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  1. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Politics & Stuff   
    With the UK’s European door closed, it’s open season for xenophobia

    Paul Mason explains how, even after the UK has technically left the EU, ‘Brexit’ has escalated into a culture war over immigration.
    Two million people saw it live and at least six million have watched it on ‘social media’: last week on the BBC’s prime-time political show, Question Time, an audience member launched a passionate tirade against immigration, littered with hatred and falsehoods. ‘We should completely close the borders,’ she said. ‘You’ve got people flooding into this country that cannot speak English … In the NHS everything’s written in different languages … You arrive on a plane, you get free service, you can have your babies …’
    None of the claims was factual—and nobody was surprised when, within 24 hours, the woman was revealed to be an active supporter of the English far-right leader ‘Tommy Robinson’. Members of the discussion panel tried to set her straight—but as a moment in British politics it will be hard to forget. It shows that, within three weeks of the chauvinist jamboree that was Brexit night (January 31st), Britain’s xenophobic right is unassuaged. Even as the candidates for Labour’s leadership succession are trying to assure pro-Brexit working-class voters that ‘the argument is over’, the argument actually continues.
    Clearest signal
    Those on the English plebeian right don’t just want to leave the European Union—they want all trace of the UK’s multi-ethnic and globalised society eradicated. Also last week, Boris Johnson’s government gave the clearest possible signal that it will go on stirring up their anger against all the old targets in the Brexit debate. In a speech in Brussels, the UK’s lead Brexit negotiator, David Frost, warned the EU that Britain was prepared to walk away from any meaningful trade dialogue if it could not get a Canada-style trade deal by December, when the transition period ends. The UK intends to undercut the EU on food standards, labour-market rules and financial regulation, rejecting demands for common standards in favour of what Frost called ‘sovereignty’. And if it can’t get permission to do so through a trade deal, it will do it anyway.
    Sharing rejected
    Rejecting the entire basis of the multilateral global system, where sovereignty is effectively shared through trade treaties which can be adjudicated in common courts, Frost warned: ‘We take the opposite view. We believe sovereignty is meaningful and what it enables us to do is to set our rules for our own benefit.’ I expect this stance to be moderated by diplomats when the UK presents its negotiating document to the European Commission this week, but not by much. It is an ultimatum, designed as much for the consumption of the racist woman on Question Time—and her equivalents in every one of the EU27—as for the commission.
  2. manpe liked a post in a topic by Sir Mikel OBE in Politics & Stuff   
    Its crazy Trump has convinced you hes on your side on that issue.
    I grew up watching Trump make jokes about Abortion, and "What are we gonna do with this thing" in reference to his daughter tiffany when Marla Maples told him she was pregnant on the Howard Stern show. Hes not for "family rights" or conservatism at all. He's a clown who runs as a republican because he know he can exploit their racism to make a buck.
  3. manpe liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Super Frank Thread   
    Three times now he's throughly out thought Mourinho, outfoxed Ten Hag in Amsterdam and has faced Klopp, Pep and Sarri with vastly inferior teams and had his side looking tactically on point.
    Yes he's made mistakes that he will need to cut it out to ultimately make it here, but anyone who says there's no potential of a top coach in there is talking shit.
  4. manpe liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in The English Football Thread   
    The best thing about the City scandal is for once it doesn't involve us so we can sit back and enjoy the carnage.
  5. Vesper liked a post in a topic by manpe in Politics & Stuff   
    That's rich coming from Donald. His debates were entertaining (unfortunately seems to be the only thing that matters), but intellectually they were the worst political debates and it's not even close. When he got his ass handed to him by Clinton was spectacular, but the corrupt fucker got Russians to help him because of obvious business ties to them (too bad Mueller wasn't able to prove it).
    Sad to see he has even managed to manipulate religious people to take his side (granted, they are not hard to manipulate, so an obvious target for Trump).
  6. manpe liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in General Transfer Talk   
    All these clubs, even the likes of Ajax, have to adapt at somepoint and keep up by investing in youngsters from other clubs that may be seen as someone with outstanding talent as opposed to usual traditions. Their academy is brilliant, no doubts, but for someone like van Basten to slam Ajax over one signing it seems like bitterness more than anything. I mean its hardly as if theyve shut ther academy for this guy is it? Or shunned someone from it for this guy? Ziyech was arguably the key to their team, sometimes you cant replace that with an academy player and get the same results straight away.
    As I expect we will see at Man City when David Silva goes at the end of the season and Pep either uses Bernardo Silva in that position, shunning Phil Foden as his successor as he keeps calling him or signs another 8/10 and keeps Silva outwide, again shunning Foden. 
    Again would Ajax have spent 30m euros if they had a player of that quality in that position in their academy? I doubt it really. Because the nature of how they are run is they buy/promote players and make a profit off them I wouldnt be surprised if this guy is maybe someone who could be a replacement for Neres who has been talked about a lot the past 18 months or even Ryan Babel who is there on loan more as opposed to Ziyech as well. Also if your at a club who loses de Ligt, de Jong and Ziyech in 2 seasons I think you can be entitled to spending a bit more on one or two players and not be criticised for it..
  7. manpe liked a post in a topic by Henrique in Super Frank Thread   
    It might opinion it doest matter what the expectations were before the season. Liverpool fans expected to be 25 points clear of City at this point? No. But if somehow Liverpool bottle it and City win, it will be disaster and devastating for them. Nobody would say: well, finishing 2nd behind City was considered the expected result before the season.
    Before the season nobody expected us to get into top 4, but the in the real season Leicester is a top 3 side and Everton, Wolves and Sheffield are all fighting for the top 4 finish and those teams didn't spend big and they don't have better players than Chelsea. For me it completely invalidades the narrative that Lampard is overachieving and that is okay to finish outside top 4, because the season is showing that a top 4 finish was a realistic target with the current squad. Again, I'm talking about the real season, not what we thought about the season before it even started.
  8. manpe liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd   
    I think Lampard trying to force him back has more bearing than Sarri who played him during a cup final (when it was declared he was fit by the medical staff) 
  9. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Politics & Stuff   
    it is NOT murder
    murder is the deliberate taking of a human life
    what determines what construes a human life?
    capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively
    what gives human's that?
    brain waves
    5 main types

    these do not occur in their entirety until well into the 3rd trimester
    the key part is the last of all to mature, the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for most of what we think of as mental life–conscious experience, voluntary actions, thinking, remembering, and feeling.
    It has only begun to function around the time gestation comes to an end
    therefore the foetus before that is NOT in possession of what it takes to be inherently a human being
    and you cannot use the potentiality argument
    as potentially I am the prime minister of Great Britain
    BUT I m NOT accorded the duties and powers of that office until I actually posses it
    stay the FUCK out my and ALL other women's wombs!!!
    our bodies, our fucking choice
    i will be well fucked if I let some 2000 year old fairytale book about an imaginary sky being dictate what the hell I or any woman does with her reproductive capacity
    one last thing
    the biggest fucking hypocrites in the goddamn world are pro forced birthers who say abortion is always wrong EXCEPT in cases of rape or incest
    well, under that cocked-up logic what the hell is the difference between aborting a foetus that came from daddy banging daughter dearest and also taking a gun and blowing away its sister and brother, who are aged 3 and 7 now and also came from daddy banging daughter!!!! according to pro forced birthers, all 3 are 'humans'
    typical situational cunts
  10. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Politics & Stuff   
    no one is going to tell me what the hell to do with my body
    nor tell women in general what we can and cannot do with our reproductive rights
    not happening
    especially as the vast majority of the most virulent forced birthers are fucking men
  11. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Politics & Stuff   
    it is not pro life
    that is right wing framing that tries to make it seem like we are doing something that is anti-humanity
    it is forced birthing
  12. Fernando liked a post in a topic by manpe in Politics & Stuff   
    Ok, I disagree.
  13. Iggy Doonican liked a post in a topic by manpe in Politics & Stuff   
    Wants to be born? At the stage in which they are allowed to be aborted an embryo doesn't want anything, it's not conscious. Also if the baby is born, for example, to some abusive crackhead family, then the child will very quickly begin to wish he/she was never born. What you're saying doesn't make sense.
  14. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Politics & Stuff   
    pro choice is the law of the land in the US for almost 50 years, since Roe v Wade
    people need to keep the fuck out of our wombs
    it is our our bodies, our choices
    and Trump is a white nationalist power mad monster who is careening the US towards an authoritarian fascist pseudo-monarchy
    he is the most dangerous President in that nation's 244 year history
    he is an absolute threat to the world balance of power and collective security
  15. 11Drogba liked a post in a topic by manpe in Hakim Ziyech   
    Great deal. Nowadays you normally can't get real quality for that "little". Good start, now hopefully the board will keep it up and sign at least a striker and a left-back, Ziyech alone won't make us competitive.
  16. manpe liked a post in a topic by ZAPHOD2319 in Chelsea's Transfer Targets   
    I found this one striking for all the grief our board is given. It is in the Ziyech thread at RedCafe.
    We should have just employed Chelsea's board and saved ourselves a ton of cash. They have got some serious good deals over last 10 years. The money they got for Ramires n Oscar too was mouth watering. We struggle giving away our surplus players. 
  17. manpe liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Chelsea's Transfer Targets   
    Not quite sure what to make of Ziyech if that is who we move for to be honest.
    He's obviously a very talented player, just not sure if his style will suit the more frenetic pace of the Premier League. I'm sure the addition of Ziyech would improve us as a squad, my worry is that Sancho looks to have the potential to be a real world beater and I'd hate to see him somewhere else in the Premier League being a great player.
    The one thing I would note on this is he's a different profile of player to Sancho who is in a similar mould to CHO and Pulisic. Ziyech is more of a wide creative midfielder rather than a winger and Lampard may be looking at a different profile of player for those positions to give him more options.
  18. manpe liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in Hakim Ziyech   
    Both have been coasting for two seasons now with a good game here and there.
  19. manpe liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Hakim Ziyech   
    Just a bit worried if he'll need a period of adaptation which at the age he's at he can't really be afforded because the physicality of the Premier League will probably come as a culture shock.
    Having said that from what I've seen of him, and also what I've heard about him, he's a hard worker too and prepared to press and run, not just pleasant on the eye. A left footed attacker is also a big plus, allowing for more variation and options for Lampard moving forward.
    I think whichever way you look at this though, a player who has torn up his league the last couple of seasons and played very well in Europe too, to be able to pick up for not much over £30m represents excellent value for business.
    It also emphasises the transfer signings we've made since the summer of 2018, that we are focusing on players who will suit a more expansive, attacking mentality to the one previously used by the club.
  20. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in General Transfer Talk   
    This striker needed a club, Manchester United and Chelsea needed a striker. But he thought they weren’t good enough
    Edinson Cavani would have joined Chelsea or Manchester United in January if he was driven by money, according to the Paris Saint-Germain forward's mother.
    The 32-year-old, who has only six months left on his contract at the French champions, had been expected to move on in January amid interest from a host of clubs.
    Chelsea and United were among the clubs credited with an interest, along with Atletico Madrid and David Beckham's newly-formed MLS franchise Inter Miami.
    But Cavani's mother, Berta Gomez, insists a big-money move to the Premier League was never considered by her son.
    "Edinson didn't want money to be the reason, because if it was about money, he would have gone to Manchester United, Chelsea or Inter Miami, who made a big offer for him," Gomez told Spanish newspaper AS.
    Instead, Gomez suggested Cavani did "everything" possible to secure a move to Atletico and disputed claims made by the Spanish club's president, Enrique Cerezo, that the deal collapsed due to "greed".
    "It's not impossible that Edinson goes to Atletico Madrid in the summer, if and when the president takes back what he said," she said.
    "We don't understand why the president said such nonsense. It was out of place and it hurt us a lot. It is absolutely false to say that Walter (his brother and agent) asked for a fee from the signing.
    "He should have told the fans why Cavani really didn't go to Atletico. It's because, firstly, PSG didn't want him to leave and secondly, Atletico never reached the amount PSG wanted when they negotiated.
    "My son did everything he could to go to Atletico. He put pressure on by not playing at PSG and told his brother that he was willing to drop his wages to sign with Atletico.
    "He wanted to play with Cholo (Diego Simeone) and he showed that at every turn."
  21. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The Pub - Discuss Anything   
    The Perfect 3 Days in Tallinn, Europe’s Fast-Rising Capital of Cool
    Long underestimated as just another gray, post-Soviet harbour city, Tallinn’s quickly growing into one of Europe’s cool creative capitals, right up there with Berlin and Helsinki. Estonians have always been DIYers -- building, brewing, and foraging -- especially during the Soviet era when resources were scarce. Thirty years after the Iron Curtain’s collapse, that spirit of self-reliance is igniting a new hustle of artisanship and innovation in Estonia’s capital.
    More and more young Estonians are moving back to join the creative wave and open their own businesses: art galleries, design shops, and avant-garde restaurants. Chefs are whipping up interesting dishes that marry the artisan skills of their ancestors with new techniques they’ve learned abroad. The result is a tasty Nordic-inspired cuisine that's a far cry from the stodgy Soviet meals of yore (and definitely more affordable than the fancy plates in other Scandinavian countries).
    And then there's the beer. With more than 80 breweries in the country, Estonia rocks one of the most exciting craft beer scenes in Europe right now. Last year saw the opening of some incredibly cool cultural hotspots that are reinvigorating Tallinn's industrial waterfront. Now's the time to check it all out while it's still flying under the radar, which is why we've named Tallinn one of the 20 Best Places for a Big Trip in 2020. Read on for the best places to eat in the city, things to do, and neighborhoods to check out when you're there.
    When to visit Tallinn in 2020
    Tallinn’s weather is at its finest from May through September, when there’s nothing like sipping craft beer on outdoor terraces or shopping at the Telliskivi Flea Market beneath sunny rays. Sampling seasonal produce like fresh cloudberries (little orange baubles growing in cool northern climes) at the Baltic Station Market or spruce tips straight from marshland trees is just an added perk.
    Summer is also when a lot of awesome festivals go down. The dog days kick off with Tallinn’s Craft Beer Weekend on the first weekend of May. We’d also totally recommend the outdoorsy Midsummer antics in late June or the Night of the Ancient Bonfires in August. The latter is an homage to when villagers would light huge bonfires to lead sailors home. These days, surrounding areas and islands around Tallinn and Estonia spend the evening getting lit. You can see the blazes up close or across the Baltic Sea -- Google Maps even marks them, so you can bonfire-hop!
    a tonne more at the link
  22. manpe liked a post in a topic by 11Drogba in The English Football Thread   
    Eriksen: “Winning is one of the reasons that I am here. Compared to where I was before, there are more chances of winning here.”
    Eriksen: “Let me tell you something: during my last few months at Tottenham, I was told to ‘go on the pitch and try to do something.’
    " It was not like that with Conte. He told me how he saw me as a footballer and what he wanted from me on the pitch with and without the ball. It’s all much more organized.
  23. manpe liked a post in a topic by Milan in The English Football Thread   
    The gk just making sure