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  1. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    Again you talk way ahead of yourself. and im not a fucking trumpy, I dont vote or trust in criminals. You think I dont care about health? Its my nr one rule, with health you have your base level covered, but doesnt mean I will eat every damn thing the media shove down my throat. In austrier they are not allowed to even go out I saw today, if you do you will get fined. There are many other killers out there, yet corona has shut down countries to a standstill. Is corona that fucking deadly that all this is a must? They will come out with their vaccine soon and new law/ legislations already put in place here in Denmark. Nothing is by accident in this world at this level, nothing. BTW if this super deadly virus is so powerful why didnt the countries act much sooner? Surely right after China they should have put a stop to it. This also shows how ill prepared and inept the governments are. In any case peace be with us all.
  2. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    Its been blown beyond reason is all I say. And no this wont effect me. We are too gullibale and so easily led. If yo wanna hide behind masks and your couch then so be it, I keep my doing what I have always done with sanitation and I'll be fine. THis will blow over soon enough.
  3. Coronaviral

    I for one wont touch that vaccine Vesper thats for sure. Even if it exists its nothing more than Avian flu or H1N1 flu. Nothing spreads like fear.
  4. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    No one can prove the numbers, its either a test run to see how easily we all react or something big is coming. Like a new and hardcore legislations / Laws etc. Dont be surprised if this keeps up and they do martial law. In any case why didnt the nations act much sooner if this is really a deadly virus? HEre in Denmark practically everything is dead now, cities gone zombie like, its so easy for them to create panic for us all. Corona is not a patheogin, its a marker. A man made one. People are losing jobs left and right, econemy being fucked hard, stores either all closed or they have nothing in the shelfs. Everything is blamed on corona virus, you die inyour hotel its corona, you die of ligtning, its corona that did it. THey fucking refused to take my money the other day, physical money. Its a massive psycological operation.
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Dont you just love the myth that is Anfield, the hype and love the media shove in our throats. Its a myth, they sing when they score or ahead, they love to big these cunts at every corner, no agenda here at all. I fucking loved seeing mcmanaman and Owen cry, it was lucious. YNWA? WHat is that exactly? Cuz im my reality it means you make a slight mistake and death threats on your way....all fucking myths.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    He sure did....its not a one off or a fluke. He has done this plenty.....and this is not a great AM side, they were really good in 2014, that AM could defend and attack at will.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Chickenshit footy? Why should he come out and play open football when he knows he does not have the players for it in such a game? Good on him schooling klopp, they scored 4 and went through, deservedly I might add. Yes you wont be super successful playing this way in our League atm, but give him the tools and he can deliver. He is quality, theres a reason he is so loved at AM, they will run through walls for him, again he is proper quality. And yes if that was us we would likely play open footy vs pool, but we have the players for it somewhat, we would likely have lost I reckon. On another note: Klopps bitterness after the game, if that was Mourinho he would be getting absolutely smashed on by everyone, but Klopp gets a free pass for being a bitter prick once again. I so hope their title gets canceled, I dont see it but man I wont stop laughing...ever. Nahh they will somehow allow at least 3-4 games to be played so that matematically they have won it, fa will make sure it happens.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Pool has the better and more balanced team, as I said this is not a super quality AM side, had he played open footy they would have gotten beaten im sure of it. Not great management? Its the definition of it, he played to his teams strenghts and wanted the win no matter the style. I loved every sec of it....but above others I loved their passion and the ability to never give up.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    No he has shown he can play attacking, his 13-14 played lovely stuff. Who cares about possession, it mounts to fuck all if you cant do magic with it. What we used to do and what they did is not easy. We did the same in CL, I loved it, im sure AM fans dont give a fuck, they won 4-2 and slapped them vermin out......astute, organized and full of passion, he is quality. In a do or die game I'll have him and Conte any day above others.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    He did the world proud excluding pool fans and of course the unyilding love the media show them. He did what had to be done and eventhough this is not a very good AM squad bare a few then he did absolutely great. He out foxed klopp twice. If he had come out and played open footy then pool would have had it easier, why do such a foolish thing? We have FL but if it was DS then I would have loved it, he can def play attacking if given the right balance.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Fuck me I swear your eng media needs sacking big time. What is wrong with them......have you seen how Owen almost cried? " spare me simeone masterclass, I bet in the locker room AM told themselves what a Club pool is, this is the best we have seen ever, putting 11 behind the ball requires nothing " this is prectically what he said. Crying in his sleep, your eng media are vermin, vs us the media vehemently claimed but but but this isnt pool first 11, vs AM bu but it was windy and pool utterly battered AM for 90min, they are by far still the best team, AM played ugly footy. You eng should be ashamed you dont do anything about this obvious bias, and you even pay for it.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Its fucking awesome.....its what we do best, and can do it better than anyone if conditions are right as we have proven. He is a battler.....quality. What a sad loser.....always bs with him. You only have a shitty rigged epl season to show for it, in the most awful season I can remember for a long time. Fucking loser.
  13. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I so despise these cunts......ffs AM win this shit.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    US is a shit hole, but a great tool to use. Look at all the shit the have done, all the secret coups and whatnot......yet nothing is done or said about it.