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Sir Mikel OBE

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  1. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    You dont have that same energy for the people happy with Broccoli head?
  2. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    He's trying to build his confidence back up
  3. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    Joining the likes of Dempsey
  4. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    CHO for Mount please.
  5. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    Willian had to make the foul there. Interesting to see who gets the armband when hes substituted off though. Pretty much confirmed with that yellow.
  6. Chelsea - Crystal Palace

    Captain Willian!
  7. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    That turn from Bats was heavenly
  8. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Kova has been brilliant. Gonna be hard to bench him when Kante comes back.
  9. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    World class fro Ben there
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Rightfully dropped.
  11. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Not letting them walk through clear space....Like on the last goal...
  12. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Poor goal to give up.
  13. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Amazing Tomori!
  14. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    King Willian!
  15. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Hat trick. He's arrived.
  16. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    to be fair though. How many on here, given a choice, would have started him over CHO today?
  17. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Shit Just Got Real
  18. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Would you be keeping up with my posts if i was calling Willian broccoli head?
  19. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

  20. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Azpilicueta is done as a fullback. Even the commentator is speaking about his legs being gone.
  21. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Midfield getting overrun.
  22. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    We look awful.
  23. Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle

    As a winger no. No.10? Perhaps. Looked much more lively than Mount, but still early days lol
  24. Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle

    Pulsic showing his quality in his natural position behind the striker
  25. Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle