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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I agree, he'll replace Giroud with that role within the squad.
  2. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Yeah I agree with that, I think Zouma was good today actually.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    The last three games have, simply put, been a real reality check. In all three matches, we have started absolutely superbly, genuinely playing some of the best football I've seen Chelsea ever play. Yet in all three matches, a lack of composure and an inability to convert chances has meant we stand here with a draw and two defeats from three competitive matches. I think we need to be realistic and consider the pros and cons of the situation, which ultimately will determine our season's ambitions. I think there are plenty of positives right now. As I've mentioned, the brand of attacking football we are playing is making us an enjoyable watch (which is our fanbase's greatest criticism of the former manager), and the biggest plus point is the belief in youth players. Chelsea have needed a season like this for the past decade. We have never truly transition properly from one squad to the next. Our approach has also been so short-termist that, instead of bringing through youngsters (the odd exception aside), we've chosen to spend big and either invest in young foreign players, or go for players that can still function and perform well, but perhaps have already seen their better days - players such as Pedro, Giroud, David Luiz, for example. We have the propensity to make a negative situation (the transfer ban) a positive one by bringing through these young players and giving them considerable game time, which is something of a premium when it comes to our talented youngsters. We have a terrific academy and we are now in a position where we both have to, and need to, play these youngsters and give them the shot they deserve. Mason Mount is the biggest, most obvious evidence of this transition. We've been putting it off for years and years, but necessity dictates that this is the time to give these players the chance to shine. We also have to consider the fact that we are, realistically, missing three first XI players, meaning things will improve in terms of squad options and that we haven't yet seen our best team, playing our best football. Nobody can argue that Rudiger is our best defender; on recent evidence, whilst Pedro has had three promising games for us, CHO is probably more productive in the final third, and the player who I believe to be our best box-to-box midfielder, RLC, is yet to come into the team. We also have Reece James, who I will reserve judgement on, but Lampard seems to think he will play a considerable role this season, but we need to make sure we aren't doing the usual thing of putting too much pressure on the young man. That being said, he can't be any worse than Azpilicueta, but that's a separate debate... But there are some major problems inherent within the squad. There is a flipside to every situation - and playing kids is no exception. There's the famous quote - "You won't win anything with kids" - and to some extent this does ring true. The reason that we have gone out and invested frequently is because, at a club like Chelsea, there is such an expectation to win (- that expectation needs to be relaxed this season, which I'll come onto later). Then there are issues with Frank. I want to make this clear: this is not a post bashing Frank Lampard. I am 100% behind him, though I do believe his tenure has come at the wrong time, though only time will tell with regards to this. But we need to accept the obvious: this is Frank's second season as a manager. Look at today - I am furious with his decision to play ten of the eleven that started on Wednesday, and think it was incredibly naive to do so against a team like Leicester, who are one of those horrible teams that press you and push you and harass you for 90 minutes and would do for another 90 if they could. Whilst he's got us playing a good brand of attacking football, this is the worst we've been defensively in quite some time. Having Rudiger back in the team will add more balance (Andreas is good enough, but Kurt panics on the ball and doesn't have the composure that Rudiger has; with the style of football we're employing, that is a big disadvantage), but we need to especially look at the way that we are dealing with crosses and set pieces at the minute. There are then issues within the squad from an attacking point of view - we have a lot of players who are good around the box, but not necessarily with that final phase of play. We are not a crossing team and we don't necessarily have many players who can play killer through balls. More importantly, our striking options are poor. Let's be honest. Giroud is an honest striker and links the ball nicely; he'll get us 10-15 goals a season reliably, but who is replacing the Hazard x-factor and the ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat? Is it Mount? I'm not so sure, though he took his goal well today. The point I'm making is this: we have to relax our ambitions this season. I'm sorry guys, I really don't think we are going to finish in the top four. You can't write us off in the cup competitions, but I can realistically see us struggling in the UCL without a favourable group draw. I'll leave it up to you as to whether you think I'm being reactionary or otherwise (I don't much care either way), but I think we need to ease the pressure on the boys. Short-term pain could be of massive long-term gain. We need to consider youth development as being the priority this season, that is the target and playtime is the reward. A trophy or four would be nice, of course, but this is a case of building for the future. We also need to think about the expectation of Frank as our manager. He will learn so much from every minute. He is level-headed and I think we need to be about the current situation. There is no need for doom and gloom - I think we have been really unlucky so far - but we need to temper our expectations somewhat.
  4. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    It was fantastic, I was half expecting him to miss the ball and get a red to compound our misery.
  5. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Are you sure? If you look at our finishing so far this season, I'm concerned we will continue to dominate games, not take chances, then get undone by shit defending...
  6. Super Frank Thread

    Exactly, and Lampard chose ten of the eleven that started on Wednesday... just plain silly in my humble opinion. Yeah, I was extremely disappointed by how poor our second half was, but booing was extreme. We have some extremely shit fans, although regular match-goers like to jump on their high horse and defend their right to "express themselves"... but that's a debate for a different day. I'd like to think those booers were tourists wondering why Hazard and Luiz weren't playing.
  7. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Got to be honest, I'm kinda expecting something similar, with us finishing 6-8th. Absolutely no chance we'll finish in the top four this season (and I'd like to go on record as having said the same long before the season started). Got to give Lampard the benefit of the doubt, but one draw and two defeats is pretty shocking, let's be honest. Who is going to score our goals this season?
  8. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Mr Sweeper Keeper saved our lives in the last minute, to make amends for his poor clearance in the first half.
  9. 9. Tammy Abraham

    He is infuriating to watch. How can he hold the ball up so well, and link the play up quite beautifully, yet have such incredibly poor awareness? This season is going to be a sharp learning curve and I do think we should stick by him, but can someone explain to me any other reason as to why he's play over Michy other than youth development?
  10. 10. Willian

    That was easily the worst substitute appearance I have ever seen. He will quite rightly be our fourth winger when CHO is back (and may that happen sooner rather than later).
  11. 8. Ross Barkley

    Should have started, or at the very least come on as a substitute. Lampard got this wrong.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    I really, really have to question his line-up today. The players looked dead on their feet from the half-hour onwards.
  13. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Frank has to take his fair share of the blame for this. I cannot believe he chose ten players who started on Wednesday in Istanbul. Incredibly naive. Don't even get me started on that defending. Lucky to get a draw here. Yes, we had that blitz of half-chances in the first half, but the only other clear cut chance we made was Kante's shot which was deflected. It's a good job Leicester are absolutely shite in the final third, because a decent team would have put four or five decent through balls behind our defence today. Edit - one more thing: drop Azpilicueta. I don't think I've ever seen a more inept right-back for us.
  14. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    When I say "nobody really cares", I mean the media, opposition fans, etc., don't really give a shite. Of course I wanted us to win this.
  15. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga