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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Tammy is one player who doesn't deserve any shit from yesterday. We scored both goals because of him - let's not forget he won the corner for Cesar's goal.
  2. Chelsea - Arsenal

    I do think Lampard needs to go back to experience while we are in this rut - can the likes of Oli and Pedro really be any worse than what CHO/Mount and Tammy are producing at present?
  3. Super Frank Thread

    I think we all have to write this season off, on the condition the youth continue to be developed and Frank continues to learn. It doesn't make it any less frustrating though, because, let's be honest, are we really any worse than the 4th-best team in the league? I think we should be comfortably top 4 by this juncture.
  4. Chelsea - Arsenal

    He gets a free ride this season because of the transfer ban. Blind loyalty means we're not allowed to speak out.
  5. Chelsea - Arsenal

    I love the bloke, but he's here 5-10 years too soon. And he's being exposed for it.
  6. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Absolutely. There is no leadership, either on or off the pitch. Identityless and clueless as a team.
  7. Super Frank Thread

    And that's how shit we are - they had two shots all game and we still couldn't beat them. It really truly is the worst Chelsea side defensively in my memory.
  8. Chelsea - Arsenal

    What's pathetic is the fact Lampard and his coaching staff either can't coach, are idiots, or don't think there is an issue with the way we play and the way we defend.
  9. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Two shots on target - two goals. He just isn't good enough, simple as that.
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Utterly fucking useless and braindead. What a combination.
  11. Chelsea - Arsenal

    It just gets worse and worse and worse. Piss poor game management both on and off the field. Lampard's clearly clueless and the players are braindead.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    Cya Frank.
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Conte played with two CDMs in a 3-4-3. Yes, Matic was the deeper of the two but Kante was very clearly employed to play alongside him in a pivot.
  14. Super Frank Thread

    This is the weird thing, because everyone else is shit. I honestly can see United overtaking us, however if they lose tomorrow we have, to some extent, got away with losing.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    HAHAHAHA, okay. Lampard clearly, fucking obviously KNOWS this team isn't good enough. For some reason, the board are clearly not willing to invest. They've decided they want to use the season to blood the youngsters.