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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Kyle walker is a ready made player not sure about wibisaka, I don't watch enough Palace game to judge. They need to move dalot though, there is no point of having two young rb in one team
  2. Next Manager?

  3. Next Manager?

    Nobody predict doom and gloom. I only explain what happen to Ole, and i can see similar thingwith lamp if we are going through rough patch because it will happen and in United case Ole is always blameless. For me, I don't get with Chelsea fans who want Lamp to manage us next season. He is a loved Chelsea legend, he can be our manager anytime he want. It is better for him to develop more as a manager and for us to have better squad where he can have better chance to be successful.
  4. Next Manager?

    AVB won treble with Porto
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Tammy, James, CHO, Mount, Tomori. That are 5 players that you have incorporate. Even Jurgen Klopp who is known here to give youth chances only develop taa and gomez. 2 players in 3/4 seasons. Yet people here want us to develop 5 in one season. That is a recipe for a disaster. That is the reality. Fans want youth and academy player but you cannot play them simply because they are youth. If the senior player who is clearly better than the youth and you don't play him. They will be unhappy. Soon you will have massive problem in your squad.
  6. Next Manager?

    Nah the fans will not turn on Lamp but that is not important. I don't understand how Chelsea fans don't see this. It is similar to what happen to United. Everyone keep praising Ole, in the beginning when everything goes well it was because of Ole but when everything went south, Ole was blameless. It was because of the players. For me I will judge Lamp the same way with any other manager. Otherwise we are screwed.
  7. Next Manager?

    Because he built his team with very little spending. I rated Pochetino very highly.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    There is difference in term of having 1/2 youth player as part of rotation than having tons of youth player in your team. I cannot agree more with your 2nd point but that is not what Chelsea fans want. They want their youth player play as starter. It is similar to what Ole did. Lets play Chong over Martial, of course United fans love it but it was recipes for disaster unless Chong is really better than Martial. That is why I use CHO as example. Yes it is fine to force CHO to play although Willian is better but if we do that with the majority of the squad we will be lucky if we finish 6th.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I still don't understand with this youth obsession. If you watch last few games when CHO started you can tell that right now Willian is better than him but people keep using youth as his excuse. If we play just with youth we will be lucky if we can fight for europa league spot. In term of Sarri. It is such a shame that he left, the majority of fans does not like him although based on result last season was a really successful season. There is no point discussing Sarri though, I spent a year defending him. Honestly I am glad that he is gone, deep down I know it is the best for both sides. Next season is going to be interesting. I still don't understand why people want Lamp. The only reason he is a candidate is that he is Chelsea legend that is it. Similar to Ole appointment. It is important to have clear vision of what we want to do for next season. Then hire manager accordingly. I read people want want klopp style football which is about transition. It is actually quite similar to Pochetino in some way. Against smaller side, pool use their fb to create chances . Trent crossing is brilliant and Robertson is not bad either. We can't do this. How many times did we watch our offense went to trash when it went to our fb last season. Plus we can say goodbye Jorginho as holder which is going to be welcomed by tons of Chelsea fans who want kante to be our holder. Defensively klopp is known for his pressing, It require everyone to be able press properly. One player does not press the whole thing break down and after watching the way CHO defend last year, he will struggle big time. Honestly if we want to do well and please the majority of the fans, we should just revert back to conte/Mou style. I certainly don't want this but without significant investment, it is going to be a massive struggle for us next season.
  10. Next Manager?

    For me it is very simple. I don't want Lamp to be our manager next season, but if he is our manager then I will support him and give him time unless we are in really bad position.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Yes please. I am one of the few person who have supported Sarri throughout the year but if he want to leave, it is better to do it early than later. And please sign a good manager, none of this Lampard bs It is madness if bring a rookie Manager for us. Lampard need to prove himself out there first and get more experience then he can comeback to Chelsea anytime
  12. The International Football Thread

    2016 was an ugly tournament. Teams were playing ultra defensive. Pretty much Portugal won it by drawing their games all the way to final. They even finished 3rd in their group. Btw this Portugal team looks interesting. They have always been decent defensively which is pretty much everything in international football. Plus offensively CR is not even their best player, Bernardo Silva is imo their best player.
  13. Eden Hazard

    Nah there is no way Hazard will be deployed on the right. Right now Hazard is by far the better player. I don't watch rm often but vinicius look like a typical inside forward, not sure he will be effective on the right but I can be wrong. He will be in the shadow of Hazard for at least 4 years. For me it is weird, they also signed rodrygo. Bale is gone that is for sure. Either they will sell him, loan him or just don't play him. So they have hazard, vinicius, asensio, and rodrygo plus maybe isco. That is a lot of attacker mid/winger.
  14. Christian Pulisic

    He is 21
  15. Eden Hazard

    Real Madrid is a weird team. Hazard is a massive coup but they pretty much halt vinicius carer before he even started.