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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Yeah that stat has been making the rounds, but the likes of Pogba also count as a ‘graduate ‘, or Lingard who is 25, important to see the context behind stats. City’s only academy players this season in their squad this season were two 17 year olds. Not only that but that stat only counts league matches, Pep for instance has given more game time to Foden and Diaz over all competitions than Conte has to CHO.
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    League minutes played by under-23 players this season: 9,254 • Manchester City 8,489 • Tottenham 5,957 • Arsenal 5,370 • Manchester United 5,308 • Liverpool 4,115 • Chelsea
  3. Mason Mount

    Mason Mount vs Sparta 2 assists 53 passes 92% pass accuracy 5 key passes 3 dribbles won 2 tackles won 1 interception #CFC loanee at it again! Lovely player. Back on it tonight after some poor form for Vitesse as a whole. Their first game under a new manager and 7-0 win
  4. Tanguy Ndombele

  5. Tanguy Ndombele

    My dream signing for us to sign and develop. If we wait another year he'll be linked for £100mn+ sums Two further caveats, I for one never felt that way watching Bakayoko, although ok at carrying the ball through weak midfields you could tell his general technique was lacking. Much more impressive players in that Monaco side (and France), for me. The other thing is Ndombele doesn't have a good goalscoring record at all, with only one senior goal this season. For me, this doesn't worry me that much. He has a good shot from distance that the woodwork/great saves has denied him more, and he's a player who could grow into a goalscoring role, he has the IQ and technique to do so. For instance although you could see Milinkovic-Savic's potential last season to be a goal scorer in terms of his skillset he only scored 5, this season he's in double figures and has a 1 in 3 record. Even if Ndombele's goal output doesn't reach that level his dribbling and passing is good enough that, like Moussa Dembele, he could still be an important player in any midfield due to his unique skill set
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Statistically he's one of the best dribblers in Europe, has a strong, accurate shot from range, passing is strong, has shown he can work in a midfield two with his defensive work. He's only had his breakthrough season this season and has just happened to kinda stay off the main pages but would fully expect him to be well known by 2019 summer and linked to all the biggest clubs for €150m. Milinkovic Slavic had a similar rise to where he is now, and Tolisso, players you can tell are just good players and will fit into a top club (unlike Bakayoko where watching him for Monaco had doubts).
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Ndombele and Rabiot two more names to the list. NDombele is exciting in particular.
  8. Jeremie Boga

    The dangers of highlights videos, based on that alone you'd think he must be one of the best players in the Championship. He probably should be. He's been back on the bench in recent weeks..really not sure if he's in need of a lucky break or just unfortunately not as good as I and others thought. The more kind of average loans he has makes me move towards the former though.
  9. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He was part of the problem for their goal, and it seems we have another member of the 'he's solid' committee. What does 'solid' even mean. Basically average, lacking true quality but he worked hard. Bare minimum. Called up for Spain after months of his only competition being Nacho Monreal. He boosts his stats with free kicks - take away his set pieces and his goals and assists are same as Moses. In the league so far he only has one assist which is pathetic.
  10. 3. Marcos Alonso

    If we sold him and finally got to replace with Sandro we're laughing
  11. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Focus on Christensen but I also think Alonso was equally culpable for the goal yesterday.
  12. Alex Sandro

    One match in the CL and amazing how people formulate such opinions on someone who continually has some of the best full back stats in Europe, who's club rejected £60m for and fans who watch him every week rate highly. 'Alonso is better than him' come on. If we think Sandro is bad based on one match 80% of Alonso's matches this season are of a worse standard than what Sandro produced yesterday. Sandro was disappointing going forward but v. strong defensively. Average overall but I guess Juve's whole side is average then if we base it on one game. People wonder why the club aren't moving forward because we sign average players over top players that improve our first XI. Then pretend top players who would improve our first XI are suddenly not worth it. Have some ambition. Read good things on Emerson but would much rather we got Sandro/Telles.
  13. Jay Dasilva

    Yep, wasn't a fan of him going back to league 1. All well and good him doing well but..if we're serious about his ceiling being a part of this squad he has a hell of a long way to go, and he's already 20, turning 21 this year I believe ?
  14. Mason Mount

    ..and another goal tonight, 4 goals in 6 appearances for him.
  15. 70. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I didn't realise he's quite so tall. Already looks more filled out and robust than say Musonda.