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  1. Diego Costa

    His hold up play has been class so far. Nice to see that when we play it up to him, into his feet or wherever, he holds it up very well and brings others into play. We've lacked that in a striker in previous seasons. Eto'o was decent enough at doing it last season hence why he was preferred a lot of the time in the big games. But with Costa it looks like (fingers crossed) we've got that class striker we've been lacking.
  2. Fernando Torres

    Love it how people say we ruined him. By 'bulking' him up which caused him to lose his pace. Or for whatever reason people want to give. His main problems are his hold up play, confidence and finishing. Three key things for a striker. If his loss of pace is to blame for his decline, what's the reason he misses chances then? What's the reason his hold up play is awful? What's the reason why he never looks in control of the ball? The sole reason or blame for his decline lies solely on Torres himself. He's had the full support of the fans from day one, despite what you may read online or wherever he's still well supported. He's had more than his fair share of chances, he's been given time when other players haven't. And for the people who say he's lost some of his pace, he's still relatively fast, hence why sometimes he's been preferred up front away from home in certain games. Although, it's early days with Costa still, the difference in class between him and Torres is massive.
  3. Oriol Romeu

    One of the few beneficial things about AVB's time with us was that he did give some of the younger players a chance. Romeu was class for a period in that string of games he got for us that season but his injury problems haven't helped him at all. Was quickly becoming one of my favourite players that season, then if I remember correctly he got injured and wasn't the same. Didn't see much of him at Valencia but I hope he can be injury free for a while, I do see a lot of potential with him. Van Ginkel is slowly growing some fans but Romeu was even better back then. Wish him all the best with Stuggart. Hopefully he'll come back to us, having made a lot of progress and fully fit as well.
  4. Mohamed Salah

    He got a bit better towards the end of last season. It will be fairer to assess him though in just under a year's time. I think with all players bar Oscar (who probably did the opposite) who play in a similar position to Salah we did see improvement from them as the season went on. Hazard, Schurrle, and Willian (to a lesser extent) all improved as last season went on, and that's all you want to see really, progress. Salah now has had time to settle in, so we should be seeing progress from him next season. At the moment, I'd say Salah is a decent squad player to have and that's it really. He hasn't necessarily done badly since joining but for a top club and given the other options we have in the attacking areas, he's isn't up to the level we want him to be yet but in saying that he deserves more time. I'd say Salah is a bit hit and miss with us at the moment, does some good things but then sometimes he let's himself down a bit when on the ball. Needs to work on his end product and retaining the ball a bit better but he should be given time to improve on that.
  5. Frank Lampard

    Lampard judas? My fucking word.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm going to have to download this and watch it later. However, I'm currently watching the Schalke game and I take today was more of the same. We're not creating enough these days, it's the complete opposite from last season. The reason why is because we're not making enough effective forward passes and it's not because we don't have the players capable of doing that efficiently in the pivot (as a lot of Chelsea fans would say) I'd disagree with that. It's because there's a lack of movement from the forward players. There's no fluidity from the forward players no more therefore it's easy for teams to defend against us. The movement/interchanging last season from the three behind the striker brought us space, now we're too rigid and disciplined. The only real time we create chances for ourselves nowadays is when we win the ball high up the pitch, our pressing brings us chances. I agree we should have better quality in the pivot but the real problem lies with how we set up these days, not the personal we play. The disciplined, less fluid shape we have now could also explain why the likes of Mata and Hazard have been poorer this season
  7. Frank Lampard

    You missed the part when I talked about passing then. That Jose thing is bullshit. As is the player power thing. Players having too much power i.e. Lampard, Terry, Cole, Drogba is complete bullshit. Player power was never a problem under Ancelotti or Hiddink. AVB should have dealt with the squad better.
  8. Frank Lampard

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No creativity? Only Giggs has more assists than Lampard. Lampard hasn't even played DM this season which shows you probably need to watch him more closely. His passing is underrated and is something that doesn't get enough credit, people always bang on about the goals he scores. There was a quality video on Youtube demonstrating Lampard's passing ability, I can't find it at the moment but I'll post it here when I find it. His passing is something that even we Chelsea fans don't give him enough credit for. The amount of goals we've scored that have come from Lampard, is unreal. I didn't like the part he played with AVB. However, AVB's main problem was that he didn't get the squad on his side, his squad management was shocking. It was AVB's fault as well which is something a lot of people forget. Players like Alex have said that AVB should of handled the likes of Lampard better. I agree with what Lampard said, AVB was trying to make changes too quickly and forgot about the present. Anyway, Lampard is class. His intelligence and hard work make Lampard what he is. Jose sums Lampard up.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Firstly, his only 24. He still has time to improve as a player and with some work could become a regular starter for us in a few seasons time. I don't think he has been in the best of form this season but why the hell does he make Chelsea look inferior when he comes on? When he has came on in previous seasons he has at times changed the game for us. With his pace we have looked more threatening going forward and more likely to score. His unfortunate as well he will start one game and know he may be dropped for the next which is never good for a striker. With some work and if he played on a more consistent bases he could improve dramatically. Anyway why.... would you sell him to Arsenal? It's the worse team he could possibly go too.
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I wouldn't get rid of him this season we may need him to cover Drogba and Anelka if they get injured. I feel Kalou has the potential to be a regular starter for us.
  11. Sig Requests

    Forgot to say thanks for this sorry mate... Thanks Biru my friend.
  12. Sig Requests

    If anyone can make me an Essien sig i would really apreciate it..