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  1. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    Of course they are....when big Money is involved its bound to happen, unless you have a seperate entity that checks up on these matters.
  2. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    Now we may have done shady shit once again, but fifa and uefa are such corrupt entities. Does not matter who is in charge, they are still like an endless pit of darkness. LIke their pals in fa.
  3. The English Football Thread

    We must break them at the Bridge......we must grab 3pts off of them. Will do ourselves and the world a favour.
  4. The English Football Thread

    For sure......at home they will damage many teams.
  5. The English Football Thread

    As much as I hate City I loath pool much more.....pool cannot be allowed to win the title, the media will tatoo that shit on their asses.
  6. Wolves - Chelsea

    I already liking this Chel much more than last season.....eventhough we have so many players out and a new system of playing. If Lamps get backed with quality we will do damage come soon.
  7. Wolves - Chelsea

    Preach brother......its clear to me they want UTD in CL. 4 pens already.........40% pens gone to them, get outta here. THat awesome man......they show like 1-2 epl games at a time here in Denmark. And they opted to show the stinking utd game. And as of last season they dont show laliga anymore.......horse shit is what it is cuz we pay a premuim.
  8. Wolves - Chelsea

    Signs are good though.....we nned that defence sorted asap. Injuries fucking us over at the same time.
  9. Wolves - Chelsea

    Lucky cuntish udt....them pens saving them so far this season.
  10. Wolves - Chelsea

    Zouma doesnt cut it, too many issues at this level and pressure.
  11. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fucking ridiculous man....we are way too unlucky with injuries. Rudi must be there or we will concede......wtf.
  12. Wolves - Chelsea

    How are we playing this half? My stream went dead after 0-3
  13. Wolves - Chelsea

    Just dont concede another and its all good....besides Rudi of course. Come'on Leicester score 1 already. Lucky cunts getting saved ny pens all the time.
  14. Wolves - Chelsea

    FUCKKK......we just cant keep a clean sheet. Come'on now Chels see it out. Now if Leicter only could score vs udt.
  15. Wolves - Chelsea

    Its crucial to have game every week......he is a rock.