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  1. 9. Álvaro Morata

  2. The Conte Thread

    We'll be 4th by tomorrow, most likely out of both cups within a couple of weeks, too. Shocking.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    You're right, he was good against Atletico, however his MOTM award against Huddersfield was, for me, the biggest surprise I've seen in football since Leicester won the title. He did a couple of backheels and Robbie Savage on BT comms was jizzing everywhere. He doesn't convince me, never has, and probably never will.
  4. The Conte Thread

    Even I have to admit that he's being ignorant with his team selection and tactics.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    We're going to have to disagree, here. I respect your opinion but think you're watching highlights of his performances from last season. I can't remember his last meaningful positive contribution to the team.
  6. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    The problem is we've said this about 10 times this season.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    This is exactly the point I'm making. He's been awful since the Newcastle game, yet he pulls off some stupid backheel and people wank off over him. He's so incredibly over-rated
  8. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    We're shit
  9. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    BL with the 9 dart finish.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Right on cue, he's been horrendously shite today.
  11. 8. Ross Barkley

    In memoriam 2010-2018
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    You don't help your reputation by over-reacting because I said your compatriot isn't world class. There is no need to be so salty, I didn't call him shit and say I wanted to slap his grandmother.
  13. The Conte Thread

    What Conte is doing with the sack of shit some of you refer to as "our best XI", is nothing short of miraculous. We won the league thanks to his revolutionary decision to do something that (in my opinion) had not been done consistently successfully in England before by switching to the back three. Let me just state that again - we won the league with a right-back, Gary Cahill, and David fucking Luiz as our three CBs. Miracle worker. He'll go to another huge club and piss the league there, too.
  14. Robert Lewandowski

    If it was up to me, we'd have spunked £100m on Dybala already by now and have a half-decent back-up striker in place, ready for a push for Sandro or another LWB candidate who can actually defend... sadly it isn't up to me and I recognise that this club's ambition is now to sign B-list players from mid-table PL clubs in order to bump up the English contingent.
  15. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Has there ever been a more nailed-on 1-1 draw? Can't see us being able to deal with their pace on the counters without sacrificing attacking creativity... I expect a Bakayoko-Kante-Drinkwater midfield and for Hazard and Morata to both be at their usual invisible and ineffective best.