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  1. Marco Reus

    I've read somewhere that Marco said he would never play for Bayern , he is loyal to Borussia. I guess he would move abroad if he was to leave.. Real maybe?
  2. Thorgan Hazard

    You have forgotten to add Kevin Mirallas to that list, he's also a excellent young winger. Belgian really are loaded with some real talent, should be interesting to see them in the WC this year.
  3. Daniel Sturridge

    Apologise to Henri if it wasnt. Im just used to british sense of humour , so a simple "good for you" sounds really sarcastic to me! Once again , My bad! KTBFFH!
  4. Daniel Sturridge

    Sarcasm? If so , please dont bother to quote me if your just going to post 3 words to get your post count up. Thanks.
  5. Daniel Sturridge

    Sturridge has always had the quality to put on a Chelsea shirt , Even before he came to the club he was playing really well for Man City , linking up really well with the strikers around him! When he first came to the club , i brought the away shirt (the kit that brought us bad luck) with Sturridge on the back , and everyone was asking me why i got him out of everyone , i just said "I will give you my reason for this in a few seasons"