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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Based on what I saw in YouTube, I am not that impressed with Belotti. Looks quite poor technically. But like you said I haven't watched him enough, I need to at least watch a couple of his full game I don't think Mbappe will move this season. Lewy will not go, kun also said he will stay in city.
  2. Romelu Lukaku

    I personally want a physical presence up top which is one of the quality that Costa bring to our team. With hazard and willian/Pedro, I think we have enough technical quality. I haven't watched morata for a while but he is also interesting. I don't think he is available though unless you throw some crazy money at real
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    I am not sure why people say Lukaku is not on top of his list. This is just my imo. If you want technical go for morata, more pace and maybe experience go for aube, pace and physicallity Lukaku, other than YouTube video I have never watched belloti game, but technically he does not look good but a good fighter though.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    I think it comes down to price, availability and type of player. Maybe Conte prefer Lukaku, who knows
  5. Mohamed Salah

    I will be surprised if that happen. He is essentially playing backup for mane
  6. General Transfer Talk

    It has been a very quiet so far not only for us but almost everybody. City got another playmaker, how many playmaker do they need. United get another CB, not sure CB is their problem
  7. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    Yup it is easy for sport like NFL where the there is a clear "1 possession". If you can review the whole possession in football, it will harm team who play possession football
  8. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    Yup I heard it is up to the var to give advice to the head ref. I read in wiki you can review goal from the moment you recover the ball. In your video, should the goal be overturned? , what happen if it occur deep in your own half during the build up.
  9. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    If there is no definitive answer, they will just use the initial referee decision. I am interested how far back can you check, can you check whether the ball go out of bound or not even though it happen like in your own half
  10. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    Just watch Varane red card, did he trip Ali? Yes. Was it intentional? It is hard to say yes but because the there was contact, it was a red card. I think the var can only decide whether there is contact or not, he cannot say it was kinda not intentional. Oops just read in wiki, maybe he can but I am not sure still. I personally want VAR to be wrong a lot more so we can clean up everything before it is being used in meaningful game. I think think there was also a offside call against Chile. It was maybe cm, is that enough to say it is clear offside because you have to consider when the ball is being kicked.
  11. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    It still has plenty of little details to be clean out. I like the direction, it will take a couple more years i think before it is going to be implemented in epl or ucl
  12. The Conte Thread

    Maybe but at least they are serviceable player. He has plenty of player that he bought very cheap, very young develop them and at least make them into rotation player.
  13. The Conte Thread

    I don't get just letting manager control everything. The board or whoever in charge of the footballing side need to have a vision of who should they sign. The manager should have input but more on the short term. We actually had brilliant plan but few years back Mou decided that he doesn't like Lukaku, kdb and Bertrand. I think our team would have been complete with the addition of these 3 players. Moreover, personally with the way Conte coach a team, I don't think it will work for long term. He is brilliant instilling a winning mentality to the side, but he is so passionate and put tons of pressure to the player. I am not sure it will work long term.
  14. The Conte Thread

    I am not so sure Arsene the director of football is the problem,his signing and his player development has been fine. Arsene the manager imo is more the problem.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    I am not sure we can poach Sandro from Juve. We need an ulgrade though on either fb/WB. Veratti should be the dream signing but it is not going to haopen. Morata is also interesting, I am not sure he is available