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  1. Nathaniel Chalobah

    I don't think we should be focusing on his age too much. If he seems to be ready, and imo he does, why not just try him. If a player looks good enough, I think the age shouldnt be a reason not to try it. There are as many examples that it turned out to be wrong decision as there are that it turned out to be a right one. It differs per player.
  2. Ryan Bertrand

    He gave an interview on a local broadcast. Here are some quotes: Kalas: "Everybody at Chelsea recognised me. Something I really didn't expect. The level of training was very high, which I benefited from" Kalas: "But I don't want to just train, I wanna play games as well. That's why I'm here at Vitesse." He also said that a lot has changed in the summer at Vitesse with the arrival of a new coach but they hope to perform even better.
  3. Nathaniel Chalobah

    What about a loan elsewhere in Europe? If Chelsea would agree with you, SeB, on his physique but do think he should play regularly then they could ponder a loan to Holland. Technically wise you can hardly find better competitions for players to develop. However, I think his physique is ok. Black players (not being racist) are usually more athletic and full grown at a young age (see for example Lukaku). Of course Chalobah is more built like Ramires, but Ramires is also a though, athletic player.
  4. Nathan Aké

    It's on Eurosport here so I can watch every match and Aké is the best player of his team. He is playing as a DM and was very important with an assist against Georgia!
  5. Stamford Bridge thread

    "stadium is rectangular in shape with four separate stands. The design includes a bigger family area and more room for disabled supporters" Does that mean that some stands will be less close to the field and there will be a 'gap' between the field and the stands where the disabled supporters sit? It will be sad to leave The Bridge but necessary for our transformation to become a financially healthy club. I hope the design looks nice, because so far it sounds not great.
  6. Marko Marin

    It's official. I saw him a couple of times at Bremen with Özil and he really impressed me. Looking forward to see him in a Chelsea shirt. Good signing!
  7. Juan Mata

    Interesting interview with Mata. It's from before the sacking of AVB but contains still some interesting quotes. http://siemprefootball.com/juan-mata-the-interview/
  8. Josh McEachran

  9. Lucas Piazón

    Lalkovic is hinting at a (loan) move on his twitteraccount so that could explain why he didn't travel with the squad.
  10. Islam Feruz

    And now he has just scored two goals at Reserve level while still being 16-year old. From what I have read the second goal is a beautiful one. Great prospect.
  11. Josh McEachran

    That quote was from somewhere else. I didn't really count all his touches
  12. Josh McEachran

    "McEachran played about 25 minutes, made 29 touches with 96% passing accuracy & 2 dribbles won" I saw him play and it was interesting to see that he played further forward than at Chelsea. He played right behind the striker, but did quite well. Because of his position he didn't got the ball as much as he normally would. He didn't put a foot wrong and it was a decent performance.
  13. Josh McEachran

  14. Oriol Romeu

    http://www.chelseafc...2544256,00.html This would be delightful news! I always thought that he would go after two years and Barcelona could just buy Romeu for an agreed transfer fee. But this means that he'll probably stay with us, because I can't imagine that we sell him.
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    Say No CPO proposal to Chelsea FC: The proposals put to the club by Say No CPO are as follows: 1 The club to have total freedom to move to a larger new stadium anywhere within three miles of Stamford Bridge at any time before 2030 so long as Roman Abramovich is still in control of Chelsea. 2. Chelsea to save £1.5m by leaving Chelsea Pitch Owners in place. The CPO will sell the freehold at SB to the club in exchange for the freehold at the new ground on the same terms as currently in place. 3. The club to agree to ongoing consultation, and transparency of information, with the fans regarding any new stadium.