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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Whilst I don't think the Sarri project is working, I'd be sceptical over replacing him mid season. It would be very difficult to take somebody already in a job mid-season. The prime candidate available in Zidane I cannot see taking over the job in the middle of the season when we're not playing well. I could possibly see someone like Blanc perhaps taking the risk mid-season to get back into a big job but he hasn't been in work for 2 and 1/2 years. It would leave the likely short term replacement until the end of the season almost certainly to be Zola and he just doesn't strike me as someone who could get a different tune out of this group of players. At least with Di Matteo he still had that core group of 'old guard' players to lean on and even the other members of that team such as Mikel and Ivanovic were also vastly experienced.
  2. Malmo - Chelsea

    Emerson is only decent, nothing great. But when he plays he's not a glaring weakness for Chelsea, which Alonso is at present.
  3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Plenty of players his age are going or have gone from academy football or championship clubs to very good level premier league players in far less time. There are also plenty of players that come to play in England that are a success having been playing in leagues no better quality than the Championship. Until we start giving some players chances we are never going to know just how good they are and what there level is. Wan-Bissaka has been excellent this season, but does he have a higher upside than Reece James or has he just been offered a platform to play games and gain top level experience by his club? Reece James is one of the brightest talents out of our academy over the last couple of seasons and buying a young player in his same position just seems a massive 'fuck you' to him. If we can't start providing a pathway for these players to establish themselves in the squad then we might as well give up on them all now and keep relying on filling up our squad on dross like Zappacosta and Drinkwater.
  4. Christian Pulisic

    Dortmund were very poor in that second half and Pulisic was by no means that good but to be fair to him he kept plugging away and looked their only outlet in the second half, whereas I can't remember Sancho even touching the ball. I actually think ironically his style would suit Sarri because he plays vertical and direct. Whether Sarri is still here to use him is another matter.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Don't forget too that the 3 months with Di Matteo we won the one trophy we could never seem to win with a far inferior squad. A man manager is just as important as tactical in my opinion and sometimes having someone who's past experience as a player demands respect at that club and adoration from the fans helps lift everything. It is somebody the fans immediately like and can get behind and the manager in turn helps instill that confidence and pride of playing for a club that they have an affinity with. What this club is starting to lose is the leaders and players who will give everything for the love of the shirt. You can't buy that into the club, it happens organically over time. But bringing in someone who already has been there for the club to oversee and motivate the players into that mindset will help that process. For me if we change the manager, my first choice would be Lampard and Morris.
  6. Reece James

    If he was brought back and utilised correctly next season it would benefit us all round. Bringing him as a genuine rotation option with Azpi next season will give him games and opportunities to establish himself within the first team. In doing so, it will also give Azpi the chance to be rested far more often than he is now. Having him fresher and also pressurised for his spot in the team I would expect to get a better level out of Azpi too. If he establishes himself, we have a homegrown boy ready to take that spot for the next 10 years or more. From what I've seen of him too, he also has the makings of being a possible future captain in a few years time too. Azpi would still be good to retain in my opinion, even if Reece claimed first choice spot at RB. Azpi can play across the whole backline and offers experience and has always been a model professional. When he's fresh and playing well too, there are few better and more reliable defensively than him in the league.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I think the player power idea is massively blown out of proportion. The fact is that only Chelsea, once, have retained the Premier League title besides Fergie's United. This not only highlights just how great a manager Fergie was but also shows just how ridiculously hard teams throughout the years have found the season after winning the title. Granted the last couple of times we've dropped off alarmingly but I think that's down to the players being not as good and collectively weaker mentally to cope with the pressures of being the team everybody wants to knock off the perch than simply giving up on the manager. Now the players not being good enough collectively...that's a completely different debate.
  8. 5. Jorginho

    Most of that to me looks more balanced than what we are currently. I know he isn't playing well at present but I would always put Azpi over Zappacosta. If we're to the point where Zappacosta is a good or our best option, we're in big trouble in my opinion. I'm a big advocate for bringing Reece James back in the summer and giving him sufficient minutes to be given the opportunity to become first choice right back over Azpi in the next 12 - 18 months from the summer. Kovacic and Jorginho should be able to rotate in that role as 'deep playmaker' and I actually think against some of the lower teams especially at home that Kovacic and Jorginho could potentially play together as Kovacic has it in him to be more defensively minded and make tackles. RLC I would give a chance in that position with more licence to play higher up the pitch. Barkley I would see as a bit of a utility player who could rotate with RLC and potentially play as one of the deeper midfielders too.
  9. 5. Jorginho

    Despite our success in the first season under Conte, I've always preferred a back 4 and I think at present we are best suited to playing a 4-2-3-1. Although any formation we use, we're still at least 3 players away from being really competitive with our current crop.
  10. Next Manager?

    Ideally the Lampard/Morris scenario would happen in 2-3 years time when they've had a bit more experience (getting Derby promoted and a year or so in the Prem with them). However it still feels the best option if Sarri is sacked. They would make sure the players play for the badge and are fully aware of their responsibilities representing Chelsea. The crowd would be 100% behind them being two Chelsea lads. It would bring the feel-good factor back to the club which I think currently is desperately needed. The fans would also give them a lot more time than the usual manager to put their stamp on things. You would like to think given Lampard's standing too that the board would also give him a bit more time than usually given. And some of our youth would definitely be given a chance, especially with Morris there with him. I wouldn't expect, nor want us to suddenly be playing 5 or 6 academy players each week but I do think that 4 or 5 should be within the squad now and given opportunities, alongside RLC and Christensen.
  11. Next Manager?

    I feel the style Sarri is trying to implement is one that is comparable to Pep, Barca, etc and we're just not ready for that. In hindsight the club should have made an appointment in the summer of a more attack minded manager but one that still has flexibility and a more balanced approach. Rumours of him being linked was ridiculed but I think someone like Blanc may have been more suited to this group of players, looking to change the style a little less drastically. Sarri I think becomes the end game essentially. Having said that he took over from Benitez at Napoli and got his style implemented there although I believe he was initially close to the sack there too.
  12. 5. Jorginho

    The biggest worry I have with Jorginho is actually linked to how well Bakayoko has played this season at Milan. I think that the amount of time and space given on the ball in midfield in Italy is overall huge in comparison to the Premier League and Jorginho is struggling with this. Bakayoko is very possibly the worst midfielder I've seen at Chelsea in the Roman era and for him to be winning multiple man of the match awards for Milan this season says much more about Serie A in comparison to the Premier League at present. Whilst he's slow and exposed on his own in midfield defensively, he is still technically a very good footballer. That is clear to see in my opinion. I think given time to adapt to the league he could still be a good player but he needs Kante alongside him in my opinion in a two to cover him. He is being brutally exposed by Sarri's tactics and philosophy at the moment.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I don't think Sarri is the answer for the club. I had high hopes for him in the summer and have been overall very disappointed. Tits ihis defeat to City has been coming for months, we look so open and weak particularly against the top sides. But whilst we need a good managerial appointment, I think its currently more important we get a top class appointment at board level to deal with the football aspect of the club. I don't have anything against Marina, she's been given a job to do by the club and she's doing the best she can given she has no football background. She's a bloody hard negotiator and again no problems with this. But tasking her with the overall running of the club nowadays will be our downfall. Let her run the business aspect of the club, that's what her background is in and she's proven in the past to be bloody good at it. But we need a director of football. The club cannot keep changing its idea what it wants. We've gone from Mourinho and Conte who play in a defensive, containing manner to Sarri who's philosophy is very attack minded in a rigid system and style. Don't be surprised for the board to panic, sack Sarri and revert back to a more defensive minded manager. The lack of cohesion and continuity is how we've ended up with a number of players brought over recent seasons which suit one manager and not the next. That's not to say the manager shouldn't have any input into transfers, they shouldn't have signings forced upon them. But the overall strategy and philosophy within the club needs to be retained. At the moment I struggle to see what that is at Chelsea. And the constant managerial changes are also a big reason why a number of players have probably stayed at the club longer than they should as they get another chance with a new manager. We need a football person with a philosophy and vision in both the short term and long term who is given the time and space to rebuild this club in a particular image over the next few years. If a manager doesn't work out, then he can be replaced but it will be for someone who has a similar philosophy and style of play themselves who can still use a number of the same players who will have been brought in recent windows.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Not many but two big examples include Madrid - James and Kovacic. Like Kovacic it may be a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. Asensio and Isco would very well be in a similar position to that which Kovacic was in last summer, and as a result may want to move for regular football but be unsure walking away entirely from Madrid. For us in turn it would be good seeing if a player like the above would adapt well to the Premier League. The success of Spaniards in the league has been rather mixed and I would rather we did everything we could to prevent another Morata-esque situation!
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    I'm not opposed to Real Madrid players being included in a deal for Hazard but I'd rather Chelsea negotiated a loan deal for a player like Isco or Asensio with an agreed option to buy. It would act as a sweetener to reduce the fee a little for Hazard and they would recoup some decent money back if we took up the option but it would give us the opportunity to see how either would adapt first to the Premier League. I think Isco could be well suited potentially. I'm less sure of Asensio adjusting to the league but I think if a manager brought out the best in him he could have a better upside. Whilst I think Kovacic has been ok, he's hardly lit the Bridge up and I think if we had paid £50m+ in the summer for him, we'd be looking at that now unsure if he was really worth such an investment. Whether he ends up staying or not, I actually think taking him on loan was good business.