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  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Just fucking sell him. No more loan to buy shit. They had an option/obligation to buy him last time and didnt bother their arses. Will we ever learn?
  2. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    On Ben White: Dont think we should go for him. Think hes got good potential but looking very good in the championship is one thing, lets see how he gets on in the PL this season before spunking 40mn on him. A more experienced, top level CB who is in the 24-27 years age bracket would make more sense.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Pirlo is a massive gamble. Massive. Hopefully he does well and if he does fair play but again as previously mentioned, they need a reshuffle in their playing personnel.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Juventus need a rebuild regardless of manager. Its no surprise even with Ronaldo they haven’t got to a CL final. They have older experienced players who are good but also set in their ways and wont fit a more aggressive high energy playing style which when you look at some of the teams who have had successful runs in the CL getting to semi finals and finals, they have that and Juve need to go that way and the only way to do it is to go down such a path with a Sarri or a Pochettino or a Tuchel etc. Obviously Sarri gone now but they are talking about Matuidi, Khedira and Higuain all leaving as well as getting shot of Rugani and a few others. Pochettino would be my best bet for going in, think he could rejuvenate some of their guys and also blood in some freshness to the team. They desperately need it if they want to go far in the CL, they need to evolve and become more of a functioning collective than solely dependent on Ronaldo and Dybala - which Sarri sort of decided was going to be easier to do than shape them to his demands when he came in so its fair to say not the sort of thing you’d expect a manager as stubborn as he is to do. They signed Arthur so they have him and Bentancur who is a fantastic midfielder to give them a base around and add to with Dybala, de Ligt but they are still gonna need to shoehorn Ronaldo in to the team and get him to function within it because he is still a top player but one who very much plays in his own set way unless you get a Zidane like figure.
  5. Bayern Munich - Chelsea

    Would be a bit extreme and a tough start for the kid. I mean we can still theoretically go through here so I doubt Lampard is going to go and play a handful of kids who haven’t played in the league never mind the CL against a team who have won 21/22 games in 2020. Obviously James, Mount, CHO are gonna be involved and maybe a few other academy boys make the bench because of Alonso and Jorginho’s suspension alongside Tammy but we have to put out a strong team. So for the GK I think it will be Kepa or Caballero 100%
  6. Super Frank Thread

    Guardiola may have finished 2nd but again City have had a better season. Not lost as many games or conceded as many. Nuno as well at Wolves, they've had a very very good season. Rodgers at Leicester, ok they'd tailed off but in terms of their season, who thought they'd ever finish 5th? So you could argue he would deserve to be in there more also. I havent seen who's up but Klopp, Wilder, Nuno, Rodgers all ahead of him for such a nomination surely? Looking at it, if it wasn’t Frank and it was another club, how could someone who manages a top 4/5 team lose 12 games and had a goal difference of 15 be up for manager of the season? Not to mention the frantic finish after being 11 or 12 points clear of the top four in the first half of the season. We did alright (vague term because for me, it should have been better based on the first 6 months of the season, young team and all but tactically it was as if we went backwards) but wouldn't say he should be in the running for manager of the season.
  7. Super Frank Thread

    Being nominated for Manager of the season is a bit of a stretch. But hey ho, young English manager, done an alright job, not surprised one bit. Only one clear winner: Klopp.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    Okay but how much money did we spend in Conte’s second season? And then under Sarri? Hundreds of millions between those guys? We were exclusively cup teams those seasons as well lets not kid around. And under Villas-Boas, Di Matteo and Benitez again, cup teams more or less. So it is a bit odd to say that that’s underwhelming for Atletico when say out of the last 8 seasons we’ve been much more a cup team more often than not, okay weve won 2 leagues but again is winning the PL as tough as trying to beat a Barcelona or Real Madrid to La Liga where they have I dont know, 5 times the budget plus probably 2 of the greatest players in football history for the majority of that time? Not a chance. Its not as if we’ve challenged every season either. So to say they’ve underwhelmed I am guessing you have got the same opinion on the majority of the last 10 years here? Even including a CL win and 2 Europa Leagues? If Atletico didnt concede in the 95th minute in 2014(?) CL final their trophy haul would have probably been near identical in terms of having a league, a few domestic cups and european cups. Even without a CL, where they’ve been to 2 finals with Simeone, a La Liga, Copa del Ray, Supercopa Espana, 2 Europa Leagues and 2 UEFA Supercups in 9 years is impressive. Would be downright snobbery to say that isn’t impressive for any team, never mind Atletico, 7 cup wins in 9 years. I suppose it does depend on who they appoint after but Arsenal is a bad example also, since Wenger retired again, they had 1 good season with Emery then flaked away and while Arteta looks to have a very good idea and way of playing he needs players too where as Wenger was able to get them in the top 4 regularly not spending huge sums and maybe he should have done a bit more but again, he won trophies there also such as FA Cups and the Community Shield thing. I dont think Arsenal are completely out of the woods yet. Even if things look ‘better’ but is their recruitment any better? Is their league position really better? Wheres the likes of these Nasri’s, Cesc’s and van Persie’s coming in cheap and growing with the club? He signed their two best players at current, Lacazette and Aubamayeng and without them theyd be pish pretty much. Bar Leno, Tierney, Ceballos, Pepe and Martinelli the after Wenger signings have been poor. Even then Pepe not done enough and it took 6 months for Ceballos to really get going. It will take more than just a good manager to take Atletico further, they change their style they will need to change a lot of personnel because some are going to look out of place in a non Simeone team where the organisation, work rate and intensity isnt the same.
  9. Sergio Reguilón

    Great talent. Has a real potential to be a top top LB. Still remember watching some Madrid games where that caretaker bloke played him ahead of Marcelo and he looked talented but raw. Seen a few Sevilla games this season as well as EL games and he looks a bit more fine tuned, has real athleticism and always makes an impact in the final third. Probably cost 35m euros max, no brainer if LCFC want 80m for Chilwell.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    Tbf for a team who has never had any actual real world class players bar Falcao, Griezmann and Oblak during his spell there theyve always been competitive and achieved a lot still, more than people give them credit for. Also to have won La Liga, in this era, with a team such as Atletico I dont think you understand how big a feat that is. Really it was massive. Not as big as Leicester under Ranieri but its not completely too far off that if I am honest. I mean I am guessing you think something similar of Klopp who won Bundesliga twice at BVB then never done anything of real note after? Or..? A lot of people dont like his style, maybe (personally dont think its that bad) but at least you know your never going to question these guys in their effort and commitment each season which you cannot say about very many other teams who can be very good one season then completely shite the next (weve had it a few times now as have City, Spurs, United and Arsenal). In my eyes, If he ever leaves Atletico and a new manager comes in to that squad, they will not do as well either, similarly like Moyes at United going in after Ferguson. Basically same team but will never get the same out of them, so I would imagine Atletico fans would be very wary of replacing him so easily. I mean those players, what he got out of some of them who then moved on and havent done half as well sort of clarifies how good a manager he really is. Arda Turan at Barcelona, not even a 10th of the player he was at Atletico. Godin at Inter? Not even half thr player he was there. Peformances that he got out of Juanfran, Gabi, Filipe Luis, Diego Costa... nobody ever seen them reaching those heights either. Griezmann was a good player before but he became world class under Simeone. One of the best managers around for sure.
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    People more than likely probably would have said the same about Andy Robertson when he first signed considering he came from a side that got relegated. Jamal Lewis does look in the sort of mould of fullback that Klopp likes and honestly I really dont think he’s any lesser a player that Reece James is imo so for a back up he’s ideal, plus hes young and still has huge room for improvement. Yes refresh but he doesn’t need to overhaul the team hugely. You look at Alisson who is 27, Trent is 21, Joe Gomez is 23, Robertson is 26, Fabinho is 26. Still plenty of life in those guys and they will undoubtedly form the spine of their team. Also even van Dijk at 29, the very very good CBs tend to last to their early 30s. Okay they need may to refresh the XI a bit in midfield but I really cannot see Salah and Mane slowing down for another 2 seasons minimum due to how often they’re injured and how well they clearly look after themselves. Firmino again, is he hugely reliant on his physical attributes as a footballer? No not really so again maybe another 2 seasons at least maybe more. Yea they’ll need replaced eventually but this when someones approaching 30 and will automatically decline is ridiculously naive because you have to look at how often these guys have been injured over the years, how they prepare and look after themselves, what their playing styles are, how their teams play and everything else. Going by the 30 plus logic Lewandowski would of slowed down years ago, Robben and Ribery wouldnt have ever managed to play regularly under Pep. Ronaldo has probably gotten better after turning 30 and so has Ibrahimovich. Its got to be done case by case. Mane and Salah are both world class footballers as well and arguably so is Firmino so you wouldnt be half surprised if they kept going at a good level to 32 or 33. Their issues are that Keita hasn't ever done well enough on a consistent basis and neither has Oxlade-Chamberlain. Origi isnt the best player to start games but has he not scored some of the biggest goals in their CL win? Minamino probably needs more chances. Even then if Klopp wants to retain the title and focus more on the short term and go for that, the CL, the cups next season, he doesnt have to go and spend the 250mn on players who are early 20s and will grow into longterm replacements for those players approaching 30. Maybe Thiago arrives for 30mn, maybe another CB, maybe a LB and maybe another forward player. They dont have to all be amazing amazing squad players. Good and dependable yes but don’t t have to be world class/top players. I mean look at City, how many top players for each position? Is it necessarily useful? Perhaps in some positions (forward areas) but everytime they’ve won something they've primarily used the same 15 or 16 players regularly throughout.
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Thats true and it is hard to see teams retaining titles unless they invest heavily but they realistically cannot improve their first 11 bar in MF with someone a bit more creative imo. Its just depth they need maybe, more at LB, CF and wide perhaps but finding good squad players who are willing to be squad players is difficult.
  13. The English Football Thread

    I think Fulham will not last long again. 1 season and back down. Leeds have got a bit more about them. They'll need some better players but if Bielsa gets them, with his innovation and ability to improve players, I think they could remain in the PL for a bit. hopefully not but out the two I think Leeds are better equipped for a longer stint in the PL.
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    They dont need much in all fairness. If they can keep the majority of the big hitters fit and playing in 90% of the games they still will be top 2 easily. They lack a top creative midfield player and a couple squad players maybe but what about if Klopp plays youngsters instead to replace the likes of Lovren and Lallana? They've sold Lovren but the likes of van der Berg and Hoever can both play at CB and are both highly rated u18 Dutch internationals and Lallana again I mean his contribution last season was near non existent so a youngster can surely use up those minutes 100%. I mean weve all just spent a season lauding our manager for dumping David Luiz out the squad for Tomori, Luiz is a better CB than Lovren. Maybe they should of pushed for Werner more, I thought he would of been their top target, as they need a better CF/wide forward to back/rotate/compete with those guys maybe. Have no doubts he’d of played regularly there unlike what the likes of that crackhead Robbie Fowler and John Barnes came out saying after we got him. If they get Thiago in midfield, who would fit in at any club in the PL and improve them as well as a good back up CF/winger, they are still gonna be right up there. I still fancy City to do it this year but I dont think anybody will break that City and Liverpool top 2 next season but the gap will hopefully be closer or at least the gap between us and wherever.
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Is he though? I know he had a knock but did FL not say he was available the other day?
  16. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Willian not being included today at all was a huge mistake. If its to do with his contract and not fitness that is. Huge rookie error.
  17. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Surprise surprise Azpi and Pulisic both off injured. Probably played most minutes along with Mount since project restart.
  18. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    All Lampard has done is go back to a system which has worked in other games and hoped that it would work again today. I think when you look at their wide attackers, Aubamayang and Pepe who like to come very central and play as strikers basically it was obvious it wouldn’t work. Plus theyve got down the sides too easily. Far too easily.
  19. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Missing Willians ability to retain the ball under pressure. Mount every time he gets it under pressure either loses it or is pushed off the ball far too easily.
  20. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Good start has fizzled out. Every time Arsenal have the ball they seem to get in behind us far too easily. That Tierney to Aubamayang ball is on every time. James or Mount has to get tighter to Tierney so he cannot play that ball.
  21. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Great finish. Mount beforehand for that chance really should of played Oli in though.
  22. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Yeah Sarri had his own one in. I think. I think Courtois had issues with the GK coaches at the club and wasn’t necessarily impressed IIRC and I think it could be time for an upgrade/change.
  23. Kai Havertz

    Tbf if it doesn’t get done this summer it just takes a bad season from him and they could potentially lose more than 25-30m euros off his price tag. Just get it done. 70-75m euros rest in add ons. If they want him to play EL let him, heres hoping Rangers can put one over them and knock them out 🤣
  24. The Mourinho Thread

    Thats one thing about Mourinho I have always liked or admired. He isnt afraid to speak his mind regarding things like this or even in the past using psychology to get into his opposite numbers head before a game. I love that shit and wish more managers would use mind games or ‘we are club X we dont like club Y’ as it brings a bit more spectacle. Pep and Klopp are top coaches although they are very much the opposite with these mind games but I think Alex Ferguson was also a master at it along with Jose over the years. Also love seeing games where people just lose the fucking plot, that 2-2 v Spurs when we basically handed Leicester the title, despite the madness, the poor discipline, Hiddink getting floored, some of the challenges, that is what a big derby game should be about, well... to a lesser extent anyway. Everyones just all too matey now a days. No edge. No Ferguson-Benitez or Mourinho-Wenger rivalries and it is something I think these top games do lack at times, particularly the really fucking shit ones you watch where fuck all happens, the build up and the edge that these games used to have going into them, they dont have it anymore - I mean even if they did go out and its not the best game, you still had plenty to talk about.
  25. The Mourinho Thread

    Tremendous. Love him or hate him, he knows exactly what to say which will inevitably get a reaction out of OGS again who recently said managers were trying to influence referees by running a narrative that United always get penalties and freekicks through VAR.