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  1. Alex Sandro

    I think the club captain role is given to Cahill based on seniority and him being English. I agree that on the pitch Luiz and Azpilicueta show better leadership through example but I sort of see where the club are going with naming Cahill the new captain. There's also approval for this from JT himself who said the following: “Gary has been brilliant as captain for Chelsea but the manager will decide. However, it’s not just on the field that he has led the field brilliantly, but inside the dressing room as well. No one really gets to see that. He has been a man-mountain at times. The way in which he was speaking at half-time during some of the games, like in the FA Cup Final against Arsenal, where he was leading the group, showed what a big character he is. If he gets the armband, he will fit it well." It's kind of like Carrick being United's captain now, he doesn't always play but when he does he wears the armband. I see no reason why Cahill being club captain would mean he always has to play, and when he's benched the likes of Luiz or Cesar will be captain. I think it's only a good thing to have many leader personalities in the team, it's one of the reasons the club was so successful in the past decade with the likes of Terry, Lamps, Drogba and Cech all being 'captain material' but sadly only one can carry the title of captain.
  2. Chelsea v Inter Milan

    Last pre-season match before the Community Shield so would prefer to see the strongest team starting and play most of them for at least 60 minutes. Maybe something like this: Courtos - Cahill, Luiz, Azpilicueta - Alonso, Fabregas, Kante, Moses - Willian, Morata, Batshuayi Christensen, Rüdiger, Boga, Baker, Tomori to come on sometime in the second half.
  3. The Board

    ^ Quite obviously a club briefing, no chance all the major newspapers in England got the same exact story at the same time without being briefed or leaked. Sounds promising though. Club still confident on Alex Sandro plus going after Llorente and Candreva as squad player signings. Land all those and it's a huge impovement overall on last season's squad.
  4. Grzegorz Krychowiak

    https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/grzegorz-krychowiak/verletzungen/spieler/45184 This has him down having missed only six games through injuries but still he played just 19 games out of PSG's 57 matches in all competitions and only started 11 of those. Not really sure what went wrong with him at PSG because at Sevilla Krychowiak was one of the manager Emery's top performers and followed his old coach to Paris so it would be easy to assume he'd fit in pretty well there too but from what I've heard he had a pretty shocking season. For a reasonable price around €15-20m it could be a decent gamble to get this guy as fourth CM but I doubt he'd want to join if not given a starting role. Pretty sure he was just a backup alternative for Bakayoko and not quite convinced the club are still interested in him.
  5. Benjamin Mendy

    What is? If you mean City splashing £150M for full-backs in one window and still after one more player then yeah, it's hilarious. If you mean Chelsea 'missing out' on Mendy then no, it's not ridiculous. It's been clear for couple of months now that Mendy will end up at City and the only reports even remotely linking the lad to Chelsea were merely saying the club had asked to 'keep tabs' on the developments but no real bids were ever made, possibly because the player had his heart set on a move to City. Either way, something needs to be done about the wing-back problem. Club should make one last push for Sandro, even at £70M, and if Juve won't bite then simply move on and go after someone else like that Alex Telles lad or get Ryan Bertrand back before City get him too.
  6. Richarlison

    No idea if this lad is any good but as a player type he would fit in well, being capable of filling in two positions of need (striker / winger). If Conte knows the guy and it's him who wants the signing then I'm all for it.
  7. Benjamin Mendy

    Third best option would be former blue Ryan Bertrand.
  8. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Yeah, that's probably it. Still see him being linked to many clubs tho. Interesting to see who the club target if/when Matic gets sold to wherever. So far no rumours of the replacement but surely someone must be coming in now that only three senior midfielders in Bakayoko, Kante, Fabregas remain and Baker from the youth department. Chalobah would've been perfect for that role imo, but sadly he's gone and another set of legs will be needed.
  9. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Can't understand why the club aren't after Fabinho for Matic replacement. Would be killing two birds in one stone, as he'd provide another option for CM as well as RWB. Unless Monaco aren't willing to sell him after already losing a few key players.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    I thought yesterday he said he doesn't care what Chelsea do. http://www.espnfc.com/manchester-united/story/3161014/jose-mourinho-not-interested-in-alvaro-moratas-pending-move-to-chelsea Truth is, he's still kinda obsessed. He's the one who always keeps talking about the club when it's none of his business anymore.
  11. Benjamin Mendy

    Probably more like being let know if City agree a fee so they can then decide whether to match it or not. Maybe the club are still holding onto the hopes of getting Alex Sandro so for the time being focusing their negotiations on him and only try to hijack Mendy if he gets closer to a City move while Sandro deal is getting nowhere, but it's a risky move because there's a really high chance of missing out on both. After City hijacking the club's move for Danilo it would be really sweet to get one over on them by signing Mendy, their number one pick for LB.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Ahh, right. Makes more sense now.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Rüdiger is not injured, he's still on holiday but will join the squad in Singapore next week.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    Looks like it's finally happening. So many twists and turns in this however that I won't believe anything till I see it with my own eyes. Morata is an immense risk but an 18-year-old Mbappe for Real Madrid at a world record price is not? Really? From what I've seen most Real Madrid fans are gutted if Morata goes.
  15. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    Stupid move by Danilo if he indeed ends up at City. Rumour was that he's looking to quit Real Madrid to play more instead of being just Carvajal's backup and then he goes to City after they just paid £50M for Walker who is guaranteed to play every game when fit. At Chelsea he'd be challenging Moses and would have a real chance of breaking in the Starting XI if he did well. Wasn't that convinced by this guy to begin with, but don't really see many better options out there either.