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  1. Thibaut Courtois

    La serpiente
  2. 31. Robert Green

    Already a bigger legend than Courtois.
  3. Chelsea 0-0 Lyon

    Not injured, just shit.
  4. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    I haven't watched the game, not seen any highlights at all - I was seeing Bastille last night. Can someone summarise the performance? Any stand-out players, both positive and negative?
  5. Aleksandr Golovin

    I'd quite happily say Jorginho-Kante is the best CM pairing in the league. It's about time we gave RLC a chance; Bakayoko will also improve, Fabregas can still do a job there, and Barkley looks fit and powerful.
  6. Aleksandr Golovin

    Disappointing, however midfield is the area we don't really need to worry about too much. We have umpteen options across the midfield three.
  7. Pepe Reina

    Reina is an outstanding keeper, you are an idiot if you think otherwise. Many people here probably still remember his error-prone final seasons with Liverpool as opposed to his level when he first joined the PL, when he was second only to Cech as the league's outstanding goalkeeper. In his time at Napoli, he has reached those levels again and would not be a horrendous short-term fix, however I would prefer for us to look at a younger goalkeeper that can become a long-term option, somebody like Donnarumma or Areola. However, if we really want a short-term fix, I am astonished we haven't raided Ligue 1 for the likes of Ruffier, Costil, Anthony Lopes, etc.
  8. Mason Mount

    My mate is a Derby fan and said Mason was sensational against Southampton at the weekend. I actually went to Nuneaton last night to watch Coventry vs Derby in a pre-season friendly. Mason played the second half and looked really assured in midfield, I was also impressed by his confidence to try some tricks and flicks. Many came off, some didn't. He performed well, I think he'll learn a lot from Lampard. Lampard actually spoke to him 1-to-1 for a prolonged period during the interval.
  9. 31. Robert Green

    He won't ever play for the first team, barring a catastrophe, and helps fulfil the homegrown quota. A necessary signing, in that sense - yes, we could have kept Blackman or promoted Bulka, but they will benefit from loans rather than being 3rd choice.
  10. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    I'm concerned that we don't have a goalkeeper kit yet.
  11. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Drogba's attitude in his first season was arguably worse, and he was on the floor even more than Morata. Don't forget, fans at Stamford Bridge booed him because of his antics. He needs better management, because if he concentrated on football rather than winning cheap fouls (you can take the boy out of Madrid, etc. etc.), he'd be decent!
  12. Thibaut Courtois

    I honestly think there are better keepers out there, but Chelsea fans do seriously under-rate him and his contribution to the team. Comfortably the best goalkeeper aerially in the world, even if he is pants with his feet.
  13. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Good game from him, it won't be long until Alonso is reduced to being a second-half substitute/free-kick merchant
  14. 18. Olivier Giroud

    A goal and three assists for us in approximately 130ish(?) minutes of action; that'll do me for our second striker. His hold-up play was great, and he's looking sharper with every game.
  15. Chelsea 4-0 Hull

    Was at the game last night - yes it was "only Hull", but we were nearly knocked out in Round 3 by "only Norwich", so there's proof you can't expect anything in the FA Cup - especially with our current vein of form. Emerson looked fantastic - very athletic and far more comfortable at carrying the ball than Alonso; his final ball was also more productive. Giroud's hold-up play reminds me of Drogba. Ampadu was sublime; he looks like he's been doing this for a long, long time - can barely believe he's only 17 - what a find he is! Kyle Scott looked very nervous but soon settled down and looked very tidy in possession. Willian was fantastic. Caballero is better than Lev Yashin. Great win.