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  1. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Agree to this. I think there are a lot of similarities to their moaning attitudes and general petulance but Morata does seem more mobile and better in space than Torres. Lacazette would be ideal. Just to think that we've spent similar money on batshuayi, morata and giroud to what arsenal have spent on lacazette and aubameyang is pretty poor.
  2. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I don't think he's much different to Torres in terms of performances and production for the team. To be honest there's quite a few similarities in both with regards to style, attitude, etc. The biggest problem with Torres was that the money paid for him at the time was huge and once Drogba left, we were in a position where we had no other option but to play him. At least with Morata he's proven to be dispensable and droppable, and for that reason I think it doesn't become quite as infuriating. To be honest I think he's a pretty good option to have as part of a striking group and I think he would thrive far more being under the radar as opposed to the main man, the pressure which he clearly struggles with. The fact still remains though that a top striker that will score us 20+ a season is the biggest need at the moment.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Sometimes these things you end up overthinking and over analysing into anything positive or negative to spin however you want it to look. But is it possible this is Hazard prompting Chelsea to come back to the table and negotiate with him again? He did in that interview suggest that not much has been discussed recently and he'd be happy to start talking again. And there is no doubt that he is far happier under Sarri. Chelsea have to look to force the issue here. No tough penny pinching negotiations from Marina, we have to make this happen.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Conte being linked with the Real Madrid job. If that happened I'd seriously fancy our chances of tying down Hazard.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    That I think is what still gives us a chance of keeping him. This Madrid side is no longer the dominant side it has been the last 3-4 years and needs a rebuild. Hazard may look at that as a good option to go in and be the star, but he may also view it as the ship has sailed. That 'dream' move isn't what it may have been a year or two ago. The board pulled off a huge coup in the summer with Sarri and the players we signed were starting XI calibre. We've essentially shown our hand to Hazard and there's no doubt its had a positive effect and impact on him.
  6. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Also that Kepa song, so simple yet brilliant.
  7. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    That save today from Redmond was world class. The ball was travelling and moving a lot in the air and Kepa was on the back foot getting back on his line. I've also noticed the last couple of games making some very good saves that he has strong hands and wrists. This worried me after that Arsenal game. He is already looking settled and solid for us, and can only get better. I get the impression that the defence in front of him are growing in confidence with his performances too.
  8. Aaron Ramsey

    Little bit torn on this. On one side he'd be phenomenal value, even with a good sized contract. Free transfer for a proven 27 year old would be a steal. However, he has had injury problems and has been far from his best in the last season or so. And we are stacked in midfield at the moment. It is our strongest area, not just in quality but depth. If Fabregas leaves in the summer, and we can't strike a deal with Kovacic then there would be a place for him. However I also wouldn't want a player coming in on big money and expected to play games, blocking the path of Mount into the first team in the next year or two. Definitely should be considered on a free transfer, but only if gaps appear in our midfield group.
  9. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Giroud could well indirectly sort the problem of us not having a player to score the bulk of our goals to challenge this season. It doesn't need to be the striker, if Hazard can get 20-25 league goals this season that will be fine as we have a number of players who can chip in 5,10,15 goals a season each to help spread the rest of the goal scoring.
  10. European Competition Thread

    The problem with this is that Sarri will be travelling for the game anyway so who will train the boys for Sarri ball during the away games? I think what you have posted above with regards to line ups will be sufficient to get through the group comfortably and as I said some of the more important players like Hazard, Jorginho, Kante don't even need to bother travelling to some of these away games. Keep them fresh for the league. If we need them we can use them in some capacity in the home games to sit on the bench as a plan B.
  11. European Competition Thread

    Easy games on paper and should have no sweat dispatching these teams at home but that is a fair old bit of travelling to Greece, Belarus and Hungary. There were discussions over the likes of CHO and Ampadu getting game time. I think that is almost certain to happen as if I was Sarri I would take it in turn leaving 3 or 4 of the main players out of the squad entirely for each of those games so they don't need to travel.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    If he doesn't get sufficient game time this season or come January, then I think he will be loaned out and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Germany. Ampadu too. Ironically the best two players to come back from loans in recent years had successful spells in Germany (Christensen and De Bruyne). But this isn't a case like RLC who I think we failed by loaning him out far too late. These boys are still only 17. If they don't get the opportunities here, then they're still young enough to go on to a successful loan next season.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    As someone alluded to on a previous post, we're currently playing once a week with a fully fit squad for selection. And pre season cannot be compared to competitive games, the need to perform under pressure and expectation to win. The likes of Ampadu and CHO need to gain that experience by having it drip-fed to them and not 'thrown to the wolves'. Playing in the league cup which is our lowest priority, and getting minutes as subs in games that have been largely won but need seeing out is the first step and is built on from there. Next month when the games come thick and fast, international periods, injuries and suspensions, they'll both get chances I'm sure of it and its then up to them to impress. As Tomo said, 10-15 games this season is progress for both and that is built on each year. 2-3 seasons from now we will hopefully be looking at both of these boys as first choice in their respective positions, anything earlier is a bonus.
  14. Mason Mount

    Don't agree. Barkley may not be first choice but he has already started 3 out of 4 games this season (if you include the Community Shield) and came on in the other game. This is a far cry to his time under Conte last season and he will feature more than enough throughout the season I believe to keep him happy. Barkley is reaping the benefit of a full pre season under Sarri which gave him a head start over RLC and the opportunity to impress and gain the trust of Sarri. In terms of which is the better player, I'm not too sure to be honest. They both have some unique qualities and they both have some weaknesses to their game. I think Barkley's game currently is more suited to the advanced midfield role in Sarri's formation, but RLC needs to get his head down and try to force his way in. The biggest problem for RLC is the lack of experience. You only have to see the success and development that Mount is enjoying, to realise that Chelsea dropped the ball by not loaning out RLC at a much younger age. If he had been playing first team football in the Championship and then Premiership for say 3 seasons before now, he'd likely be a far more polished and experienced player with a far better understanding of his best position.
  15. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Pleased with the result and the general dominance in our play. If I could be picky it would be the lack of width at times we seemed to have. I'm a critic of Morata, but he had no space to run in behind today and as a result was fully reliant on his team-mates to create the chances for him which didn't happen. Stretching Newcastle wide should have resulted in more space through the middle and chances to cross the ball in where we all know Morata (and later Giroud) are very strong in the air. We all know how hard it is for a team to continuously play through the middle and break a team down and is why we were always so successful against Barcelona. I think that will come though in time. It will require the players to move the ball a bit quicker today as at times the play was slowed down too much which ultimately benefited Newcastle. The other observation i had was how deep at times Hazard was coming to receive the ball. He no longer needs to do this, we now have the players in midfield (1) to dominate possession and (2) to find him in areas higher up the pitch. Again, we're talking 3 games into the season and his first start so I expect there will be some adaptation but I would expect over the next few weeks the team to find a way to get more out of Hazard getting on the ball in areas much higher up the pitch. In games like today, which we're likely to face more often as we become more dominant on the ball, having Hazard operating 10 yards higher should help more in breaking these teams down.
  16. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Huge game for Morata today, could really do with him getting another goal today and keep his confidence moving up a notch or two. We have a run now through to the end of September against Liverpool with very much winnable games and get some real momentum going.
  17. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Agree, Shelvey and Lascelles are very much the spine of Newcastle's team nowadays so that's two huge losses for them. We need to start well and get ahead of them. The last thing we need is to give them encouragement because the Geordies can make a good atmosphere up there when their team is in the ascendancy.
  18. 5. Jorginho

    Whilst it is clear that Sarri has some work to drill into the team regarding defensive shape, etc having a midfielder so comfortable in possession and to dictate and control the game does still help defensively. In the second half we played a far more patient game and controlled it, in doing so restricting arsenal to very little in the second half. Without someone like Jorginho and later kovacic alongside him this wouldn't be possible.
  19. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The squad is too big when you consider a couple of the young players like CHO and Ampadu should now be viewed very much as solid squad players now. Rudiger aside, we're suffering from the ridiculous and pathetic transfer window last summer, and will likely take another season or so to fully recover from that debacle.
  20. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    It's refreshing to hear a manager who appears to be happy with the squad and is just focused on coaching them and making them better. It has to help the crop of players we currently have and give them confidence compared to Conte last season moaning constantly that the squad wasn't good enough.
  21. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Of all the late starters, Kante is the most important in my opinion to start this game seeing how easily our midfield can be played through the press currently. This will obviously take some time to perfect and Kante as a result is more important than ever for the legs in midfield to track back. For all of Jorginho's abilities he's not the greatest in the defensive aspect. If Sarri feels Hazard is ready play him too but I have a feeling he may be on the bench to come on for the last half hour and be readied instead for the Arsenal game. The other key area for me to be cautious with is left back. If Sarri prefers Alonso over Emerson which he seems to at present, then for me Rudiger needs to play as the left sided centre back. We need our quickest defender on that side to cover Alonso. Luiz isn't as quick as he once was, and that City game (I know the other teams week in week out are not at that level) highlighted that Luiz and Alonso on that left side could hinder us a lot in the early part of this season if Sarri continues with them.
  22. Michy Batshuayi

    We've got 3 weeks before the other transfer windows end haven't we? Surely give him a chance until then to allow Sarri to assess what he's all about. It also gives us a couple of games early on in the season to see whether Morata picks up at all or just remains terrible because it would be suicidal to be relying predominantly on him all season if he continues to fail.
  23. Thibaut Courtois

    We wanted a £10m loan fee for Drinkwater. So what I'm saying is in usual circumstances they wouldn't have loaned out kovacic without a fee so getting him for free for a year as part of the courtois deal carries value too.
  24. Thibaut Courtois

    There's value in the Kovacic loan to be considered too. Real Madrid wouldn't have loaned him out this season without a reasonable fee. The amount of money that can be made through loan fees nowadays is staggering (Chelsea perfect case in point).
  25. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    The club has learnt from last summer. We could have taken £70-80m and spread it over a new keeper and midfielder and perhaps got something like Butland/Schmeichel and Vecino. Instead for a similar outlay we have got Kepa and Kovacic which is significantly better than the above. Next summer if Kovacic then needs replacing either (1) Sarri has had a good look or coached the likes of Barkley and RLC to play more prominent roles, (2) We have a new summer budget with which to buy a top midfielder or buy Kovacic permanently.