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  1. Hyped for the Mountain smashing some skulls
  2. A much-needed calm down after the last couple of episodes which really has set the tone for the finale.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

  4. The Conte Thread

    Whoever wrote that is absolutely spot on.
  5. 21. Nemanja Matic

    I see your point about Cahill, but, on form, Matic is the best CDM in England without doubt, and one of the best in Europe. Similarly, Azpi is the best defensive full-back in European football IMO, he'd walk into most teams.
  6. Neither am I after Hodor held the door.
  7. Yeah the Kingsmoot was the weakest part of the episode.
  8. I gave more of a shit about this episode than the entire Red Wedding and For The Watch. Maybe because I knew both of those were coming.
  9. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    It's amazing the criticism that the staff here get. Calls for consistency and professionalism... you do realise they don't get paid, right? This is exactly why I stepped down as administrator, because of the fucking hassle. You can't do anything right. Everything is a catch twenty-fucking-two. You can't keep everyone happy, so you have to act in the best interests of the forum. I don't agree with every decision the staff make on here, and, looking back, I certainly don't agree with some of the decisions I made, either. Nevertheless, @Madmax has it right when he says the mods have acted in what they view to be the best route forward for the site. My advice: suck it up. It's a forum. Get on with your lives.
  10. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Brand awareness is massively important, it is ignorant to dismiss that. If Macron offered £65 million, would you go with them? No, I wouldn't either.
  11. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    But you said you don't care what the kits look like so you're not allowed an opinion Jakey xxx
  12. Petr Cech

    Meh, look what he's achieved - fuck all. Arsenal should have blitzed the league. Only they could finish above both Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Tottenham, and the Chels, and still not win the fucking league. TEN points behind Leicester is an embarrassment for them. Wenger needs to stay.
  13. This fucking series will be the end of me
  14. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    This had to happen. If we'd have gone with anyone other than Nike, we lose creditability as a brand, in my opinion. Stepping down from Samsung to Yokohama (ignore the monetary aspect - Samsung IS a far bigger brand than Yokohama, at least in the west) was already one big step which could potentially affect our imagine as a titan of world football - to go from adidas to a brand such as Umbro, Under Armor or even Puma would have been another nail in the coffin. The "big" teams in world football - the Madrid clubs, Barcelona, Juventus, the Manchester clubs, the Milan clubs, Bayern Munich, etc. - all maintain reputations as being big clubs, and they have the sponsorship to match it. Yes, there are teams like Arsenal and Dortmund who have Puma, and Liverpool who have New Balance, but adidas and Nike are the big two, and to move from one and not to the other would be a step down on the marketability ladder. As of this month, we are the third most marketable team in world football based on shirt sales. Therefore, we are the perfect match for Nike. Especially when you look at our star players - Hazard and Courtois have had glove/boot endorsements with Nike for years - this is the perfect match and re-affirms our brand value. People on here are talking about wanting to flirt with the unknown, and going with up-and-coming brands like Under Armor. No, not a chance. This is about the club generating revenue and it would be a huge gamble to go with a lesser preferred option. I'm all for this, even though I've preferred adidas to Nike my entire life! We have to match the size of the club with a giant of kit manufacturing, and Nike was the only option. This is a chance for Nike to re-establish themselves as a sponsor of European superpowers after losing the likes of Arsenal and United and Juventus in the past couple of seasons. With those teams shifting over to adidas, it leaves Barcelona and Chelsea as THE definitive Nike teams. You'll see our players everywhere (Nike have always advertised more efficiently than adidas have done in the past), and that's a great thing for the Chelsea brand. In short: fuck adidas, well done Nike. On the subject of this year's shirt - love it. Different to what we've had before. Plus it's blue - and has a Chelsea badge. That'll do for me. But Chelsea are a big brand and now we have another big brand making our kits, I'm excited. Just looking forward to the official confirmation, though it'll probably be announced later in 2016.