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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    FFS can we keep the puerile squabbling off the forum - I keep looking to see whats new and it's people having pointless goes at each other - pm each other or ignore each other - either way leave the rest of us out of it. I really hope Mourinho hasn't been messing with us. All the teases and hints. If he's known this all along then he's not the man I thought he was if he goes to Man Utd.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Strong Chelsea influence making the difference there !! Wankers still bleating about us being lucky last year, aye the more we play the luckier we get
  3. Boston Marathon Explosions

    Terrorism anywhere is awful, innocent people are invariably the victims. Just like the many victims of the IRA murdered on our streets, largely funded through Noraid. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter apparently. I wonder how people would react if a University here interviewed these boys responsible for this atrocity and promised them immunity from prosecution. Terrorism is a terrible thing Boston.
  4. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    What happens when Nelly is on the bed and you have to take a pre shag comfort break ??
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    It's okay mate - they can't tell the difference - especially when they're running away from us.
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Ryan you look very smart in your kilt my man. Doesn't suit me but its good to have a proper national dress. One you can work in, live in and scare the shit out of enemies in fights. Nothing better to get the battle fever on with. Even the Romans took the hint as did the wannabe terrorist at Glasgow airport - suicide bomber ?? you'll still get a kick in the nuts even if you are on fire. Note the influence of Scots on our great club too. Fuck all we can't do - if we didn't invent it, we made it better.
  7. Frank Lampard

    Frank's been good for Chelsea, Chelsea have been very good for Frank. All things end including his contract. I would like to see him get the record, I'd be just as glad to see Tambling keep hold of it and I would be delighted to see someone smash it. We should liek and respect our players and they us and the club. This is the best club on the planet and players will inevitably come and go - the club is the most important part though. I think Frank has done his time and done it admirably but I fear next season would be a season too far and I would hate to see him fail in any way for his benefit but more importantly the club. He won't be forgotten and there might even be a job for him when he finishes his playing career elsewhere (hoped it might be Rangers but that won't happen) but he is just a small part of our lengthening and improving history
  8. Frank Lampard

    I've been into Chelsea and football for 43 years. You get some shite off the internet to prove your point, that sums it up for me. Fucking hell, seriously. Take it you sat down when one of Frank's raspers went in from 25 yards when a Torres of the moment would have ballooned it from 10. Get a fucking grip, Ba showing class over Lampard - doubt you are into football these days
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I use that expression all the time and I only really thought about the scummy reference then when I was actually writing it
  10. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I've been on other Chelsea forums and this is by a country mile the best, I was on another run by two sanctimonious wankers, if you didn't agree with them then they reverted to the condescending pricks they clearly were - none of that on here and I'm not blowing bubbles up anyones arse - proper forum, make your point, agree or fall out and move on. Leif I'm not even going to google that but it sounds like an internet winner.
  11. Frank Lampard

    Fuck I wish we had a time machine, you can just tell he had it then as a young lad. I wouldn't be too hard on the West Ham fan - he's clealry a fuckwit or he wouldn't have been there in the first place.
  12. Demba Ba

    Genuinely very pleased at this bit of business - a good, hard working, seemingly level headed young man who already knows where the goal is in big EPL games. Cheap at half the price and has great potential for us. Good he passed his medical, I expected him to fail it and sign anyway. He seems pleased to be here, is respectful and looks suitably hungry for some game time. I think he'll be sub for a few games, wipe the floor with Torres then TFW won't have any option but to play him from the start. It'll be good goals for 4th at least and he'll be used to the club before the next CL.
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Okay he COULD then - and he probably will as she'll be paranoid - if Crouch can do it then ANYONE can (score I mean)
  14. Frank Lampard

    There speaks a Chelsea man who knows what he's saying about another Chelsea man - excellent post sir !!
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Guarantee he gets his hole more than us put together though