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  1. 22. Willian

    Good job we have Costa and Hazard then. You can look too much into stats. Hes still 25 and also the BPL is so different to them leagues.
  2. 22. Willian

    Yes, because of his playing style. The point being is that there is potential for change in the balance of his work rate if the team organisation allows for it. Its simple, if he is in the opposition half more and not tracking back with such dedication , then his stats would be better. I appreciate his tracking back last season was required but hopefully season it will be required less.
  3. Fernando Torres

    Hit the nail right on the head! He has an agenda against him, so everyone alters their perception on everything he does.
  4. Oscar

    Judging from pre season Fabregas has been running the show - everything has gone through him. Granted the other key players haven't been present so this will obviously have an affect. I agree it will take time, but his experience and ability should mean it won't take too long
  5. 22. Willian

    I thought Willian was one of our most consistent players last season. That was consistently adequate. I really like Willian, he's one of my favourite players, mainly because of his engine (similar to Rammy). MrBlueGuy got it spot on though - Willian stats have suffered because of his dedication to the team - something Hazard gets away with because he's Hazard. He is vital to the team too as he can play both centrally and on the right, something Oscar isn't blessed with. Plus JM and any right back loves him, and quite rightly.
  6. Mohamed Salah

    Salah has looked strong in pre season thus far. Now that the world cup boys are back I can't see him forcing himself into the "go to guy" coming off the bench. Should be given a chance though when the times right. Every player suffers a dip in form at some point - Oscar's sexond half of the season IMO was very poor and even eden went cold at points, maybe this could be the season Salah has an influence. Maybe.
  7. Top Four Predictions

    Chelsea Arsenal Man City United
  8. Diego Costa

    Yes the timing of suspensions could be a problem. But I would much rather see his agressive style of play. It gets not only him going but the crowd and players too. Hes a defenders nightmare - he started on JT for god sake!
  9. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Finally got my shirt. Had to wait ages for them to come into a high street store (apart from the megastore). Still not entirely sure if the away is even in Sports Direct yet? I wouldn't buy the yellow one for me to wear but on the pitch it looks great, reminds me of the Ballack days.
  10. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    Erm..... 6-1 actually! When your trying to make a point, don't fuck it up.
  11. Fulham v Chelsea

    With this game on Saturday it doesn't give us much rest or preparation time. Oscar should be ready to go with schurrle playing tonight. Won't be an easy game, but we could do to score more then 1 goal to get confidence sky high again.
  12. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    Yes plenty, tit!
  13. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    In fairness to Azpil he has been superb recently and the whole of the season in fairness! Yes, if Cole is leaving the club, we will need one but Azpil is not a weak link.
  14. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    Lots of people over reacting at the moment. Yes we could have killed the game. Yes we could have prevented the goal, but we have the away goal in the bag, know a hell of a lot more about Gala now too. So don't blow it out of proportion saying every things a disgrace etc. We have an away goal and at the bridge we will get the job done!
  15. I was going to post this song but you beat me to it! Quality Song!