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  1. Mount maybe but Tammy could do bits for us next season. The guy knows where the goal is and is a natural poacher. The amounts of times I have witnessed the ball fly across the goalmouth without anyone on the end is unreal. It has been begging for a Tammy on the end.
  2. 9. Gonzalo Higuain

    Lethal finisher but his attitude stinks. Always moaning when he doesn't get the ball. Passion, yea I love that but there is a fine line between passion and behaving like a childish twat.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    50% of me is Sarri out and other 50% is looking at the shit state that is our squad and feels harsh for blaming Sarri for this mess. In a way, it's quite astonishing how well he is doing with this squad and even more impressive what Conte did with it previously. Just take a real look at the squad roster... it's criminal. How the fuck have we fallen this far from the front soo quickly. The managers can't keep taking all of the blame. The club is run by a women who has refused the 80million pound sale of Broccoli head!!! If that doesn't ring alarm bells, then I don't know what does.
  4. Kurt Zouma

    Has there ever been a better time than now to bring back Kurt Zouma? A solid defender with actual muscles. No more time for fucking around.
  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I' devastated, I really am. The poor lad has just hit a major set back in his career. The footballing Gods are really against us at the moment.
  6. Chelsea - Burnley

    I absolutely ditest the way Burnley play. It's a fucking disgrace. And Kepa when are you actually going to make some saves you flip flop.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    Fuck this shit. Not only are we slow and predictable... Burnley are an embarassment to English football.
  8. Chelsea - Burnley

    Because he is shit.
  9. Chelsea - Burnley

    The time wasting is taking the piss. Burnley are a dogshit side.
  10. All I know is that alot of people are going to die in the next episode and we are going to see Jon going on a mad one as per.
  11. Christian Pulisic

    Let's face it. He is a dribble merchant. We need players who actually have a footballing brain, ala Pepe. This guy just get's the ball and runs with it. Pony.
  12. Nicolas Pepe

    Our saving grace is that Arsenal won't offer him more wages than what we would and he is a Chels fan.
  13. Next Manager?

    It is quite astonishing how much money we have wasted on transfers in the past 4 years or so. It's even more astomishing that the people who have made these decisions haven't been sacked. I totally agree, I will be extremely surprised if Sarri is to be backed this summer. A small part of us all is hoping the transfer ban will be prosponed and Roman goes on a mad one before the start of the new season but in reality.... we should prepare ourselves for the worse case scenario.
  14. Next Manager?

    Wait, what? Just because SarriBall isn't in full swing at the Bridge, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If Sarri had us playing full blown SarriBall, you would be naming your next new born after him.
  15. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    Don't mate, I literally ranted all night to the lads at work about this. What is with there being 90% ex Liverpool players working for Sky Sports. Their punditry, I can stomach but listening to them cream their knickers on commentry is taking the piss.