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  1. The English Football Thread

    Danny Drinkwater has a high skill job that places him in the top echelon of a high paying field. Any person with enough money, and high enough test scores, could become a nurse. Important job, certainly, but Footballers earn their pay by being the best at a job sought after by hundreds of millions. They shouldnt be expected, nor required, to take a pay cut after working hard to reach the level they have.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Would you take an 80-85% pay cut?
  3. Chelsea - Everton

    Gilmour has been amazing.
  4. Chelsea - Everton

    Willian with a goal and assist in the second half
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    Willian coming for that contract
  6. Chelsea - Everton

    Even controlling this match one second of good pay had them in there....
  7. Chelsea - Everton

    Barkley looking REALLY good out there. Almost like his preseason form.
  8. Chelsea - Everton

    Willian pACE
  9. 10. Willian

  10. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Conte wouldnt have this team out there. Conte was a cunt for what he did to Costa...no argument there.
  11. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    This wouldnt be Conte's team.
  12. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Abraham refused to pass to willian there. He's mad at him.
  13. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Cant beat pure pace like that.
  14. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    What a cross by Willian.
  15. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Davis is a player.