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  1. Super Frank Thread

    Would think if we continue this sort of results and performances towards the end of the season it will be top of the list. I think we are lucky because he is a Chelsea man at heart and he will not rush into pushing the club to renew or whatever so would expect it to be done by end of the season or earlier.
  2. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The thing is, the very good/top top players can make an impact in only 10-20 minutes. Callum has to push himself to affect a game every time he plays, be it for 10 minutes or 90 minutes. No one doubts his talents but the huge contract has given him unwanted expectation from fans and imo I agree with it because the wages are crazy. He will be a key figure here in the coming seasons but still can do more, he has to keep improving every aspect of his game as well as adding an intensity and fearlessness to how he plays. Its easy to stand someone up and pass it to the fullback or central midfielder. Be brave, take them on, look at Neymar, Messi and Sancho in particular, these guys in 1 v 1s are always are positive and always want to beat people. Even if it looks near impossible.
  3. 19. Mason Mount

    Actually if you look at the stats, when Frank was 22 right before we got him he had only scored 40 club goals. Mason is 21 and has 6 less in his career. I know you mean more the taking shots/technical side of it and maybe the power at times could be more but his goal record isn’t that bad so far in his career. The growth has to be there in terms of frequency of his goals and assists as we seen the barren run he had last year but also comparing any young English midfielder to Lampard, Gerrard or Scholes in regards to shooting is a tough one because those 3 were top of the range in terms of shooting from long range and two of them were two of the best goal scoring midfielders of their generation.
  4. The General Football Thread

    Usual from the usual. Still not over the hand of god even thought it was 35 years ago. The poor guy dies, an absolute legend, a huge heroic figure to 3 or 4 generations of football fans and past/present day footballers and they pan in specifically on something that is to do with their NT.... Would say I am surprised but simply am not.
  5. 6. Thiago Silva

    I think its inevitable he will likely be starting for us next season regardless if we sign a new CB or not. Especially based on what we have seen so far. A year isn’t that far away. Plus even if he didn’t start every game, you’d still want him around as his experience at the level he’s played at, what he’s done and his know how is getting harder and harder to find in younger CBs. He is clearly rubbing off on Zouma already, you can see a huge improvement in Kurt. He looks more at ease playing with Thiago also. He may be 36 but he has still got everything. Positionally, tactically, technically and physically he is still in good shape. I doubt it will change much next season. Obviously he was a short term signing but the fact we want to renew him already speaks volumes.
  6. 6. Thiago Silva

    Let the guy play the WC, he's gonna be 37 by the time it comes around and I am more than confident he will be good enough to play at that level for Brazil still which means he will be more than good enough to keep playing here. I know we should be selfish and say we don't want him to play it but regardless of age, if you asked anyone chance to win the WC or chance to win a domestic league, what do you think they'd pick?
  7. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Throw in Ndombele as well who has been a different player this season. I think he has found something he didn't have last season, confidence. Someone who I really liked the look of at Lyon and is now starting to show what he is about. I know he has only got 1 goal and 1 assist this season which looks poor but he has just got quality on the ball. He can dribble, he can pass, he can tackle. Also while Bale hasn't hit the ground running, if he plays, Chilwell has to be very wary of him coming off that right hand channel because he can shoot well whenever he gets within 25-30 yards from the goal. I think this will be our toughest match of the season by far, as you said Son and Kane give them so much in attack. Defensively they have improved hugely, guys like Eric Dier has come on a lot and even Doherty looks a solid addition. Ndombele and Regulion have looked good so far also as has Hojberg in midfield. Definitely be our toughest game so far this season. We have improved also but the two victories last season, I think using them as a barometer as to how this game will go as opposed to taking in and looking at how convincingly Spurs beat United and then City in that second half, would be naïve. It should be a good game and getting a win in this one would maybe indicate whether or not this team is ready to make that step to go from top 4 finishers to competing for the title. Its true though. You see it on here Mount all season getting some sort of abuse despite playing very well at times. There was someone saying his performance v Burnley was average when he was outstanding and arguably put in the best individual performance of the season for us that game. I said regarding Werner also, I think some people just like to shoot down our players even when they are playing well because they tend to overanalyse like one or 2 5-10 second sections of games as if that's all those guys did in the game or as if the game of football only lasts that duration. Werner misses a chance v Newcastle and everybody talks about that and not his assist or the multiple runs he made to get into good positions. Doesn't score v Rennes and its a disaster/needs rested/under confident/at an all time low some of the ones I've seen. Mount misplaces a pass or whatever and any sort of good aspect is forgotten. People need to wake up and realize people make mistakes or can perform averagely even if they are/were on a hot streak.
  8. 11. Timo Werner

    Its mental. How many people would have taken Cavani at some point when he was at Napoli or PSG? He misses lots of huge chances too put still puts up massive numbers. Lots of strikers do it. Aguero, Aubamayang, Ibrahimovic, Firmino, Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez, Morata, Griezmann, Giroud, Benzema etc.... even Ronaldo misses huge chances but you dont see people saying all that crap. Typical though folk on here will act like its the end of the world when Werner will probably get 15 goals PL this season, which for a first season pretty decent. Only had 2 bad games. End of the fucking world for some people though, incredible, sometimes wonder if people want our players to fail or be seen as flops because they have nothing else to do. Not just Werner. Been numerous cases over the years. Not even sure some people watch the games now just clips of someone missing this chance or mistiming tackles. Which takes away all the good things they do in games to focus purely on maybe 5 seconds of the game.
  9. 11. Timo Werner

    Or overly critical. To be expected on here though Mount got it, Pulisic got some shit cause he was injured, now Werner getting it after 2 meh games. Some people will never be happy.
  10. 11. Timo Werner

    What? His confidence is clearly not at an all time low. If it was he wouldn't be making the same runs he's making or be shooting full stop. When strikers aren’t confident they stop getting onto the end of chances or stop shooting because they are scared of missing. Timo doesn’t look like that. He is allowed to have an off game or two. This notion you have that he is lost is crazy, he has either scored or assisted in 6 of his last 8 games for club and country. Something like 11 goal involvements in his last 8 games. Is that someone who is not confident? Or someone who is lost? To sound blunt - if that is lost or low confidence I would like some of whatever your drinking or smoking, I mean what do you want him to do score 3 goals every game and be MOTM every game of the season? He has 13 goals in 22 games this season for club and country. All in all that is good.
  11. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Need HT. Dropped off big style.
  12. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Will still get the less rest because so many players who would start v us will travel if they are away or be involved at some point anyway as he wont change 11 players out, managers rarely ever do. Thats the point. Thiago Silva is 36 and travels to Brazil/South America every international break. That's why people want to rest him when we can. Particularly after internationals.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Can't believe in modern day football, Roy Hodgson and Sean Dyche are still playing 442. I get Atletico Madrid play it also but fucking hell, dinosaurs. Although Dyce has done a good job with Burnley on the budget they have to be fair.
  14. Super Frank Thread

    Tbf it seems a bit daft now because he had the offers to go to Rennes or Everton on loan and it didn't happen for whatever reason. Everton signed Ben Godfrey so won't come back for him and Rennes probably got another replacement. Fuck knows where hes going to go in January. He needs to play but again I still don't know who will sign him in the PL realistically. And a Championship loan would be a backwards step 100%.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Leeds Hit the bar and post. Unlucky but they've dropped in performance second half. Probably harder to play against 10 men.
  16. Declan Rice

    I would rather we spent the 60-80m on Camavinga to be honest than signed Rice. Physically, technically and tactically will surpass Rice if he hasnt already. Going to be a monster of a player. Dont see any glaring weaknesses in his make up. Saying that think he would be better playing every week at Rennes for another season or two and has plenty time to get that big move.
  17. The English Football Thread

    Ampadu unfortunately not had a break in terms of his loan spell being overly productive at Leipzig. Still a very good talent. Hopefully at Shef Utd he can keep playing and come on.
  18. Super Frank Thread

    Absolutely. Will be our toughest match so far this season though I think.
  19. Super Frank Thread

    They are unfortunately a different animal now. They look like a proper team, no real weaknesses, solid defensively and have got great players who can make the difference in Son and Kane who would start in every team in Europe. If we play at our best we will still be more than capable of beating them obviously but they just seem different this season. Will be our toughest game so far I think. A good barometer to see how we’ve come on though.
  20. The English Football Thread

    Spurs second half very impressive. Mourinho at it again, usual big game performance from his golden years as a manager. Said before the season started Spurs would be a huge threat and think those games v City today and United a while ago proves it. Tough game coming up against them because they look very complete. Solid without the ball and a huge threat when they have it. Kane and Son would play in most teams in Europe right now.
  21. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Unfortunately, lifes a bitch. It isn't fair. Good job its only his agent coming out with this. He might get a run, we still have the huge potential for injuries with this crammed schedule and lack of time between the season finishing and starting again so he has to keep plodding along and keep himself ready if hes needed. Like last season.
  22. Ross Barkley

    The curse of Ross Barkley. When he was here and fully fit he was average at best. When he finally built up some steam he would get an injury. Has started well at Villa and the injury is a shame but to be expected at some point as he has a history of injuries.
  23. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Either him or McCarthy at Southampton. Two GKs who are more than capable I feel, would be very good number 2s. damn two posts one after each other :)))) fs
  24. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    If your serious not sure how you cannot see it. If sarcasm, haha. His lay offs and hold up play looks much better than last season.
  25. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Tammy Abraham has improved his hold up and approach play so much this season. Doesnt get enough credit. Mason as well as Mateo, Reece and Ngolo were great. Looking like we have finally found stability and a preferred 11 which was one of our biggest problems last season.