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  1. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I didn't watch the game against videoton. Sarri said that he conceded 3 counter attacking chances due to his tactical weaknesses, did anybody here noticed that??
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I am not a barca fan but as long as Messi is playing for them I will watch their games. It is such a joy watching him playing football. He has set the standard so high that even a performance like that was pretty much a regular for him. Whereas for any other player, it is going to be one of their best.
  3. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Before the 2 Liverpool, I expected us to lose both games due to our porous defence but 1 win and 1 draw.
  4. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    1.They do pump tons of crosses but it come usually from mendy and kdb. They can cross both low and high with pretty good accuracy. That is the reality, you have to cross against a very compact team to loosen their defence. We tried to attack through the middle but it was a failure pretty much everytime plus both hazard and Willian were poor,so our wing play got affected. 2. If you believe on our defensive quality with Jorginho, Barkley and Kovacic then it is an option. I don't think Sarri trust them as a unit defensively, If we were behind I think he will go for more offensive sub.
  5. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    I am not sure why are you complaining. West ham played a compact system 451/541 at times. The only space that is available was on the wing. Our combination in the middle was not working. The only thing that was working was lofted ball from jorginho. If Cesc were healthy, he should came in for Kovacic or kantebecause we need another player who can play lofted through ball.
  6. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    You can say both Willian and Hazard were pretty poor. We will always struggle when our two main offensive threat have very little impact on the game.
  7. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    Poor performance pretty much for almost everybody, but not surprised. It is typical after away game in Europe. I thought Willian played better on the left and Hazard is better on the right. ilit is kinda similar to bournemouth game. We still cannot find a way against this kind of strategy
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Nah, salah move to a an attacking system in Liverpool and his number suddenly explode. This season hazard finally play under attacking manager and his number is showing. Asking a player to shine every time in big game is difficult especially when as an attacking midfielder you never get the ball and when you do, you get it deep in your own half. That is the reality, as a player hazard is already one of the best player in the world. People who said that salah is better or Sanchez or Neymar or mbappe or bale and spit out just number has no clue what they are talking about. I won't take any before hazard, maybe except mbappe due to his age.
  9. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    We can clearly see that we are more and more conformable playing under Sarri system. The movement of the players and the ball is getting smoother and faster. Our off the ball movement and coverage also look more natural. Defensively we still need tons of work.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    5 games, 5 goals and 2 assists. This is what happen when you put hazard in an attacking system, he is absolutely devastating. Hopefully he can keep his scoring form and score at least 20+ goals this season so people can stop talking about how hazard problem is that he doesn't score enough.
  11. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    4 goals in 5 games for Hazard
  12. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    Good pick Willian over Pedro. I thought Willian played well last week as sub
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Is that Azpi playing as bac 3,then he is in position where he is supposed to be
  14. The English Football Thread

    Woodward is not doing his job if he does not try to increase the stock value of United. For me this united team squad is pretty good. They lack something in fb last season but Shaw is back and performing, they also bought a young RB. In midfield they added a good player in Fred. Mou wanted a commanding CB. I don't know thr names but based on rumors it was varane, Godin or Boateng. Two rejected united, varane is almost impossible.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Mourinho 3rd year syndrome. Nothing new, I think we have seen this pretty much everywhere he goes.