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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    It's hard to judge how good he'll be, he's still only young. He's been much more impressive than Kane was in his early loan spells so we don't know how good he'll be. Kane had a crazy breakout season when he was about Abraham's age, despite being pretty shit before that.
  2. Leicester 0-0 Chelsea

    I can't watch the match as I can't find a stream buy why is everyone being so negative. Leicester are a good team who city struggled to beat at home. Sounds like we've created chances but haven't been clinical. I know 3rd place would be nice but it would also be nice if people got behind the team instead of bitching about everything.
  3. Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea

    Strange decision to miss the most important game of the season to watch a superhero film. They not showing avengers every hour?
  4. David Luiz

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/04/01/chelseas-centre-backs-solution-maurizio-sarris-jorginho-dependence/amp/ Interesting article that explains the importance of David luiz in this system. Also finally somebody who understands why Kante doesn't play jorginhos role.
  5. 5. Jorginho

    Also in that shearer clip there wasn't really a forward pass on, which is why he had to go back. Shearers such a prick.
  6. 5. Jorginho

    I agree. He seems to set up a 1 on 1 almost every game but everybody seems to forget and quote the media about sideways passing. It's such bullshit.
  7. 5. Jorginho

    It almost feels like he's being bullied by our own fans and it's pathetic. He moves the ball so much faster than any of our other midfielders but he's just become an easy target because people wrongly believe Kanye should be playing in his position. Kantes's position has become a weird obsession by the media. Anybody else remember at the world cup when people were saying he was wasted playing as a pure DM? Now all of a sudden he's played there his entire career. Even when he makes a good defensive contribution playing as a RCM the commentators use it as evidence that he should be playing DM. It makes no sense. In my opinion he's played better this season than he did last season.
  8. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    At least we were showing ambition and trying to attack. Do you remember the game last season? While we're transitioning these sort of results are inevitable. At the end of the day we have 3 point out of 6 against city this season. I know that game was embarrassing but I would have definitely taken that at the start of the season. Can we all just try and get behind the manager and players for a couple of years? Might actually help rather than being negative all the time.
  9. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    I actually found this game less embarrassing than the game last season when we didn't even attempt to attack them and lost 1-0. As bad as yesterday was, at least it wasn't cowardly.
  10. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    You sure? He looked pretty pissed off
  11. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    I'm sorry but he was poor and wasn't tracking back. Willians not been as bad as usual either
  12. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    I think kovacic is the wrong sort of player for what we need. I really like him but we need a goalscorer in midfield. Williams always annoyed me but I like jorginho. Think he gets a lot of unwarranted stick
  13. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    He's played a false 9 in 2/3 games which quite a lot of people were asking for. Giroud and morata clearly aren't good enough so he's doing the best with the players he has.
  14. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    I've just read two posts saying the cunt can fuck off
  15. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    I agree but there's no need for people to be calling him clueless. It's disrespectful and it's not like the alternatives are great.