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  1. Chelsea v BATE Borisov

    I find that extremely disrespectful to Azpilicueta. People always talk about how criminal its been for hazard to play for so long under defensive minded managers but Azpi should have similar gripes having spent his whole career being shunted across the entire Chelsea back 4/5, yet has been consistently our best and most reliable defender during this time and an absolute model professional who has given their all for this football club.
  2. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Sarri mentioned over the international break that he was tempted to look at Hazard up front this season. I wonder if he tries this out soon if our strikers continue to struggle.
  3. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Whilst I agree they can all be improved upon, Sarri can't really take the blame for them. Luiz and Alonso are better than other options we currently have in their respective positions. Willian - I would expect Pedro is actually Sarri's preferred choice and in my opinion the better option but has been coming back from an injury. Morata is terrible but we can hardly flog Giroud every game.
  4. Chelsea - Man Utd

    My takes on today's game: 1. We are hamstrung with Morata up front. Gary Neville got it spot on in commentary saying he is always looking to go down with his back to goal. He just isn't cut out for playing as a link striker. If Giroud could guarantee 12-15 goals a season we would be fine because his contribution in the last 15 minutes was far better than Morata's for 75. The problem still remains without a goalscorer we will struggle to keep pace this year. 2. We saw the best and worst of Luiz today. When Jorginho is being man marked, Luiz has an important role to start attacks and particularly in the first half he showed that we can cope with someone trying to shut down Jorginho because we've got him so accomplished on the ball. But United's second goal was criminal. He's so rash into tackles and it will cost us points at stages during the season. 3. I'm really happy with the keeper. He had no chance with the goals but he is very good on the ball and that confidence and ability on the ball gives a huge boost to be able to play out from the back which I do believe wouldn't have been anywhere near as effective with Courtois between the sticks. 4. After Mourinho and Conte, I find it refreshing that Sarri is so honest and humble. If it was Conte, that thing at the end would have resulted in days of paper talk and negative press. Sarri squashed it immediately, and was completely honest about the game. We were the better team in the first half and completely lost any and all rhythm in the second.
  5. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Agree to this. I think there are a lot of similarities to their moaning attitudes and general petulance but Morata does seem more mobile and better in space than Torres. Lacazette would be ideal. Just to think that we've spent similar money on batshuayi, morata and giroud to what arsenal have spent on lacazette and aubameyang is pretty poor.
  6. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I don't think he's much different to Torres in terms of performances and production for the team. To be honest there's quite a few similarities in both with regards to style, attitude, etc. The biggest problem with Torres was that the money paid for him at the time was huge and once Drogba left, we were in a position where we had no other option but to play him. At least with Morata he's proven to be dispensable and droppable, and for that reason I think it doesn't become quite as infuriating. To be honest I think he's a pretty good option to have as part of a striking group and I think he would thrive far more being under the radar as opposed to the main man, the pressure which he clearly struggles with. The fact still remains though that a top striker that will score us 20+ a season is the biggest need at the moment.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    Sometimes these things you end up overthinking and over analysing into anything positive or negative to spin however you want it to look. But is it possible this is Hazard prompting Chelsea to come back to the table and negotiate with him again? He did in that interview suggest that not much has been discussed recently and he'd be happy to start talking again. And there is no doubt that he is far happier under Sarri. Chelsea have to look to force the issue here. No tough penny pinching negotiations from Marina, we have to make this happen.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Conte being linked with the Real Madrid job. If that happened I'd seriously fancy our chances of tying down Hazard.
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    That I think is what still gives us a chance of keeping him. This Madrid side is no longer the dominant side it has been the last 3-4 years and needs a rebuild. Hazard may look at that as a good option to go in and be the star, but he may also view it as the ship has sailed. That 'dream' move isn't what it may have been a year or two ago. The board pulled off a huge coup in the summer with Sarri and the players we signed were starting XI calibre. We've essentially shown our hand to Hazard and there's no doubt its had a positive effect and impact on him.
  10. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Also that Kepa song, so simple yet brilliant.
  11. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    That save today from Redmond was world class. The ball was travelling and moving a lot in the air and Kepa was on the back foot getting back on his line. I've also noticed the last couple of games making some very good saves that he has strong hands and wrists. This worried me after that Arsenal game. He is already looking settled and solid for us, and can only get better. I get the impression that the defence in front of him are growing in confidence with his performances too.
  12. Aaron Ramsey

    Little bit torn on this. On one side he'd be phenomenal value, even with a good sized contract. Free transfer for a proven 27 year old would be a steal. However, he has had injury problems and has been far from his best in the last season or so. And we are stacked in midfield at the moment. It is our strongest area, not just in quality but depth. If Fabregas leaves in the summer, and we can't strike a deal with Kovacic then there would be a place for him. However I also wouldn't want a player coming in on big money and expected to play games, blocking the path of Mount into the first team in the next year or two. Definitely should be considered on a free transfer, but only if gaps appear in our midfield group.
  13. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Giroud could well indirectly sort the problem of us not having a player to score the bulk of our goals to challenge this season. It doesn't need to be the striker, if Hazard can get 20-25 league goals this season that will be fine as we have a number of players who can chip in 5,10,15 goals a season each to help spread the rest of the goal scoring.
  14. European Competition Thread

    The problem with this is that Sarri will be travelling for the game anyway so who will train the boys for Sarri ball during the away games? I think what you have posted above with regards to line ups will be sufficient to get through the group comfortably and as I said some of the more important players like Hazard, Jorginho, Kante don't even need to bother travelling to some of these away games. Keep them fresh for the league. If we need them we can use them in some capacity in the home games to sit on the bench as a plan B.
  15. European Competition Thread

    Easy games on paper and should have no sweat dispatching these teams at home but that is a fair old bit of travelling to Greece, Belarus and Hungary. There were discussions over the likes of CHO and Ampadu getting game time. I think that is almost certain to happen as if I was Sarri I would take it in turn leaving 3 or 4 of the main players out of the squad entirely for each of those games so they don't need to travel.