listed height of 5”7, which is small
  19. 3. Marcos Alonso

    You not a fan of Tierney? I guess he’d cost a level above the types of targets you described. But if, failing to get a LB to start above Alonso (a Telles or Sandro level peak full back) a young full back trusted to challenge him (unlike Emerson though I’d love to see him get a run of games to see if he could get to Serie A form) like Tierney could be a decent compromise.
  20. Reece James

    Yay finally a Reece James thread. What progress he’s made over the last 16 months, and has easily overtaken Dujon Sterling as the RB to watch. We are having a lot of success in the Championship this season with our loanees and James appears to be having one of the best. I’ve managed to watch him a couple of times (quite a lot of Championship games are live this season, eg. All midweek games are live) and he’s impresssed me in those games. Perhaps more pertinent - Wigan fans especially seem to rate him highly. Constant high praise, and as I’m sure you’re aware has already won POTM. from what I can see he has carried on his form and style from youth level. So perfect crosses, good and aggressive defensively, and also able to be smart and incisive on the ball. I’m a fan of all our young RBs (Aina, Sterling and James) but I think the key thing James has over the other two is that air of dependability. All three share many of the same physical traits, but James is less raw, more accomplished defensively, more reliable as a whole going forward. He’s the most likely of our young RBs to make it at Chelsea right now (not ignoring Aina doing alright at Torino). I think PL teams would love a player like him, who’s clearly physically ready (tbh I’ve rarely seen a player James’ age who is as built as he is) and has such good crossing technique. Here’s a nice video with some of his highlights so far Reece James 2018/19 • Best Skills: youtu.be/ZVg4qQ1sLPM?a via @YouTube
  21. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Yes, Bayern another good example. It particularly shows in CL games over the last few seasons. The likes of Kimmich, Marcelo, dani Alves, Robertson and many more have been instrumental in teams getting to semi final/final in recent seasons.
  22. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Cancelo hurts as well because we were linked with him the summer we got Zappacosta. For a similar price (that he ended up moving to Inter for). Any amateur fan could’ve told you he’d be a better investment than Zappacosta. Alas, Juve now have two of the best full backs in the world that we couldn’t got for combined, fee of 80-90m. I’m a strong believer that in current football, the best teams have the best full backs, there’s a strong correlation. The Madrid’s, the City’s, Juve, Barcelona, Liverpool, they all have quality and athletic footballers at full back, the last 2-3 seasons (well City and Liverpool have only just got full backs on that level since summer 17).
  23. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Sandro showed how a top full back should defend, Cancelo showed how a top full back attacks when given ‘freedom’. To above post, even if Alonso sorted out his defending, he wouldn’t be complete. His attacking game will always be limited by his pace, crossing ability, dribbling ability, he’s not especially creative or ingenious on the ball (with all this ‘freedom’ he gets I can’t even remember the last chance he created, never mind assist). If our club was smart they they would sell him now while his stock is high and replace him with actual quality, but unfortunately he’s here to stay. I think he’ll be here long term. *sigh*
  24. 3. Marcos Alonso

    The goals don’t change anything for me, if anything it’s frustrating that to most other supporters a goal here and there papers over the flaws to his game.
  25. Tanguy Ndombele

    I’m yet to see much of Neves but isn’t he more of a Jorginho player, if in our XI? Seen him compared to Xabi Alonso, and City are linked with him a lot in their quest for Fernandinho replacement.