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  1. Mason Mount

    Mason Mount vs Lazio 23/11/2017 | HD: youtu.be/6I-jYX4pKLE?a via @YouTube
  2. Mason Mount

    8 - Mason Mount has created 8 chances v Lazio, more than any other teenager ever did in a single game in Europa League history. Top.
  3. Lucas Moura

    Moura had 19 goals in 52 appearances for PSG last season. I didn't watch him but it is quite impressive.
  4. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Barney Ronay‏Verified account @barneyronay7h7 hours agoMoreFascinating to hear Southgate say Loftus-Cheek has a struggle playing 90 minutes even when fit. Always considered this a key factor in being contracted as a professional footballer @theskipper RLC has had stamina problems since he was 15/16
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I'd argue playing Ruben more advanced does exactly that at this point.
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    He did create his own chance that game that Courtois did well to save and the way Mourinho sets up his teams in away games not surprised he's isolated, he's playing for 0-0 exactly like he did for us playing away. Morata before United didn't score for 6 games either, droughts happen. In that time he's had two assists and hit the woodwork twice.
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    RLC in our 3-4-3 is equally as suited to playing as one of the forward two as to playing in the midfield two, if not more suited. Last night I was under the impression we played a diamond in which case it's fair enough. I think people get themselves tied into knots on where RLC's position is, but he's shown a lot of qualities that for now he's best in a more forward role, nothing wrong with that.
  8. Tammy Abraham

    Rumours he's going to get called up to the full England squad in the coming minutes
  9. 34. Ola Aina

    Video of some of Ola's highlights. Starts off not impressive but as video goes on shows some good runs from him, control in tight spaces and two assists from good quality crosses.
  10. 27. Jamal Blackman

    He's kinda come back from the wilderness out of nowhere to be one of our best loans so far this season, starting week in week out for a top Championship side. He's 24 now, but could well make sense in the future as a back up for us.
  11. Ethan Ampadu

    No more posts on his first full start? I think he has a lot of grit, aggressiveness and looks like a leader. Experience of men's football already with Wales and Exeter, bet Conte likes that and why he's leapfrogged poor Kyle Scott to 5th choice. in terms of talent though there have been a lot of better 17 year olds and I also don't believe this position suits him, got to remember he plays CB for youth and believe he did so for Exeter to.
  12. Bertrand Traoré

    I wonder if we could have done more to convince him to stay, reasoning being I think Conte would trust him more than Musonda due to large experience in the Dutch League. Perhaps easy to say in hindsight now he's starting at a top French team
  13. Kevin de Bruyne

    We should have forced Sturridge.
  14. Tammy Abraham

    Tammy Abraham first 17 months in senior football (Chelsea, Bristol & Swansea): 60 games 31 goals 4 assists maybe puts into perspective how well he's done, even surprised me. How rare is it to see a young striker from England U21s go straight to performing at first team level.
  15. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He didn't play particularly different to most of his other games since arriving. Might have the occasional game like Tottenham where he gets a free kick in his favoured position (he's v good at them but it has to be in literally an exact spot), maybe an oppurtunity to take a shot as he also has decent technique at that, to paper over his cracks. I think sometimes a player comes and if we have low expectations of them even if they perform average they're heralded as a great signing. Any average player we subsequently get linked with 'he could be the next Alonso/Moses' 'well Alonso didn't turn out too badly'. Inevitably after a season the novelty wears off and it's clear while they're not awful they're not exactly great either.