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  1. Mason Mount

    Southgate rates him then
  2. General Transfer Talk

    No idea why we’re not.
  3. Mason Mount

    He definitely has shades of Eriksen and KDB.
  4. Jay Dasilva

  5. Jay Dasilva

    Has won POTS at Charlton and although hard to keep track of him at league one in general (just going off Charlton fans’ tweets about him) he seems a fan favourite. Ngl I wasn’t that happy he stayed in league one and there are some negatives in not pushing for aggressive loans but I think with Jay now we can see the benefits of establishing yourself at a level. Championship/maybe go abroad next challenge.
  6. 3. Marcos Alonso

    It was an average game from him, tbh a typical Alonso performance where he hasn’t really contributed anything tangible. Moses had a far better game and Rudiger was the one who had a great game against Salah.
  7. Bertrand Traoré

    His 17th of the season
  8. Nathan Aké

    Bournemouth player of the season. He’s won player of the month 7 times this season, seems a real fan favourite.
  9. Mason Mount

    Has just won Vitesse supporters’ poty
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Ricardo Perriera being linked with Leicester for £30m..in a market where there’s little young talent at RWB this guy is one of the best we could get, and for a reasonable price.
  11. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Interesting considering Alonso provides nonexistent 1v1 threat. I get what he means though, he did well but you can see more potential for him to attack their right hand side should he have wished. Hopefully a run of games to increase his confidence will see him do as such.
  12. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    In about 2 starts he has as many assists that Alonso has managed in, what 32 league games?
  13. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Yeah that stat has been making the rounds, but the likes of Pogba also count as a ‘graduate ‘, or Lingard who is 25, important to see the context behind stats. City’s only academy players this season in their squad this season were two 17 year olds. Not only that but that stat only counts league matches, Pep for instance has given more game time to Foden and Diaz over all competitions than Conte has to CHO.
  14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    League minutes played by under-23 players this season: 9,254 • Manchester City 8,489 • Tottenham 5,957 • Arsenal 5,370 • Manchester United 5,308 • Liverpool 4,115 • Chelsea
  15. Mason Mount

    Mason Mount vs Sparta 2 assists 53 passes 92% pass accuracy 5 key passes 3 dribbles won 2 tackles won 1 interception #CFC loanee at it again! Lovely player. Back on it tonight after some poor form for Vitesse as a whole. Their first game under a new manager and 7-0 win