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  1. FA Releases Four Point Plan inc. B-Team league

    The part relating to 'partnerships' is formalising informal arrangements that probably exist right now. Jose probably trusts Karanka (spelling?) at Boro plus we've recent history of loans to them. I'm a bit sceptical this is revolutionary thinking and more so preventing any club being taken to task.Where there are some facts to back up one of the ideas is getting more competitive games into young (u21) players. The benefits can be measured and seen in the German and Spanish national teams. Therefore having a B team playing in a full time competitive league with promotion and relegation pressures can, for me, only be a positive move. I have an opposing view as to the Conference, it's part of the fabric of the pyramid, breeds the odd quality player and is just as important to some, as Chelsea is to me and probably you. We've had the odd player at Conference sides, who although don't make it with us, they learn and become solid pros. We've a partnership with one right now, our pitch is being dug up and given to Aldershot, where our u21's and youth team play some 'home' fixtures. I played at the level immediately below the old Conference and also against sides in there, in cups (against Clive Walker, Tommy Langley and Jock Finneston). Some really good footballers in those leagues who deserve their platform and opportunity.
  2. FA Releases Four Point Plan inc. B-Team league

    45% of English players in the PL he says. So in a multi-cultural country that welcomes (supposedly, so says most of the key political parties, save for UKIP) immigration and integration of all races, we're gonna get all protective about football. Yawn, just the latest incumbent or maybe the latest incompetent, head of the FA trying to make a change (and tub-thumping) that he won't be able to be enforce or deliver. He'll then blame someone else, whilst dreaming up the next idea to 'revolutionise' the national game. What they fail to realise is that with their behaviours they marginalise and water down support for the national team. Just now, and I see no reason for me to change my view, I really couldn't care one jot for the English national side. The way our club is treated and particularly the way our very loyal (to England) players have been treated by the FA, numerous national team managers and by the so called 'England Fans' is a disgrace. World Cup, I'm more excited about Woking FC (my local non-league club) than England at the WC. The 'B' league's interesting, might piss-off a good few Conference sides though. The FA doing their bit for non-league football - Not
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    I'd be genuinely surprised if cash was changing hands directly.However the 'politics' at play in both the FA and the PMGOL, might result in people being 'guided' down a path of actions, for say, the betterment of their career. The gold mine of the Champions League awaits those who tow-the-line. A referee gets over £5000 for officiating a group stage game in the CL. So if you do 6 group games, that's well over £30grand on top of your salary. These CL and PL refs are earning well over £100'000 per year, and taking their assistants with them as well on the wealth creation journey. If you can pick up a cheap copy of Mark Halsey's book, I recommend it. It lays out the political nature of 'professional' referees and politicking of the structure, the cliques and their lead mans style I.e. at that time and currently Mike Riley. Halsey slaughters Riley, accuses Poll of all sorts of stuff to ensure Poll remained the main man in refereeing at that time. My own take on Jose saying he congratulated Riley on achieving his objective is not directly to do with us but more to do with Liverpool.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    That is a set of questions that the club should levy at the FA and PMGOL.The same linesman who disallowed a perfectly good goal for us the same game. Secondly why Riley met with Liverpool and would not meet us. The club should submit one of Jose's dossiers to the FA, relating to the choice of officials quoting the game where Dean was not permitted to referee a game involving Liverpool. If they didn't appoint Dean to a L'pool match because of any alleged direct influence on the fortunes of them and his living in the area, it works either way, especially if he and his scouse assistant make decisions in a game that they officiate in that cause their closest challengers harm. Jose should just hold his line of '"congratulations". If they fine/ban him for some sort of insinuation, Roman should get his lawyers on the case and tie them up in knots and cost them millions. Personally I hold both officiating bodies in complete contempt. Riley is a nasty bit of work, I've read two books now that slate him and from what I take from that it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he hasn't lobbied the FA to act, as regards Jose.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Alternative headline - "Morgan Schneiderlin disrespects Liverpool, by not mentioning them once in an interview, and not wishing for them to be the new PL champions"
  6. Chelsea v Sunderland

    Loads of variables that could possibly effect the outcome of the game. Negatives They'll get confidence from last nights result and have very few chances now to get themselves out of the mess they've got themselves intoWe've got a massive game to think 3 and a bit days later and manage the squad forWill they get momentum and belief from the result against Man CityTheir best results tend to be away from home and they perform generally better against the better sidesPositives They may be wearyWe've had a decent break following the Swansea matchWe're at homeWe're a better side, with better playersWe've a better managerThey'll have 1500 (tops, if past matches against them at SB are anything to go by) fansWe'll have 40000 fans and need every one of them to all behind the teamWe have an experienced manager in these scenariosHowever what should happen doesn't always and that's what makes football (especially in the PL) such a drug.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    Since the mid 90's it's improved, and since 2004 improved even more. Right now there's just this small weakness away from home, especially in Europe.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm in the same looney bin as you then. They still sing about league titles they won 25-30 years ago, what would they be like with a win now, god forbid it.A draw on Sunday for them and a win for us would do, hurts both of them and we gain two points on both of them. In our hands with the scousers, we'd still need to beat them at their place and we still need City to lose a game. I'd say either of them has a 40% chance of winning the PL and we have a 20% chance. Those two away losses recently have done it for us.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    I was at that game, they went ballistic. It was hilarious!! If I recall correctly it was the League Cup Final, wasn't it?It's amazing that the same thing is happening in the media over there as is happening here. It's bloody nauseating. Unfortunately their team has momentum and that counts for a lot, especially at this stage of the season. We've experience and that's a major plus, we've also got the best Manager, but the worst away form. City have the best squad. The scousers have just started to not thrash teams the way they were and I hope that City can put a brake on their momentum and put some negative thoughts into their heads.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    I might have to emigrate if the scum from the top side of Stanley Park win it. Personally think we've lost one too many games to win the PL, lots to still play for though. Nice draw on Sunday might be the best result for us. I'm going to Swansea on Sunday, so won't be able to see it. If we can't win it, it's City everyday of the week for me.Starting to get the CL buzz again now though and seeing little coincidences like blue coloured CL accreditations for Lisbon (just like Cech said he saw in Munich, red in Moscow so felt uneasy). 2 goal deficits being overcome, Being the outsider of four in the semi's etc. We were the longest odds of the four in the UK betting markets yesterday.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    I've been lurking about, just not posting much here. Been keeping my eye on you though, in here and somewhere else too! Would also be great to win it with Jose and in his homeland. Keep that blue flag flying high on your side of the water! "One team in Europe, there's only one team in Europe"
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose will have the chance of a little 'payback' in the CL Semi, for the Copa Del Rey final defeat at the hands of Simeone last season. Let's hope it's the first of two, with a final victory over Real following it up. What a fitting 'welcome back to Chelsea season' this would be, especially given the previous semi-final experiences we've all had together.
  13. Well, now he can score against both his ex-clubs, within a week of each other! . . . . . . . . . . . . . He'll be all over it, like a tramp on chips
  14. Yep, he'd be a free range egg. Mind you you'd have to be careful he had the right type of coup and hen keeper + make sure the hen & chick got the correct amount of exercise and training. The rooster would have to show him how and where to have a scratch around in order to get the best pickings and also to make sure the new chick/en laid their new eggs in the right bag (onion).
  15. Cavani - Class A Egg Suarez - Omlette Made With Class A Eggs & Chilli's (mixed up but has a bit of a bite!) Costa - Ostrich Egg (big ugly looking bugger) Benzema - Class B Egg Benteke - Raw Egg Ballo - Scrambled Egg