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  1. Super Frank Thread

    What really worries me is.. The pattern. For the past 3 managers maybe even 4, we keep seeing the same shit. Start off flying under the new managers regime... playing decent, decisive football only to drop off mid season or after 1 season and result back to playing like braindead imbiciles. It has to be the group of footballers. It just has to be. Is this the overall outcome of poor recruitment, poor squad management by the board and an overrated youth academy? Who knows... but we wre literally reliving groundhog day before our very eyes.
  2. Newcastle - Chelsea

    How anyone can feel its justified to defend Rudiger for that goal is beyond me. He literally done nothing when the ball flew straight past his head lol. Yes he was marking two men but you still predict the flight of the ball and try to defend it.. isnt that the whole point of defending ?
  3. Newcastle - Chelsea

  4. Newcastle - Chelsea

    My man said Willian was better than another footballer o nthe same pitch today.
  5. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Its soo easy to play against us. Seriously. What is there to be worried about? Eden has gone. We are shit. Sit back and watch Willian try to take us on with his pathetic footballing IQ.
  6. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Its soooooo depressing.
  7. Newcastle - Chelsea

    We need a World Clas creative CM more than anything else. Even more than the LB. Seriously... this is dogshit. We are meant to be an elite club with elite players.
  8. Newcastle - Chelsea

    It's asif none of them, including the Newcastle players give a fuck.
  9. Newcastle - Chelsea

    The problem is... our options in midfield are not as great as everyone makes out. They are all very similar players in the sense that none bar Kova has any vision of any worth.
  10. Newcastle - Chelsea

    But seriously though.... Mount has been awful.
  11. Newcastle - Chelsea

  12. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Our attack is lacking any ideas. Guess what's happened!!! Sarri ball has worn off and now Lampards tactics are in full effect. That's why we started the season well and now a bag of shit.
  13. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Mount is horrendous
  14. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Isn't Rudiger a CB?? Why the fuck is he positioned inbetween the CBs and LBs ... in no mans land. Fuckjng disgraceful this defence.
  15. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Kante is really aggravating to watch when he isnt tackling everything.