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  1. Ola Aina

    An interesting move, to a club who have produced a lot of attacking full backs. I hope he does well, he has all the raw attributes of a modern full back.
  2. Nabil Fekir

    Not sure about this myth he doesn’t have pace to play on the wins, he’s an exceptional dribbler and when subbed on for France that’s where he played. He’s hardly slow, he’s around Mahrez and B.Silva level for pace. Literally other than raw pace he has a whole heap of attributes you’d want from a winger (playmaking ability cutting inside/centrally, good delivery, great dribbler, goal threat from distance or inside the box..)
  3. Nabil Fekir

    Other than raw pace (Fekir is hardly slow) he has a whole heap of attributes you’d want from a RW.
  4. Nabil Fekir

    He can probably play both midfield or attack but I’d prefer we play him on the right if he signs. Productive for Lyon playing in an advanced role, hard working, maybe no raw pace but no slower than, say, Bernardo Silva. To my eyes he seems very much a final third player, previously touted as a false no.9.
  5. 8. Ross Barkley

    This pre season there have been too many promising moments he should have done better ruined by simple poor quality, either a poor pass, or wrongly timed pass etc. And I hope it is just rustiness.
  6. Trevoh Chalobah

    Is this still right thread for Trev? Gone to Ipswich now, his manager confirmed he’s signing as a midfielder which is disappointing for me, his future I’m almost certain will be at CB..but we’ll see
  7. Tariq Uwakwe

    Certainly an impressive highlight reel
  8. Mason Mount

    Goal for Mount!! Weak foot, edge of box, powerful low drive. Too much for ‘keeper
  9. Mason Mount

    Lampard playing 4-3-3 with Mount, no.8, at LCM..
  10. Mason Mount

    Derby vs Reading on TV tonight
  11. 3. Marcos Alonso

    What is worse about Emerson? He at least has tangible qualities unlike Alonso who is good at free kicks and that’s about it. Emerson has pace to overlap, can dribble, attempts to pass and move and can create chances. Same number of assists in 5 appearances for us that Alonso managed in a whole league season. Even this pre season, in less minutes can point to two clear cut chances Emerson has made (Pedro in first game and Abraham in second). I’m not completely sold on Emerson, he seems either low on confidence or just lacking extra bit of quality to be a top LB. But he damn well deserves a chance as it’s clear he has some strengths where Alonso lacks and if Marcos Alonso has managed to be be given a competitionless 2 seasons as our starting LB Emerson at least deserves a run of game. In summary, Emerson hasn’t set pre season alight per se but he at least has shown some of his strengths. Alonso every appearance for Chelsea FC doesn’t set anything alight. Annoys me when people call out Emerson having an average game as to why Alonso should start when Alonso is average at best for 60% of his games, not really contributing anything meaningful to attack or defence (the rest are worse than average).
  12. 19. Tammy Abraham

    What do people think on him? I’ve got to say, I rate him. Although on the face of it/at short glance his Swansea loan looked poor, they were just a terrible team, and he was still amongst their top scorers. I think most young strikers/any strikers of playstyle like Abraham wouldn’t do any better with Swansea. I think he’s a player who really works hard on pitch and also on his weaknesses. Really developed his all round game since Bristol (imo) utilising his height and deceptive strength to become more of a ‘target man’ type player. At his best he’s brilliant and honestly underrated in his back to wall play and occupying CBs. There was a game last season against Tottenham where Vertonghen and Alderwiereld really struggled to deal with him any time they pumped a ball up field. He’s extremely tall, he’s developing this Giroud like ability/trait of controlling /trapping aerial balls with back to CB, but unlike Giroud and most other target men he also has a bit of pace, eg. he can actually chase through balls. As we’ve seen at Swansea and Bristol he also has traits similar to Batshuayi in the box, an opportunistic goalscorer as I like to call them (or just a poacher if you’re not weird like me). Finally I also like him because he works hard (and indeed one of the reasons Bristol City fans found him so endearing). He can press from the front or chase back. Tammy’s at a bit of a crossroads. We already have 3 senior strikers, we don’t need a 4th. I’d be happy for him to be the target man in our squad but Giroud is already there. In that case, the obvious thing is to loan Tammy out for a year and he replaces out of contract Giroud next summer, right? My gripe with this is that after his loan at Swansea he’s not exactly hot commodity rn. The gold standard would be for him to go to a top 5 league and smash it but which club would opt for him based on last season? Maybe a top Dutch side could be an option. The risk is he just has another loan like Swansea in and out of a poor team imo. We need to take it upon ourselves to develop him (a bit like Kane after his dead loans with Tottenham). I think the club are genuinely considering this otherwise he wouldn’t still be with the squad. If he replaced Giroud he would also help are heavily stocked over 21 no homegrown spots. This pre season although no goals I think he’s quietly done well, showcasing all the qualities I talked about before..I think he’d be a fine option for any squad someone just needs to give him that chance.
  13. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Have to say not something I’ve noticed, I can’t think of Alonso taking any shots on goal from long range this pre season, maybe 1 or 2 that weee wildly off target (and of course free kicks). But not something that seems like Sarri instructed him too. Same with Zappa, I think they’re both just players who when in space 25-30 yards out will opt to shoot. Under Conte Alonso had almost free reign sometimes to give the ball to Hazard/whoever is playing LW and just run into the box and stay there until attack broke down.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Imo he looks even more lost at LB. No more being allowed to goal hang and take pot shots like under Conte. No tangible qualities to his game bar freekicks.
  15. Lewis Baker

    Based on my perception of pictures only but I swear players often look a lot beefier in pre season. Maybe they use the extra time without matches to build up muscle , that is perhaps harder to do/keep in full season when you’re running 10-15km 1-2 times a week. Last summer in particular our players looked massive in pre season. Batshuayi and Bakayoko both looked like right units, not that they aren’t strong now but last summer I swear I they looked just much more lean muscle on em