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  1. Nabil Fekir

    I think we both have the same dreams. Unfortunately I think thats all they are, just dreams.
  2. I was referring to PSG. There's no way Ronaldo will end his career Real, one way or another. Ahh. Well you could be right now Ronaldo has made some controversial comments after the game. We will find out in a few days apparently.
  3. Ronaldo is not going to United. He will see out his playing days at Real Madrid.
  4. So are we giving Conte the chance to stay? http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11386540/chelsea-have-general-agreement-with-maurizio-sarri-to-succeed-antonio-conte-sky-in-italy
  5. Bale saying he isn't happy at Madrid basically. Such a shame we don't spend big bucks. I'd love to have him here.
  6. I feel sorry for Karius tbh. I don't wish this kind of nightmare on anybody. He is never going to live this one down. Poor bastard.
  7. He was fake smiling lol.
  8. I was sure BT showed the Finals for free!!! Money grabbing asshats!
  9. Bar Hazard, what are these better options you speak of? Some would argue that Napoli has a stronger starting eleven than ours. Certainly a more balance first team.
  10. Jorginho

    Who is this clown?
  11. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Moratas finishing with his feet is indefensible. Please do not compare Alvaro Morata and Edison Cavani. Cavani is a fantastic finisher when using his feet, on any given Sunday. When could you have ever said the same about Morata? That's right, never!
  12. Is he not reffering to Conte's clause? If not it's another fake news becsuse yes Sarri has left. Well that is the understanding I am under.
  13. Jeremie Boga

    Hmm, but Boga isn't owned by Birmingham and Boga has far more potential than Drinkwater will ever have. So we veiw Boga in a very differen't way, maybe slightly bias but still in a very different way to Drinkwater. Not just because we own him but because he is a more exciting player to watch. If I watched Boga at youth level and he played for Oxford United, I would still be a fan. If Drinkwater played for Real Madrid, i would still deem him average as fuck.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    It's actually taking the piss now. Surely they are breaking FFP rules.
  15. 9. Álvaro Morata

    The part of his game that is the most important is his weakest attribute and we are talking about a striker here! Bonkers.
  16. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Watch this and then tell me you want this clown as our main striker. Look at how many goals he could have had this season. Absolute joke lol.
  17. Drinkwater isn't good enough to be playing at this level week in, week out. He isn't fit enough to lace Kante's boots.
  18. Jeremie Boga

    You never know. If Sarri does come in, he might use Boga. He fits the mould similar to a few players at Napoli. That's if he wants to impliment that kind of team here. Small, agile and skillfull players with speed and good awareness. I hope he does.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    Fred to Man United!
  20. I think the jury is out on Bakayoko for 99% of the Chelsea fan base bar @bakayokofan xD
  21. 9. Álvaro Morata

    We can only hope that surely a billionaire Russian has seen the light.
  22. Robert Lewandowski

    It isn't that I'm against seeing Lewa in a Chelsea shirt. I love the way he plays football. He is the complete striker in every sense. I would just prefer us to find somebody slightly younger so that we can build a solid foundation. I don't want us to desperately look again in 2 years time. It would be better if we got this and other positions looked down and concentrated on the way we play football. We all talk about how we want to play vibrant, attacking, free flowing football but we simply do not have the squad to do it with. It doesn't happen over night either, especially with us. We have played defensive, counter attacking football for a looong time now. Also we will be building a new stadium soon so I would rather get somebody younger so that we don't have to worry about buying someone else with rations during that stadium build.
  23. Jeremie Boga

    It's crazy to think this lad could be lost into the abyss of 'if only', whilst the board actually have the audacity to shell out 35million on Drinkwater.
  24. Roman Abramovich

    This thread has turned weird!