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  1. Financial Fair Play

    Regarding Luiz sale: even though the registration happens on 1st July, surety of receving the money makes it possible to account that in the 2013/14 year. That is perfectly right according to accounting standards.Without that we would have recorded a loss for the year.Hence i presume we have included that as well in the accounts. My two cents
  2. Fernando Torres

    the reason it's a 2 year loan is because that's more beneficial to Chelsea FFP-wise than simply giving him a free transfer.
  3. Fernando Torres

  4. Fernando Torres

  5. Fernando Torres

  6. Fernando Torres

  7. Fernando Torres

    Berlusconi is coming to milan (AC milan forums) .He usually comes for announcing big name players only (Not interested in watching training etc). Where do I pay for his orgy???
  8. Fernando Torres

    We should have a Galliani statue outside the bridge along with drogbas. That man is a legend!!
  9. Fernando Torres

    heard milan has some 8pm announcement scheduled?? Wonder what?? pleas be this
  10. Fernando Torres

    we are refreshing the page the same way we were during Jan 31st 2011... Ahh!
  11. Fernando Torres

    I feel we are ditching torress and making a move for welbeck. Please be true!!
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Torres - 12m+ fucks.. more like it..
  13. Juan Mata

    if this is what it takes to push fernando out of the bridge, I AM IN!! obv. I want rooney to come here as well..
  14. 30. David Luiz

    Reminds me of some bollywood movies.VIlain chasing the hero... and train appears infront..
  15. The Mourinho Thread