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  1. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Think its about time hes given a shot here. Fair enough hes only playing in Holland but hes had what 2 and a half seasons seasons there and has like 30 goals and 15-20 assists IIRC.
  2. Burnley - Chelsea

    Be nice to get a look at Emerson for longer than 10 minutes. Hopefully he seizes his chance because he hasnt played a lot. Hopefully Giroud starts but can see Conte going for Morata.
  3. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Hes going to make a career out of being a box to box midfielder (whether its here or not who knows?). He lacks the necessary discipline to play as a 6 I think which is evident to see since the turn of the year when he has played but he showed against United when we beat them in the first match that he could be a good box to box player.
  4. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    next big thing? havent we been there and done that with AVB in 2011? Its a bold move again but wont happen because the club will panic and not back the manager. Also David Wagner? No chance.
  5. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Its because the amount of goals hes scored from his position. Cant be any other reason, hes a good player but team of the year maybe a bit much but in all fairness look at the top teams: Delph playing LB for City every week for months because of an injury to Mendy after like 3 weeks, Ben Davies for Spurs due to Rose's fitness, Ashley Young/Luke Shaw for United, Kolasinac or Monreal for Arsenal, Andy Robertson for Liverpool (I really think he should have been in contention though, as a Scotsman its great to see hes grown into one hell of a player, he played basically non professionally when he was 17/18 now hes playing CL football in the matter of like 6 seasons)... its hardly an outstanding pool of competition. At the likes of Southampton, Everton, West Ham who everyone probably expected to do quite well this season... the likes of Bertrand, Baines, Cresswell.. theyve hardly had good seasons I mean just look at the state of Southampton and West Hams defensive records as it stands.
  6. Nemanja Matic

    Still he'd be an improvement on watching Bakayoko roam about aimlessly, Cesc get waltz past by players who are slow although even he makes them look fast and Drinkwater is solid enough to play some games but out of his depth in others. 28 or 29 or whatever, he still had plenty in him to give regardless of what people may have thought, which he has shown for United. Shit results or not it was not a football decision, purely a money one although the club probably helped him make up his mind by even enticing an offer from United in the first place.
  7. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Still if half the team matched the effort of those two as well, we wouldn’t have been so shit.
  8. 18. Olivier Giroud

    The thing was though that he apparently wasn’t good enough for them and wasn’t for us based on that but he’s always done well when he’s played. Okay the goals haven’t come come as many hoped but he’s always performed. He wasn’t. Jason didn’t say this either but many members had slagged the signing of him at first but I think like I mentioned up there his skill set suit the team and performances have always been good in my eyes. I think as well he appreciates the chance to be here you can see the effort he puts in. Not that he perhaps didn’t at Arsenal but it’s easy to see why he became so disillusioned there with them signing Lacazette and regularly playing for only 10 minutes most weeks.
  9. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Great performance. Surely shut the whole “he’s a Arsenal reject” clan up too, in all fairness he’s maybe not played as regularly as he might have hoped but when he has played he has done well. His skill set is underrated particularly with the loss of Costa in the summer having a brute strength where he can hold it in.
  10. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    Morata was pretty good the last 2/3 games I felt? Dont think im the only one who thought that either. A man without a soul? Aww cmon. If that’s the case you could argue the team has been playing like a team “without a soul” except Kante over the last few months.
  11. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    To go 2-0 down at Southampton is really poor I felt but glad to see we turned it around was a great comeback. If only we had put in something sort of effort in the games against Watford and Bournemouth when trailing...
  12. 22. Willian

    Yes and it was alarmingly scary how many in the run up to the summer wanted to trade Matic for a younger upgrade in Bakayoko and look how that worked out. Same with Costa because he was lacking "technical abilitiy"... We need to stop selling our better players, we need to stop selling players to buy, we need to stop selling to rivals. Seriously I think Willian would be still be useful here even if he was off the bench or a rotational option. Its not like hes a piss poor footballer who is out of his depth, fair enough hes not world class by any stretch of the imagination, like Cesc (although not a fan of him playing a 2 man MF doesn't have the legs for it but in a 3 with two more mobile partners, he'd have a role to play) but the amount of folks who think we should just discard them and replace them with the Bakayoko's of the world (1 season wonders) and whoever is up and coming in Germany and Italy or whatever need a reality check because its never that simple. I'd be 100% for signing Martial absolutely, but a squad with both Willian and Martial in it is stronger than the one we've got imo. We have a lack of attacking midfield options as it is, Pedro, Willian, Hazard, Barkley... its hardly exciting. Throw in Martial at least its another body and a pretty good player with a lot of growth. Move out Pedro maybe get another higher level attacker and there's plenty of competition and plenty of options to change a game up. There is a lot of uncertainty around the club due to managers, players futures all in the air, lack of ideology in which way the clubs going and if we start willingly giving "gifts" to other teams other teams will come and come again. Look at Arsenal. How many of their players were signed season after season by big rivals?
  13. 22. Willian

    Regardless of those players and the past. The point I am trying to make is: do not sell key players to direct rivals. Do not swap key players to direct rivals is surely got to come under that? We continue down that path and we'll end up like Arsenal. Martial as a signing yes go for it, 100% but in return for any of our key players, no thank you. Hes a good player, obviously Mourinho has a past with attacking talented youngsters but you cannot say its completely one sided. I think as well Martial is predominately a left sided attacker, he'd give us a good option to swap things up and probably even on the right as well as possibly upfront but when I've seen him for United this season there is a lot of issues there in his consistency (although I am aware he has struggled to play regularly since the turn of the year due to Sanchez arrival) although he has got a lot of potential. Would you honestly expect Man United to sell him to us though? Juventus and Real Madrid have been credited with interest recently. I think we'd have more a chance of landing Rashford or Shaw than Martial although even then difficult still because they do not sell to direct rivals and never really have.
  14. 22. Willian

    and look how far that has gotten him, stuck in a pecking order behind Jesse Lingard. Hard work is just as important and regardless of his talent its clear that Martial has stagnated at United. Hes a good player and maybe a move would help but even then why would you give a direct rival another key player? Did nobody learn from Matic in the summer? Willian is a key player here. Does anybody really think if we were to offer them just cash they'd sell to us? Not a chance.
  15. 22. Willian

    And give a rival another key player? Why?
  16. Nemanja Matic

    Why wouldnt we be? Our season has been pretty much disastrous since about December and the sales of 2 big players Matic (to a direct rival) and Costa is a big part of why I feel as well as other things to do with players performances, speculation over Conte and form. Who lets a club sell a pivotal cog of their team to a team competing for the title/top 4 as we were hoping to do?
  17. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Roma deserved to beat Barca in the first leg I thought, they played well as they proved again tonight and in the two games against us. They are some team.
  18. Mauro Icardi

    So according to Tancredi Palmeri (Italian CNN correspondent) who has sources from Sky Italy, we have contacted Sampdoria to try and sign 19 year old 'wonder kid' Mauro Icardi. He's Argentinian and was signed by Sampdoria from Barca's La Masia academy for €400,000 or something. He scored four goals against Pescara (becoming the third player to score four goals in one game for Sampdoria) quite recently. In his first season in Serie A he has 7 goals so far. Never actually heard of him before but was reading an article on him and apparently Barca rated him quite highly but because of the strikeforce they had, he thought it was better to leave Barca so he did.
  19. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Think hes improved the last few games, like mentioned he seems to be staying on his feet a bit more and his link up play at times is impressive. Finishing maybe could still do with some work but I think the physical demands and no winter break this season will be better for him for next season. Hopefully we give him another chance, hes a different style of striker to Drogba and Costa, which in any way is hard acts to follow for different reasons and I think he'll be a bigger success next season for definite. I can't imagine the club would offload him for a loss like its being reported in the media, its so clear there is a very good footballer in him, its just maybe been a bit of a contrasting season from his first half and second half of the season but its been like that for a lot of the players.
  20. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Possibly but even then he was always an excellent footballer and it was so clear him and Messi were ahead of everyone else with talent and consistency.
  21. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    They signed him because he along with Messi were the two best players in the world by a mile without a shadow of a doubt. Nothing to do with records. Although scoring about 70 goals in 100 games over two seasons for a team in the "best league in the world" probably helped. They will sign Neymar next.
  22. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Yeah I would like to see him play a lot more before the summer. I think he’s got pace and likes 1v1s in the attacking third, that could make him a real outlet for the side. Alonso has got a lack of genuine pace.. he offers more height as well as a goal threat but I think Conte has got to take a gamble and try this guy out from the beginning of a match. For me he’s very much an unknown but in limited minutes you can see his speed and that he likes 1v1 situations. Moses has a poor final ball but he has got pace which makes him a more useful player in that wingback position and I feel Emerson could be the same.
  23. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Yeah I would like to see him play a lot more before the summer. I think he’s got pace and likes 1v1s in the attacking third, that could make him a real outlet for the side. Alonso has got a lack of genuine pace.. he offers more height as well as a goal threat but I think Conte has got to take a gamble and try this guy out from the beginning of a match. For me he’s very much an unknown but in limited minutes you can see his speed and that he likes 1v1 situations. Moses has a poor final ball but he has got pace which makes him a more useful player in that wingback position and I feel Emerson could be the same.
  24. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Long post alert 😂 Whoever comes in, needs to sell 5 players at least from the squad (not even mentioning the loan army) and sign the same back if not more but of better quality than previous seasons. Getting rid of Pedro and signing someone like Leon Bailey is a must as well, Bailey in particular has so much potential, is lightening quick and seems to have a bit of arrogance like he knows he’s a good player. I have no doubts Hazard is off in the summer too based on his body language, performances and effort in the last few months so finding another good wide player will also be crucial (unless he stays and is playing within himself for the World Cup? Oscar did it too in 2014 but that doesn’t sit good with me regardless) because Willian is not getting any younger. Need somebody to take Cescs place in the 11, although I think off the bench he could still be a viable option, we seen the quality he can deliver with 30 minutes to go in more advanced positions like when Conte played him further forward last year after all this talk of he was finished. In a 2 man MF he is a goner yes but honestly expect us to revert back a 4231 or 433 regardless of coach (unless Conte stays but doubt it). Think the likes of Courtois (world class keeper on his day but obviously has a move on his mind), Luiz/Cahill or both have to go. Drinkwater and Bakayoko... not sure what their purposes are other than being squad players and if I was being honest I’d be hoping one of them would definitely be getting sold in the summer because we could do with players in the same position a lot better (if DD was Baka’s age I’d keep him but he’s not, although he has put in better performances than Baka except that game v United). Barkley, Giroud and Emerson will probably get a fair shot next season but again the verdict is out on them although Giroud brings something different to the team. I’d like to see more of Emerson before the summer purely because if we play a flat back 4 next season I think he has the legs to get up and down better than Alonso and if we get somebody like Tuchel or Enrique in charge, quick transitions will be a big feature in our game next year. Tuchel (not overly keen but could be proven wrong) will more entertainment, goals but conceding stupid goals due to being exposed, Enrique will probably be a bit more reserved in comparison like at Barca, they weren’t exactly like Peps side and had a decent balance between attack and defence, as welll as being able to press high up or sit off teams more although we don’t have the front line they had or the midfield. It’s interesting because a lot of people are mentioning these two but I think Allegri fits the mould more, he’s not exactly got one style, his Juve team are able to do a bit of everything. Although why leave a Juventus side who you’ve taken to 2 CL finals, won 4 league titles with and have a lot of say for Chelsea, who will probably throw you out after 2 seasons after giving you a small say on signings. I honestly think the bigger names will be a lot more reserved about coming here, not that they will not listen to an offer but I think after the last few transfer windows and Contes public comments regarding this, as well as the rumors circulating that he can’t wait to leave due to that it will hinder us if say other big clubs were to state their interest in these guys. I mean have we ever heard anything regarding a manager saying he can’t wait to leave a club? In my opinion, Ancelotti returning would be a disaster because we’d continue to go in this trend of signing average players on recommendation from idiots up stairs because he is a yes man. Also he’s a good coach but look at him at Bayern, he took over a team that had been drilled tactically and given precise instructions and structure player to player by a intense coach. It’s no different here, players would maybe react differently for a few months or maybe up to a season but I think in the long run it’s not a great move and we need to look at the long run; we have needed to for a few seasons despite mixed successes because if not we will continue in this cycle of chopping and changing and struggle to have a clear philosophy or identity that people can relate to. Brendan Rodgers, I hope the clubs not even going to consider him, youth players yes he’d maybe be able to make the path slightly easier as shown in the past but his transfer market history is shockingly average except a few at Liverpool (although maybe he wouldn’t get as much of a say) and I couldn’t deal with the pathetic excuses and the whole “we play one way and have no plan B” like at Liverpool. Simeone would be another move I’d be against because he is too similar to Jose and Conte although a time least we’d have a lot more character in the side under him, Atletico always seem to be right up for the majority of bigger games under him and regardless of how you play that is a good aspect for any team.
  25. 10. Eden Hazard

    What do you mean? There are more than enough points there to discuss, how many big games since the turn of the year has he shown up in? What did he do vs Arsenal other than scoring a penalty? Maybe he showed up for 25 mins vs United? He was a no show v City (where he sat walking about with his arms in the air more often than not complaining), same in the games against Barca and yesterday. Throw in those games vs Bournemouth and Watford and you have got what 7 or 8 games in total where he has been pretty poor since the turn of the year. If people are seriously thinking if he goes in the summer that this club will be fucked then they are wrong. If people seriously think Real Madrid are going to prioritise signing him over Neymar they are also very wrong, lets be very honest. Irritated? I get quite irritated when members like yourself and that other bloke from yesterday sit there and give all this 'I'm done wasting enough time' over what many people on here seem to think is a valid thing to discuss, a lack of big game performances in the most crucial part of our season. Since the start of this year I've seen other forum members bring this up and until he does something to change opinions in this regard it will continue to be brought up. Lets be frank if this was Willian or Pedro they would get absolutely slated and guys like yourself would be right at the front of the cue. Now if we want to talk about him playing against the smaller teams or even bring up his big performances from last season yes fair enough, but we are going to be playing Europa League football next season without a doubt by the looks of it, the big games have cost us this year, the whole team is to blame but to sit there and protect Eden as if he was a one man army in these big games is utterly ridiculous. Willian for example playing arguably the best football of his career in a tough period for the team, fair enough maybe it was just a purple patch but still it was more productive than what he showed in that time. Other people have also been criticising other players, Cesc, Morata, Christensen, Cahill, Courtois, Bakayoko... but when it comes to Eden there is some sort of we are lucky to have him feeling, maybe we are maybe we aren't but regardless in the most crucial matches of this season he has flattered to deceive.