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  1. Brighton - Chelsea

    Alonso is having a nightmare game. Kovacic need to step up Morata will struggle to play if he does not improve
  2. Brighton - Chelsea

    Lol lol lol. This ref is just a joke
  3. Brighton - Chelsea

    Bad ref. Both him and Stephen should not have been on the pitch
  4. Brighton - Chelsea

    How many foul does steph need to do to get a yellow
  5. Brighton - Chelsea

    Yup, this ref is just bad. No more explanation needed
  6. Brighton - Chelsea

    Good sub, we need rlc height
  7. Brighton - Chelsea

  8. Brighton - Chelsea

    Alonso is having a 3/10 game
  9. Brighton - Chelsea

    Fantastic build up
  10. Brighton - Chelsea

    IMO I don't think we play better comparr other matches. One hazard magic and one mistake by opp and it fall on hazard. That is it. I assume if we play with Morata up top, it is going to be 0:0
  11. Brighton - Chelsea

    This, pep teams is really good at doing that, I honestly think we have too many honest player in our team. I want a sprinkle of Costa in our team
  12. Brighton - Chelsea

    I hate that foul, for me that is a yellow everytime.
  13. Brighton - Chelsea

    Kovacic is my imo the biggest dissapointment. I expect big thing from his this season but so far he is just ok.
  14. Brighton - Chelsea

    I have no problem with allowing physical play but obvious pulling without any intention to play the ball is a yellow everytime.
  15. Brighton - Chelsea

    Yup we don't need a striker. Hopefully, Morata watch how do you finish one on one