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  1. Lionel Messi

    We could buy Messi and there would still be people who would find something to moan about...
  2. Danny Drinkwater

    A lot of pessimism for this transfer on this forum, but I don't think it's bad at all. People need to realise we're not buying a first choice midfielder. We already have Kante and Bakayoko primed for that, and Fabregas to boot. This is a depth signing and it ticks a lot of boxes - homegrown, experience playing in a 2 man midfield, Premier league experience (including experience within a title race), some experience in Champions League, already history playing with our main midfielder Kante. At 27, he should be entering the prime years of his career and over the past couple of years his career has really pushed on and progressed so who's to say there's not more to come. There are plenty of players who develop and bloom much later in their careers (Kante for one, Drogba another). If price is the biggest gripe, that's a decision made by the board to decide what they believe is acceptable and really shouldn't be an issue or worry to any of us.
  3. 10/10 - the Desailly goal was the tricky one for me.
  4. João Cancelo

    How are they getting him on loan?!
  5. The Conte Thread

    In my opinion there's no problem with the quality we've brought. There will be a risk over buying Bakayoko and Morata to replace Matic and Costa who are Premier League proven but the long term strategy of these two moves makes sense and re-generates the team as a more youthful, mobile and pacier set up. The problem is the depth and whether it's the manager's doing, board or a bit of both, there is no doubt that it is an almighty cock up. We hardly had the biggest squad last season, we're not like Arsenal for example who would be looking to trim a lot of the fringe players before buying. We needed a bigger squad. Therefore there should never have been any harm in bringing players in first before letting others leave. On this basis we could have easily retained 3 or 4 players to bulk up the squad for now - people like Loftus Cheek, Traore, etc. They could've been sold or loaned out in the last few days of the window if and when we knew what other players we had coming in. Even with the players we have to come back in we still look desperately short. There is no way a club our size and challenging for trophies should be looking thin of resources with a couple of players out because over the course of the season you should expect a couple of players out at a time injured or suspended as a minimum. The quality is there, but the quantity isn't. People are laughing at us being linked to people like Drinkwater, but look at some of the players Fergie had at United in their glory days - O'Shea, Wes Brown, Jonny Evans, Ji Sung Park. Decent but nowhere near great players who all proved once they left United what their real level was, but within a winning machine they could come in when needed and perform and help the team get results. We have nothing like this within our squad at the moment and this is what will cause us to struggle this season if it's not addressed.
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    It's a sad state of affairs and whilst Costa is far from blameless, it seems the club continuously fails to learn from previous mistakes when people have left the club in controversial circumstances. The most frustrating part is IF Costa is genuine when he says he would be happy to stay and commit to the club, we would have a potentially lethal strike force of Costa and Morata with Bats as backup and our attacking options would suddenly look far stronger. However I do admire Conte that he is sticking to his decisions, you cannot be seen as weak as a football manager. The trump card I guess we still hold is Costa's ambition to play for Spain in the World Cup. If we refuse to sell, and he is left not playing all season he simply won't be playing in the World Cup that's for certain.
  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    When I've watched him he looks a pretty good crosser so definitely the RWB would be more suitable. In my opinion the system we play, the width comes from the wing backs and therefore, unless needed in an emergency, players should play in those positions on their strongest side in order to provide width and crosses. Morata showed at the weekend he's very good in the air. It also then gives freedom to the two players playing behind the striker that they don't have to always provide width and are instead able to drift inside and create or become an extra body in the box.
  8. Spurs v Chelsea

    Moses will be back I think mate.
  9. The Conte Thread

    That's exactly how I interpreted it when I saw that earlier haha!
  10. Spurs v Chelsea

    I don't think Conte will play Luiz in midfield. Having lost Cahill, I would expect him to try to minimise the changes made to the defence and work with the back three we had today. Yes it was a shambles in the first half today, but I think we just completely lost our heads following the sending off. In the second half we did look much improved. I've got a feeling he might look at playing Azpilicueta alongside Kante. No logic, just a gut feeling that he may be the most trusted of everyone to be as tactically disciplined as possible in the middle. If I'm trying to find any logic I guess the game at WHL last season did expose Azpilicueta's lack of height in the air which would be eradicated with a back 3 of Luiz, Rudiger and Christensen.
  11. 24. Gary Cahill

    I agree with the general consensus that in my opinion there are better, or potentially better, options available to be starters for us but some talk like he should never have played for a top club. We have won two premier leagues and two european trophies with him being a mainstay of the lot, and these weren't won despite him. Someone gets an opportunity now...it's up to them to take that chance.
  12. Chelsea - Burnley

    No team does capitulation like us unfortunately.
  13. Danny Rose

    Did they not buy the left back from hull?
  14. Danny Rose

    I actually think this could happen but it would need Rose to really push this through. This is a dangerous game for Spurs, their wage budget is so strict that everything could fall apart if they don't manage it; having unhappy players in the camp I think is a far bigger negative for their club structure than it would be say for ourselves. They have Ben Davies who played admirably last season. Remember Spurs went on their end of season run without Danny Rose and they may be more open to letting him go not to upset the apple cart, when they already have a ready made replacement at the club. It's easy saying they won't sell to us, but ultimately City have brought their full backs and if United aren't interested, we would be the team to make a play for him. If he's unhappy and we're willing to pay the money, I believe they would sell.
  15. Danny Rose

    Apparently there's an interview in tomorrow's sun that Danny Rose has given saying he would be open to leaving Spurs and wants to win trophies. Might be worth putting a reasonable bid in and see how unsettled we can make him.