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  1. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Morata doesn't have an all round game? Hes fast, good technically, can play one or two touch, intelligent mover without the ball, good in the air... just because he was poor in the second half of the season after being arguably our most important player in the first half of the season means nothing. Fatigue, injury, loss of form, no winter break, team as a whole struggled... all different variables, fair enough maybe none of them are applicable or maybe some are but he definitely deserves another season because he showed that he has definitely got something in him as a player (unlike Bakayoko who only looked like a reasonable player in 2 games the whole season). We are linked with Higuain because regardless we need better options up front... he is a known goalscorer and also a guy who worked with Sarri as well as the fact Juve need to sell to comply with FFP. Rugani isn't necessarily better than any CBs we've got but hes coming because hes worked with Sarri and fits the mould of what he wants in a CB. Higuain yes hes better than Morata but him coming doesn't necessarily mean its as simple as Sarri has weighed up Morata in 4 or 5 training sessions and doesn't want him. Regardless, Batshuayi and Giroud's futures are also up for debate. Batshuayi for me would be the first guy to go because he is such a limited footballer in terms of his actual all round game. In the past people also slated Costa (who for me, was the biggest loss from our team last year, not just in terms of goals but everything else he offers) so it just really goes to show that none of us are actually really happy when we have any decent strikers.... And for me personally, it is even stupider to consider selling him when we finally have an extremely attack minded manager, who's Napoli side created the most chances in Serie A over a 3 year period, had the most shots on target and most goals scored. He will get plenty of chances in this team and his skill set is much better than Higuains in my eyes so he will offer more in terms of the build up as well as probably getting 15+ goals. Also keep reading he wants to leave apparently? Where? Is there a source? Or is it just twitter/facebook shit?
  2. 22. Willian

    Take the deal. This is a good move for him and for us, he goes for a big fee, not to a direct rival and it means we can rejuvenate our attacking options.
  3. John Terry

    Get him in the coaching team here in some capacity, I know he has minimal coaching badges but it would be a mistake for somebody with as much in game experience as JT to go into being a pundit. He'd be wasted there.
  4. Anthony Martial

    Still don't see him fitting in here unless Hazard is sold. Or if he is content on playing on the bench. He is a wide forward who plays on the left.. he is not effective on the right side, Mourinho played him there over the course of his tenure and he struggled, hence why he signed Mkhitaryian (fair enough he eventually struggled). Fair enough there is a theme of attacking players struggling under Mourinho but putting a left winger/striker on the right wing is going to be pointless.
  5. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    Another hugely talented midfield player in Seria A, playing for Lazio, who have been progressing nicely under Inzaghi the last few seasons. A 22 y/o, Serbian central midfield player with good physical and technical attributes, he can also play as a 10. According to WhoScored he’s played 11 matches for Lazio as a CM this season, has 5 goals and 2 assists. Seen Lazio-Sampdoria (mainly to watch Torreira) and he looked impressive, scored a goal, didn’t lose the ball much, won a lot of aerial duels, drove his team forward as much as he could and mucked in defensively too. Fair enough only Sampdoria but he has been getting rave reviews after last season and was linked with Juventus, PSG, Man City, Man United and Liverpool (who tried to sign him) in the summer. One to keep an eye on for sure.
  6. Nabil Fekir

    In the last few years he has scored over 10 goals in 3 different seasons (15 in 2014-15, 14 in 2016-17 and 23 in 2017-18) which for a number 10, is quite good. Considering he was injured in 2015-16 (9 games, 4 goals).. still has 57 goals in all competitions over the last 4 seasons. Willian has only scored 44 goals for us in 5 seasons. Pedro has got 28 in 3 seasons.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Are you there watching every session? Or just making a stupid comment based on one 10 second video? We haven't even kicked a ball in a game yet, at least wait before making daft comments.
  8. Miralem Pjanic

    If they are planning on signing him to play in that role Fernandinho does then it would be a daft move. He is pretty slow and defensively he doesn't read the game as well as Fernandinho or Jorginho does. Would be a round peg in a square hole I think if thats what Pep was thinking. Hes a great player though but I mentioned it before, perhaps a bit of a luxury player in that regard, his technical attributes are outstanding but physically not so much. City already have guys like Gundogan who can't get a game regularly too...
  9. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I don't get why anybody would want to keep Batshuayi over Morata? Batshuayi is such a limited player. A decent half a season playing for Dortmund where he scored against average teams wont change that. Especially when you consider that Sarri is reportedly willing to get rid of players who don't fit his style due to their technical attributes, Morata has got that all round game where he can be much better than Batshuayi in his system. Batshuayi might score goals yes but at the same time he doesn't offer anything else to the team... he is limited in terms of footballing intelligence as well as technique for me. Even for a back up role you want quality to push your main striker. Batshuayi is 100% not that guy. Giroud is an alternative but not necessarily going to give somebody like Higuain a jolt up the arse. Morata with a bit of coaching and perhaps having that first season under him can definitely be our first choice if nobody comes in or be a very good competitor for the role.
  10. Perth Glory v Chelsea

    Like Sarri has said, result not as important as how the players adapt to what hes wanting from them. Should be a good game, even with a weakened squad we should be able to produce some good stuff, guys like Cesc, Morata, Pedro, Alonso, Jorginho, Luiz, Barkley all are potential first 11 players this season so they should be able to elevate the level of the team and help a few of the younger guys. Really hoping to see Ampadu get a shot at DM. As well as Hudson-Odoi on the left or right, who I think will have a more chances this season to play, albeit if its only Europa or cup games but theres something about him that I reckon will impress Sarri.
  11. Joe Hart

    As a Scotsman I've never been more grateful for anything Joe Hart has ever done in his whole career. Then fucking Stuart Armstrong tried to be a smart arse instead of just punting the ball up the pitch or dribbling to the corner and fucking Sterling or Kane or whoever scored an equaliser about 45 seconds later or whatever.
  12. Gonzalo Higuain

    He'd still score a lot of goals here. No doubt about it. Fair enough hes not exactly the most flashy centre forward but people are seriously underestimating him I think.
  13. Joe Hart

    For a number 2 maybe yeah. Number 1? No thank you.
  14. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Not sure how I'd feel if he goes because in all fairness, I know he isn't lightening quick or particularly a world class player in any regards but he has the ability to combine with players and also offers an alternative option. As well as that he works extremely hard and leaves everything on the pitch. I think he'd be worth keeping around this season, I know he left Arsenal to play every week and he did get some starts here but I seriously doubt he'd start every week at Atletico who are reportedly interested in him.
  15. Daniele Rugani

    Everyone is talking about Rugani and how he plays at Juventus in a totally different system under a totally different manager. Sarri worked with him at Empoli, so it is clear that he fits the profile for what he wants in terms of a CB. The same can be said about the links with Matias Vecino, the Uruguayan MF player who is at Inter, another player who came on leaps and bounds under Sarri with Empoli and Elseid Hysaj, who moved to Napoli afterwards with Sarri. I don't think we'll get all of the players just because hes worked with them but hes already got Jorginho and the talks of Rugani and Higuain haven't gone away so he will want a few guys who have experienced his football and methods to speed up the process as well as give him the chance to freshen up the squad. I think if Sarri wants the guy, we should be willing to give him a chance, no way he goes and spends 40-50M on a player he doesn't want. He wants to shape the squad to play the way he wants. Christensen and Rudiger are good players too (Christensen showed he still has a lot of areas where he could improve after a difficult end to the season), they can do what he wants I'm sure as well as Luiz and Cahill in a more limited capacity but he obviously wants a revolution in terms of the style, so some of these older guys who aren't well adapted to his style will probably go (Giroud, Luiz and/or Cahill, guys like Zouma, Drinkwater, Batshuayi and Bakayoko maybe as well) and be replaced with people hes more familiar with.
  16. Jeremie Boga

    Regardless he would never had made it here, he has talent yes but over various loan spells he never showed that sort of level that guys like Courtois, De Bruyne, Lukaku or Christensen shown and in terms of younger players coming back with the chance of making it so lets no kid ourselves on and say that it would have been any different. He only got a start because of injuries and suspensions, he was gone as soon as the injuries/suspensions ended. Although football is not always black and white as in terms of using stats, for an attacking player to have made almost 100 appearances and to have only scored 7 goals shows you all you need to know. Like I've said still talented and perhaps Sassuolo will give him every chance of playing every week but again considering some of the players they have like Dominco Berardi, Kevin Prince Boateng, Alessandro Matri, Filip Duricic and Khouma Babacar, it is not a given he will play every week to start.
  17. Kurt Zouma

    Not technical enough either with the ball. Would clearly be one of the first casualties as soon as Sarri wanted a CB, although with a bit of work in positioning and technically improving he could be a good player here, purely in terms of defending I think he will go on and become a brilliant CB, similar to the development of Koulibaly under Sarri but doubt it happens. Plus we'd easily get 25-30M for him considering his contract, his age, his potential.
  18. Kurt Zouma

    Hes more than likely going to be getting sold eventually, Jorginho took his squad number and even before then rumours about appointing Sarri and rumours of Rugani being targeted before we announced Jorginho made it almost an open and shut case. Its a shame but its a logical move along with one of Cahill/Luiz because he is on a big contract and has a lot of resale value.
  19. 22. Willian

    Honestly can't see Zaha fitting in a Sarri team. Generally feel he lacks the footballing intelligence and he is in the middle of his career where as Bailey has shown a rawness to his play but is much more coachable as he is still young. Also Zaha's most productive football at Palace last season came playing in a front two. Won't get that freedom or positon here.
  20. 10. Eden Hazard

    Exactly. Isn't the first time and won't be the last time we lose a top player. 170M if it is agreed, is a great deal for us if we reinvest it correctly. Which has to be done now. Fair enough there aren't many Edens out there but personally there are more than enough attacking players in the world to find someone who could grow into something special.
  21. 10. Eden Hazard

    Reports in France saying 190m euros which is 170m Sterling. £170m is a good price for somebody with 2 years on his contract (think it’s just a single deal for Hazard). I think it’s more and more obvious he wants to go but the club can still say no. He won’t force it hopefully so we still have a chance.
  22. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Its basically the same core of players squads from those seasons. 25 players make up a squad and you could say that more than half of them were there then (not including the likes of youngsters who come and go regardless). This group has got serial winners in it if we like it or not, guys like Cesc, Pedro, Hazard, Azpi, Courtois, Morata, Cahill, guys who have won a lot. This helps Sarri. I don't think people should be looking at the team last season and going we won't be able to get top 4. If Conte got a league title out of that squad with Moses, Alonso, Cahill, David Luiz playing every week then I have every expectations than Sarri can get top 4 with a few minor changes if his philosophy is implemented fast. Pep didnt struggle in all fairness, his style was implemented, obviously last season was better but you try play that sort of football with players like Zabaleta, Mangala and Kolarov, not going to work as effectively as it did this season with guys like Mendy, Walker, Ederson, as well as the countless attackers they have. France had Griezmann and Mbappe, yeah fair enough but Griezmann was piss poor throughout the tournament I felt. Mbappe was something else when he wanted to be, what a player but in all fairness Giroud was instrumental to that French team, he was always their out if they were under pressure and I don't think people appreciate that either because hes not flashy hes not fast etc etc. I get it Giroud is not necessarily going to be a shoe in here but hes an option, something different, a plan B. Morata as well you severely underestimate I think, he had a poor second half of the season but Sarri will make him better, the struggle he had in the second half of the season will help him too having played through it. Drogba had an incredibly poor start here.. look how he turned out. Morata was never going to make the grade at Real week in week out because he wasnt a galactico or whatever shit they want to be but Juventus wanted to keep him so badly and there must of been a reason. Even if Higuain comes in I think Morata is more than good enough to stay, if he starts well like he did last season I doubt anyone will say anything. Up to December he was probably our most productive player along with Hazard.
  23. Yeah but "its all Cahills' fault" Boga has been here for years and has never impressed anybody. His Chelsea career is over because he is not good enough.
  24. 22. Willian

    Hes coming to 30, how many other chances will he get to play for Barcelona? I can see exactly why he'd be desperate to leave, not because of the club or anything to do with us but because the club that want him are Barcelona. I'd like him to stay and play here under Sarri but again, 60M or more for a 30 year old? Barcelona want to pay it so why not? It would be idiotic to sell to United to spite him because we wouldn't get Martial and even then if we did, hes not a like for like replacement and for me that would indicate Eden would be leaving because he is a left winger or he'd be sitting on the bench and no way in hell does he leave one bench for another.
  25. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Not necessarily true. Not even just Jorginho, Sarri is a big plus, fair enough hes not proven outside of Italy but Pep wasn't outside of Barca before Germany or Pochettino outside of Spain before Engalnd etc, good coaches can work everywhere, and he has every chance, even more so if Eden Hazard stays. Conte was also an excellent coach no point saying anything else but last season was very indifferent if you look at his time with Juventus and Italy. The players and manager last season were poor.. its our fault we finished 5th, not the fact that everybody who finished above us were so so so much better (although City and Liverpool hands down were, United for a period as well although like usual under Jose they struggled, went more defensive... 4th was arguably there for the taking and we fucked it). We were losing games we shouldn't have lost. I know people will say Conte took an average team from that disastrous season to the league title but the season beforehand it was the same team that won the league under Jose. It was a good team, that lacked a few elements, legs in MF, motivation, an effective system, etc. Currently, this squad needs a few departures, 4 or 5 new faces that are the right fit and a bit of fine tuning but top 4 should be achievable next season, no doubt about it. You think if we can get 20-25 goals more from all of our midfield and attacking players than we did last season we will get top 4. Goals win games, we didn't score enough last season when we needed to get second goals to kill of games and we conceded too many after that. Sarri is an incredibly offensive minded coach, so the goals will come at some point, just look at Napoli... the chances they created, goals they scored, shots they got on target during the 3 years Sarri was in charge, it was like the most in Serie A in that time period. France got to the WC final with Giroud as their main striker... Juventus got to the CL final with Morata as one of their main strikers... I think the two of them can still offer something here. I can't wait to see people moan about Higuain if he does come here because inevitably somebody will find something to complain about regarding him. Also Arsenals squad? They signed two 30+ year old defenders who are average players, although they are experienced. Lucas Torreria is a good signing yes, so is Leno and obviously they have goals guaranteed with Aubamayang and Lacazette but it is hardly an outstanding squad like City have, its a good one but again Arsenal have always had a good squad and they were even worse off than we were last season, they finished below us. We need to be more worried about the Manc clubs and trying to close the gap to them and pains me to say it but even Liverpool who have just went and completely upgraded their GK and midfield with 3 players a lot better than what they had.