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  1. Jeremie Boga

    Could be a nice, cheap replacement for Pedro.The club seem to have done well to learn from previous mistakes with these buy back clauses they have been inserting. Just how good is Boga now though. Where would be fall within our depth chart? I personally don't think it would happen, but an option could be to bring someone like this in for 6 months completely risk free and to loan CHO out for the rest of the season who I think would benefit massively from just playing week in week out for the rest of the season. He needs to play himself back into peak fitness and confidence and it'll be difficult at present breaking into our team when he's not playing well at all.
  2. 29. Fikayo Tomori

    Just signed a new deal to 2024. Great news.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It's the difference in position over us and Liverpool. We need to be looking to improve our starting XI whilst they need to bolster their squad. Hopefully in a couple of seasons we'll be in a similar position.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    Definitely not going to argue with you with regards to our transfer dealings. They have been extremely hit and miss for the past 5 years or so. For every Costa, there was a Morata; For every Kante, there was a Drinkwater and so on. The reluctance of giving youth a chance has really bit us because I believe that is why we have stretched our transfer budget out over too many players. I am hoping that lessons have been learnt from that 2017 summer window which, with the exception of Rudiger, was downright embarrassing. I do feel the 2018 summer suggested we were starting to learn when buying Jorginho and Kepa and not being afraid to pay out for the right players. At the same time we were linked with Seri and Butland who would both have been significantly cheaper options and in previous seasons we may have well moved for them. On the Van Dijk transfer, I do believe we were in for him amongst others but he had set his stall out that he wanted to move to Liverpool in a similar way to how Oxlade-Chamberlain rejected us as he only wanted to move there too. On the other point you've made about our levels of spending, I do think however that despite having spent a lot of money, our net spend in recent years has significantly dropped and a lot of our moves in the transfer market are well funded by player sales. I'm not saying the likes of City and United don't sell players but they don't generate near the same levels as we do from player sales.
  5. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think anything we get out of RLC this season will be a bonus to be honest. At the moment CHO looks shot. I do think he'll get back to what we are expecting him to become but it will take some time. I think both will massively benefit from a full pre season next summer and that is when we should start seeing the best of both. It's therefore imperative that this season is used to get them to that position starting the next season fully fit and confident.
  6. Chelsea - Lille

    I think that clinical edge will come in time. In Conte's first season we weren't creating anywhere near the same amount of chances but Costa, Hazard and Pedro were all very clinical in that season (Pedro and Hazard particularly scored a lot of spectacular goals) and everyone else chipped in around them. However you then saw a drop off in the second season when Costa left, etc because it's very difficult to keep that up. Last season was similar, at the start of the season Hazard was on fire and we were taking a lot of chances but as the season wore on we weren't as clinical and started to struggle far more. I would rather be the way we are now where the chances are being created but we're a little too wasteful at the moment because as long as chances keep being created they should eventually be taken. There will be games through the season and beyond where teams will take a complete tanking from us playing in this way. There have already been signs such as the Wolves and Burnley games how we can blow teams away.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I think Michy as a makeweight would be an ideal scenario to be able to offload him and to bring the price down but that would likely still leave us with the same problem because Giroud will also want to leave. Tammy and Zaha would leave us even thinner. I like the idea of a top player being able to play multiple positions in attack and thereby covering the striker role. It's clear that if Tammy keeps developing and scoring at the rate he is then he'll keep the position locked down. Another possible alternative, but it would be short term, is whether we looked at Mertens or Cavani to come in for 18 months, 2 years or something? Both have a degree of flexibility to play out wide or as the central striker so can, like Zaha, be more accommodated. I believe both have contracts up at the end of this season too so would likely be relatively cheap. It would then allow us to focus our transfer budget on other areas of the team that need sorting out and we would also have a much better idea of the level Tammy is likely to reach within another 12-18 months as to whether he is definitely the long term solution or do we need to go big for someone else again.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    But he does perfectly suit United at present.
  9. Chelsea - Lille

    That might not be BBC mate, it just takes that long for VAR to make the decision!
  10. Chelsea - Lille

    Out of the top teams I think PSG are the team I wouldn't want. They are the strongest all round in my opinion. Barca and Bayern will be tough but neither are the teams they were a few years ago and shouldn't be feared. I haven't really seen anything of juventus this season but if Sarri has them playing slow and methodical like we were then I think our pace and high energy pressing has the potential to cause them problems.
  11. Chelsea - Lille

    I would say Leipzig is probably the worst draw we could have. Another young, energetic team with a bright young coach but they are well ahead of us on both sides with regards to their experience and development. However I think there would be expectations on us to beat them as not a very big name in European football at present. In my opinion we would be much more suited to play as underdogs with little expectation. If we hit some form again at the right time, with the way we attack and press with pace and energy, I don't think any of those top teams will want to draw us.
  12. Chelsea - Lille

    Valencia are cheating little bastards but Ajax deserved to go out from Tadic's play acting. I can't stand players that do that, it's pathetic and embarrassing.
  13. Chelsea - Lille

    Napoli have sacked Ancelotti tonight
  14. Chelsea - Lille

    The mistake towards the end aside, Rudiger made such a huge difference to our defence tonight. Aggressive, strong, quick, comfortable with the ball and plays with real personality. Zouma looked much more comfortable tonight too alongside him than he has recently with Christensen. Out of those teams we could draw, it's surely destined to be Juventus and Sarri.
  15. Chelsea - Lille

    Remy of all players ffs