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  1. Florent Malouda

    Put Malouda at LW, and put mata in cm!!! We always say "oh when we get hazard we can put mata in his fac position behind ST in cm." well hazard ain't here yet and we gota make with wat we had, (which by the way almost beat man u to the title last year) so don't act like Malouda is the only blame to our troubles.but boy he was RUN DOWN!! all 4 competitions no breaks! Yes he does shoot to often and yes he does get frustrating at times bud didn't drogba when he played like a girl and kept Falling left right center?! So put maluda on wing and mata cm. It's not like the vice versa has worked for us now, now has it??
  2. Fernando Torres

    We'll pay them just to take him!!!
  3. The Basketball Thread

    People people calm down on your celtics and bulls and rockets and whatever other teams you hopelessly root for, IT'S OKC ADED!!!! (all day every day) people!! Got Westbrook snatched up with no player option aswell as Kevin Durant!! Prob best one two punch atm!!! All Rey need now is experience, so they don't crumble under the pressure like they did to mavs hahahahahaha.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    Before you get your hopes up it's from the daily fail.... but anyway do you think it may happen or not atleast to another team, for his contract is up at end of season right? Hopefully more news sources will report the same thing, cuz we know they'd get be getting a BOSS at a such a cheap price!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2091322/West-Ham-bid-Salomon-Kalou-Chelsea.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  5. Florent Malouda

    LOVED the guy did great in our double winnin campaign, agrueably the best player in that season. But it's time to go. Carlo ran your legs deep into the ground and your performances suffered, but hey, that's life, find a new club that'll help you get a call to the euros. We need to move on in a new direction younger faster and surely more skillful and you dont fit that bill. Gota go.
  6. 24. Gary Cahill

    Let's get that English rb shall we!!!! Sam, or another one, idc!!!! HahahA
  7. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    DAMN! what a gutty call by San Fran. qb sneak!!! what a play!
  8. Who's goin to SUPER BOWL???

  9. The Basketball Thread

    Love trashin celtics, come from 20pts down to cut it to 1 then lost by double digits!!!! Again, old guard fading!! Hahahaha.
  10. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    Calling the games: ravens, pats, saints, giants. Giant are at their best when their backs are up against the wall, so I can honestly see it. The saints though idk if their defense will show up with no home support to get them riled up. Pats, Im just hoping cuz I don't like TT. and ravens well, need I say more....?
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Pissin me self when I read this!!
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    This team believes that we have to be on a good rilun of form in order to play youth, my oh my look at all the other managers, during the start if the season they play youth!! But nooooo let's play the same starting 11 for all competitions except the league cup which we always find a way to lose in! Not everybody will shine like Studge in loan, some people, (ready for this) need to have a feel for the players they're surrounded with, idk maybe a cm would need this, or better yet Torres has shown this and he had a freakin year with the squad!! while our loanees are told to bond with 3 different teams in 3years!!
  13. The Basketball Thread

    which is why they wanted to trade him this summer!! boston are a sinking ship, this is their last year together and no way in hell are they wining the title. its OKC Thunder Baby!!!
  14. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    WHAT!! i wouldnt go for that cuz its really rare that two #1seeds make the final.
  15. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    i predict the super bowl to be SAINTS vs. BALTIMORE im a jets fan so theres no way im rooting for the patriots to be in the super bowl!!
  16. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    what the hell tim tebow, you couldnt throw a damn pass all season, anyway they'll get smashed by patriots, not that i like them anyway!!!!!
  17. Ramires

    He's Brazilian what'd you expect!! Lol
  18. Gaël Kakuta

    Yeah but you get my drift. The noise this transfer made has outweighed what he's produced fit this club.
  19. Gaël Kakuta

    Was this why we were banned from the transfer window!!! Gota question our scout team and board....................................................... Again!
  20. General Transfer Talk

    Anyone would do!! But avb really needs to get young hungry players and like 2 players from Porto so that they could help the team understand avb's play style. But in all honestly I just want HUNGRY PLAYERS!! that game against Norwich where Mata and lukaku came on really define such kind of players. They were so proud an honored to play for the team and you could just see it on their faces but especially with their play. They felt like they needed to justify their price tag and squad place, and also really lifted us to that win. Now look mata is first name on team sheet and alll of us are shouting for lukaku to get some time, (also cuz our strikers are playing bad but that's besides the point!) So get a Kevin de Bryune Hazard Godin/Cahill Or Rodwell just as long as their young.
  21. Fernando Torres

    ^ not only that but the unselfishness that he showed in always trying to keep possession instead of taking them all on himself and the pass to Cole. But I hope that Torres also continues to use his trickery, cuz that's when he gets that much needed step ahead of the defender.
  22. Fernando Torres

    For me Torres needs another player next to him. He played well Vs villa but if we want consistent performances play him with Studge. I know, believe, and trust that Studge can play in that "hole" or simply next to him in the 4-3-1-2. drogs will never work with Torres for let's face it his ego won't let him! But Torres NEEDS that other player with him. Leaving him alone as th target man just doesn't suit THIS squad. So avb, love what your trying to do with CFC, but EXPERIMENT!!! It hurts to see drogs hold us "hostage" for his 2yr contract and see a £50mil man rotting on the bench.
  23. General Transfer Talk

    A.perriera an convert to rb and moutinho cm (avb needs people that have played and understand his philosophy/tactics) also I can't find article but it said avb wants A. Perriera to convert to rb. umm Cahill, and krasic/hazard.
  24. The Basketball Thread