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  1. The Board

    "There are indications that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich values the Blues at around £2.5bn but senior figures in the City believe that Spurs may be worth more than that in the current market. The club’s new stadium, combined with state-of-the-art training facilities and the team’s run to this year’s Champions League Final, all make them a more valuable commodity in the present market" WTF are they smoking up in there? More valuable than Chels? They have won Jack shit for so long, 1 Lucky CL final and a new stadium does not negate all the shit we have done. And we too have elite training facilities.....fucking hell I want what they are smoking.
  2. The Board

    Yup Klopp is all about action footy, endless running and very fast when they wanna hurt you, we had that in spades but lost it along the way with shitty transfers and managers comin in and out. We would still be a huge force if Conte was backed the way he deserved it. That 16-17 season was something to behold man.
  3. The Board

    They back the manager with what he wants, they trust in his style and it has paid back handsomely. We dont do that....im all for it if the manager looks to be the real deal. We must start over, but first lets hope our youth bring something to the table. Yup we def have produced quality youngsters, now is the time to utilize that famous acadamy of ours. We suck at selling deadwood, and thanks to the ban we give 2 years extensions left and right. Not super imo, but hey it is what it is. Forget Mbappe mate, we wont spend that kind of money on 1 player.
  4. The Board

    We do lack quality overall mate. We have wasted so much cash on dross its unreal, give me 2 quality players instead of 6 average ones any day. But yes if we can get those youths playing consistently and they get better and better, then yes we look very good, but there are no guarantees in footy sadly. We could def use quality striker thats for sure. Utd look a mess, Arsenal seemingly have no budget, but I dont see Potch leaving, the fucker has it good where he is.
  5. The Board

    They have an owner that gives absolute fucks with them. They truly are in dire situation. My Brother is a gooner and he is livid I tell your. Look at our net spend, 138 in 5 freaking years, no wonder we lack quality all over the pitch compared to the fuckers higher up, and if you buy average players on top of that, well your kinda fucked.
  6. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    He'll do just fine with Kante beside him, Lamps will more than likely go that route, then let Bark Kova Loftis and Mount do the attacking.
  7. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    Its pre season so we can judge and claim all sorts of stuff, but I loved seeing us be much more direct, simply move much faster, and we can suddenly do crosses which can be a huge weapon here and there. I loved it.....good stuff imo.
  8. Eden Hazard

    Once a blue always a blue.....he will come to miss Chels badly with RM's horrible supporters. Look at Bale ffs, constantly shit on him and the manager himself have shunned him, why he persist in staying there is a mystery, cant be about money as he is loaded as it is......anyway thats our Eden.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    We have missed intensity big time so I do believe Frank on that one. Do I go extra mellow on him cuz he is Lamps? Nahh I wont do that. He will be judged on the same merits as the others. But I still believe his wrords more than lets say Sarii. He wants us back where we were, he knows we need direct fast footy to be more effecient, its up to him to make sure the players give their all.....im very keen to see how we adapt tactically, thats a huge subject for me. I also believed Conte when he said we muct do better and must eat grass etc etc, and he meant it and he delivered on that, Frank is serious about that too I think.....it promises to be an up and down season, may we do well my man.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    Of course its too soon to judge either way, but he is def saying the right stuff. And I think Frank means it. He knows more than anyone how effective a unit can be if they are willing to do their best, even if the said unit is not sparkling with quality. Hard work and passion will get you further than some believe......lets see where we are come december, more than enough time to judge it all by then imo. Yes we wont get that old Chels back, but we can def get the mentality. Lets hope for the best ha.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    And thats exactly what we were missing under Sarii.....this is a huge start imo and on the right path. This alone will yield an improvement or at least teams will know we will not take your shit for anything. The old Chels. Good on Frank this, the players must show passion for the badge and do their best....good motivation right there. Sarii didnt get Chels and its badge.
  12. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    YEah Ars look skint.....Udt will spend much more yet but they have many weak spots and Pogba will rather leave than stay. Its def doable and great success if we manage it.
  13. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    For sure.....we can do it, its not super likely but its def doable if we can muster a consistent and good base.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    I can guarantee there are lots and lots of pedo's at high level......behind the scenes most of them are sick fuckers and thats a fact.
  15. Politics & Stuff

    True my man.....but people are sleeping, and if you dare mention anything out of the box you get labled a freak with a tin hat. Its not looking good overall at all.