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  1. John Terry

    JT with the kit man. They are a bit similiar
  2. Daniel Sturridge

    We should keep Danny by hook or crook. First, we will massively piss off Liverpool ending up without both Carrol and Sturridge. Second, let's remember Sturridge has eye for goals. Yes you may say he's selfish and can't pass and all that bullshit. But he's a center forward, not a winger. It's like we would've put Drogba on the wing and then moan that he can't play there. He has to be a center forward. And finally, if we would entually sell Sturridge, we will have to bring another attacker. Why? We have exactly what we need in Danny.
  3. Josh McEachran

    It's not really true that Josh and Oscar can not play in the same side imo. Oscar can play either in the center or on the wing and we will probably just see where is Josh's best position. But I think he could be a very, very good deep lying midfielder. So McEachran with another defensive midfielder in the double pivot (if we stay with the 4-2-3-1), and Oscar anywhere in the front 3.
  4. Tomáš Kalas

    He should stay in Vitesse until he's ready to prove himself in our squad. Another loan might slow his development as he might not get enough time on the pitch as in Holland. He plays there regulary and that is exactly what he needs, not to be on 6 different loans in 2 seasons across England. By the way, from my point of view as a Czech, he could really soon start to play international games for Czech National team but our manager is such a dick because he doesn't call him up for some friendlies and overlooks him even though we don't really have any other solid centre-backs.
  5. Eden Hazard

    Am i the only one who did notice yesterday Ashley called him "Eddie" in the post-match interview?
  6. Josh McEachran

    Come on, he's 19. He will be stronger in a couple of years.
  7. Daniel Sturridge

    Wait, so Torres was misfiring? How many clear-cut or even half-a-chances did he miss? All i could see was him trying to make runs, sometimes caught offside, sometimes he took the defender with himself making space for other players. Sturridge will get a chance probably very soon. But you have to think psychologicaly, to let Torres stay on the pitch was imo smart because RDM didn't put pointless pressure on him.
  8. Oscar

    Looks like Oscar has a twitter account. Seems like he only writes in portuguese so far. https://twitter.com/oscar_emboaba
  9. Josh McEachran

    I absolutely agree. That mistake was terrible but it those things just sometimes happen and he is still very young. At least he's done it in pre-season and next-time, he is gonna take care where to pass. The rest of the match from him was pure class, confident play, excellent assist... And about him going out on loan... i dont think so. He can sometimes rotate with Lampard against weaker sides alongside a classic holding midfielder. Also i think when a couple of years ago everybody said Josh is gonna be a new Lampard, now it seems like Frank has moved to Josh's standart position.
  10. Juan Mata

    No. You are so much wrong in one thing. The most important thing in big BIG games after your class is EXPERIENCE. And you can't tell Mata's experienced, unlike Cech, Cole, Lamps, Drogba etc.
  11. Juan Mata

    Mata and Torres -> Bromance
  12. Roman Abramovich

    I have always been wondering why so many people think Roman "ruined football"... Since almost all the clubs are now buying the biggest stars, the teams are gaining quality and the football should be more attractive. ...but then i remembered, the're just jealous.