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  1. Michy Batshuayi

  2. Nabil Fekir

    Its hazard 😂
  3. Nabil Fekir

    Some deals are allowed to be completed up until 7pm
  4. Nabil Fekir

  5. Nabil Fekir

    No idea if it's serious or not. Is RMC a good source??
  6. Nabil Fekir

    Can't see this happening today... Lol 🚨Info @rmcsport : offre de 60M€ bonus compris de @ChelseaFC pour le milieu de l'@OL @NabilFekir ! Négociations en cours entre les deux clubs. Le joueur est intéressé à l’idée de rejoindre la Premier League. 🚨Info @rmcsport: € 60M bonus included from @ChelseaFC for the @ OL @NabilFekir community! Negotiations in progress between the two clubs. The player is interested in joining the Premier League.
  7. Nabil Fekir

    Can't see this happening today
  8. Nabil Fekir

    We know Aulas well, an extraordinary president when he has to close outgoing operations. He has shown this several times in the past, now he is repeating himself with Nabil Fekir. After stopping, several weeks ago, Fekir's transfer to Liverpool, it was all done, Lyon's number one is playing tremendously upward for his offensive exterior. Chelsea wants to close with another bang, but there is not too much time because the English market closes tomorrow afternoon. Let's go to the core of the speech: Lyon started from a base of 80 million, Chelsea has stood between 55 and 60, would like to add eventually a technical counterpart. Race against time, all in the hands of Aulas, Chelsea will try to the end.
  9. Kurt Zouma

  10. Anthony Martial

  11. Mateo Kovacic

    Maybe... And the Fekir story last night was a little plant to move the deal along
  12. Jan Oblak

    I agree we do the smokescreen very often but not sure who is this time 😂
  13. Bernard

    Apparently jumped in late to steal him
  14. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Thanks for that. Normally would record on sky box but it's down until next week.
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Does anyone know where I will be able to watch the full game after its finished? Going to be out most the day and would love to know where I can see the game without knowing the result somehow