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  1. Stoke 0-4 Chelsea

    At least it silences the nonsense from some thinking he isn't good enough for a few days.
  2. Tammy Abraham

    I thought he looked good today and had Spurs defenders worried every time the ball was pumped up to him. I actually would argue his characteristics suit us more already than that of Batshuyai. However a season of Prem experience will be invaluable and I'd like to see him come back next year and challenge.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Some rumours doing the rounds that he's close to agreeing a new contract.
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    For a striker moving at his fee it's much more important that he's scoring goals early on and helping us win matches then just playing well and contributing generally. He's clearly got an abundance of talent which will sync with our other players in time. The biggest question mark was always how consistent can he score goals and he's proving that at the moment emphatically.
  5. Diego Costa

    Stranger things have happened in football before. If Morata got a significant injury of some sort or was really struggling to adapt to the league, I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of reconciliation was attempted. As others have pointed out, a similar situation occurred with Mancini and Tevez a few years ago and got sorted for the sake of the club. Conte is a winner above all else, and I believe if push comes to shove he would put that mindset and the club's needs above his own. I think it would come down to Costa's professionalism. If he had accepted Conte's decision in the summer but fought to change his mind, I have no doubts Conte would have kept him within the squad for that time being and he'd be getting game time and giving Morata chance to adapt. Players and managers don't have to like each other. It helps but plenty of examples of such in the past that haven't had a negative effect.
  6. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    I actually think he gives conte a 'safe' option in some games. Against the big teams Conte may not want us left as open as we might be playing fabregas, but he still brings a better ball playing option than kante or bakayoko might. Similarly against weaker opponents he's good enough to do the hard work and tackling, mopping up etc to possibly play with fabregas in a 2 if we're struggling to break a team down to win a game. As people have said he's a high upgrade on Chalobah and leaves us far stronger in that area of the park. I like his reason for joining too. He's had a taste of winning big trophies and wants more. You'll be surprised how many people don't have that mentality and are just happy with what they've achieved previously rather than going again and kicking on.
  7. Danny Drinkwater

    I think he'll become someone Conte trusts a lot. We only have to see over the last couple of days that it seems Ox and Barkley haven't got the stomach to fight for a place at the champions but he's shown the right mentality to back himself to come here and make an impact. Of course you need options on the bench like a Barkley who can change a game that you're not winning but you also need players that can help see a game out and his Premier league experience with that to boot will make him an important option throughout the season. People mock Cahill at times but despite any faults or flaws he's played a big part in a lot of trophies won and has obviously stepped up since at bolton. Hopefully drinkwater can do the same and kick on further with the move here.
  8. Danny Drinkwater

    Always takes longer as the club won't announce until the usual photos, short interview etc are completed.
  9. Danny Drinkwater

    This will leave us desperately short in midfield if that's the case.
  10. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    I hope you mean in a good way! I don't know anything about him, could you give a bit of insight?
  11. Deadline Day!

    Our squad may be a little thin in areas but : City are top heavy. Pep still has question marks in my opinion whether his style will get the club over the line throughout the season in England. Keeper is unproven. And they are also thin in key areas if Kompany and Fernandinho get injured. Liverpool haven't addressed that their keeper and defence are shite. Spurs only replaced Walker with Aurier - is that an improvement? Llorente and Sanchez only beef up the squad and don't improve the starting XI of a team that haven't won anything yet. Arsenal I don't even need to go into. I still think as long as we don't get key injuries we'll be challenging with United and City for the title. Liverpool and Spurs challenging for 4th place.
  12. Deadline Day!

    I'm happy with the signings we made. Rudiger and Christensen (if you'd include him) strengthen our defence and I believe one will edge Cahill out as first choice during the season. Bakayoko and Morata I think will prove to be younger and intelligent buys to replace Matic and Costa. Caballero is a solid replacement for Begovic and experienced backup. Zappacosta I don't know much about but will trust the Italian journalists that rate him and think he'll do well under Conte. Drinkwater, assuming it goes through, in my opinion is a solid option for centre midfield. Premier league experience, played with Kante in a 2 man midfield setup, will do a solid job when called upon I believe. I'm a little concerned with the depth in certain positions. Striker in particular because we don't know if Morata will struggle at some stage playing so many games for us during the season, especially how intense our league is and I'm really not sold on Batshuayi. That's why, for a fairly small fee, I'm surprised we didn't go in properly for Llorente who would have helped shore that position up. I feel we could have kept a couple of the younger players we've shipped out on loan just to beef up the squad. We have to assume we will usually have at least a couple of players unavailable for games when playing 2 or 3 times a week and our bench at the start of this season showed obvious depth issues. Boga for example, surely should have been kept. We have effectively got 5 senior players for 3 positions. It's a risky game. However if we have a run like last year keeping key players fit throughout the season we'll go close again because we are very well balanced and in my opinion still better equipped than Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal.
  13. Deadline Day!

    Knowing the way our board operates, I wouldn't be surprised if they've seen that Barkley is fucked until about December anyway and have told him we'll try and buy you again in January for a much more discounted fee and split the saving with you.
  14. Deadline Day!

    I think it says a lot about the English mentality - comfort zone, playing without pressure. You only have to look at Sanchez wanting to move to City to see the much more driven mentality of foreign players in my opinion.
  15. Deadline Day!

    Just seen on Sky Sports we have had 41 outgoings this summer. I know the vast majority of these are loan deals for youngsters but to be left so thin this late in the window. Just keeping 2 or 3 of those would have made our squad look so much stronger this summer and a lot less people would be moaning on here.