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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    This, he has always been overrated until this season i’d say, in general. I’ve said before, nothing has changed. He’s always been slow, a poor crosser, iffy defensively, poor on the ball. The most extreme example of how goals can cover up the cracks in a player, in his case also helped that some of those goals were high profile. I’ve said before that in terms of his actual 90 minutes performance I have very rarely-never actually been impressed with him or would rate him above a 6. He has had 5 shots hit the post this season and you have to wonder that if 2 or 3 of them (or God forbid all 5) happened to go in how just that would change most people’s opinion on him. That scenario (scoring the odd goal with average-poor performances)is literally Alonso of first two seasons. Again I’ve used this example before but at the start of the season we had the Newcastle game. Let me tell you in that game Alonso was no different to how he is now or has been in the past aka he did not contribute anything in attack or defence. He was having a poor game as usual. In the last 15 minutes he a) got fouled in the box by a random terribly timed tackle, Hazard converts the pen b ) had an off target header diverted in by a Newcastle defender and all I hear post match is how good he is going forward, how clutch he is, the best LB in the PL. One pundit who saw throigh it was Gullit, he wrote a piece for BBC after the Newcastle game. Probably the first pundit to realise (to me you could predict before we even started the season) that Alonso and Azpi are not good outlets from wide to break teams down.
  2. Jay Dasilva

    He appears to have once again fought his way into the starting XI at a club he was originally on bench for. Can’t underestimate that..
  3. Reece James

    This is true but I think he is wasted there as he also has qualities on the ball, in crossing and in dribbling..full back gets the best out of all his qualities.
  4. Reece James

    I’m in two minds on whether we should keep him or try one more loan. In an ideal world of course I want us to recall him, replace Zappa and rotate/compete with Azpi. However realistically especially if Sarri stays (I think he will), we know he doesn’t rotate and that it is particularly hard to earn his trust especially as a young, inexperienced ‘newbie’ player. The reason i contemplate another loan (top 5 league, ideally PL, for reasons coming) is not because I think he needs it for his development. In fact he’s the perfect type of player who we *should* be able to recall and trust as a squad player. He is talented but unlike a few of our other younger players, or indeed young players in general, he is dependable, consistent, trustworthy. As an example I think both he and Aina have good talent, and high potential. But James is much less raw and more likely to reach his potential. But I feel because of this dependability he would also do well at any top league club, would start most games, and have another good season. If he had that top level, 30+ appearances season under his belt then there is no excuse for whoever is in charge to not use him when he comes back.. if that makes sense. a Reece James at top potential is great for Sarri’s system but also good for any system in general. As he is capable of being a defensive RB, a two-way RB, or a buccaneering overlapping RB (or RWB).
  5. Reece James

    New Reece compilation
  6. 3. Marcos Alonso

    The 16/17 title win was great and memorable. Conte got the squad playing above where they should be. There are some slight similarities to Leicester’s title win (not saying they’re exactly the same of course) but a team who obviously no one would predict for the title, with no Europe and poor challengers. Like with Leicester’s team, yes, great achievement, but it hardly took a trained eye to critically analyse which players were top level, were important, were the main talents behind the run and which ones were playing above themselves, were just cogs in the team who tbh was a matter of time before they sink back to their normal level. The same with our 16/17 title winning team. A poster described it well above, there’s a certain ‘shallowness’ to fans perceptions of the team, not even fans but the board, pundits.. When we were linked with Drinkwater and how many times were people saying ‘he’s a PL winner, he and Kante are a PL winning midfield duo’ with no context, such a simplistic arguement that obviously could be counteracted with, ‘why don’t we just get Huth and Morgan’ or ‘Simpson and Fuchs’. Alonso and Moses put a good shift in 16/17, but it was also clear we needed to improve if we wanted to stay at that level. People may disagree with what I say next but, also, you probably replace them with any player of a similar standard and I doubt we see a difference in 16/17, that season eclipsed what tangible impact Alonso/Moses could have as individual talents, as they’re not very talented.
  7. Jay Dasilva

    https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/198945-jay-dasilva/& Looks like BC fans really rate him of late
  8. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Mendy is tall at 6”1 but has been injured the majority of the season. His replacements this season have been Delph and Zinchenko. Walker is 5”10 and KDB is 5”11 - the latter is same height as Jorginho. If Liverpool’s full backs aren’t short than neither are our full backs given TAA and Robertson are the same height as Emerson and Azpi, respectively. If their midfield which has for the most part consisted of three of Milner (5”9), Wijnaldum (5”8), Henderson (5”11) or Keita (5”8) isn’t short than again, neither is ours. Fabinho does play more recently, but he adds a third ‘tall person’ just as Giroud/Morata/Higuain do for us. As I said..both teams have played majority of this season with just 2 or 3 outfield players that are tall/threats from set pieces. So swapping Alonso for Emerson is possible (it would leave us with three ‘tall’ players). I would agree with the sentiment if Alonso was literally are only tall outfield player or one of two tall outfield players. It is a valid point but clearly City and Liverpool can make it work, and Emerson has his own multiple advantages over Alonso.
  9. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    City and Liverpool have a similar ‘issue’, they only field 2-3 tall players.
  10. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    That piece of play at the end for Giroud was world class.
  11. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Good performance from him tonight. He is quite raw and occasionally sloppy at times but you can’t tell me he doesn’t have potential, that he’s any worse than Alonso (as other people have said on this forum on the Alonso thread) or that he doesn’t provide a clear difference to him. He should be given a run of games. There’s every chance he improved further with game tome. In fact give a run till end of the season. There’s a very slight possibility we may not need a new LB with Emerson and I’m keen to see how he does.
  12. Mikel John Obi

    Does anyone think a younger Mikel could have worked as a Jorginho back up? He would defo work in terms of he’s happy to be a squad player/not rotate and just play cup/Europa games unless Jorgi is injured. Not quite sure/or even remember if he had Jorgi’s ability to always look for the ball and awareness of those around him when building up play from our defensive third under press. He of course does have his ability of ball retention over 5-15 yards.
  13. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Every team needs players like Azpi. He is limited offensively, but if we had proper attacking lb, if our midfielders created something and our attackers scored goals, Azpi limitations wouldnt be evident at all. ————————————— I do agree with this. I think if we had a LB who can truly pin down and own the left hand side Azpilicueta isn’t a problem. He is now but I’ll go into why I think he is.. At Napoli Hysaj was basically Azpi I believe, at times almost a 3rd CB while Ghoulam marauded forward. We tried that at the start of the season. Alonso did have almost wingback like freedom. Got a few fluke assists / a goal and Sarri stared his whole best LB in the world thing. Azpi tended to stay back. When I believe he started to realise Alonso isn’t actually good going forward, or more specifically, not good enough to be given a free role with the risk of our LHS being open, it is more of a tandem system now. In fact I think the exact moment it may have happened was vs United..in the first half Alonso did his typical goalhanging act and Rashford took advantage of it a few times. After HT Alonso was noticeably more reserved. Now you can see that if one full back overlaps the other stays back so it’s more of a 50/50 system, not just on Alonso. Alonso still does his random runs into the box but if play switches and Azpilicueta overlaps he doesn’t stay there and retreats - under Conte or early Sarri he stays in the box until the attack is over. So my point is..there’s more onus on Azpi to attack as Alonso isn’t good at attacking. A better LB going forward could allow Azpilicueta to go back to a more defensive, Hysaj like role that suits him rather than a two way full back. In a perfect world...we have someone who is, well like Reece James would be if/when he reaches his potential. Defensively strong if he has to stay back and be the 3rd CB/defensive RB and equally adept if we want to attack opponent’s LHS more, overlapping threat. But still, I do think if we sort LB (and striker and winger and maybe CM) out first Azpilicueta is much less of an issue.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Not sure on the accuracy of this, that is making rounds on Twitter, but it could well be roughly right based on his new contract. Disappointed but not surprised if true. The club and fans like to tie themselves down to ‘hard working’ mediocrity like Alonso:
  15. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He has played the majority of games with Morata and Giroud who are good in the air. The likes of Emerson, Zappa and Azpi all have around twice the success rate playing with the same players. Last season he managed a pathetic two league assists as a wingback while Azpi managed 6, from crosses, to Morata. Alonso’s stats for crossing look bad because he’s bad at crossing, not all these excuses.