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  1. Super Frank Thread

    If kante play higher up he can't prevent counter too much but I don't think we concede any counter goal after restart other than yarmalenko
  2. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Weird that you think Barkley passing is bad. He has so many assist from through ball this season.
  3. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Barkley passing has never been a problem. I am talking about ability to slow down, asses and make good decision.
  4. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Sure I'll take taller dm but We don't have any, maybe Ampadu but haven't watched him played in a while.
  5. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    What we need is a mature cb who can lead our defense kinda like what united and pool did with VVD and Maguire. They cost a fortune though 80 m pound
  6. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    There are plenty of interesting points from this game. Let's start with Gilmour, I really like him. His passing is crisp and our attack always looks better with him playing as holder. He will need to learn to control the tempo of our game. Play a bit like jorgi at times and play as billy at time. Plus he is not the most athletic, he need to learn to play in double pivot with a kante so there somebody who can protect him. Ruben, if he can get most of his physical attribute, offensively he is fantastic. That assist to Tammy show the difference between him and Barkley. Defensively, Ruben need to run more. Bringing Jorginho was a very good move by Lamp. It calmed our team down but jorgi + 2 attacking cm = suicidal.
  7. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    It is exactly like you said with Christensen. It was probably not the best decision but you can still understand. I have said it time and time again with Christensen, sell him to Barca. He will be monster there and use the money to buy a gk.
  8. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    If we sell Kante and don't sign a monster holder we won't go anywhere. Palace was so poor today, i want to give us tons of credit but it was very easy for us to carve chsnces. Unlike villa or west ham, palace didn't sit deep, they want to go up and press. Plus we got a very early goal which help. But defensively, good lord we were all over the place.
  9. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    I have no problem with Christensen. He was tracking runner, but jorgi and Zouma should have covered that. But Zouma recovered very2 well 😁😁
  10. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Azpi, Zouma, Kante, Willian, Mount and Puli are pretty much nailed down starter.
  11. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    But that Benteke chance was on Jorginho and Zouma. That pass should have been intercepted by Jorgi and Zouma positioning was wrong.
  12. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Let me say, our cb are not wc but they are still playable. Play zouma and Rudiger and we are good. Zouma has positioning problem but he offer physicality. Christensen is our best defender as long as there is no physical battle. Rudiger is ok and we still have Tomori. If we can get a wc cb sure, then sure we should do it. But if we have the money, use it to buy a GK please. I mean Kepa need to get stronger and start catching or punching cross otherwise we will have problem.
  13. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Lol if we have terry as our cb, playing high line = suicide
  14. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Got nothing to do with defensive coach, we don't have anymore dm on the bench. If kante is healthy, he will come on and job done
  15. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    A very interesting game I wish kante is healthy. We can see the difference with playing with Gilmour, jorgi and kante. With Jorgi, it was almost feel like Sarriball. Tons of possession. But we definitely need Kante, no kante = we are very2 porous between the line.