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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    How does the design process work with these, is it purely down to Nike (i.e. does the club have any say or influence over the designs and colours)? Either way, surely you would canvass opinion from supporters, those who you're hoping to buy the kits. Surely no one would have been sweet on this?!
  2. Philippe Coutinho

    This point is important. We can't have another transfer window like summer 2017. I think the key is our focus must be on first team quality, not squad filling. This is regardless of price. If we can find an Andy Robertson type player for £10m then fantastic. If that player however costs far more then that is what needs to be done. The squad can be filled out with academy players. Summer 2017, Aina could have been pushed into Zappacosta's spot and RLC into Drinkwater's spot. That would have saved us around £60m in transfer fees! If 2 or 3 more academy players can come into the squad in the summer, alongside CHO, RLC and Christensen, it freshens up the make up of the squad for free and boosts the club's academy profile and homegrown quota. This will allow us as you alluded to, focus on 3 or 4 key positions in our first team to improve and also not worry about homegrown levels. They can be the best players we can feasibly get hold of.
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    Wow, it looks even worse in this picture.
  4. Philippe Coutinho

    I really like Coutinho but I don't think he's worth the money being quoted. If we avoid the ban and we're prepared to go on an audacious spree then I'd be very happy for us to buy him because he's proven quality. However we have so many holes in our team at present, I think that £100m could be used far more productively to improve the overall quality of the squad as opposed to trying to find a replacement talisman for Hazard. For example Pepe and a new left back for that same money would be more preferable. Or if we're looking at Coutinho more for a central role, then Fekir I think would be a more cost effective option. At worst in the summer (assuming we can buy) we need to replace Hazard with a new wide player, a top quality left back and a top quality striker (I believe Reece James should be given an opportunity next year to compete with Azpi for right back). However we could also really do with upgrading David Luiz and Jorginho. Possibly a new goal scoring midfielder too although I've seen enough of RLC in the last couple of months to believe if he stays fit he could become an excellent player in that position for us. I just don't see Coutinho being a signing we desperately need to make unless we're prepared to be splashing out about £300m in the summer.
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    That's the worst kit I think I've ever seen in my life. If they can't think of anything good, just stick to something plain. I'd be amazed if anybody would be prepared to buy that thing.
  6. Man Utd v Chelsea

    I can understand the idea behind playing the false 9 against City and Liverpool, even if it didn't always work. However this United team are there for the taking and we need to have a go at them. Ashley Young in particular looks abysmal at present and if Hazard is on his game he should get a lot of joy up against him. The draw against Burnley has even more significance now because we could have lost this game and still been right in the hunt going into the last couple of games. However, it's in our hands with 3 games to go. Just the place we could have hoped to be in a month or two ago. Sarri needs to play our strongest possible team now for the remaining league and Europa League games, no need for any more rotation now.
  7. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Really disappointed for the lad when he was seemingly becoming first choice for us. It is an opportunity however for the club to stand by him through this and hopefully get him to commit to a new contract. I would however also agree with some that he hasn't played anywhere near as well the last couple of games compared to what he was like earlier in the season. The intensity of the Premier League is for the most part a standard up from the Europa League and it probably does justify Sarri's stance earlier in the season not to push the button with CHO so quickly in the league. However some of the posts on here are incredibly fickle. The kid is 18, he's not going to play well every game and every week. Inconsistency is part of the make up of younger players who will suffer blips and struggles in their early career - it's how they grow as footballers. The problem is the way the club is run, and as a result the fans have brought into the idea of instant success and papering over cracks to attempt to maintain high levels. The club and fans have a short patience - it applies to managers and a number of players who haven't been afforded the opportunity to completely settle at the club, the expectation is to hit the ground running or you're unlikely to survive long. If senior and experienced managers and players have suffered from this short term approach then what chance do young players have who need to be afforded even more time and patience to grow and blossom? For me the club needs to change its approach and build around a core of high quality academy talent that serve to boost the squad depth first and hopefully become first team regulars second. In doing so, the club can focus on a couple of high quality additions each season rather than trying to buy a handful of players, some expected to be starters, others as squad depth but ultimately poorer quality all around because our budget is stretched thinner. However in order for that to be a success the club and the fans must buy into younger players and afford them time and patience to grow and develop because it won't work without that support.
  8. 9. Gonzalo Higuain

    From what it appears he seems a likeable person away from matches which I think is far more important. I don't mind it in a game, I can't think of a recent or current elite level striker (Higuain may not be that anymore but he definitely has been) who doesn't have a 'twattish' part to their personality. I think if anything its what gives them an edge. I think a lot of it is pure frustration. Firstly he's playing to stay here longer than this summer which only adds to the current pressurised environment he's playing in at present. Higuain in the short time he has been here probably has the best movement off the ball I've seen in a Chelsea striker since Vialli. He's not got pace, but he seems to make and find space for himself. And if those runs are found, more often than not he can get a shot away and he is still an extremely good finisher he won't ever lose that part of his game. But our build up play is so slow and we have so many players holding on to the ball for far too long, he needs players around him to be more aware of his movements to find him quicker because we're not doing that enough at present. I think if I was him making those runs off the ball, and all I saw was near constant recycling of possession across the back line with a distinct lack of penetration in our play, I would get extremely frustrated also.
  9. Álvaro Morata

    I always wondered if Batshuayi had been given a fair crack, especially after his short period at Dortmund. However since then it's become even more apparent how incredibly limited he is. I'd agree with your assessment on Tammy, he doesn't quite offer enough at present. However I do think his goal scoring record this season potentially justifies giving him a chance next season when we're so thin up top. Morata is easily our most talented striker but it just goes to show how important the right mentality, confidence, etc is needed to go with the technical ability. If his head isn't right, at times we might as well have been playing with 10 men and now he's settled and happy with Atletico I can only see this situation being worse if we brought him back. It's incredible that Giroud could find himself undisputed first choice next season but that's what we may have to prepare for. At least with Giroud you know what you will get and he will fight and give 100% every game. He's also an excellent link player and target man. We will need to rely on (1) wingers and midfielders running beyond him and getting goals, and (2) good crosses from wide positions and it could still work well. Unfortunately with the exception of Hazard's link up play with Giroud we currently don't do either of the above particularly well and will need to be worked on a lot this summer.
  10. Álvaro Morata

    I don't see any positives to that if it were to happen. Morata clearly doesn't want to be here, hasn't settled in England and has such a fragile mentality. Bringing him back will do more harm to him as a player and if he's unmotivated and unhappy I can't see us getting much out of him. He's been a really poor signing and, like Bakayoko, we look to be in a position where we could get really lucky and potentially get our money back on him. He seems to be doing well enough at Atletico that they will likely look to buy him inside his loan period so I think we should just leave him there and hopefully recoup on him in the coming season. If the ban stands we will be in a pretty rough position but I would take Giroud over Morata every day of the week.
  11. Mauro Icardi

    I don't believe he is good enough to justify the "circus like" baggage that comes with him. He's a pure goal poacher which is great if the team is built in this way to supply him, because he is a very good finisher. My biggest worry even more than the baggage (I think we can all excuse this if somebody is performing for the club), is just how good is Italian football at present to judge if they'll be a success in England. On top of Sarri struggling to get his style working well over here compared to in Italy, Jorginho has also struggled with the frenetic pace and power of English football, as to has Higuain. Even more alarmingly is that Bakayoko looks like a world beater over there, and struggled to control a football over here. You only also had to see Juventus Tuesday night be ran all over the pitch by a vibrant, positive Ajax side. I think Italian football is much slower than English football in particular and I would worry about Icardi, who doesn't have breathtaking pace anyway, being able to cope with the demands and intensity over here to be a success.
  12. Nicolas Pepe

    I haven't seen an awful lot of Pepe but his goal scoring record has been very good. If to try and compare him to someone, would it be fair to say he has similarities to Mane, albeit on the opposite wing? I wouldn't be against this as we need more goals in our team. To be honest if we get a transfer window, selling Hazard and Willian and using the funds (and likely a little more on top) to buy a left back, Pepe, striker and promote Reece James and despite losing our best player I think we would be a far better balanced team.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I wouldn't agree that we were content that summer, we spent more than enough that summer to suggest it was or should have been a 'big' transfer window (including breaking our transfer record at the time), the problem was the quality of our recruitment. The only success from that summer was Rudiger, the rest have tanked. Our recruitment in recent seasons has been overall very poor, with players who have left not being replaced adequately. I do agree however how far we're behind City and Liverpool at present. It won't take a quick fix and papering over cracks this time, the club as a whole including us fans need to be prepared that this may take time and patience to get us back to that level challenging again,
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Fair point, it has taken a long time for him to play these players but I do think playing them away at Liverpool is a big indicator that he is ready to run with them as a big part of our squad moving forward. I don't think what he's doing is revolutionary but a part of me does worry if Sarri walks in the summer, will we revert back to square one with a new manager wanting to play a completely different way and suddenly Willian/Pedro are ahead of CHO in the pecking order, etc immediately based on reputation, giving under performing players yet another chance. At the moment everything is pure speculation but if the club let some players leave in the summer and looked to refresh the squad with some academy and loan players and Sarri is open to working with them, as well as continuing to develop the likes of RLC and CHO, that may not be a bad choice. Especially if we are restricted in the summer with a transfer ban. I think he has improved RLC and CHO as the season has gone on, especially tactically. Now this may be just as much down to the players learning and adapting to Sarri's methods and tactics but if that is the case then it adds further strength to a plan to try and bring through a couple more academy players next season because they seem to be the biggest positives currently.
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    It has been an extremely tough watch and as I said earlier I am still somewhat on the fence with regards to his project and future. I would say the last month (besides the Slavia game) our playing out from the back seems to have significantly improved from earlier in the season. Players do seem more comfortable with the ball when being pressed and some of our one touch to get out of tight areas has looked good. I can see now others are on a similar wavelength how Jorginho operates in this manner and his importance to this part of the system. Getting out of that first press, particularly against West Ham and Liverpool it was clear to see the potential and how much space can suddenly be created in behind to spring an attack. Unfortunately that part of our game still isn't in sync. I would agree that I don't think Hazard's style perfectly fits Sarri, and Willian is the same. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, dribbling past 2 or 3 players is very rarely as effective as passing through the lines and their natural game to hold on to the ball probably does slow down and damage our play at times. It may well be that less talented and reputable players can successfully replace Hazard if they fit the system trying to be played. The biggest thing though is a goalscorer. We do and have created chances this season but are simply not clinical enough. The football that the likes of Klopp and Pep play is very good but they are also extremely fortunate to have a number of goalscorers in their squads. It is no coincidence that the last two title wins were when Costa scored 20 goals for us, freeing up the burden on others such as Hazard. The title wins prior to that we had numerous players chipping in with significant goal scoring. Until we find someone up top who will regularly score us minimum 15-20 league goals a season it will remain a struggle because there aren't enough goals throughout the rest of the squad.