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  1. Emerson Palmieri

    @Leif What is your opinion on him? Better or worse than Alonso?
  2. Chelsea - Norwich

    Then they must be real special people if they can't remember 4 easy points, or did nobody arrange teaching courses? How hard can it be? You write down those 4 points if you're so thick you can't remember them, you have a screen where you can watch replays from every camera. Then if a controversial situation happens that concerns one of those 4 points they press some buttons to see a replay and inform the ref of the decision. The most difficult part of it all must be knowing how to operate that screen, if they can't handle it, they should seriously consider retirement or smth.
  3. Andy Carroll

    This will just motivate us to move stronger. If it was a 8 month ACL he'd be here by now.
  4. Chelsea - Norwich

    Thought VAR worked very well when it was tested in international games, but as always English refs find a way to fuck up a good thing.
  5. Kenedy

    I think the circumstances forced him to play him there, but no excuses considering he sold Luis and Bertrand, so yeah...
  6. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Doesn't even resemble a footballer. @Leif made a good point about players that bad at that age never developing adequate technical ability. The way he receives the ball, makes passes and attempts shots is amateurish. Did you see the ball bouncing off him yesterday after Caballero rolled it to his feet? It was like a ricochet pass to Luiz instead, so bad. He can't keep one-touch passes on the ground, they almost always bounce awkwardly making them more difficult to receive and control. And whenever he gathers the courage to attempt a long pass it is an automatic loss of possession. He doesn't have stamina or desire, I never see him busting a gut to get back, go forward or track somebody... no intensity, zero! He's a passenger every game, all players around him, even the average ones, are several levels above him. Everybody else has to carry and compensate his lack of contribution every game. Just another detrimental player we can't rely on...
  7. Kenedy

    You're wrong, the handful of games he played under Jose were mainly at LB. And if I'm not mistaken the first game he played LB was also against Norwich.
  8. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I can't stand players who chronically complain about everything. I don't think I have ever seen a ref rescind a decision because somebody came yelling in their face, but I have seen plenty get yellows or reds for that. What is the point of doing that? Dumb kid.
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    Exclusive: Man Utd's deal to sign Alexis Sanchez worth around £180 million as they offer him £14m a year after tax
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Walcott to Everton for €22,5m. Good capture for them? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Lol, classic twatter. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  12. Emerson Palmieri

    At least we're linked to an actual LB that isn't Sandro, guess that's progress. But going for injured players is becoming a nasty habit, suspect it has a lot to do with knocking down price for crocks.
  13. Andy Carroll

    Quality post. Mourinho had us all believe he would play attacking and exciting football befit to the type of signings we were making, he stressed that several times in the beginning and I believe he had the board fooled too. He might have even fooled himself into believing he can do it, but in the end it was clear he didn't have what it takes, and for his last ~1,5 years we were in conservative survival mode every game that posed a bit of danger. In the beginning we did play some nice stuff truth be told, but this was your typical honeymoon period that deceived us further and everything changed after that 5-3 game with Tottenham. He convinced the club that the likes of KDB and Salah weren't good enough for us (Lukaku still isn't, I'll leave him out of this one). Some of the sales we made because of him drastically changed the face of our future, the future that was supposed to be NOW, but isn't...
  14. Andy Carroll

    Target man is more than just being an accurate header of the ball. Have you noticed how easily Morata goes down or is outmuscled whenever he's in a physical battle? When he breaks free from his marker and gets an uncontested header he is one of the best around, sure, however hold-up play is below par from what's expected from a proper target man. I guess the idea is to have better ball retention when we need to play hoof-ball and Morata isn't cutting it. I get it, the idea is fine, but this guy... I would somewhat understand if it was a loan deal until the end of the season, not much harm done in this case, but the rumoured permanent transfer is just a no no.
  15. Andy Carroll

    This is by far the most disapproved target I have seen during my time supporting the club. I have seen nobody have anything good to say about this, it's being unanimously condemned. Djilobodji was as bad or worse signing, but with the upside of not having had to simmer through days and weeks of embarrassing rumours, it happened out of the blue and was obviously a desperate last ditch panic buy. This however is a calculated target, it's not the last hours of deadline day, this is the most embarrassing part. If he signs we can't even label him a shit panic buy and sweep it under the rug like with Papy, who btw cost roughly what he was worth compared to the ridiculous prices quoted for Carroll. Why not Hernandez, some ask? It's clear that the club is after a strong target man, it has been clear since we've been most strongly linked with players like Llorente, Benteke, Boakye and now Carroll. The club probably don't consider Morata a target man, which let's be honest, he isn't. So understandably they want a plan B up front, but come on...