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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Any of them except the first three would be awesome in January.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Moses won't be a 'world-beater'. He's a talented player like Sturridge..but it doesn't look like he'll be on the same level as Hazard, Oscar. The good thing about Moses is that he's a big upgrade on Kalou.
  3. Last Film You Watched

    Hotel Rwanda wasn't that great. Pretty much about a hotel manager and a bunch of refugees.
  4. Luka Modric

    If we want to play free-flowing football, I don't see the Lampard--Mikel partnership doing well. We need a CDM.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    I reckon it'll work for United cause Rooney likes playing deep, he's apparently been training in a CAM role for the past 2 seasons. And let's not forget, Kagawa looks like he'll be able to take United to another level by providing that link between midfield and the forward-line. Anyway, what United needed was a CM/LB (according to United forum users)..but I guess it can't hurt to sign a class forward like RvP.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Who are you to say that Liverpool will crash and burn? You sound like some biased seasoned expert on this topic.
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    I actually like a bit of character, personality in a young player. He likes to speak up. Now..once he improves his technique/overall game, he'll be able to let his feet do all the talking.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    I don't think so. I think Rodgers will do really well at Liverpool. As for Chelsea, our new, pricey acquisitions are going to take TIME to gel (particularly Hazard & Oscar) & find their feet at EPL pace..hence I reckon anything more than 4th place finish would be great for this season. I know Arsenal won't win anything but you can be sure that they'll finish 3rd or 4th this season.
  9. Mikel John Obi

    Signing M'Vila or Capoue would be perfect. They've been two of the better performing midfielders in Ligue 1 of recent times...and they'd be available for only 15 million. If Spurs can bid 15 mil for M'Vila, why can't we?
  10. Branislav Ivanovic

    Well if your going to get sent-off, you might as well make it count. Feel bad for Ivan, didn't deserve to be sent-off.
  11. Edinson Cavani

    Yeh, they worked well for Spain...I don't recall them playing together at club level, although Rafa did try to sign Villa for Liverpool before he got the sack.
  12. Mikel John Obi

    why not, Essien is just an average midfielder now, haven't seen much of Romeu since his poor olympics showing and Meireles isn't really a DM....hence our only DM in the first team is Mikel, which is quite frightening.
  13. Mikel John Obi

    How would you know what we'll be seeing in this window, your not Roman Abramovich or Di Matteo.
  14. Edinson Cavani

    If only we could offload Malouda to Napoli as part of the Cavani deal. That would be good transfer business.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    I'd have to say that Man City signing M'Vila makes sense. Spurs don't look like their losing Modric to RM and they've gotten Huddlestone back from injury.