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  1. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    He and Hazard also gave a lot of mixed messages in the media about staying or going. One interview he'd talk about going back to Madrid for family reasons, and another interview he'd say he could stay in London for a few more years and move back to Madrid at the end of his career. Yes it was always likely that he would go but it's never a given. There are lots of examples that players or clubs perform a u-turn when it looks unlikely. As I said, the club took a calculated risk letting him play another year of his contract out but I believe at the time it probably felt the right call because he was one of the best around.
  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Easy to look at this now in hindsight I think but the club probably still felt there was a good chance of getting Courtois to re-sign with 2 years left on his deal. It's a calculated risk in my opinion when you have one of the best in the world in their position and at an excellent age at the club and trying to retain their services. Kepa may have ended up a bit of a panic buy in the end but from what it appears our number one target was Alisson and number two was Oblak who both rejected us. Then, again, if reports are to be believed we made a choice that we'd keep Courtois the extra season and let him leave on a free and re-assess the following season. Again, not possible once Courtois started to force the move (and in hindsight a good move after the ban in the summer window) When some of the other names we were being linked to were the likes of Butland and even Joe Hart, could you imagine the meltdown if we sold Courtois and brought one of these in to replace? Kepa clearly isn't a mug. He's highly regarded in Spain, with a lot of people preferring him over De Gea and Real Madrid made a move for him before Courtois. But he hasn't played well for a while and it does create a big problem, as you've pointed out, with the commitment made on him it almost has to be followed through now because no club is going to pay the fee we did for him. I think the most damning indictment of him at present is any shot in or around our box at present I'm not confident of him saving, even fairly standard ones.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It's easy to panic after results like today, but I really hope that Lampard and the club remain calm like he said in his press conference this week and only buy if the price and opportunity are right in this window. The best players, unless it is very exceptional circumstances, are simply not available in January and/or not willing to change clubs mid-season. We cannot afford to settle on players in this window based on availability over quality. The 2017 summer window, followed by the 2018 January window feels like it pushed the club back 3-4 years. Besides Rudiger and Barkley, the rest have already been bombed out on loan, struggling to offload or are no more than squad players currently who we'd be happy to offload. We're nowhere near as strong in the transfer market as we once were and with FFP, etc mistakes are much more difficult to absorb. We have a high quality academy that we're finally starting to bear some fruit from but this will take time. At the very least though it has shown this season that the squad can lean on these players to provide depth and hopefully in time develop into high quality players. What that should allow us to do is stop buying stop gaps, squad fillers and panic buys and instead focus on a couple of high quality additions each summer who will instantly lift the entire club. This is not going to happen in this window and if we blow big transfer fees with a short term view this month, then they won't happen in the summer either.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    I'd say the opposite. Conte signed Morata for Juventus before he left so was clearly someone he wanted to coach. Zappa got a couple of caps under him, and when the Ox deal broke down late on it seems funny how we moved on so quick to an alternative which was Italian playing in Serie A. Drinkwater was linked with us the season Conte first came in when we brought Kante, so the links had already been there a season early. And for someone as bad as Baka was, I cannot see him being an anti-Conte signing and playing that many games under him when he was so useless.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I think the better option is to be able to find a higher quality player who is versatile enough to play different roles (lone striker, second striker, out wide) and therefore won't necessarily be "backup quality" and instead first team quality getting plenty of game time due to rotation and suitability across the front line. I've mentioned it before, but in my opinion, Anelka was really underappreciated by a large proportion of the fan base during his time here. He was an easy scapegoat at times but he sacrificed much of his game to play out wide for the majority of games and we were pretty successful during this period. But where his additional value came into play was we didn't miss Drogba very often when he was unavailable due to injury, Afcon, etc because Anelka was a top quality central striker. He top scored in the whole league in the Scolari/Hiddink season when Drogba struggled for form and fitness and besides probably United and Liverpool at the time, he would have walked into any other team in the league as their main striker. Since he left, we've never had an alternative striking option anywhere near his quality and in some years, our main striking option wasn't anywhere near his quality either. The obvious option I think when you think of someone of this ilk has to be Werner because of his ability to play multiple roles across the attack and he offers different strengths and characteristics to Tammy in the same way that Drogba and Anelka differed. As most have mentioned Werner will be in huge demand in the summer so there's no guarantee we'll get a clear run at him. But there must be other players across the continent that can offer something similar in case he's a no go.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Seen some reports linking us with Marash Kumbulla from Verona. @Vesper know anything about him?
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Based on the current trend we're due a strong summer window. 2014/15 - Good. Fabregas and Costa 2015/16 - Poor. Pedro came good but having won the league the year before it felt like no ambition to kick on 2016/17 - Good. Kante; To a lesser extent Luiz and Alonso were important signings for Conte to win the title 2017/18 - Poor. Besides Rudiger, probably our most wasteful window in history 2018/19 - Good. Kepa, Jorginho, Kovacic on a loan that turned permanent 2019/20 - Poor. Unable to buy. 2020/21 - ??
  8. The Board

    In all fairness Spurs have barely managed to get above us despite reaching the Champions League final which would have been a huge windfall for them. With Champions League revenue back this coming year, we should be much closer to Liverpool and Man City's revenue figures. The top 3 won't be budged anytime soon, Bayern monopolise their country and PSG are bankrolled. To be fair with how small our stadium is, we punch pretty damn well. Oh well, I'm sure Spurs will find a way to argue this makes them the biggest and best team in London despite those cobwebs thickening in their trophy cabinet.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    The problem is the real top drawer players will not move this window. So the alternative is overpaying for a 3rd of 4th choice option in those positions this January. If we overspend and they under-perform what are we expected to then do in the summer having blown big money in this window. Just as an example based on players we're being linked with, if we've been given an idea that Sancho and Werner are interested in a move in the summer, should we wait or should we instead spend our money and buy Zaha and Dembele just because we may be able to get them now if we pay enough? There is no way we'd drop £80m on Zaha to then be in the market for Sancho in the summer. I think the club are doing the right thing, if this is indeed their strategy. If we miss out on Champions League football options such as Zaha and Dembele would likely still be attainable in the summer anyway. The only position possibly is left back because I'm not sold on us trying to buy Chilwell. In the last month I've kept more of an eye on him and he has been underwhelming at best, particularly defensively. If there is someone available now alternatively to Chilwell then I'd be inclined to make a move for them this window. As you mentioned, if we really need to bring a player in to freshen things up or add an extra body then it would probably be a loan and in that situation you do have to ask the question why is that player available on loan from their parent club in the first place?
  10. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    I personally would have used a more dominant alternative to Christensen against Burnley who will look to long balls and set pieces to create chances. I would have also started Kovacic over Barkley. He's going to have to be disciplined to play that role today for us. It's worrying how weak our bench looks, particularly with regards to midfield and forward options with just a couple of injuries.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    £8m is phenomenal business.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    What are the 2 different values for? Did we really get £8m for Michael Hector?
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    No links might be a good thing because in recent year's we've brought a few players who have barely been mentioned amongst the rumour mills.
  14. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    If ever we needed CHO to spark into life and show some form it's now. To be honest, I would be inclined to play a 3 of CHO, Mount and Willian against Burnley but with Willian on the left and CHO on the right. Willian has had a couple of great games on the left side (particularly recently the Spurs game) and CHO looked better in the last game on the right. I think at present when he plays on the left it's predictable that he's cutting inside and has little support from the full back to provide a decoy. On the right side he can be a bit less predictable with his wing play which will help him gain form and confidence in the short term and if Reece James plays at right back he also has a genuine threat from the full back to aid him also.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    A few reports too that Spurs have agreed to buy Piatek for about £30m.