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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    I don't get why people are complaining that player want to move. I have 0 problem, football is business, turnover is normal. If Diego want to move, as long as we get tons of money from him and reinvest the money in good players why not. Lukaku is probaby our main target if diego is going to leave, we need a player who can play against 2 cb and be a physical threat upfront. If hazard want to leave is whole another story because finding a similar replacement is almost impossible.
  2. 19. Diego Costa

    It is his price tag that cause super high level of expectations. I think he is a world class midfielder but not a 100 M player
  3. Stoke - Chelsea

    soft penalty
  4. The English Football Thread

    There has not been a really good English team for a while. United has never been the same after saf, we all know about arsenal and we are currently trying to build a new team.
  5. Bernardo Silva

    I watched a few of RM game and they don't impress me at all. Ronaldo overall game is horrible, he is now a pure poacher who does not contribute at all.
  6. Bernardo Silva

    I have never watched Monaco played that includes bakayoko and Fabinho but you mentioned that they are playing two defensive Midfielder hence I said I don't want us to play 2 dm but if they are similar to yaya then they are not really dm.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Finally, good draw. Should be fun games
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Finally good draw
  9. Bernardo Silva

    Completely agree, I don't want us to copy Barca or Real. I want us to play with less skill but more power and speed. But I also don't want us to play two defending mids in middle, it works with Monaco because they played Manchester city and we all know how Guardiola like to play. Against most team, we need a more attacking option, basically in a perfect world we need a tall box to box player who can defend. Dembele is probably the best option on top of my head but Levy will never sell anything to us
  10. Bernardo Silva

    lol but to be fair they are definitely one of the best side in that tournament along with Germany
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Please give us different tie almighty draw ball. I don't want RM-Barca or Atletico-RM, i can just watch them in la liga. RM - Bayern should be fun, Barca - Dormund is another one Juve - Atletico and Leciester - Monaco.
  12. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    This is the kind of game that make people hate Mou. If he is your manager and you are winning, it is all good but man if he is your opponent, he is just annoying. From his conference comment, to his negative and just kick the other team best player football. But I think he fit perfectly with current United (big team that has not won big trophy in years, he will instill siege mentality. The problem happen once you start winning, you don't want to be the villain anymore but that's what your manager want, then everything start to crumble)
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    If he does well in the next wc, they will come
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    I completely agree with your assessment. It is good for us that he choose us but if he play for barca he will be even better than current Hazard. 1st he does not have to much defensive work, 2nd he can learn from Messi. When Hazard came in our team, he was straight away our best player, there is no one to learn from imagine if he can learn from a player like Messi.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    As long as Ronaldo is there he is not going to RM.