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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

  2. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Really need Drinkwater/Kante to get back to fitness and stabilize our CM. This season, Fabregas has started 8/9 PL games, that means he's on pace to start 30 PL games this season alone! (discounting UCL & FA CUP). Compare that to Fabregas starting only 13 games in the PL last season and being subbed on 16 times. It's not Fabregas's fault, but the fact is he just can't continue to start games at this rate. The Drinkwater/Kante/Bakayoko injuries have royally fucked us this season. And the lack of further CM options has forced Conte to continue to play Fabregas in CM. I know the Bakayoko-Kante double pivot has been very poor in terms of maintaining possession/general aesthetic play, but together against Leicester/Stoke/City/Spurs they conceded only 1 Open-play goal. Advanced data showed, that when Matic-Kante started, CFC last season had extremely low-event matches. (Meaning that the total # of shots taken & saves made, were much less in CFC games compared to others in the league.) But when Fabregas starts in CM, CFC lose so much central control of the match. And the opposition are able to generate more dangerous-central shots. Like just look at the 2 Richarlson misses and Watford's 2nd goal, they completely walked past our CM like Bakayoko-Cesc were non-existent. The key to fixing our defensive displays will be the removal of Fabregas from CM, and only starting him in either 3-man midfield or up higher as part of the front 3, which Conte did a lot last season. Hopefully Drinkwater/Baka/Kante stay fit for the rest of the season.
  3. Chelsea - Watford

    We're paying the price bigly for not having a top LB and top possession based CM. You can already see Fabregas is gassed beyond belief this season. I think Conte might have to permanately ditch the 343 unti Drinkwater/Kante are back.
  4. Chelsea - Watford

    We've become way too predictable. And we can't maintain possession for sustained periods. Very frustrating to watch us play this season.
  5. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Biggest concerns would be Alonso against whichever RWB or RW City choose, and the team's energy levels. Our home form Is very concerning, having already Lost and Drawn games (Burnley/Arsenal) you'd expect us to have absolutely won. Cannot afford to drop many more points at home. It's one of those stats that always signify eventual champions.
  6. 7. N'Golo Kante

    From the website, to the podcast, and player comps on twitter. Loving the growth you & Zach are having with BTL in such a short time span. Love the signing of ScoutNationHD, cause I know his comps rarely get taken down. Wishing you guys continued success, man. 🙏
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Amazing defensive/transitional plays from both.
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

  10. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    What a fantastic song for Bakayoko and N'golo.. mad catchy.
  11. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    Apparently Azpilicueta is Captain!? This sounds too good to be true, Can anybody confirm??
  12. 15. Victor Moses

    Can somebody please tell me what Moses adds to our team? Honestly, how are Stoke's! WBs pinning Moses back for the entirety of that match? I've never seen a player so scared to push forward. (Actually, that's a lie. See Alonso.) Idk why, but Moses concedes so much space when defending like he doesn't have the pace to recover. And that hurts the team so much because it allows the opposition to effectively camp in our half because Alonso does the same thing in the other side.
  13. 22. Willian

    If Willian doesn't ruin 1373892 attacks did he really play? Cannot wait until he's no longer a starting XI player.
  14. 27. Andreas Christensen

    What a player. I'm so happy he's ours. Cannot wait for him to add more range on his passes and develop more physically. There is nothing more Christensen can do to signal that he deserves to be starting.
  15. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    After those final 15mins.. Thats all I want to see.
  16. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    From the very little we've seen of him, I hope his very attack minded tendencies don't get coached out of him. We desperately need a WB who will provide constant attacking pressure, and pin the opposing FB, and Zappacosta looks like he can be that man. Cesc/Drinkwater should have field days pinging long balls to him.
  17. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I truly worry for Fabregas this season. We all know Fabregas has to be carefully managed and having already started 4 straight games this year I fear Conte might (have to) start him for all 3 games this week. Stoke. Atletico, Man City. And if he does play all 3 matches, I fear he won't be as dominant as he can be. Basically, CFC need to get back to a place where Conte believes he can field a starting XI that can soundly beat teams without Fabregas' involvement. The Drinkwater/Bakayoko injuries are really hurting us big time imo. I love Fabregas, but like the match against Arsenal, we've seen how exposed the team is when he plays CM in tough games. The way Fabregas was used last season was perfect, because he became a more important cog in the team as the season progressed instead of an undisputed Starting XI mainstay from August.
  18. Diego Costa

    Don't care what anybody says. 20 PL goals in two seperate PL Title winning seasons. The Diego Costa experience overall was a net positive. Now time to buy a 2nd Striker that is either an out and out ST or that can play the RF role (like a Dele Ali or Griezmann.)
  19. 28. César Azpilicueta

    What a guy. #MyCaptain.
  20. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Drinkwater, Hazard, Willian are all probably not gonna start. Again, not a fan of the defensiveness/lack of creativity that a Bakayoko-Kante midfield should bring, but Bakayoko should be able to atleast bully Xhaka/Ramsey all day long and dribble by them with ease. Looking for Bakayoko to own those transitional moments on Sunday. Pretty sure this Conte's XI. -----------TBO ---Azpi---Luiz---Rudiger *Moses*---Bakayoko---Kante---Alonso ----Fabregas----Pedro -------Morata-- *My eyes are gonna be on Moses. Man has been getting away with murder for too long now. Even if Zappa looks a bit shaky in defense, his offensive play was a bresth of fresh air. Not sure I fancy Moses to do anything productive vs Kolasinac at all.*
  21. 10. Eden Hazard

    Our season doesn't start until Hazard is up and firing on all cylinders. Just need to keep it close in the Title race until he gets back. It just sucks so much that he had that ankle injury.
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    Yeah he is in NO way, shape, or form ready for Arsenal on sunday. Also, was it me or did Hazard look chubby today? I thought he was in good weight last week, but today he looked different. Maybe im seeing things, idk.
  23. 27. Andreas Christensen

    I think Rudiger offers a much better passing range. All 3 players listed are without a doubt the best ball playing CBs we have in the squad. We've waiting a long time for CBs with the passing ability of Luiz/Rudiger/Christensen, and now CFC have them. Not that Azpi is horrible on the ball btw or that Azpi is a bad defender. But I would love to see those 3 play a couple matches together and see what that would be like.
  24. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Love the calming manner in which way he plays. So much potential in him. Can't wait to watch a Christensen-Luiz-Rudiger back 3. That would be fire.