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  1. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    The way it goes. If De Gea gets 200k a week, we will have to pay the same for Courtois.
  2. Spurs - Chelsea

  3. Spurs - Chelsea

    Bakayoko just fouled again! We have to do better.
  4. Spurs - Chelsea

    He shouldn't have been playing then.
  5. Spurs - Chelsea

    Thanks Bakayoko. Been second best all day and gives a dumb ass free kick when Kante had it under control.
  6. Spurs - Chelsea

  7. Spurs - Chelsea

    Dembele is the best midfielder on the pitch by far.
  8. Spurs - Chelsea

    Here comes Asian Messi.
  9. Spurs - Chelsea

    It seems fashionable to attack Luiz. Truth be told he has been infinitely better than Bakayoko today....not like that is hard though.
  10. Spurs - Chelsea

    Willian got exposed big time there.
  11. Spurs - Chelsea

    Its realistic though. The defeatist mentality is starting a guy who looks like he just got back from holiday(Bakayoko) against the likes of Dembele and Wanyama in midfield.
  12. Spurs - Chelsea

    To be fair though Kane is probably the best striker in our league right now. No shame in being owned by him.
  13. Spurs - Chelsea

    Morata struggles to hold the ball up.
  14. Spurs - Chelsea

    Looks like they picked up where they left off.
  15. Spurs - Chelsea

    Ruddier has been exposed because he's playing next to a slow wingback who has to bomb forward due to our system. He's been fine though. Willian has been invisible. Morata too really. Bakayoko been bad. The rest have been decent. Great half.