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  1. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    Conte is so classy.. shaking hands of Boro players and clapping the away fans
  2. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Zidane was a magician with the football his spatial awareness was next to none.. I don't know how you can take a pure creator/engine of a team and reduce him to a passenger in a big team. He made that team tick and it's a lot harder to be a big fish in a big pond than a big fish in a small pond. just watch the first 5 minutes and you will understand why your opinion is nonsensical
  3. General Transfer Talk

    I know but we have to try I'd say him and Bertrand and use our young CBs Zouma in loan, a new CM and RW AND ST that could be a team to dominate Pl and a good solid run in CL
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Kyle Walker reportedly available for £35+ after falling out with Pooh.. I dunno about you guys but to have the best RB in the league should be something our board should be all over.. And the icing is it could seriously hurt Spurs title chances going forward
  5. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Still think you missed my point the skill in itself is a part of it but the bigger point is that Marcos has a High futbol IQ. Technical ability and tactical awareness is a huge part of that. What he lacks in maybe pure physical prowess (pace) he makes up for by knowing where to be to support in attack and in defence. The fact that he could pull that skill off verses 2 players was just a bonus cherry on top .. but thanks for the reply
  6. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I'm sorry bout how are we not talking more about this skill. Shows you maybe don't always need pace if futbol IQ is high. Two players left for dead with an elastico/panna .. well played lad!
  7. Andrea Belotti

  8. Andrea Belotti

    I think the feeling is Diego won't be with us next season after this summer although recent talks look good. If we were to replace him Belotti is a very good option has very good hold up play can pass decently and more importantly attacks everything in the box on the ground and in the air.
  9. Andrea Belotti

    7 minute Hattrick today after his side going down 1-0 .. first player to reach 20 goals this season in Serie A. Has the tools to be successful in the Prem I believe. If Diego were to leave my definite vote for replacement.
  10. Federico Bernardeschi

    https://streamable.com/fl04m What a Golazo!!
  11. Sead Kolasinac

    Fair enough we have been linked multiple times but i still think he is the guy he has the Antonio Conte look of him to be honest after subbing Robben out then sent Coman at him and he pocketed him as well . If he ends up in the prem like reported he will strengthen any teams left side.
  12. Sead Kolasinac

    Watching him currently vs Bayern Munich and he is the LWB that we want.. Definitely upgrade on Alonso - and for free in summer we have to go all in for him. He's built like a tank has pace and some good technique as well has Robben in his pocket so far for this match
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    He could complete our attack in a way we haven't seen in a very long time , as long as we can keep hold of Costa that is.
  14. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Came up HUGE when we needed him today. All the Spanish EUROS couldn't make me sell this guy.. For all the talking he does off the pitch hes doing a lot on the pitch this year too.. Bravo Thibaut!
  15. Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

    Gave Hazard my vote for MOM for that killer second goal but if it wasn't for that Kante was immense. There was a period in the game he was every for rwb all the way to rw and everything in between , winning the ball passing winning back possession .WHAT A PLAYER!! - One step closer