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  1. Stamford Bridge

    Honest question: i've heard many posters here on TC many moons ago state they didn't think Chelsea could sell out a 60K Stadium.. How about now? Will Stamford Bridge become like the Empty-Had once we switch? Genuine question here. Thanks
  2. Alexis Sanchez

  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Banter > Facts.
  4. Stoke - Chelsea

    I would say Liverpool suffer the same fate too. (When Mane left for AFCON, and even when Henderson went down as well). But everyone else, I agree. Which is a testament to CFC's medical team and the luck we've hsd in being injury free. And also the fact that CFC seriously need 4 new signings in the summer. Imagine CFC losing a CM the caliber of Gundogan (in terms of importance to team), we'd be fucked beyond no end w/o one of (Matic, Kante/Cesc). Hell, how in the world did Luiz not miss any PL matches after Aguero's dirty tackle? It's mad when you put it like that.
  5. 15. Victor Moses

    Agree with @Jason as above, I don't think Zouma should come into the starting XI. We've been very very fortunate that we haven't suffered an injury to Moses or Alonso earlier in the season. Atleast next weekend is International Break so he's only missing 2 match-days. Think it should be Willian at RWB. Or, shift Azpi to RWB and play Ake at LCB, with Cahill moving over to RCB.
  6. Bernardo Silva

    Hazard would most likely play on the right, and even if Sanchez did he wouldn't be bolted to that right spot. I remember Sanchez's struggles on the RW over at Barca, but Hazard can still a menace on the RW. Just look at the goals he has scored in his CFC career using his left foot, and the dangerous final ball passes he's made even when attacking down the right side. I agree with all the problems you state this team has, but CFC are simply not going to solve all of them in One window. Now, we clearly disagree with the importance of certain upgrades, but when a talent like Alexis/Silva is available you gotta upgrade, and the upgrade here is over Willian, clearly. (And, concerning Sanchez, we sold Arsenal Petr Cech to Arsenal and Sanchez's agent reportedly met with Marina last week, so I don't think Arsenal would have no issues selling to us.) A new CM will be bought I'm postive. As well as ONE wing-back (either left or right). For CB, I think we'll see the integration of Christensen and that's it. I'd hope we could move on from Cahill, but you just know CFC are not that ruthless when it comes to underporforming players. Cahill is here to stay for next season, imo . The evolvement of this Chelsea side will take many transfer windows.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Would you fancy Willian in the RWB role next season?
  8. Bernardo Silva

    It's gotta be Alexis Sanchez or Bernardo Silva. No Alternatives. If CFC want to be serious UCL competitors next season, then we desperately need to form an ELITE front three, and that entails cutting out Willian from the rotation of LF/RF as much as possible. Willian should only be relied upon in an extreme injury climate, in-fact, I'd argue provided we don't sign a RWB this summer, that Willian start playing at RWB next season. Back to Bernardo Silva. He's a fantastic talent, and even though he's not an extreme goal-scoring threat, he'll provide an amazing (Goals and Assists) output all-together. He's so young, there's no saying he can't score 10-15 goals in all comps if he were to come here. And absolutely love his work-rate for the team, the complete player imo.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    your asking for too much sense mate.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Pep Guardiola cost them big time today. But unlike the first leg, his in-game adjustments didn't make up for the early mistakes. Moving KDB centrally was a masterstoke in the second half, but how the fuck Jardim didn't switch to a 433 or instruct Mbape/Germain to sit off and only press KDB once he crossed mid-field was shocking. Too many times Bakayoko was rushing out to help close KDB, and he'd simply play one pass to Sane or Sterling and suddenly City are on a 4v4 creating shot after shot. Jardim reacted very poorly to this, or he could have told Mbape to play the role Moutinho had once he was introduced and drop into CM. Anyways, Monaco proved me wrong tonight. Had a feeling City would score enough tonight, and they almost did. But again, think this falls on Guardiola, for fucking up that first half so badly. If he makes that adjustment, even after the first goal, City are through. What an exciting UCL campaign this has been.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    That was an impeccable first half display. Take a bow Mbape, Benjamin Mendy, & Bernardo Silva. KDB has been complete shite tonight. Man has lost the ball so many times, and been so uninspired in his play. Wow.. what a fucking half of football.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    Guilty as charged. Although the key disclaimer here is, "used to."
  13. Mahmoud Dahoud

    I agree that Conte doesn't want to change our formation, but he's also quoted as saying that in Europe, he felt he couldn't play his 343 at Juve and needed to switch to 433, so maybe he has eyes on that as well. And Listen, I really really rate Dahoud highly like you do, and I so hope he chooses us over Dortmund or Liverpool. I mean, IIRC, in the last couple of matches Cesc and Kante have started, we've seen Luiz come up and try and win those goal-kicks in midfield.. So that may be some form of a solution to the problem in regards to the lack of height a Dahoud-Kante pairing might bring. All the #6's/#8's that could compliment Kante so well will be hard to attain: Verrati, Dahoud, Koke, Nainngolan, We'll find out soon enough if our hunt for one will be over.
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Obviously rooting for Monaco as well, but don't think they will pull it off. They choked it away in the first leg, imo. THink the match ends 2-2. Can't wait to see more of Bernardo Silva and Bakayoko
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    Where have I praised Costa's recent performances? All Diego and Antonio Conte needs is a bonifide 2nd option, that can challenge Diego Costa. We don't have that in Michy Batshuayi, so Diego is a nailed on started week-in, week-out. And although Diego has had a fantastic bill of health this season, we can't trust those hamstrings to hold up next season with UCL football. As long we sign a 2nd Stiker Antonio Conte trusts then we'll be fine next season.
  16. Romelu Lukaku

    Don't think people understand how much I DON'T want Lukaku at Chelsea. Praying that Costa stays until Lukaku has transferred to another club and that Mino Raiola steers him to move to United or Arsenal, or whomever else. Lukaku just talks so much shit and has such an inflated sense of self-worth that oozes out of his interviews. The man genuinely believes he's in the same league with the TOP strikers in Europe. If he's so great, tell me why absolutely NO European club moved heaven and earth to sign him last summer when all he did was scream from the rooftops begging any team that qualifies for UCL football regularly to come and sign him. Not Napoli, not Juventus, not United, not Liverpool, not Arsenal, not City, not Chelsea (although of course CFC fucking tried). Not Atletico Madrid. Not. One. Single. Club. Calma Lukaku, calma. I'm telling you guys. IF we grant Costa's wish, and he still wants to go to China or back home to Atletico Madrid, Lukaku is nailed on 1,000% signing for Chelsea. I can feel it in my bones. And then I'ma just laugh to keep from crying.
  17. Mahmoud Dahoud

    We have contacted him, as have Liverpool, Dortmund, and I believe Juve as well (but they are nailed on to sign Tolisso so they may have dropped out). I hope Conte was able to sell him hard that he won't be a bench warmer as you mentioned. But one question I have is this, do you think Conte would trust a Dahoud-Kante pivot in most games? I think we'd be missing some serious aerial ability in midfield as well as some steel. So even If we were to sign him, that would almost guarantee a switch back to a 3-man midfield no?
  18. The Conte Thread

    Main man Conte was only fighting to protect his players, especially Hazard. Edit: 2nd Tweet.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    I'll be honest, I've never rated thid kid.. Think he's way too overhyped.. But interesting that Conte & Pep seem to really value this kid. If he were to come here.. He'd definitely be tried as a wing-back right?
  20. Mahmoud Dahoud

    Pretty sure he's picking Borrussia Dortmund.
  21. The English Football Thread

    In my perfect World, Two of Arsenal/United/ManCity miss out on Top 4. I was fine with Liverpool winning today tbh, because next week they play City at the Etihad Stadium, and they can drag City deeper into the Top 4 race with a win. I'm here for the banter, and Liverpool and Spurs missing out on Top 4 is nothing to really talk about, (ok maybe it is a bit, but nothing extreme imo. )
  22. Andreas Christensen

    Come on home, Andreas. Can't wait to see him in the Chelsea blue next season.
  23. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    IMO, I think Miguel Delaney (pretty sure it was him) is right with his theory that JM is trying to use Chelsea and our "defensive-counter-attacking style" as a built in excuse so that next season when/if he turns into a more defensive side, he has the narrative to lean on that "Chelsea did it last season and look at what that got them". And so while he currently gives in to the "attacking football" this season, and United end the season in 3rd/4th/5th/6th, he'll have beat the critics to the punch-line before they realize what's happened. I so hope we smash them again tomorrow..
  24. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I don't think he'd excel at that role, RWB, tbh. (Quick Quesion though: Do you think Willian would accept RWB at times next season provided we sign a Bernardo Silva/Sanchez type in the summer?) If you've watched him lately, it's clear he has a brighter future as a CM than on the RW, imo. If I was AOC, I would go to either Liverpool or Man City. If he goes to Liverpool, and demands he plays primarily as a CM. he'd be a fantastic CM option to play with Wijnaldum/Lallana, and his skill set would complement either player he'd be paired with. Not only do Liverpool need bodies upon bodies for next year's campaign, but they need Versatile options as well. And AOC would be a dynamic CM-winger option. At City, Pep might see a fantastic project in developing AOC, and even if AOC finds himself playing primarily as a winger rotating with Sterling/Raheem, ( I assume Navas/Nolito are out the door in the summer) we've seen the work Guardiola does in getting his wingers in superior positions in the final third, creating the platform for them to do serious damage in creating many 1v1 situations for his wingers. He might not get to play his preferred position, but he'd be learning under a vastly superior manager who'll most likely get the most out him. General side-note, I really don't think AOC is using this toxic situation (at Arsenal) simply to demand more $$. If you've read the reports, they state that Arsenal have made no effort to begin negotiations At ALL! and I think that, more than anything is what's fueling his now public desire to force a move away in the summer. Don't get me wrong, AOC has his faults.. like his ghostly performances, previous injury record, tendency to over complicate play and lose the ball at the absolute worst of times (see Bayern's 5th goal in Munich, and even Monaco's 3rd goal at the Emirates in 2014, just to name a few.) But the potential is clearly there, and AOC appears to be a determined lad, who wants "more" from his career and knows that staying at Arsenal won't provide that. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Tangent Incoming) You guys don't know how much I'm hoping for total capitulation to strike Arsenal in the summer. Imagine a summer where Ozil, Sanchez, and AOC ALL leave the club, irregardless of whether Wenger stays or goes, there's no way, no way, Arsenal are going to properly replace all 3 players. Ozil loves Wenger, so if Wenger stays I can see Ozil at least staying... but if All 3 players left AND Arsene Wenger stays... Scenes. Watch Arsenal go through "that phase" circa Liverpool 2009/10. So much is at stake in the summer.
  25. Alexis Sanchez

    I wonder if Sanchez will be open to playing on the RW from time to time, swapping with Hazard? Would he willingly sign up for that deal, given his experience playing RW at Barcelona and all the (personal) success he's had at playing his preferred LW/ST for Arsenal. (And yes I know he played RW at Udinese, but that was as a young up and coming talent, not at his peak, ability wise at 28. ) The way I see it... Sanchez goes to Juventus if he wants to play LW & have a serious shot at winning the UCL. Only draw-back, is that he will most likely NOT get anywhere close to his wage demands he's making... Higuain (who Juve paid 70M for, is "only" getting paid 100K Euros a week, he didn't receive no Pogba like weekly wage bump... and Sanchez wants like 250K ) Not to mention Juventus have a very strict wage-structure. Goes to PSG and gets to play LW position AND get paid all the money he wants like 250K-300K Euros a week, and seriously compete for UCL title. And after Europe buys all of Monaco's talent, Ligue 1 probably falls right back into PSG's hands. Come to Chelsea to stay in London, fight for PL Title and UCL, get paid in-between what Juventus and PSG will most likely accept.. (say 200-215K) BUT have to share the LW role with Hazard and play RW.