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  1. Nicolo Barella

    Yeah I dont know. Like mentioned above can see one of Kova, RLC or Ross not being here. Kante and Jorginho will also be 2 or 3 years older and you know what the club are like regarding 30 y/o plus players.
  2. Nicolo Barella

    Mount might not even be considered to be ready next season by Sarri. Going from championship to PL is a huge jump yet alone a top 4 team. Worth considering Abrahams struggles after a season where he scored over 20 goals in Championship. Id like to see Mount get a chance at a PL club next year on loan then go from there.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    They whistled Ronaldo too...
  4. Elseid Hysaj

    Ffs. Everytime this is brought up be it at opposition stadiums on banners, Facebook posts, twitter posts, this forum.... whst the fuck has it got to do with football? Again. Nothing.
  5. Elseid Hysaj

    Jesus an inverted full back please no. Alonso may not be the best but going back to right footed left backs would be so fucking stupid. Even stupider than before.
  6. Elseid Hysaj

    We arent buying ANY fullbacks anytime soon until we shift one of what we have at least. And shifting Alonso 🤣? Good luck, why would he get a new deal if so.... club has no intentions of doing so.
  7. Elseid Hysaj

    Exactly but surely Hysaj would have to be first choice RB if we can justify spending 40 to 50m on him? Over priority poairions like CF, RW, CB... Or it would be a unneccessary buy.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Course Pep would say that, or something that could be a slight dig, arrogant fucker, does he just want teams to bend over for City or something? His arrogance is mental, also his poor sportsmanship is swept under the carpet every time he loses theres something. Theres several effective ways to play football and will be after him too. If it means switching it up, sitting deeper, having less quality on the ball but more off it in the defensive phase... to get a win... Why not? Maybe City would have more chance to win a CL if he wasnt blinded by his own philosophy so much. Sure it works, but comes unstuck against us a lot. Still love when Conte got that Chelsea team, playing a 343 with Moses and Alonso as wingbacks, to absolutely shaft City on the counter, at the Etihad.
  9. Elseid Hysaj

    50m on a RB. When we have 2. Unless one of Azpi/Zappa leave no point. Selling Azpi would be a mistake too before anybody suggests it.... Zappacosta meh fair enough but 50m for somebody who drops Azpi and weakens us defensively or sits on the bench when other areas are lacking... not best business plan.
  10. 30. David Luiz

    The club made their stance clear when they sacked Conte tbf and if that wasnt clear then I dont know. There would have been more outrage if Conte remained than there is that Willian is still here 100% and its not even worth debating. Cant have it both ways. This Willian is a troublemaker bullshit is just stupid. Luiz isnt either. Likes of Cesc, Costa, Hazard etc weren't when Jose got sacked. Its just desperation from fans to justify some other shit. Weve all been guilty of talking shit in the heat of the moment maybe but to use something from 6 or 7 months ago as a reason to ditch a player, who has never done anything like that before, is typical RAWK meltdown material. If Willy forced the move to Barca maybe it would of been different but he didnt, which shows more about him than some instagram post. One of the world's super clubs, with the best player in history there, playing CL, wanted him and he sidnt do anything to force it. 65m would of been a excellent deal for us yes but it didnt happen and i think some people are more mad about that more than anything to do with performances, which is wrong. Sorry for numbers and mistakes in some of these posts, fucking fiddly samsung phone and big hands = pain in arse to type.
  11. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Giroud has had a huge rise, like Kante, even guys like Koscielny at Arsenal.. having worked incredibly hard to get to the level he is now coming from lower divisions and being known as a late bloomer perhaps. It shows in how he plays and you can tell with his workrate. Morata came through Real Madrids academy, different set up, everything done for him.. fair enough making it is hard at Real and even what he did at Jucentus but the mindset of those guys, who fought ridiculously hard to improve, to jump up the leagues/levels and show they belong there, its some uprising and maybe a defining characteristic that helps them in some way or at least makes them unders5and id they arent playing well or scoring they still nees to work hard. That sort of mentality is a massive underrated quality that a lot of guys from some of the huge academy's maybe dont have because everything's on a plate. I think its something Drogba had, he didnt turn pro to later, improved, grew into a good player and then got to go to the big stages and once he got there well how many better big game players were there in the PL at that time? He had a winning mentality too. Fair enough theres other circumstances but it shows hard work and mentality is so vital to footballers. Giroud and Kante at the start of their careers would have laughed if you said theyd be World Cup winners. Koscielny would have laughed if you said he would wear tbe captains armband at a big club in the PL and for France one day.
  12. 30. David Luiz

    Of course a player is going to want to play, even if they are playing shit lol. If not why would they get up in the morning to be a pro footballer. And rebelling....? So was it the same with Luiz when Conte benched him? Or Eden when he was half arsing it? Fair enough we all know Conte fell out with these guys but Luiz wasnt accused of rebelling or neither was Eden. Its just a false narrative being thrown at somebody. Rebelling is not showing up to training, doing the opposite of what your told/asked to do, being disrespectful towards coach/team mates (David Luiz openely questioned Conte's tactics after the Roma game, Eden also made comments IIRC), being late etc. Courtois rebelled in the summer. Nobody else has in a good while here. I get many people want to see Willian out but its not exactly as if hes dressing room posion which many make out to try and paint him in a bad image 🤣🤣 Fair enough performances could be a lot better yes but jesus christ some of the shit people are saying regarding a lot of players the last few seasons really is pathetic. Conte caused a lot of friction in the group and with the hierarchy too. Shit happens. One difficult season doesnt define Willian as trouble in the dressing room or Conte as a bad manager. I agree he could be improved upon tenfold. Like many here. But lets not talk shite. Another guy, like Alonso, like Cahill, like Cesc who have done decent enough but are being accused of being this or that to fuel the fire. Football yes Willian is average and has veen for a while. Characterwise, one bad decision which would be an issue if Conte was still in charge and if it had a real bearing on the club/squad as a whole but it doesnt and didnt. Youd think he was Balotelli or Tevez under Mancini at City reading this thread at times, doinf stupid shit, arguing, going AWOL etc 😂
  13. 30. David Luiz

    Not sure where this Willian is a twat/posionus character shite comes from. He was wrong regarding the whole Conte instagram post with the trophy emoji thing and maybe a bit surprising that he said if he stayed hed have left but people make mistakes and he isnt the first or wont be the last. I genuinely dont get the whole selfish stubborn thing. Has anybody any prood other than a stupid instagram post and a quote from the Brazilian ESPN... Swear people are just painting this narrative because they dont like him because hes not world class... seen it a lot the last year or two on here from some members and have never understood why people have said it. He had the chance to try force a move to Barcelona this summer and didnt, for me, that tells you more about his character than anything else. Look at Ousmane Dembele before he went to Barca for example... forced it by not showing up at Dortmunds pre season training.... If Luiz can play good consistently give him a new deal. If not, fair enough.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    In the words of Jack Bauer "damn it". Wish he would stop ralking about his future, pls zip it starting to annoy me more than Lukaku did when he used to talk shite the whole time.
  15. Layvin Kurzawa

    Not enitrely sure they would sell him for that though. They under investigation with FFP so players will cost a premium. Didnt realise he cost 23m euro though thought it was 35m or so.