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  1. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Injured on national duty, looked like he pulled his hamstring.
  2. Marcin Bulka starting in goal for PSG tonight in a league match, interesting to see how he does. PSG's lineup is looking pretty horrible with all their injuries and the Neymar saga: Bulka, Bernat, T. Silva, Marquinhos, Dagba, Verratti, Gueye, Aouchiche, Sarabia, Choupo-Moting, Di Maria
  3. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The Times who broke the news (also did for RLC) said £100K/week while BBC and Matt Law from the Telegraph report the same. All more than reliable sources. Just a case of Sky Sports being late to the scoop and have to get the clicks somehow. Nothing to see there.
  4. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Back at Inter.
  5. 10. Willian

    Just one additional year tho, he still has a year left on his current deal and the proposed contract extension would take him to 2021. Don't really rate Willian but not complaining about this one at all, because it means he can be sold for money next year when the transfer ban is over as opposed to him leaving on a free. Was never going to be sold this summer with the transfer ban in effect, but I want him gone next year.
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    A lot of fuss about something that wouldn't even have been significant if it wasn't for Sarri's reaction to it all. It's not like he was refusing to come off for a tactical sub, just a lack of communication or understanding. If Sarri had just accepted Kepa's okay, nothing would have happened. Happens almost every week that a player goes down for treatment and a substitution is being readied, only for it to be called off when the player signals they're okey to continue. Now Sarri made a mess of it, things got heated and now the media are going on and on about it being "player power at Chelsea". Don't remember reading anything about player power at Spurs when Lloris refused to be substituted, and he was actually concussed at the time for fucks sake. I blame three parties equally for all this: 1) Sarri for his unnecessary tantrum 2) Kepa for not going near the technical area to clear things up with the coaching staff and tell them he was feeling fine, instead he just waved his hands around and did nothing. Also that wink to the cameras was really unneeded and only fuel to the fire for the media. 3) Azpilicueta for disappearing when the team needed their captain to help sorting it out. Other than the drama with the keeper I can only applaud the team and Sarri for their efforts today. It wasn't enough to get the trophy today but the players really fought hard for it and Sarri at last showed some tactical flexibility and made substitutions that actually impacted the game. If it wasn't overshadowed by the circus acts near the end, I'd give today a solid 9/10 despite the loss on penalties because it actually gives hope for other big games under Sarri.
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Playing a wing-back role in a 3-4-3 is a completely different task than a regular LB in a back four, everyone knew last summer that Alonso would not cut it there but the club did nothing.
  8. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    True, but it was only really after the Derby County match that he even started playing minutes in the EL and played well in those games. Also there's other factors too. In October things were still looking quite good in all competitions and Willian/Pedro were performing reasonably well and without injuries or fatigue. It was only around the hectic period around Christmas that their form dropped and both got some minor injuries too. I really can't blame Sarri for not playing CHO much more in the first half of the season because the way I see it he's still gotten a decent amount of minutes for someone who was only 17 at the start of the season! For the first months under Sarri the team were flying and you don't make drastic changes to a winning lineup if nobody gets injured but when either of those things change it's time to try something different and it's natural that a player like CHO had to start getting some minutes, at least in the lesser competitions like the FA Cup and League Cup. Perform in those games like CHO has done and it gives Sarri a good reason to select him in more and more games. Now it's up to Sarri to do just that. Or it's all only because Bayern started sniffing around, take your pick.
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He was always gonna be playing those FA Cup ties against Championship level sides though, nothing to do with Bayern being interested that he did indeed play. Whether he starts to get more minutes in the league because the club are desperate is a completely different matter.
  10. 10. Willian

    It's not 50M + Malcom but rather 50M overall including the player. Hard to say where that values Malcom at, but should definitely be lower than the £38M Barcelona paid for him last year.
  11. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    "They have offered £35m, understood to be an initial £15m with £20m in add-ons" Oh fuck off, they're having a laugh.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    This guy seems to be under the arrogant assumption that Chelsea should just negotiate any deal that is most suited for what Bayern want out of the transfer. Well here's a newsflash, the kid is under contract for another 18 months and Chelsea are holding most, if not all the cards. Sure the player has seemingly made it known he would welcome the move but there’s really not much he can do but keep his head down if the club tell him they're only open to negotiating any potential transfer in the summer and not mid-season. And if that's the case then Bayern’s only options are to either wait till the summer to come back with a new offer if they still want him, or even try to wait a little longer and snap him up on a free in 2020 when his contract expires. Latter might not really be a good option because he would almost certainly be frozen out from the first team next season if he made his intentions of running the contract down known to the club and that would mean a year’s worth of development wasted. Because let's face it why would any big club be open to keep developing a still unproven 18-year-old youngster if it was already known he would end up going to another club on a freebie and the new club would be the only ones to reap all the rewards? The way I see it, the possibilities are as follows: 1. Bayern pay overvalue this January, making it impossible for Chelsea to say now. I’m thinking like €50M or something, surely that’s too good to decline for an 18-year-old with that little experience no matter the potential. 2. The player stays and doesn’t sign a new contract. He will keep his head down and continue playing whatever games he can between now and the rest of the season, when situation will be re-examined. At that time he will either sign the new contract if he’s happy with the role he’s gotten or is sold, to Bayern or whoever else depending on how he’s performed during the rest of this season. In case of a sale, no matter how good or bad he’s played the price will definitely be lower than it would be now because a) the contract is then only 12 months and b ) getting a replacement in the summer is easier for Chelsea. Either way it's all about what Chelsea are willing to do and not about what/when Bayern want, which I'm sure must be a really tough spot for them having usually been dealing with Bundesliga clubs that just give into their bullying tactics without putting up any fight.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    How the fuck is it "unfair" that a player is expected to continue representing the club where he is under contract with?
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    That's not how any of it works though. For example Pulisic doesn't have any "minimum amount of matches" clause from now till the end of the season, Dortmund are free to do whatever the hell they want with him till he actually joins Chelsea in the summer. And even that's with him already being under contract with Chelsea and merely on loan at Dortmund, but agreeing to a deal that gives Dortmund more freedom was the only way to make the deal happen. The arrogance of Bayern really is unrivaled, even the fans think everyone else will just bend over and accept whatever conditions the mighty Bayern wish to happen with a transfer.
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    "In professional team sports, tapping up is an attempt to persuade a player contracted to one team to transfer to another team, without the knowledge or permission of the player's current team. This kind of approach is often made through the player's agent. It is expressly forbidden in many professional leagues, but is not illegal." The definition clearly says negotiating is forbidden without the knowledge OR more importantly the permission of the player's club. Really laughable to even think that just having the courtesy of sending a fax letting the other club know you're gonna fuck them over makes it all okey. Informing the player's current club about the intent to negotiate with the player and their agent will not automatically give the right to continue further, it still needs the other club to give their consent to it and I'm pretty sure as fuck that especially in Lewandowski's case Dortmund did not agree to it in early 2013 when he was still contracted with the club for almost one and a half years. If you read the article I linked to you from May 2013, Dortmund executive Watzke clearly said they had not received any formal communication from Bayern up until that time but the player's agent was already happy to say he's most likely on his way to Bayern so surely it's proof that negotiations had already taken place. Bayern were actually hoping to sign Lewandowski already in 2013 for a cut-price deal with only a year left in the contract but Dortmund got pissed about the secret negotiations with Bayern & Lewa's agent and insisted on the player honoring his contract till the end, even if it meant losing him on a free. Comparing the cases of Kante and Lewandowski, really? Kante had a clear release clause in his Leicester contract, the value of which was decided when the player first joined the club in 2015. At the time of the transfer Leicester thought the £32M release clause represented good value for them because they were effectively signing a no-name player from a small French club and thus they were happy to agree to the clause. Of course in hindsight the value was remarkably undervalued and Chelsea got a proper bargain there but that's only because nobody expected Kante to be quite that good when Leicester first bought him. You can't honestly compare paying a release clause to securing the services of the best striker in the league on a free transfer having negotiated behind Dortmund's back for more than a year before contract expiration. I really don't see what's the big deal on just admitting it happened, all that denial is getting you nowhere. Chelsea have been guilty of that in the Peter Kenyon days too (Ashley Cole transfer a long long time ago), I don't have any problem admitting that shady things were done by the club executives there but you seem to live in this fairytale world where Bayern are the best thing to happen since the first coming of Jesus and can't do wrong.