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  1. Frank Lampard

    Haha good joke, good joke. Lampard is playing so bad in the pivot.
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    I don't get your stance really, he doesn't deserve to start, that is all. Do you go to the training sessions to know if he's doing alright? Is he showing he deserves to be on the team? Mourinho dropped him because he probably deserved to be dropped in an overall point of view. He needs to improve regardless, and when he plays he needs to show it. And stop stereotyping fans, it's really dumb, all fans are different. Except arsenal fans, fuck them.
  3. André Schürrle

    5 words: Needs to work on finishing
  4. Thorgan Hazard

    Link doesn't work in the US, any other place where to see them?
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    move your arse before the video is taken down! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilJ_8Aw5CMA
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    So who still thinks Romelu is not up for the task?
  7. Kevin de Bruyne

    The only reason that I can see it feasible for KDB to be sold is if we're planning to promote an ENGLISH player or buy one, after all we need more English blood in the team.
  8. Fernando Torres

    What happens if Torres injures himself tomorrow and Ba is injured as well? Who would we play as ST?
  9. Fernando Torres

    He's been dropped out of the Spain squad again! Please let this be a final wake up call.
  10. Demba Ba

    watch Ba's movement, blocks the defender and the second Hazard shoots he turns around looking for the rebound. Haven't seen Torres do this to be honest. Probably if Torres was playing the other defender would have closed on Hazard.
  11. Fernando Torres

    did anybody see this? Priceless... Chelsea fail to remove Torres billboard outside the Bridge Posted by Chris Wright If there's a bit of flagrant self-promotion stinking up your football then you can be fairly sure that bookies Paddy Power (of "Nicklas Bendtner's pants" fame) are close at hand, with semi-humorous publicity stunts being the company's go-to marketing ploy. Their latest advert campaign sees the perma-smirking bookies suggesting a gaggle of under-performing Premier League players seek alternative employment; with the likes of Arsenal's Andrey Arshavin, West Brom's Peter Odemwingie, Aston Villa's Darren Bent and QPR's Jose Bosingwa all targeted. So too, fairly unsurprisingly, is Fernando Torres. Paddy Power have slapped up a huge billboard on a wall directly opposite Stamford Bridge which reads: "Fernando, we've got an onion bag you can actually find. It's in the burger van mate. Get your hair net on." Geddit? Cos he couldn't hit a banjo's arse with a barn door at the moment? According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea have taken umbrage at the advert and got their lawyers in to try and get it removed, though any attempt to force Paddy Power into taking it down are likely to fail as the billboard isn't situated on Chelsea's property and Roman Abramovich, unfathomably rich as he may be, may find himself hard-pressed to prove he owns the intellectual property rights to the word "Fernando". ABBA got there waaaay before him. It's basically the legal equivalent of Paddy Power waving their hands around millimetres away from Chelsea's face and chanting "not touching you, can't get mad!" over and over. (Image: Twitter/@PaddyPower) http://espnfc.com/blog/_/name/thetoepoke/id/2126?cc=5901
  12. Fernando Torres

    please Torres leave already we don't suit you, you don't suit us.
  13. Fernando Torres

    one thing you can't do is score for sure... thanks for the assists tho I still think he should play as CAM damn good passes to be honest
  14. Kenneth Omeruo

    oh my god you two please stop with the internet fighting it's getting annoying
  15. Fernando Torres

    I am half spanish, I have a spanish passport, I support spain in the WC and EC. Yet it's getting tiring to support Fernando Torres too, yes, form is temporary, class is permanent. Fernando Torres is a world class footballer but he just isn't in it anymore I don't like giving up but it's enough. There are at least 10 world class footballers out there that would LITERALLY kill to be Chelsea's #9. Let's admit it Torres has won 3 of the most coveted prizes in football (EC TWICE) and he has been partially instrumental in these achievements. BUT let's be honest here for a second, Chelsea can't afford to have his striker miss out on important games. Drogba, for example, sometimes would disappear and score maybe 5 in 10 games but those 5 goals were instrumental, goals against arsenal and manchester united for example. We need to score in this games no matter what, we need a game changer #9. I'm not saying "yeah we're trailing 1 - 0 against Stoke, Torres better scores" I'm saying fuck Torres just tap something in, be in the area and shoot for God's sake.