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  1. Chelsea - Barnsley

    100%. If Kante has another season like last, it will be our biggest issue this season. There is a balancing act, because (albeit Barnsley) our attacking play and certainly the movement and passing across our midfield yesterday was a massive improvement on recent games. There is a definite and real argument over Kante possibly hindering that aspect of our game. However he does make us look more solid defensively, and I don't remember us being anywhere near as open against Brighton and Liverpool as we were last night. I actually don't mind Barkley and I think he's better in that deeper role than further forward but he needs someone more defensive minded next to him if we're playing a decent side. Against some of the teams in the bottom half of the table, I think he's a realistic option at times because he gives more attacking thrust then our other deeper midfielders do. I personally prefer Barkley's all round game, and definitely his physical attributes in that position to Jorginho if I'm going to be honest. The only other possibility is whether Lampard sees James as an option to play as a more defensive minded midfielder this season. We obviously have the alternative at right back in Azpilicueta and I see them rotating this season. Not sure how ideal it would be because it requires shifting the pack around again to do this and I'd prefer James to focus on developing into first choice at right back. However if Kante can stay fit and we just simply need a back up sometimes to give him a rest, then it may be an option to use sporadically.
  2. West Brom v Chelsea

    I think this won't be far off. I don't think Chilwell's 30 minutes will probably be enough to start at the weekend. Kante needs to come back in for the midfield balance as Barnsley did have some joy attacking us in the first half. However Barkley has probably now given Lampard some food for thought that he can be trusted to play that deeper position and will offer a more attacking and creative option. Havertz performance tonight should give Lampard the confidence to just let him off now and impose himself on the game in central areas. Tammy's performance tonight has probably earned him a place for the weekend, and Werner can be moved to the left to accommodate that. Even if Pulisic and Ziyech were fit for the weekend, at best it would be on the bench for a 30 minute cameo.
  3. 29. Kai Havertz

    Everything he does on the ball is so calm and effortless and he looked very composed in front of goal. I think he'll add a clinical nature to our game this season which was distinctly lacking over large stretches last year.
  4. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Mount looked significantly better when Chilwell came on and he moved inside. He's doing a job at the moment with the absences we have and has been a bit of a whipping boy as a result but his main role will be to play centrally. Havertz can't play every game, and there may even be some situations where Lampard looks to use them both centrally. He'll be another big option this season.
  5. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Ah it was you that made that awful post the other day! Seriously I don't need to prove anything when you're making posts like that one.
  6. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Someone mentioned the other day when talking about Rice, that the Chilwell deal was likely only to make Mount happy because they're good friends. Probably the worst post I've ever seen on TC.
  7. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Playing Havertz in this game in my opinion was an absolute masterstroke. If Werner can get up and running with goals at the weekend or at the very least before the next international break we'll be in good stead with all the players coming back.
  8. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Great cross there from Chilwell. Not bad for someone only brought apparently by Lampard to make Mount happy.
  9. 6. Thiago Silva

    Per the interview, it seems more so that he just wasn't interested in playing that style of football and preferred playing in a more technical league but over the last few years (I guess he means during his time at PSG) the league has become much more technical which appeals to him. The basic translation of this is Stoke got relegated.
  10. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    That has to be the reason mate because Lampard only likes to sign and play English players.
  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Yes I'm sure the only reason we signed Chilwell was because Mount asked Lampard to sign him as it would make him happy. Nothing to do with him being England's first choice left back who's earned that by playing well for Leicester and then in an England shirt? Young, pacey, athletic, capable of getting up and down the flank, still room to grow and develop, homegrown,premier league experience and we managed to get him for around half the price of what was originally being quoted a few months ago? Easily one of the most pathetic posts I've ever seen on this forum in my time here.
  12. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Ah ok, even then though they could have different priorities. I'm pretty sure the Europa League will be prioritised over the League Cup. If the youth team end up playing in the league cup then a win over Leyton Orient is no guarantee.
  13. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Is it next week that Spurs would be due to play League Cup and Europa League in the same week? We could end up playing their reserves if that is the case.
  14. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    We may have competed valiantly but it is worth noting we lost 5 out of 6 games against the other top 4 teams last season. Not aimed at you, but loads of people have moaned throughout last season about us being tactically naive and too attack minded. Lampard has tried something different today, and I think at this stage of the season it wasn't an horrendous thing to try. It may have been from one extreme to the other with regards to how defensive we were but I do think that the defensive structure of the team has been better the last two games even if the attacking play has been poor. I think the balance will come, hopefully we take some positive results over our next couple of games and build things up. Against Brighton we showed far more resilience than we did last season and I thought were very professional in the last 20 minutes when we went back ahead. That result I think is underrated. Brighton looked excellent today away at Newcastle and won comfortably. And even today down to 10 men, it would have been easy to cave in at 2-0 down early in the second half and lose by 4 or 5 but we showed a bit more fight than wasn't always apparent last year and on a different day would and should have been approaching the last 10-15 minutes with just the odd goal between us and well in the game. Hopefully the West Brom game is a little different and we see a bit more attacking authority in our game without it becoming a game of pinball.
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    I think that's the biggest mistake Lampard did today. This game needed Giroud as the focal point to bang it long too and hold the ball up, and Werner to then drift around off of him.