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  1. Super Frank Thread

    I was a big supporter of Frank getting the job in the summer for the main reason that it needed someone to come in and work towards the long term benefits of the club rather than the short term. The coaches at Chelsea have always known it will be a couple of years cycle and as a result aren't prepared to think long term. It's very much a 'what can I get out of this job' approach for the coaches and with good reason because a trophy or two can only help boost their standing and profile for future jobs. Bringing Lampard in, someone who has an affinity with this club and an understanding of what the supporters would love to see, we have someone not afraid of making long term decisions even if they have a negative short term impact because he cares for the club and wants to see the club have a solid footing for longer term success even if he isn't the coach. The transfer ban has obviously aided things, but he could easily put Giroud ahead of Tammy, Barkley ahead of Mount and kept Luiz and loaned out Tomori. I'm pretty sure none of them would have had much look in under Sarri if he'd stayed. What Klopp said today is right, the work that Lampard has put in so far in just a short space of time has already turned Tammy and Mount into big players worth a lot of money. Tomori is heading down that route, and Hudson-Odoi is now signed up too. Yes Lampard still has a lot to learn tactically but he's in just his second year of management. It has to be taken into consideration in the grand scheme of things and if he needs to gain the experience, I'd rather he get it now when a core group of players are also in need of it because if the academy lads develop as we're all hoping and we buy well next summer, we could start growing back into a real force again. Until then, for the first time in a long while I enjoy watching us despite the lack of consistency at present and I love seeing players finally be given an opportunity who deserve it. Those that I've watched playing and winning us youth cups and hopefully becoming big players for our country too. It's easy to dismiss the pride, particularly English fans, have in players breaking through at their clubs from the youth team.
  2. Eden Hazard

    Real Madrid look in dire straits at present and I'd be amazed if they're close to challenging again for the Champions League and Barcelona in Spain for at least the next couple of seasons. Big transition for them, and in that time they will also need to look to replacing the likes of Ramos and Modric too. By that time Hazard will be 30/31. All the talk and criticism that the club never adequately built a team for him, ironically Madrid are in a similar boat right now and need a proper rebuild themselves.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    Agree with this. I can't understand what all the fuss is about. We can all debate if Barkley is the right choice but if Lampard has made the decision that he is the best man for that job then it's right that he's first choice when he's on the pitch. I think the whole issue is that Barkley had only been on for a few minutes and not really got into the rhythm of the game, hence why Jorginho and Willian who seem to be the next in line, wanted to make sure he was prepared to take it. Willian shouldn't have hung around for as long once Barkley said he was fine, but I can't understand how this is Lampard's fault. If he's compiled a list of penalty takers then that should be adhered by the players unless the one who is in line to take doesn't fancy it (and in that circumstance they really shouldn't be considered then anyway).
  4. Chelsea - Valencia

    Don't agree, many top penalty takers have gone high, just not all the time. Lampard would do it once every 4 or 5 penalties. I've seen lots of players with excellent track records at penalties go high - Ballack, Shearer, Le Tissier, Lambert. This simply boils down to Barkley's execution on this occasion not being good enough.
  5. Chelsea - Valencia

    That's the execution, your argument has been that type of penalty shouldn't be taken. And in both instances neither have been good enough because they've both missed the target and the end result has been the same. As a side note, there are very few penalties that are saved if on target that are hit high centrally. A keeper's natural reaction is to stay low for a penalty in order to spring as far to one side as possible, so I've no problem with the idea.
  6. Chelsea - Valencia

    One of the worst attempts to justify a side of an argument I've seen in quite a while
  7. Chelsea - Valencia

    Being first choice and considered the best penalty taker at the club won't always go together. Lampard in his last season wasn't first choice but would still have been number 1 penalty taker when on the pitch. The issue stems from Barkley only being on the pitch for a couple of minutes and not really had a touch yet. That's why he's being questioned if he's ok to take it but once he says he's up for it, the rest should just get out the box and let him get on with it.
  8. Chelsea - Valencia

    2 were set pieces though and this is definitely an area that needs to be improved significantly. I still believe that some of those defensive problems in a back 4 are personnel at present. We're without our best defender, best midfielder and now best left back so I understand Lampard trying to compensate for that. Agree on Willian and Pedro too was very poor tonight. I think the system will actually suit the younger players more giving them licence to roam around a little bit more. Mount, Pulisic, CHO, even RLC could operate in those areas effectively.
  9. Chelsea - Valencia

    It definitely makes us more defensively solid, Valencia hardly created anything of note in open play tonight and Wolves created very little at the weekend. The biggest problem was the quality from out wide. We worked the ball very well at times in the centre through Jorginho and Kovacic and switched play well but Azpi and Alonso simply don't have good enough delivery. It would be interesting to see how 3-4-3 would work at times when players are fit and Emerson and James can be wing backs, with Rudiger leading the defence too. The wing backs are the key in that formation as it allows the 3 to be more narrow in a similar way to how Liverpool and City play and unfortunately at present that's the weak area of this side.
  10. Chelsea - Valencia

    Disappointing after the great result at the weekend but this will be unfortunately the pattern of this season I believe, certainly for the first 2 or 3 months. It will be a big learning curve for Lamps and a lot of these players and we're just going to have to take the rough with the smooth. On a side note I thought Tomori looked very good and if he carries on the way he has the last couple of games he could start staking a genuine claim to be first choice even in a two with Rudiger fit.
  11. 9. Tammy Abraham

    There's no doubt that other elements to Tammy's game seem to be improving each game and that is simply developing from a mixture of experience and confidence. I can remember when Spurs fans were begging for Kane to be given a chance and when he first came in he scored a few goals but was very raw and didn't offer much else. The other attributes to his game developed and improved over time and he was afforded that time to gain experience and develop those because he was scoring goals. The hope is that Tammy can have a similar development curve so as others have mentioned, when he has games that he doesn't score he is still contributing for the side.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    Above all else this season, the biggest positive for me personally from Lampard's appointment is how much more I'm enjoying this season. The last two seasons have been a real hard watch. Conte seemed to pretty much give up and our performances reflected that, and whilst I appreciate the changes Sarri was trying to incorporate (and I actually think some areas Lamps has benefited from Sarri's work) a lot of the football was so boring and pedestrian. I'm not sure if it is simply having Lamps back, integrating the younger players, more attack minded football, lower expectations for the season or a mixture of all but I'm enjoying watching the games. Yes there are clearly some issues which need to be addressed and consistency I think throughout this season could prove a problem, but I'm just really enjoying the ride so far.
  13. Wolves 2-5 Chelsea

    Exactly. In conte's first season it gave Hazard and Pedro more licence to drift inside and push higher to support Costa so you would like to hope that Abraham wouldn't be isolated.
  14. Wolves 2-5 Chelsea

    Don't mind this lineup. It shows at the very least that Lampard isn't blind to our defensive issues and he's trying to address it.
  15. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Still not fit yet according to Lamps. Becoming a bit of a concern now given just how important he is to the side.
  16. Summer Transfer Targets

    So £400m total? I cannot see that happening. I could see us possibly buying a player in January if we're allowed and then possibly a budget of around £120-150m in the summer plus whatever we sell.
  17. Summer Transfer Targets

    We definitely need to strengthen, we've made those mistakes before. The success of our young players though will likely go a long way to determining who and what areas we strengthen. At the moment the assumption across much the fan base is that Reece James will take over at right back and be superb. If he isn't though, then right back could become a priority position. If he develops as we all hope he will though, Azpilicueta is more than capable of being a second choice right back so suddenly we go from it being a priority position to not needing anything there for the forseeable future. I agree, I think we will definitely need a striker in the summer. However Tammy's success and development this season may well determine whether we are in the market for a plan A or plan B striker.
  18. Summer Transfer Targets

    The biggest 'unknown' for me is just how well these young players develop and flourish this season. If Reece James comes back from injury and slots into right back seamlessly then that it one position we no longer need to prioritise. If Tammy scores 20+ goals this season and continues to improve his all round game throughout the season we may go from desperately needing to find a goalscorer to instead finding another striker to complement him. Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic, Mount and RLC are all talented enough to lock down spots in the attacking positions of the team. Does that mean that we retain the likes of Willian and Pedro for another season as their backup or we can perhaps take a little risk with more of a 'project' buy in that position who can be given the time to settle in as opposed to a star signing. One of the defenders also may strike up an excellent partnership with Rudiger which continues to improve throughout the season. At the moment I believe Tomori, Christensen and Zouma are all very good, solid squad players but none are at the level yet where they're quite regular first teamer at the highest level. However if one makes that step up through the season and Rudiger takes up the mantle of leading that defence then in 8 months time we may all be looking completely differently at this area of the pitch. At the moment, there are big gaps to fill in the squad but there is every chance that a number of those can be filled by these players as the season progresses. RLC in particular showed last season just how quickly players can develop and kick on rapidly and whilst this season may not amount to a successful one in regards to trophies and league position, it could be one of the more important seasons in recent years for laying the groundwork for future successes with a new core of players.
  19. 24. Reece James

    I would argue the squad now is the least stale it's been in years. Seeing the younger element coming in and performing well so far is very refreshing and bodes well for the future. There has to be more patience here. Yes we definitely need to make improvements to the squad next summer, and I'm sure that will happen but I would much rather we got the right players and it took us a couple of summer windows to do so rather than trying to rebuild the squad in the transfer market like we did in 2017 and end up with some really piss poor buys. At the moment our squad looks very thin but we have about half a dozen players out currently, some of which are amongst our best players and the rest have genuine arguments for being starters too. I think the season as a whole will settle down over the next month or two and whilst top 4 will be difficult, I still think top 6 is more than realistic over the course of a season. We seem to have made the decision to change the style of play to a more progressive and attack minded one and over the two transfer windows we had in this period I feel we brought players that suit that style and we've been prepared to pay big money for those players (Kepa, Kovacic, Jorginho, Pulisic) so again have to disagree with this idea that the club is just prepared to go through the motions. The last two windows would suggest that lessons have been learned. I think there is a plan in place but it's still in its infancy and the groundwork is still being laid. RLC is the example that hopefully some of these young players can look to this season. As he grew more confident and was trusted more by the manager he continued to improve until by the time he got injured he was one of the first names on the team-sheet. This time last season very few expected that rise from him. With the support of the manager, and continued regular exposure to game time there's nothing to say that we haven't got another 4 or 5 like that who will continue to improve and flourish as the season goes by. It may not help a huge amount this season but we will be in a far stronger position come next summer. At that point I'm sure the club and Lampard will identify the biggest gaps in the squad and strengthen accordingly in that window.
  20. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    Agreed, but it also needs time and patience from both the board and the fans. As you've pointed out with Klopp, a manager doesn't always just need backing in the transfer market but they also need backing with their longer term vision for the club, style, etc. In turn Klopp can back players under less pressure. When Fabinho came in last season he started terribly and looked barely better than Bakayoko but nobody seemed to question the buy and he was given time under Klopp to find his feet and adapt to the league and now he looks a top player. We really need the same mindset as a club because these younger players will take time to develop and gain experience but we will be much better off in a season or two for that. RLC showed last season the potential of one of the academy blossoming, and without his injury most of us were looking at him being almost a talisman like figure this season. Some of these young lads I've no doubt can do the same but it won't happen overnight, and the volume of academy players we're looking at developing will cause some problems at times this season simply due to the lack of experience amongst the squad. Hopefully though we can add some really good players to that core group along with our best players that are all also at a good age (Kepa, Rudiger, Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic) there is some real potential to rebuild properly over the next couple of years. The other key as you pointed out is that our signings the last 12-18 months have been overall very good and all been focused to fit into a more offensive and progressive style of play. The important thing again is that the board and fans are prepared to give this time and patience and see a project through. The worst thing we can do is revert back to a more defensive style of play in 12 months time if this squad under Lampard has struggled. For too long we've managed to get away with putting a band-aid on the squad but with the standard that Liverpool and City have achieved this just won't work anymore.
  21. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    At what point have I said to play youth for the sake of it? My point is that it's easy to manage in hindsight. We could all do that given the opportunity. I'm not even saying that Lampard was right in his decision and there will be a learning process still for him, let alone our younger players. I'm simply arguing your point that the sub made no sense. Gilmour was the closest player profile on the bench to Kovacic to play in the midfield and as I said on a previous post, Lampard at the time has possibly decided that he didn't want to invite more pressure in the last 10 minutes by throwing another defender on and instead hoped bringing on fresh legs in the midfield and being someone comfortable in possession was the better way to approach the situation to try and wrestle back possession and control of the game. It's an alternative and more positive way of trying to see the game out. It hasn't worked this time hence the criticism of the choice, but I can understand Lampard's thinking and I can respect his positive approach to the situation.
  22. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    Completely agree, the early second half goal was the killer today. For the most part we actually looked much more solid today in the middle of the park and Kovacic and Jorginho were not letting us get exposed like we have done in other games (many of the problems were coming down the right hand side), but both struggled in the second half to get their foot on the ball and wrestle back control of the game which is disappointing from two of our more experienced players.
  23. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    The final against Man City last year too, and even against Liverpool in the super cup to a degree. There was more experience in that side against Liverpool though and that is something these youngsters will need to learn. When things go wrong, we concede or the opposition have a period of dominating the ball (which every team has at some stage of any game) that is when the team need to learn to dig in. At present we're trying too hard to shift the momentum back to us and it's leading to overplaying and our play to become too frenetic, losing our shape, etc. Kante and Rudiger coming back in will help with this, as will having Willian and Pedro back fully fit. Need some calm and composed heads leading by example.
  24. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    That is definitely disappointing I would agree. The young players are actually stepping up. If you'd have said Tammy would have 4 in 4 and Mount 2 in 4 before the season everybody would snap your hands off. Tomori too I thought was actually pretty solid today and looked the more senior and comfortable defender alongside Zouma.
  25. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    Just a bit of realism for where we are at. And it isn't just this season, this is over the last couple of seasons previous too since we last won the league. We've tried to overhaul the whole style over last season and this, and a mixture of signings and academy players, all of our players being brought in are younger whilst we've lost some key experience at the same time. We've just lost our best player under a transfer ban, whilst key players and some of our best young talents are out injured at the moment leaving the squad pretty thin and ravaged. We're miles behind the top two, like everyone else in the league. At the moment we're competing for the top 4, that's our place at present and if we achieve that we'll have had an excellent season in transition. A couple of the teams competing for those places - United look terrible and their win against us appears to be one of those games where everything went their way more so than the standard for them, and they lost to Palace at home last week; and Spurs lost at home to Newcastle last week. Today was a poor performance and result but we're not the only team that this happens to. The sense of entitlement and lack of patience and realism sometimes across our fan base is aggravating.