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  1. 18. Olivier Giroud

    This is very important. I don't think it's a coincidence that upon rebuilding this squad in the summer, Lampard has a lot of versatility across his midfield and attack and effectively 2 senior players for every position on the pitch now. It's the most depth we've had at the club since Mourinho's first stint. When everyone is fit, that amount of competition can only push players to keep standards high and perform when given chances. December is critical with the volume of games to be played in short spaces of time but if we come out of that period relatively unscathed, we could be a serious contender for the top trophies this season.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    There was an incredible backlash after the Sevilla and United games and I was very positive about the results and performances because it created a solid defensive base from which to build upon, and we've done this. The Spurs game in my opinion has to be taken in isolation. They have just mugged City off a week before playing with 10 men behind the ball and picking their moments on the counter and bar a couple of half chances in the first half we completely nullified this threat. We also created chances and played on the front foot, unlike the Sevilla and United games. The biggest thing yesterday was not losing and letting Spurs open up a gap against us. Lampard has started to mature a lot as a manager the last couple of months. We are set up to play on the front foot and attack, but their is now a far more responsible and balanced approach to our play and Lampard has shown he's happy to be a bit more reserved in our approach if the situation warranted. It's always been my biggest negative against Pep. It's all fine and well to have your approach and be confident in your beliefs but how many times has his teams been done against the same approach (we did the same under Conte against him twice). His team gets caught out on quite an alarmingly regular basis and never seem to learn from those mistakes. I was worried Lampard would fall into the same boat as this but he's shown a side to himself that should help him stand in good stead of being successful here and hopefully remain for the longer term.
  3. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    In Jose Mourinho's words, I'm not saying this is a game we must win, but it's a game we must not lose.
  4. 11. Timo Werner

    I've got no concerns over Werner. He had a really poor game last night where nothing seemed to go right but the biggest positive was despite that, he never hid. He was still prepared to track back when we were under pressure and still made himself available for the ball including in the last minute leading up to the goal. Similarly against Newcastle, despite missing a couple of chances he kept going and didn't let it affect him which led to a superb assist to kill the game off. I'm comparing this to the likes of Torres and Morata who when short of confidence would hide and not want the ball, effectively leaving us with 10 men. I think over the next couple of weeks Werner will get some rest as the Sevilla and Krasnodar games can afford Lampard to do that, as well as I believe a free week shortly after for the league cup games.
  5. 21. Ben Chilwell

    Chilwell has trained for England today so seems the injury and substitution were more precautionary. Hopefully Southgate doesn't feel the need to risk him this week and then he's fully fit for us at the weekend.
  6. 21. Ben Chilwell

    I think Southgate is a pretty abysmal manager, piggy-backing off one of the easiest world cup runs to a semi final ever known. However, he seems a pretty reasonable and professional person when it comes to managing the players. I could see him wanting to keep a good relationship with Premier League managers. Like you said, that midweek game looks like it'll be a dead rubber and as a result I can see him not starting anyone who's played in both games, so hopefully he'll also give Mount a rest in that one too.
  7. 21. Ben Chilwell

    We'll see, Chilwell tried to carry on but it seemed Southgate withdrew him as a precaution. It didn't look particularly serious, hopefully it's just a bang and a week's chance to heal will hopefully be ok.
  8. 21. Ben Chilwell

    Just come off injured. Looks to be his back, and hopefully more of an impact injury rather than any sort of muscle injury. Fingers crossed, cannot stand international breaks just hoping everyone comes back fit.
  9. 11. Timo Werner

    It will be a difficult choice for Lampard moving forward. Werner doesn't look as effective at times playing out wide, but he has been scoring goals and the way in which we play (i.e. Chilwell) allows him to drift inwards, hopefully more difficult for the defence to pick him up. We do currently look better balanced also with a focal point in attack. Tammy is far from the perfect striker but he does seem so far to help the balance of the team and occupy the centre backs. If and when Pulisic is fit, it'll be interesting to see if everything works as well with him on the left and Werner up top. Hopefully it will.
  10. 19. Mason Mount

    Disagree I think the Burnley game showed that both can be accommodated in the midfield 3. I wasn't sure that Kante would have the tactical discipline to play the holding role, but so far so good and it should allow two more offensive minded players to play in front of him. Kovacic hasn't been at his best so far this season (although he grew into the game today before he came off) but I think in the offensive midfield roles, Havertz is the better fit in there. Kovacic is better suited playing as a midfield 2. It does look like Ziyech likes to be given a free role to roam also and pick up positions inside at times. I think with Havertz operating central to him and being comfortable to play outside if required it balances the team as they can interchange. Mount seems to do the same on the left hand side at times when Werner has drifted inside. That level of flexibility should make a big difference to the fluid nature in which we look like we want to play. I think Mount has had a lot of unnecessary criticism and been pretty much written off by a lot of people as not good enough, but he's been shunted all over the place in our side in recent months. It's good to have that versatility and willingness to play where ever to help the team but I'm glad he's getting a run in his favoured position. He's looked excellent so far playing there and provides a lot of balance with his work rate, combined with a preference to play forward and positive.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    Consistency will be the biggest question mark this season that hasn't been answered yet. We had a run early last season after a shaky start and the wheels suddenly came off. I think we have much more quality and experience this season to hopefully prevent that from happening, but winning the league will be a big ask. We'll see, I'm fairly optimistic so far that we could have a very good season, and build well on last year. Again comes down to injuries and form deeper into the season, but I see us as a bit of a dark horse for the Champions League too. Again, definitely not favourites but i think if we continue to develop as the season progresses we'll be a side in the knock outs (assuming we make it to that stage as expected) that no one will want to play. It would be beautifully ironic if we did with Thiago Silva here after all the failed years he had with PSG.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    I agree. After the game, although Souness was very complimentary he did say that there would be more difficult tests and he's completely right. This does though have a bit of a feeling to Conte's first season when we switched to a back 3. Immediately something just clicked after that but because we beat some of the fodder at the foot of the table it was being relatively dismissed outside of the club. But the momentum that was building could be seen. That season we were almost not taken seriously enough until it was too late and we were tanking away with the league. I'm not saying we'll do the same this season as that but it does feel like we're quietly going about our business very much under the radar, looking very dangerous in attack, whilst solid and organised in defence and midfield and we're building some momentum.
  13. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    I really hope we keep this momentum going after the international break because at the moment we look very good. Everybody is stepping up.
  14. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Rio Ferdinand made a comment a few weeks back that he was desperate for him to get fit to watch him because Lampard had told him the same thing.
  15. 6. Thiago Silva

    If he carries on playing at this level, Frank will get that second year signed up for him anyway. But I really hope fans are allowed back in the stadiums at some point this season because unlike the rest of our signings, he is realistically only a short term one and he deserves a few standing ovations at the Bridge. I always knew he was quality from his Milan and PSG days, but to be playing at the incredibly high standard he is at 36 (we're not talking just good enough to play in the Premier League, we're talking a very valid argument for him being the best centre back in the Premier League currently) speaks volumes. So far, he has been a quite outstanding signing.
  16. Super Frank Thread

    The most pleasing aspect of yesterday was the way in which we came out for the second half, foot on the throttle in those first 10-15 minutes and completely suffocated them until we got the third goal which killed the game off. It's both easy and dangerous to think that the game is over at half time at 2-0. I like that motivation and concentration shown to get the third goal (and some very good football too). The last 25-30 minutes of the game was a pretty dire watch but the game was done and dusted by then so it frankly didn't matter and gave some players a rest and some a run out.
  17. Super Frank Thread

    Fair enough. Pretty sure on Match of the Day is was 0.96 or something like that. Either way though it's outperforming the metric which is something we haven't done enough in recent times. I agree I would expect the second and third goals to be scored but that's not happened as regularly as it should have!
  18. Super Frank Thread

    When people were losing their shit after the United game, I commented that I was actually delighted with the Sevilla and United results and performances because it showed a side to the team and Lampard that hadn't yet been shown during his tenure. The only way we're going to challenge for the league title is by building a solid defensive base, because not all games will pan out like the Burnley one. Unlike the majority of games last season where we were under-performing our expected goal metrics, our expected goals in the Burnley game wasn't even one so it was nice to show a clinical nature to our game and taking chances when they came. But there will be games during the season we need to grind out a 1-0 and I feel much more confident in recent games that we are capable of now doing this. It's still a work in progress but the recent games have been very promising.
  19. 22. Hakim Ziyech

    Like @Jason has said there is an awful lot of players that built big reputations in Holland and were huge flops when they moved to stronger leagues. We saw that ourselves with Kezman. I do think the last couple of years staying at Ajax will actually benefit Ziyech. There seems to be a real maturity to his game.
  20. 22. Hakim Ziyech

    It's early days but the biggest compliment I can give to Ziyech based on these first two games, the vibe feels like he will have a similar influence on our attack like Robben did in Mourinho's first season. Jose had got us defensively solid and organised but the attack was spluttering a little in the first few games. When Robben came in it just made everything suddenly click and you just feel Ziyech's introduction is having a similar impact, albeit completely different style of players.
  21. Super Frank Thread

    Unless things go completely south, I'm pretty sure Lampard will be manager for at least the rest of this season and then things are re-assessed. He has to improve on last season, not necessarily in terms of league position (top 4 is of course a must) but that gap to the top must be significantly reduced. If that happens, I'd be surprised if Lampard was given the boot. If we're talking about replacements though, Nagelsmann would probably be my first choice. I've been very impressed with what I've seen and read regarding him. I think it's also a completely different situation to AVB a few years ago. We don't have the same big personalities in the dressing room now than we did then. It's a much younger group that would be far more suited to someone like Nagelsmann who can relate to many of them (much in the same way that Lampard probably can).
  22. 29. Kai Havertz

    I would agree that is the position that I think would be best suited long term to Mount. He's still young and has plenty of time to develop but from what I've seen of his characteristics and qualities, he would be better suited to playing a little deeper than higher up the pitch. I agree with the assessment of Mount's passing and tempo in there probably working to our benefit. I think then on the flipside we have Kovacic who I guess is the alternative to Mount in such formations who also has the ability to break lines but by dribbling with the ball more than through passing so there are a couple of options then to suit the opposition. I think for it to work however at its most effective, we need a natural holding midfielder in that position (whether it's a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1), of which Kante is not. If Silva is managed properly and doesn't show any deterioration as the season progresses, I actually think a holding midfielder is a bigger need than a centre back. Either way though, those two positions are what we have to get right over the next year. It is the only thing holding us back from having a well balanced squad capable of competing for the top trophies.
  23. 29. Kai Havertz

    In this scenario would you envisage Kante as a pure holding midfielder with Mount and Havertz further forward (like a 4-3-3), or Mount alongside Kante, with Havertz in front of them (like a 4-2-3-1)?
  24. Super Frank Thread

    Assuming United get something from their game in hand there will be 5 points between 1st - 15th place. At this stage of the season that is literally nothing. If we won our next couple of games we could quite easily be in the top 4. We've also played two of the top 4 from last year already in our first 6 games. It's not been great, but it's hardly been a disaster. The most important thing at this stage is we remain within touching distance of the top. With the lack of pre season (together with finishing later than most last season), large influx of new players and injuries/lack of fitness for some important players, it was always likely that the start may be a little slow. We are hugely benefitting this season from no one really standing out yet and making a great start - the likes of Villa and Everton have now lost and been beating comfortably at the weekend so let's see how they'll react now moving forward. I'm confident that the team will improve and get stronger as the season progresses so with that in mind I'm far from concerned at present.
  25. 6. Thiago Silva

    In my opinion he's the best centre back in the league after Van Dijk. I'm amazed that PSG let him go at the level he's still at, and that no other big clubs went in for him.