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  1. Mikel John Obi

    always been one of his biggest fans, hes been phenomenal of late and in this the biggest game of his career he gave his best performance AND HE STOLE THE MIC FROM THAT ASSHOLE SHREEVES! mikel is proper chels
  2. Fernando Torres

    a lot of lamps rating comes from things like passing accuracy, vision, set piece related things, positioning.. and rooney is that good, he just pisses about and throws tantrums for long stretches in real life.
  3. Fernando Torres

    Lukaku isn't ready, Drogba isn't young enough to be a 1st choice striker game in game out Nando's a great time player but thats not what you need from a CF, you need finishing and goal threat firstly. gotta move him.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    Kalou is twice the player at right wing that sturridge is and malouda is almost always played out of position deep in the midfield.. still gets into dangerous areas, is a goal threat and gets good balls into the box I love it. mata has been on a terrible run of form, so has lamps for the most part and many othe popular players... funny, what could they possibly have in common? kalou is from ivory coast, malouda from the continent, so is mata, but frank is english.... hmmm what do mata and frank have in common? and kalou with malouda? could your other least favourite player be.... mikel?
  5. Hip Hop discussion

    for me, he's really boring best thing i heard lately was madlib and frank nitty - nittyville album
  6. Daniel Sturridge

    Sturridge put his footballing brain on display yet again! What a brilliant winger! You are never wrong, are you. At least in your own mind, which I suppose, is all that matters. mata was being heavily accounted for (as usual) and sturridge wasn't (as usual) he's a striker. he is not a winger. and he has NO right foot.
  7. Daniel Sturridge

    I like him but we don't need him. We have better strikers and better wingers, he only makes the squad cuz we lack goal pace and goal threat in general. Should keep Lukaku and get a better first choice striker, Lukaku can cover and get some cup games
  8. Fernando Torres

    so what if he could technically afford it? he's a footballer who is probably past his prime and needs money to support him and his soon to be breaking down body for the rest of his years. he's not gonna spend money he doesn't have to. also, i don't think he feels very humiliated.
  9. Fernando Torres

    if roman didn't procrastinate so damn much and face the weaknesses in the squad years ago we wouldn't have had to sign him, but people go on about the price... there was no alternative at the time.. glad we are all in agreement tho
  10. Fernando Torres

    are all our supporters this smart yeah, its not like he needs the money oh you know, to support himself and his family? you're mad studge = 2nd rate CF i would much rather have torres as CF cover than studge get rid of both of them i like the guy but i couldn't agree with ya more.
  11. Gaël Kakuta

    confidence and experience are related though and i think its important for him to get these opportunities and he is growing, as he has expected to
  12. Juan Mata

    i agree but not on the malouda being a dire attacker thing... we have enough brawny athletic guys that can get themselves into good forward areas and get a decent hard shot or cross out of their feet, which is the kind of player malouda is. that's not what we need to break down well drilled defences though, mata's creativity is needed then. malouda, for me, is a very good player for the middle of the park because of his athleticism, and that does free up players ilke mata to be more influential in the area they can be best in.
  13. The International Football Thread

    Messi still the most overrated sportsman in the world... I love it when people who hero worship (especially managers) pay the price. they build the argentina side around a big name and they suck. maybe they should think about football as something involving 11 a side not 1 + 10 bystanders
  14. Fernando Torres

    Watched the extended highlights of the last liverpool game and the commentators couldnt stop praising Carrol for MISSING THE GOAL. Its pretty clear where the media's favouritism lies and no point getting worked up about it. We all know the 2 clubs they will adore and push will always be LFC and manu, if there's a third its the arse. Either way Torres is looking fully fit right now. I'm not worried about the red card, he is an emotional guy and made a mistake, it happens.
  15. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    Yeeeeah my 49ers are 2-1 to start the season, half way to having enough wins to take the division!