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  1. Bernard Lambourde

    I remember him, I had his big poster in mz room, but I don-t think that he deserves to be in cfc gold!!
  2. Last Film You Watched

    Control - the fiml about Ian Curtis I liked it a lot alot
  3. Sig Requests

    No offense to BL but I like this quote!
  4. Uhhh great great game it will be...fener is realy good team and we will have to beat them at home and not to lose in Turkey.. but we had luck.. and it will be really interesting to watch man utd- roma after that 7-1 last year!
  5. I would like to get Shalke....I think that is the team we can win easily....I woun't like to play against Roma and Fener i think they will be a strong nut for everyone..
  6. Luka Modric

    Having MOdric at the end of season would be great
  7. Sig Requests

    really good pizzaro sign!!
  8. Last Film You Watched

    Lethal weapon 2
  9. Sig Requests

    Really good luck tri blue!
  10. Poster Above You

    He liked Peacock...(Chelsea legend!!
  11. Last Film You Watched

    Harry Potter 5------I didn't liked it maybe the film is great but the book is 100 times better and more..
  12. Poster Above You

    Is from Derby
  13. Poster Above You

    Is a moderator on the forum
  14. Poster Above You

    has sent his post in 06:39
  15. Poster Above You

    is member number 33...