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  1. 22. Willian

    He's always looked a better player being able to cut in on his right foot as opposed to playing wide right cutting in on his weaker foot or attacking wide right. We're not going to get Hazard productivity out of him, but I do feel that he is likely to start the season wide left with CHO out injured, and I do think it will give him a new lease of life and he'll be a better and more effective player playing there. The way we're going to replace Hazard next season is by everyone stepping up and raising their games, not relying on one individual.
  2. 22. Willian

    Scored a great goal today for Brazil.
  3. The Board

    Sounds sensible to me. He needs some time and experience to grow into the role and with that I would expect his level of influence to grow. It is actually an ideal time to bring him in without the ability to sign players for a season, it allows him to concentrate on other aspects of his job spec. Hopefully this isn't a false dawn but it does seem like the club are looking to put things in place to refresh and reboot the club somewhat and without the need to concentrate on buying players this summer it gives far more time to spend on this restructuring which for the long term could prove just as key as bringing new players in. It does look from the outside that the club are looking to put more emphasis into the academy and bringing through more of our own and having people like Cech and Makelele coming back to help concentrate on these transitions, with potentially Lamps and Jody within the coaching setup will only help matters. Like anything though it will take some time and patience. I would also expect Cech to become the public figurehead of the hierarchy. The person that will take interviews, etc. Not only will he be respected for his views as an ex-great player but it will also hopefully calm the hysteria around the club at times when things go a little rocky. It's been a big problem over the past couple of seasons that no one from the board comes out and speaks when sometimes its needed; a lot of the fan frustration can stem from this at times.
  4. Next Manager?

    The high press, high intensity style is something I would like to see adopted. I do think this is where there will be a long term benefit to selling Hazard. The team has predominantly been set up to get as much out of him as our best player in the past and given him a less rigid role with regards to defensive contributions, but he's also never shown a great willingness to press in an intense manner either. It's why players like Willian and Oscar have been favoured in the past by managers, because it brings better balance to the team when one player is being given a much more attack minded role. That isn't knocking Hazard either because his ability warranted us doing so. However with Hazard gone, I think more flexibility can be brought into the team with regards to this style of play. Young players will bring that energy and willingness to press intensely, but we also have experienced players such as Kante, Willian and Pedro who should have the ability to play effectively in that way too. With Jorginho, although he's not an athlete in the sense that Kante is, he did play under Sarri at Napoli in that way pressing high and playing an intense and relentless brand of football. The experience of playing in that manner could be a bigger help than expected for Lampard. That part of his game also came out more in the last couple of months of the season too. Also it was obviously at the end of his career in a mediocre league, but Lampard did play with Pirlo so should have gained some idea of how a midfielder like that operates. He will have played against many teams in his career who had a player like this also. I'm sure he'll have an idea in mind, but I would be surprised given how thin and lacking in experience we are in the middle if Lampard didn't find a way to accommodate both Kante and Jorginho.
  5. Next Manager?

    Apparently Lampard is currently on holiday so the lack of urgency from Chelsea's end to make their approach for him (although it could be argued is par for the course with us) makes sense to get everything sorted when he's back and the links with other candidates seem to have dried up entirely.
  6. Next Manager?

    These sorts of rumours doing the rounds do seem to suggest that the club are looking at putting a longer term project in place. It will be intriguing to see if the board have the patience to follow through if this is the route they decide to take.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    No one is expecting any of these to be automatic first choice starters. I think many hope that CHO can come back from injury and perform to make a position his own in the starting XI but to start with he'll likely be rotated with Pulisic, Pedro and Willian across two positions. James realistically should replace Zappacosta in the squad and over time go from backup to Azpi to replacing him as first choice. Mount and Abraham will be squad players too. However we are thin on midfield depth and up front we have no undisputed first choice so it's the perfect opportunity to integrate them into the squad. Tomori I probably would let go on loan again next season as we have better options and depth at centre back. It's hardly asking for much. CHO is already established within the first team squad from last season, Mount will be needed to replace Kovacic (and RLC is out long term) and Abraham will be needed to replace Higuain. So it is only James potentially coming in to properly replace a player already in the first team squad.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Every club wants their youth players to be starters, it's not just Chelsea but most people are realistic. Regarding CHO you are right, it's not like he is much better if at all compared to Willian and Pedro currently but we're talking about an 18 year old who's played about 20 games compared to 2 very experienced players coming towards the twilight of their careers. Without Hazard (who is the prime player in that position) we're now left with two young inexperienced players brimming with potential and two experienced professionals who are solid but not as good as they once were. We effectively need all of them next season to perform a role. The issue many people had last season was that Willian and Pedro were in poor form yet CHO still couldn't get any game time. Similar with RLC, although his season was "stop-start" due to niggling injuries, there were also stretches where he wasn't getting much game time despite Barkley and Kovacic not playing well. The problem is the culture created at Chelsea means that it's difficult to blame Sarri for not being willing to risk giving younger players opportunities. History would suggest he'd be at the club for a season or two and he would want personal glory in that time in the form of silverware. As you alluded to, CHO will be a project that takes time and patience and the likelihood will be he won't become the player the potential suggests for another couple of seasons. Sarri likely won't be here to reap those benefits so he's less likely to take the risks. This is where I believe Lampard will be beneficial because I feel his affinity with the club (and Jody Morris alongside him), coupled with what seems so far to be a willingness to trust younger players will mean he will be more willing to lay the groundwork for some of these youngsters, even in the risk that he may not be here himself to reap the rewards of them. As @Jason mentioned, the first stage is to integrate them within the first team squad initially. It's not a case of having a first choice XI where half of the team is academy trained (although would be fantastic), it's providing a pathway for these younger players to become squad players first and then develop within the club to hopefully become first choice one day. But if we can have 3, 4 or more academy players in the squad it will be just as important as 1 or 2 academy players in the first XI because it will save the club millions in transfer fees buying average players to fill out the squad (Drinkwater, Zappacosta, etc). This should allow the club to go into transfer windows being able to use a budget on no more than a couple of top players to improve the starting XI, not filling squad numbers. If we brought Christensen, CHO and RLC from other clubs you would likely be looking at the best part of £100-150m. It's a similar scene for some of those we're looking to integrate. Take Reece James, Mount and Abraham - all performed well last season and if all were owned by the clubs they were on loan at last season there would be teams in the Premier League eyeing them up and all would be worth millions. Without being able to buy this summer, it's a real opportunity to freshen up and re-energise our squad.
  9. 22. Willian

    He already had a year, so it's essentially only a year extension. To be honest it's barely any different from Pedro getting a year extension last year right at the start of the season. It also makes sense that the club ties him down because they could easily sell him next summer once the ban is lifted and gain a fee as opposed to losing him for free. Or he may prove this coming season to be a good squad option and mentor to CHO and Pulisic and therefore keeping him around for another year may prove a good idea.
  10. Next Manager?

    I can understand the apprehension of some over Lampard's lack of managerial experience but there are other areas of experience that can be tapped into as a player at the highest level. He played under a plethora of top managers, all with differing personalities, tactics, training drills and managerial styles - From Redknapp and Ranieri who shaped his development, to Mourinho who ingrained a winning mentality, to the likes of Hiddink and Ancelotti who were masters at managing big personalities and dressing rooms. He will have learned a huge amount, both positive and negative, from the experiences within his playing career. His experience at Chelsea also has to count for something. It's not as straightforward as 'he knows the club and the fans' it goes far deeper than that. He understands from experience the external, intense media scrutiny that surrounds this club because so little information is provided into the open for journalists, creating constant destabilising speculation. He's experienced first hand the hectic nature of this football club in general, seemingly spiralling from crisis to celebration, from disaster to delirium. He's experienced the build up to big games, cup finals, champions league games, etc, the dressing room environment before and after such games and the experience of both winning and losing in those situations. I'm fully aware that a top playing career doesn't translate to a top managerial career but there are experiences that a top player can call upon that can really help the cause. From the looks of things the other 'realistic' candidates available are the likes of Javi Gracia and Eddie Howe. The risk that they've never been involved in a big club environment, high pressure situations, etc makes them equally very risky appointments. I want to see Lampard come in here and be given the time to develop some very young and exciting talent the club has in its ranks and look to play a more dynamic and aggressive brand of football to what has been experienced this season. If he consolidated us comfortably within the top 6 challenging for the top 4 next season and we were playing some good football with young players breaking through the ranks I would be happy with this. It would be a sign of taking a step back to potentially take two or three steps forward. If the board would be happy with this, we can only speculate for now. If this is the moment the club realises a period of transition may be necessary for longer term success then that point must start somewhere.
  11. Eden Hazard

    No surprises he's been there 5 minutes and already kissed the badge. The way that club operate is cringe. I will always appreciate and remember fondly what Hazard did for my club but time to move on now like he has. My loyalties are with Chelsea and I really couldn't care less how successful or unsuccessful Hazard is for Madrid so long as it has no impact on Chelsea.
  12. Lineup for 2019/20 with the ban?

    I have to agree with @Tomo on this, our squad I don't believe is anywhere near as bad as everybody makes out and if we had a reliable striker I would be very confident of a comfortable third place finish, even without Hazard. We're not going to be challenging City and Liverpool next season but I don't see any reason why we can't still be competing for top 4 with the rest of the 'big 6'. Some areas could obviously be improved but with the exception of our strikers, the rest of our starting XI is on a par or better with what Spurs, United and Arsenal have. We usually go with two strikers in the squad but this coming season I would definitely keep the three of Giroud, Batshuayi and Abraham and let them compete to see which is the best. The hope is Abraham or Batshuayi strike hot as I think both have that capability to be clinical if chances are created. Failing that we will need to find an effective way of playing through Giroud with players willing to run in behind him. There's a reason why players like playing with him because he's a great team player and I have hope that CHO and Pulisic in particular with their pace and youthful exuberance will be prepared to do this and hopefully cause team's lots of problems playing in such a direct manner. In midfield, RLC is a big loss and if it was down to me, I would be inclined to tweak the formation next season to more of a 4-2-3-1 at least whilst RLC is out. Kante has proven time and again he's excellent in a midfield two and I think Jorginho would also benefit from Kante playing closer to him. It would also push a player further up pitch where we need more goalscorers and help solve the lack of depth in our midfield because the three behind the striker doesn't need to include a Barkley or Mount all the time, it could be made up of 3 of CHO, Pulisic, Willian and Pedro. More than likely controversial but I would prefer to keep Drinkwater over Bakayoko, especially if we changed back to a 2 man midfield. Drinkwater reminds me of Cahill a little bit in that his qualities aren't top level but he is a solid and dependable player who could slot in and 'do a professional job' if called upon. I just have this thought in my head of a big game against City, Liverpool, Spurs, etc and the two options were Drinkwater or Bakayoko I would have more trust and faith in Drinkwater compared to Bakayoko who is woefully inconsistent and has alarming technical deficiencies to his game. Central defence with Zouma coming back we actually have a very good group in there with different qualities. Full backs we can either stick or twist with Alonso and Zappacosta. I would be inclined to sell both if the right offers came in and place some faith in Reece James and Jay Dasilva. If we moan about Alonso's defensive qualities then Kenedy definitely is not the answer as a left back option.
  13. Next Manager?

    Willian and Pedro are nowhere near Hazard's bracket of being undroppable. Ironically we're almost certain to start the season with Willian and Pedro as CHO will not likely be fit (or at the very least will need slowly integrating back in) and Pulisic will need a period of adaptation and I think will miss some of pre-season due to the Gold Cup with America. I think all four will be rotated and given opportunities and then it's down to who is performing best to get given the nod.
  14. Next Manager?

    Allegri is favoured by quite a few people mainly due to experience/CV, and his track record of playing more 'industrial' football that Chelsea are better recognised for and to get the most out of an older, experienced group of players. However if reverting back to type with regards to tactics, style, etc is the best way to approach this post Hazard, transfer ban stage then we might as well seriously consider bringing Mourinho back. His CV is better than Allegri, is the master of that style of football and then can also speak English fluently (if one of Allegri's positives is his man management, being unable to speak English doesn't sound too promising) and also ticks boxes for experience managing in the Premier League and knows the club inside out (and still a few of the players). I'm not endorsing Mourinho to return for a third stint but if we go back down that type of route then his track record and CV has to suggest he is the best option for that whether some want to admit it or not.
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The nature of the pressure within the club doesn't help. There is very little opportunity for most players to be given time and patience to 'bed in'. But what exacerbates this problem, is the club's transfer policy as a 'one in, one out'. I can fully understand the club needs to operate in such a way to comply with FFP and help raise funds for more transfer activity but it places even more pressure on players to hit the ground running. Bakayoko was injured when he arrived and got rushed back. Granted he looked poor all season long, but would he have been given a better foundation and more of a chance if Matic wasn't sold and we kept them both? Would Morata have coped better under less pressure initially than being the only striker the club had faith in? Bernardo Silva didn't have a great first season in my opinion. But he was given the time to adapt to English football without intense pressure because City had far more options within the squad - De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling, Sane, etc. Now City are reaping the rewards last season, and when De Bruyne was injured for most of it Bernardo stepped up and filled the void. Would Chelsea have given him that time because we do have quite the track record of players either being sold or loaned out after just a season with the club.