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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I've seen a few rumours over the last couple of days about Nagelsman at Hoffenheim. Anybody know much about him? His record with Hoffenheim has been superb and only 30 years old too. Are we talking the second coming of AVB or is there more to him?
  2. 18. Olivier Giroud

    That is the key mental difference between him and Morata. Let's not pretend that Giroud misses his fair share of chances or with his gangly frame he somehow manages to get in a tangle. But he never shirks away, and his composure and confidence never seem to change regardless of the circumstances. With Morata you get the feeling, dare i say it like Torres and Shevchenko before him, that if he misses a couple of chances he goes into his shell and his head drops massively. That is hands down my biggest concern with Morata being our number 1 striker is his mental toughness.
  3. 18. Olivier Giroud

    My best mate is an Arsenal fan, he's always been a big fan of Giroud. Said he always gave 100% to the cause. Off topic but he's also distraught over Wenger leaving, thinks they'll struggle even more for a while now.
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    He's been far better the last few games (bar the Southampton away game). He looks fitter, that burst of pace looks back that he had at the start of the season, and I do think he's starting to understand the physicality of the league. He's built for the league, he just needs to embrace those aspects. He clearly has the intelligence of a striker to find pockets of space and has the pace to exploit that which Giroud doesn't have. The three chances he managed in the last 15 minutes yesterday show that. He just needs to show a more ruthless streak with his finishing. Hopefully it's a confidence thing and he'll be all the better for this year's experience next year. If it's a technical thing though we could struggle again next year without someone who's capable of scoring 20+ league goals.
  5. 18. Olivier Giroud

    I can understand why Arsenal fans were loathe to see him leave. He's not the top drawer striker who will fire us to league titles, but he is the best 'alternative option' we've had since Drogba/Anelka, Drogba/Crespo. He will get us goals, and offers a completely different option up top. The lad literally wins everything in the air and brings our more creative players into play if we need to hit the ball long. Nailed on for a striker spot next season. The bigger decision this summer is whether the club decides to stick or twist with Morata and how it views Batshuayi.
  6. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Pochetino's interview after the game today was interesting and hinted a little at suggestions of frustration (Dele Alli's too by the way). I think it would be silly for Chelsea not to at the very least make a play for him if we replace Conte in the summer. I'm not for one minute thinking we could easily get him and that likelihood may well be slim but Spurs fans can bleat all they want, Chelsea is a far bigger club in every aspect in this day and age and breeds a winning mentality across all forms of the game, something which may appeal to Poch who has already previously shown that he is extremely motivated to reach the very highest level. He may look at the additional resources here and feel this would be the step up he wants himself. At worst, it winds up Spurs and hopefully will rock the boat and upset/unsettle things there.
  7. Burnley 1-2 Chelsea

    Clearly prioritising the cup semi. I'm surprised by omissions of Willian and Hazard though as we're not going to out-fight them and pace down the flanks I think would be our best option.
  8. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I'm extremely torn about this and could understand the Chelsea board having reservations over which route they take. The facts are whether people like it or not, we win trophies and have been now consistently for years. Even in a period of transition where we've let some of the best players in the history of our club leave, and not been as competitive in the transfer market as the Manchester clubs, we've still won the league twice. I love the idea of building a long term plan and project but the facts are there are only a handful of trophies that can be won each year and whilst the media laud Klopp and Poch and the sides they've built at Liverpool and Spurs, both still haven't won anything yet and may never do so. It was something touted about Arsenal a few years back when they had a young team that they would be a force in 2-3 years time and it never came to fruition. What I would like to see as a minimum is a strategy implemented at the club which will see an element of consistency in its transition between managers. We go from one 'top' manager to another without their styles and tactics being remotely similar at times and as a result we have a squad which lacks an identity. It is where football people on the board are needed. A manager and players are brought in to fit the style and strategy, which can also be implemented at youth levels too, which would hopefully improve the chances of players making it into the first team squad. Then even if a manager doesn't work, or only lasts the 2-3 year average that it now seems across the country, the club is far better set up to keep pushing forward. As opposed to the confusion and mess it appears to be right now.
  9. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Agree, I've seen some of Mount and he looks a very good player (although won't expect us to win many headers in the middle of the park with him and Kante!) Really difficult with Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu. i think they're both good enough already to be playing week in week out at the top end of the Championship and potentially even bottom half of the Premiership. Do they go out next season and get a full season of game time before coming back far more polished? Or do we go down the same route for them - cup games, Europa, etc gaining experience and hopefully impressing enough to force into the league team? As I pointed out earlier the biggest thing is to have a manager strong willed and brave enough to give these lads chances in big games if they are the best option available. Rather than shoe-horning a player into a different position because they are more experienced (e.g. playing Luiz in midfield instead of Mount).
  10. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I'd rate Pasalic above all of them and he probably still won't get a look in. Around 2 whole squad out on loan with no first team action in sight. I would love to see a manager come in and tap into this pool. There has to be 4-5 players either on loan or within our current youth set up who can be integrated into the first team squad. They don't need to be coming in and being expected to start the majority of games but need to be trusted to come in and do a job when called upon and given enough games to flourish and develop. I think back to the Spurs game this season where Conte put faith in playing Christensen. That set him up then for the rest of the season and he has been trusted ever since. We need to be bringing in more like this. That would allow us to cull a number of players from our current squad to change the style, formation, etc to suit a new manager, and allow us to concentrate this summer's budget on 3-4 signings which will significantly improve our starting XI.
  11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    You can't tell me that the likes of RLC and Van Ginkel could have been any worse this season than Bakayoko and Drinkwater. If we had shown a bit of faith in using some of the players already on our books, we could have used last summer's transfer budget on, say, 3 top players rather than it being spread over half a dozen. If we had midfielders that were both good enough and stayed fit this season it could have been so different. It seemed early on that Conte wanted to move the team towards a 3-5-2 formation. It worked perfectly against Atletico and would have given us a different option to use rather than become predictable and one dimensional. This just has not been possible this season when we've only really had Fabregas and Kante fit throughout the season.
  12. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    I think he's certainly within his right to question the mentality of the team as a whole with regards to why we have given away so many leads this season - we're all asking the same questions!!!
  13. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I feel his general play has improved in the last couple of games, he has seemed more motivated to compete and stay on his feet far more. There is definitely a good footballer in there, but there are question marks over his attitude in my opinion. But again, it's first season, some players take to it and others take a much longer process of settling in (Drogba!). I don't think it's a coincidence that he dropped off completely around the time when he would be usually used to having a winter break whereas over here the games come even quicker. Add to that at the time, Batshuayi wasn't fancied so there was far more reliance on Morata and from what has come out he's been playing with an injury. I think there is such a huge job this summer that unless somebody truly world class is available on the market to replace him or he makes noises he wants out, we should stick with him and give him a chance.
  14. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Exactly, our philosophy has been built on a strong, imposing team that can intimidate and bully opponents into submission. Rock solid defence, powerful midfielders and a battering ram striker, with a touch of class and creativity. And we proved over the last 13 years or so it was the best possible philosophy for us to adopt because we've been the most successful English team in this time and even the great Barcelona team were fearful of us. For me though that philosophy and style has become dated in a new era where teams are willing to attach and press teams higher and more aggressively. I don't think its a coincidence that we've struggled this season, as to have United (given the money they've spent, expectations and frankly drab and dire performances). Styles, tactics, etc go in and out of fashion through time. In that period most teams would operate with one striker and two wide men. Now 2 strikers can be far more common in a more traditional 4-4-2. And it does feel like we seem stuck in the past a little and need re-booting. Also as you alluded to the personnel we have now compared to back then makes our style even more difficult to work. The players we had at our best fitted like a glove - Cech, Terry, Carvalho, Cole, Makelele, Essien, Ballack, Lampard, Drogba. They were players that were vastly experienced and huge characters.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Yes and there have also been signs under Jose and Conte that they were given far more time and patience than any of the previous managers despite how bad this and Jose's last season have been. It would be interesting if Conte wasn't so combustible and confrontational if he would have survived beyond this season, which looks almost a certainty that he won't now given the whole atmosphere at the club.