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  1. West Brom v Chelsea

    Never like having to go up against West Brom, even when they are in poor form they are organised to a certain extent. Will be tough. 343 probably better suited to 352 but we will see come the match. Pedro-Morata-Hazard front three.
  2. Lucas Moura

    Please no. Avoid him. At all costs.
  3. Leon Goretzka

    Looked good for Germany in Confed Cup or whatever it was (ok was their B team effectively but still) and capable of playing deeper or higher up. Think injuries are a bit of a theme for him but still he’s bound to be a better player than Danny Drinkwater. Much more growth as well. Or alternatively I’d like to see us consider keeping MvG in the summer, he has scored a crazy amount of goals for PSV as a CM since going there, he’s a very rounded player.
  4. Marco Verratti

    But he can also be quite thuggish and reckless. Has a good skill set but seems to be fading a bit at PSG. I really like Rabiot actually think he’s a very good player.
  5. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    I don’t have a problem with your opinion Leif or that you want to share your opinion because what use is a forum if people can’t have different points of view but my issue was with Ian Wright’s comment, who I think if he had watched Bakayoko more would maybe notice the difference in profiles. Or even if it wasn’t two Chelsea players who knows. Really think he can be a bit of depth when talking about football on ITV or MOTD other than the forward related stuff, maybe a bit of a silly opinion but it’s what I think lol. I think in Britain (I’m Scottish so have seen pundits being OTT with some players in past, particularly Celtic players) we tend to overrate youngsters but that’s because we, British football, hold ourselves against the highest standards, guys like RLC, Tammy Abraham, Joe Gomez, Phil Foden, Jordan Pickford etc. I believe they’ll go and do good things at club and international level. The same with Scottish players like Andy Robertson (now at Liverpool), Ryan Gauld (maybe not worked out for him yet), Kieran Tierney, Oliver Burke and even for Wales the kid Woodburn, looks an absolute gem as well as our own youngster Ethan Ampadu. It’s just people tend to get carried away, in the past we’ve seen it with Wilshere, poor guy had immense talent and after a few exceptional matches he was dubbed better than player X or player Y Arsenal signed based on that, who were totally different players. It’s a common thing at club level, people forget Bakayoko is a young man still, so is Ruben but out of the two one is miles ahead in development. Also the whole thing with Ian Wright was comparing an 8 to a 10 (or so I’d say), I was extremely encouraged by what I seen from Ruben along with his minutes at Palace, I hope to see more vs Brazil because I was really skeptical about how good he was a few seasons ago when he was dubbed as ready and whatever. I think Mourinho didn’t help him much, which his dad apparently said in an interview recently but I don’t think getting overly excited and trying to compare him or say he’s better than a fully established Ligue 1 title winner who was a vital part of an extremely functional and exciting team who beat some of Europe’s biggest clubs last season is exactly fair either. Like I said in my previous post in reply to you I think if he comes back hes more chance being played in the front 3 and will have Willian, Pedro, Hazard, Musonda as competition. Not Bakayoko. Just like for England he will be competing with Lallana, Alli, Barkley etc. who may all be different profiles of players but they are all looking for that same attacking midfield/furthest forward midfielder birth. Maybe you disagree with all of that or bits of it fair enough. Think I m just enjoying posting a bit more often, some of it could be shite but fuck it 😂
  6. The Board

    Yeah valid points, it’s a difficult role to fill to be honest but I’d like to see us go for a Chelsea man if possible. Suppose if we get Campos and can make a valid first team path for guys with potential fair enough good move but time will tell.
  7. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Only Ian Wright would compare an attacking midfielder to a more defensive minded box to box midfielder. What a crock of shit. It’s clear that Baka is a bit more balanced, where as Ruben is more offensive minded but Ian Wright being Ian Wright compares two totally different players or so I’d say. Honestly I think he’s similar to a Ross Barkley off all people, a lot of folk have said Dele Alli but I don’t see the comparison, Alli is more of a goal scorer than a creator, somebody like Thomas Muller, always finds space in and around the box, where as Ruben is not. If Ruben were to play instead of anybody in our 3 man MF it would be Cesc imo but I don’t think he is the right fit if we want a more controlling midfielder in there though. I think Ruben will play off the front in a 3 although he’ll need to improve his goals and assists output because that will be what he’d be judged on, not how many Cruyff turns, nutmegs or whatever he does in a game v Germany. He made a few good decisions in final third, didnt over complicate things, played a nice long pass for Vardy too, I don’t think Bakayoko has that in his game to be as decisive in the final third but again Baka is more balanced, better at winning the ball back with tackles and interceptions, can still go forward (they are both similar in transitions) but I don’t think he is as forward thinking as Ruben. More chance of Baka in a MF 2 than RLC for me.
  8. The Board

    To be honest, all this talk of Luis Campos and what he’s done for Monaco in a similar role is a good thing sure but let’s not forget the other variables, like Jardim playing these young guys every week for 2/3 seasons in a league renowned for bringing through youth players, do you think those guys would get the same development in the PL? Even then some of these talents/less known players like like Sibide and Bakayoko all had a good bit of first team experience at other clubs prior to moves to there. Sure Campos has a good eye for talent but guys like Mbappe, Fabinho, Martial, Mendy werent exactly unknowns were they? They had the right place to develop, I don’t think youth scouting is our issue or ever wikl be, as we’ve seen with the club identifying guys like Courtois, KdB, Christensen, Lukaku, Musonda etc. our path to get people into the first team is the issue. Also the problem we’ve had recently is recruiting high profile targets: John Stones, Alex Sandro, Chamberlain, Llorente, Barkley, Bonucci and whoever else over the last 3-4 years etc. I think the club has enough lure to a point, but imagine a Zola, a Drogba, a Lampard, a Di Matteo, somebody who’s been through it with Chelsea (experience working with a technical director would be useful) and can sell the club that little bit more because it’s their club so to speak. If we want to go the way of Monaco and build a young team with the potential to win the league 3/4 years down the like then yes sign him up and listen to him but the big man upstairs and senior players want to compete for titles.
  9. 27. Andreas Christensen

    I think if he plays every week here he will eventually. I don’t think on an international stage it’s particularly correct to pick guys who play every two or three weeks ahead of guys playing every week, trust me I’ve seen years of Scotland playing guys who hardly ever played because they we’re at bigger clubs, it’s nonsense and 9/10 doesn’t work because they lack the match rhythm of somebody playing every week. I’m sure when he was at Mochengladbach he was a regular for Denmark. It will come. He has huge potential, anybody would have to be a fool to say otherwise but I think he needs to play every week (can’t be far off it now) to become a mainstay in the NT.
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    Still did Morata berate his team mates on said drought? Lukaku was isolated against us sure but he chose to join a Jose Mourinho team, should he have expected anything else in big games? To struggle at times? To be isolated against 3 CBs? For him to sit there and disrespectfully question his team mates, who have done and won a lot more than him in football over a question of “service” when he was virtually anonymous bar a 20 yard shot, which considering most of his goals come from the 18 yard box, is ridiculous and arrogant. I think his decision to join Man United was a good move for him (turned out to be very good for us as for me he’s an inferior all round player to Morata, perhaps more clinical than AM) as he can be a flat track bully vs smaller teams and get 15+ goals yes but against the big teams, not a chance he will be such as prolific a player.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    Apparently berated his team mates in dressing room about a lack of service after we beat United. He was shite for them and I don’t know if he realises that strikers sometimes have to create their own chances. United aren’t Everton or West Brom. Think his goal drought is like 7 games now, hopefully will continue, can’t believe we were willing to pay 75m for somebody who can’t control a football.
  12. Alexis Sanchez

    Honestly I don’t think Ozil is the right player for us. He has all the talent in the world but honestly in the last 2 years he’s looked distinctly average most of the time and everybody already complains about Cesc’s off the ball work so imagine the upset there would be with Ozil. I’d rather Cesc than Ozil in the team because he is still able to dictate games in MF. It’s gotten so bad with Ozil that even Arsenal fans aren’t worried of he goes.
  13. Lorenzo Pellegrini

    Good player. Not surprised he got a big move after his performances for Sassoulo, who punched big time about their weight under the now current Roma manager. Berardi another good player who is still at Sassoulo.
  14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Still think he’ll go on loan again next year. If he continues playing at Palace and developes then again next year at some other club it would be a good move, he’s better playing every week than being an impact sub and playing cup games here because he’s not starting a game ahead of Cesc, Kanté or Bakayoko when they are even playing to 70% of their abilities. As of talk of Arturo Vidal, not a chance in hell thats happening, 50m for a 30+ y/o? Not a chance.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    Honestly after watching him against City and even against other teams this season we’d be better to avoid him. There was a huge spell at starting of season he was on the bench. Players like him aren’t good for squad harmony, guys with similar attitudes who sit waving their hands about like panseys, berating their team mates and not looking interested because they’ve spat the dummy out, keep them away from here. Even Bayern Munich have said they aren’t interested in him anymore they know he’s already chose his next destination (where many reckon his wages will be extraordinary, apparently asking for similar/more than what Ozil wants). He may have won a lot at Barca but after watching his shit show at City game for Arsenal, not looking interested at all, waving his hands about like a tube, meh... guys like him should be trying to put themselves in the shop window not acting like a spoilt prick. Fortunately for us, there are always going to be right wingers about, it would be nice if we went after somebody younger like Malcom or Pulisic. Although I still think we’ll throw our hat in for Sanchez.