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  1. 29. Álvaro Morata

    He really emphasize that because although he did well, he can be much2 better
  2. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Ask him to just to press, run and combine and you suddenly have a very good version of Pedro
  3. Chelsea - Arsenal

    His defensive positioning is not bad he is just too slight and slow.
  4. Chelsea - Arsenal

    It is simple, press better then Jorginho will be exposed less.
  5. Chelsea - Arsenal

    I agree off the bench Morata can be effective and yes he is improving but he is just too soft. Aways game If I want more speed I probably will play hazard - Pedro - Willian
  6. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Barkley did well but comparing him to Kovacic is almost like comparing Willian to Hazard.
  7. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Hopefully there is a recording for today's game and you can see how different Giroud play as no 9. He is slow and finisiing is crap but just watch how he fight and press. Those two things are important if Morata want to succeed in PL. PL value physicality especially for a no 9, the way Morata play is just too soft for EPL.
  8. Chelsea - Arsenal

    This. I don't get how somebody want to play kante in that role. Jorginho positioning allow the ball to flow Sarri way.
  9. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Nah, you should see most of my post about Morata. I have defended him so many times. Yes he scored and yes his overall holdup play today is decent but today Giroud holdup play is eveb better and they way Giroud press, defend and fight is the way I want Morata to play. I have said it countless of times since last season, Morata need to go to they gym and get much2 stronger the same with kepa who I thought should have saved mhky shot
  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Plus defensively he is pretty good.
  11. Chelsea - Arsenal

    60 minutes 2 assists, shoot more please hazard. Btw 2nd half suddenly the cutback is no longer much of a problem anymore. Giroud will start over Morata if Morata continue to play like this. Watching Giroud play is like how I want Morata to play.
  12. Chelsea - Arsenal

    If we sort back to Conte style we wont concede but what is the point. We are trying to change our playing style
  13. Chelsea - Arsenal

    They cant. They are being overloaded without help. Forfet the cutback. It is obvious what happen, arsenal overload our wing and we look confused on how to cover the extra man. Make it harder for arsenal to have clear cut bacm then protect the cutback
  14. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Please stop bashing our fb, they are being overloaded 2 or 3 vs 1
  15. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Nah not the fb fault, they are being overloaded, the problem is who shpild provide cover, is it the midfield 3 or the winger. We just look confused