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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    No I'm pretty sure he was helped off the pitch. He did come straight off though clearly in a lot of discomfort. CHO actually tried staying on the pitch for another couple of minutes after his which would suggest that it was far less serious than what RLC suffered.
  2. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    A couple of other very pleasing aspects were the reactions to conceding the goals. For a few minutes after Liverpool's first we looked like we had lost our shape and it seemed to be a bit of a panic but we quickly composed ourselves and whilst we weren't as effective in the second half, we prevented Liverpool from dominating us thereafter. The reaction to the second goal too was promising. It would have been easy for our heads to drop, especially with some of the younger, less experienced lads on the pitch by then but we dug in and got a thoroughly deserved equaliser.
  3. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Very pleased with tonight, just a huge disappointment having come so close to lose like that but it's put a marker down for the season to show we can still compete with the top teams. This has been a baptism of fire for Lampard, he couldn't have had it much more difficult but I feel there has already been a significant improvement across both games. I mentioned at half time that he will make mistakes this early on in his managerial career but tonight was an example that he will identify and learn quickly from those mistakes and we'll be better long term as a result (note the Leeds play off second leg game too as another example of this). We were so much more defensively solid today across the park. The pressing was far less frenetic and was operated in a far more calculated manner, but was similarly effective to the first half at Old Trafford and kept us being hit constantly on the counter attack. The midfield dominated throughout the game, Kante has improved immensely on the ball and all three are so comfortable with it. Some of the play at times was excellent and enjoyable to watch, there always seemed to be an intent to our play. The willingness of players to run in behind was a very good sign. Pulisic in particular was very direct and I think will cause a lot of teams problems in that way this season. Kante was definitely man of the match, I cannot possibly fathom how someone misses pre season and then puts that performance in for 120 minutes. Zouma still looks uncomfortable on the ball but looked far more solid tonight which was very encouraging. I also thought Pedro had an excellent game, after his poor showing against United. Again a 32 year old who has won the lot putting in the shift he did tonight isn't just testament to his character and drive but it's huge for the younger lads we have in the squad to see the work rate one of the most senior players is putting in. Also just a note on Tammy Abraham. I've looked back at a number of posts pretty much writing him off already. Let's give the kid some time shall we? He's come in and first two games had to face up against the two most expensive centre backs in world football. There are aspects of his game that are raw but his work rate gives a completely different option to Giroud and I'm pretty certain once he bags his first goal, more will follow. It's easy to pan him for a poor penalty but I remember Ronaldo sticking his penalty straight down Cech's throat in Moscow. I'd far rather look at the character he has to step up and take such a high pressure penalty for us.
  4. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Just this first half makes me so much more confident with Lampard. He will make some mistakes but he's just shown tonight how flexible he is and how prepared he is to learn from those mistakes. Really good half of football and a thoroughly deserved lead.
  5. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    I would play Pulisic from the start tonight. I think one area we could get some joy is on that right hand side of Liverpool. Salah doesn't track back nearly as much as Mane does on the left, and whilst Alexander-Arnold is an excellent player going forward, I still think his defensive game at times can be raw and suspect. That means one of Barkley and Mount for the central spot. I think Lampard will probably keep faith with Mount and Abraham tonight. It gives him the perfect opportunity early on to show how much faith and belief he has in the younger players in our squad, despite the criticism's of Mourinho and the usual media bollocks that follows. It should also be huge motivation for both that they have a point to prove that they do belong at this level. Despite a trophy on the line for this game, the Leicester game at the weekend has to take priority. This one almost feels like a bit of a free shot to get back on the pitch and start trying to right some of the wrongs from the weekend. As long as I see some progression and improvement on the weaknesses on show on Sunday then I'll be fairly content.
  6. Super Frank Thread

    When you look at what came before him I agree it would be hard to argue and my dad has said that some of the football during this period was abysmal, but his methods were very much 'continental' driven and probably ahead of their time, certainly within the confines of the English game. Such a drastic change from what may be considered the norm will be a risk initially and there was proof of this by how much we struggled in the first months. Chelsea had been in the First Division/Premier League for 3 or 4 years by this point so we had began to establish ourselves in the league. Many clubs in recent years have gone down a route from simply staying in the league to looking to evolve the club with a bigger name or different style of play to then see it backfire and they get relegated. The club continued to persevere however because there was progress being made even if that wasn't reflected in the results. Hoddle gets a lot of respect and appreciation from older Chelsea fans who recognise the importance of his appointment in the overall growth and evolution of the club (something I believe within the media Gullit gets the more credit in this era when Hoddle laid the foundations for him and later Vialli to achieve success). I would just like to think (and hope) that the appointment of Lampard will show a similar trend. I think the culture shift at the club to placing a lot of faith in younger, inexperienced players will take time and results/consistency will suffer initially but it will overall benefit the club in the long term, even beyond Lampard's tenure at the club.
  7. Super Frank Thread

    I see lots of similarities between Lampard's appointment and that of Glenn Hoddle in the early 90's. 1993/94 is one of the earliest seasons that I still can remember and Glenn was a very risky appointment at the time as he only had one year at Swindon and (whether it was having played abroad) had a much different view on tactics and style compared to most English managers at the time. We opened ourselves up to play in an expansive manner (with some pretty average footballers at the club) and it took a lot of time and patience to get used to what he wanted (if I remember rightly we were second bottom at Xmas only above Swindon who had one of the worst Premier League seasons on record) but we improved significantly in the second half of the season to finish a respectable mid table and our run to the FA Cup final. From then on we had Gullit and Mark Hughes, and from then on the early influx of 'next level' foreign players - Lebouef, Di Matteo, Petrescu, Vialli, Zola. Those foundations which pushed the club to the next level were built by Glenn Hoddle and he doesn't really get the credit for it because he left before any real success had taken place.and The Lampard appointment is similar. The money in the Premier League now makes it much more difficult to bully the market like we once did and the size of our stadium against our rivals similarly puts us at a financial disadvantage. Developing our own players for our first team is more vital than ever, but it needs someone willing to take that risk to put those foundations in place which Lampard seems prepared to do. It will be a huge learning curve this season for the young players, for Lampard and for us fans who have probably gotten used to the immediate success and impatient nature of the club in the last 15 years. But football is cyclical and rather than trying to short term fix to catch up with Liverpool and City, a longer term plan needs to take place. City won't have Guardiola forever and they weren't nearly as dominant before he came in, whilst Liverpool are at their peak as a result of a long term plan that is now reaping rewards. I do truly believe that a couple of steps backwards over the next couple of months, or even the season will lead to greater steps forward for us in the future.
  8. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    Thanks for this @Vesper - so by the looks of things City are the first team in this circumstance to avoid a ban? I can understand differing punishments for more and less severe cases but if FIFA have historically always dished out some form of transfer ban (even if it was for one window as opposed to two) then it shows an incredibly unjust ruling. Whether it's one player or a hundred, the crime has still been committed.
  9. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    @Vesper you seem to be 'in the know' with these sorts of things. Forget the appeals, etc after CAS what were the original punishments handed out by FIFA for the Spanish clubs and how many players were they found guilty with regards to the breaches? And also I'm not sure if there are any cases beyond the high profile clubs - has anyone before City avoided a ban from FIFA for this breach before?
  10. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    I see City have managed to get away with just a small fine. FIFA are the most corrupt organisation going.
  11. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Is there any news on who actually travelled for the game?
  12. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Because after a bright start the first sniff of momentum for United and encouragement for the fans was from Zouma's misplaced pass in his own box and then just minutes later his rash tackle for the penalty. He never looked comfortable after this both defensively and on the ball. Christensen wasn't impressive and was obviously part of the defence as a whole which struggled but he didn't make glaring and schoolboy errors which put us massively on the back foot and/or led to goals from what I can remember.
  13. 19. Mason Mount

    Pulisic is still a 20 year old though with no experience of English football. The Giroud/Tammy argument is very debatable because I think it is now obvious already that Lampard wants his team to press high and first half we got a lot of joy winning the ball in good areas. Would this have been the case with a much less mobile striker pressing from the front? And are you seriously suggesting we should have played Alonso centre midfield or Bakayoko instead of Kovacic and/or Jorginho?!
  14. Super Frank Thread

    Made progress, but it was clearly there "achilles heel" and would continue to hold them back competing for the top trophies, especially the consistency needed for the Premier League. The season before last they limped into the top 4 ahead of us. Van Dijk has elevated every single one of those defenders. I agree that there needs to be more coaching for our defensive shape and that, coupled with time and patience should see improvement. But we also need to find someone capable of organising and leading that defence whether internally or eventually through the transfer market.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    It's very easy to forget how poor Klopp's Liverpool were defensively for (3 years?) before they brought Van Dijk (and Alisson to a lesser extent). Lampard doesn't have the luxury of entering the market and needs to find our equivalent of Van Dijk to lead, marshall and bring composure to that defence (which I'm sure this season will be Rudiger). Otherwise he may have to wait to get the right player in there until next summer and as a result adapt to the cards he's been dealt a little. Luckily we're not looking at yesterday's game with our strongest possible team out thinking how can this situation be improved. There are players to come back who can make a big difference potentially to the defensive aspect of our game (Kante, Rudiger, Reece James, possibly even Willian), and hopefully that change in personnel will make a difference when they're back.