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  1. Edin Dzeko

    Agree 100% but even as a starter he'd be a good option. Should have signed him instead of Torres years ago. Was a perfect player for us back then.
  2. Chelsea - Norwich

    Tbf Baka was probably one of our best players last night along with Willian and Kenedy. Thats how bad it was. At least he tried to play forward more often than not unlike Drinkwater, actually put a few decent long passes out him. But yeah hes still got that infuriating side to his game.
  3. I'd be happy with a transfer ban if it would prevent us from signing pish like Andy Carroll or Peter Crouch.
  4. Peter Crouch

    Whoever opened this thread should be banned for pulling everyones pisser/potentially causing everyone to have a heart attack in relation to this news. Noooooooo way is this happening.
  5. The Conte Thread

    I sort of agree regarding Costa. He’s a top player, different style to Morata and he’s probably hugely missed in dressing room too but he made his bed in January when that China offer came around, same way Oscar had done, which is why Conte wasn’t bothered about keeping him or Oscar. Board/Emenalo probably identify 75% of players we sign and have done for a while now, club decided to sell Matic against Contes wishes (he wanted to go but still could have put foot down instead of thinking $$$), failed to make headway with many first choice targets etc. I’ve said before I’d of liked Costa to stay and have him and Morata both play together, think it could of been a decent option but big problem in the summer was lack of high quality players brought in and right now based on interviews where Conte says he doesn’t know about clubs pursuit of Sanchez, about only giving his opinion to club when they come to him about a player etc. It’s fair to say he’s got his hands tied behind his back so to speak.
  6. Chelsea - Norwich

    Shite game. Felt Ref got all pen decisions right though, although maybe should have used VAR more particularly for Willian’s theres noway he sees that first time 100% but the pen claims: Willian has left his leg there to hit the defenders on purpose (don’t get why people would rather do this than try shot/pass) and Morata well, wtf was that over exaggerated dive all about? There was minimal contact but he had ball he was going away from opponent... he showed more fight and passion moaning to ref than he did wanting to try get to the ball before the fall! Never seen Pedro but again 3 bookings for simulation is absolutely appalling if completely correct or not. Diving is a cancer ruining football. You seen the difference Morata made off bench though he links so good and offers 100 times more than Batshuayi. Bats took goal well but then he seemed to try and overly complicate everything as did Willian when simple options sometimes not just easier but more logical in situations. Incredibly frustrating, also lack of forward passes from Drinkwater was disappointing he was too passive always went backwards/sideways. Baka put some decent long passes out him as well actually.
  7. Andy Carroll

    Tbf hes shite. But if he comes and does alright for a second option I will be quite happy.
  8. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Loan him to Vitesse. Maybe learn a few things and be ready to play for us by the time he’s 30 when we are managed by Big Sam and punting long passes to the ponytailed beanpole that is Andy Carroll, for knock downs to Kevin Nolan who is player-coach aged 70.
  9. The Conte Thread

    In all honesty talking about very good coaches, who out of the limited amount of them around, is going to be desperate to take over here? Where the previous guy won the league, had the club sell a key player to a direct rival and didn’t get any sort of major say in transfers? Or when he did the club failed and didn’t have plan a B or C? People say likes of Sarri or Alegri.. imo if they decided to come here, they'd have to be complete idiots, Conte is not only a better coach than them, he is a better coach than 90% of coachss out there and he’s been given minimal backing in 2 summer windows (much easier to do business in) and 2 January windows. So imagine being stupid enough to leave a Napoli where your in complete control, making real progress or Juventus where your defending your title, getting support from background and moulding a team to how you want it to be... to come to Chelsea where it always seems to be after winning the league every year, our board, our incredibly incapable idiotic and moronic board, seem to throw any chance of doing so again the next season before we’ve even kicked a ball by signing Bakayokos (not even going to be surprised when he leaves for Vitesse on loan, probably be the best thing for him) and being absolutely idle/useless when it comes to competing for players (Kyle Walker, Fernando Llorente, Alex Sandro). We will end up with a Brendan Rodgers or a Claud Puel or somebody absolutely daft next. If Conte stays for a third season its a miracle, it will also mean he will have demanded his way or he’s out (or I’d hope) but again what is it with Chelsea giving power to these fucking imbeciles like Maria and Emenalo? Emenalo may have been involved in identification and signing young players - even then I doubt it scouts probably played major roles in that and he’s got credit - but in terms of everything else, man, he was fucking useless, the club has lost its real competitive edge because we’ve been persistent with signing average players. How he has a job at Monaco I don’t know, unless they are looking to just make a profit off shit players... In like 7 years we’ve had like two very successful summers in terms of recruitment or so I would say; the season after winning the CL (Hazard, Azpilicueta, Oscar - sure he was average eventually but I thought he had very good potential after watching him for Brazil at Olympics) and the season Costa, Luis and Cesc arrived. The rest, meh.
  10. Andy Carroll

    West Ham would bite our hands off for 10m never mind 20m... he’s utter shite, better at elbowing people than scoring goals. He had a bit of potential with Newcastle, got a big move sort of worked out but then was dumped by Rodgers at the bin dippers but he’s not been anywhere near good enough since to even warrant a move to a club like Everton or a Southampton yet alone Chelsea.
  11. Juan Mata

    Regardless of him playing, not playing, who he plays for etc. he is an absolutely fantastic and exemplary guy, the common goal initiative is going to make a real difference and quite frankly I think that a lot more should be willing to get involved. I meant to post this sooner but never bothered until I seen the thread in the view new posts section.
  12. Justin Kluivert

    I am always intrigued by Ajax, the way they seem to churn out great young players each season, one after the other. I think David Neres would be the better option right now but he is probably Ajax's biggest asset in the team in forward areas but again, hes only played maybe 50 games in his career and like Richarlison think any move would be far too soon unless we agreed to loan him back to Ajax for the rest of this season and then next. Kluivert really is making progress though in comparison to last year, hes in that Arjen Robben mould, carries the ball well and is not afraid to take on the responsibility to try and score goals, think hes scored 6 already this year in comparison to 2 last year. Also in MF, Hakim Ziyech is quite an impressive player, think he could be the next guy to leave Ajax or somebody like Kasper Dolberg who was linked to Napoli last week, those two are the most ready I'd say although the likes of Veltman, Onana and de Jong are also guys who wouldnt struggle to find a move if they wanted.
  13. Richarlison

    Hes only had half a season in the PL, think its a bit premature to say hes ready for somebody in top 4. Maybe if he continues his form the remainder of this season and up to January next year, then yes maybe but think it would be a stupid move firstly on his behalf and secondly on our behalf. Coming here, where in all likely hood he'd be sitting on the bench would kill his development and we would end up with another player who isn't ready/good enough for us. I think its just a lazy story in all fairness, we will be loaning Musonda out, Arsenal will be selling Sanchez and Richarlison has had a decent start to his PL career... so 2 + 2 = 5.
  14. The English Football Thread

    I hate that I'm saying this but Liverpool were absolute class in the second half bar the goals they conceded. They killed City in those attacking situations. Imagine if they could defend. City will go to Newcastle and beat them 3 or 4-0 to get back into the swing of things but the likes of Burnley, Southampton and Liverpool have shown that, despite the attacking traits of their full backs and use of the ball their CBs have they are still more than average once guys are running in behind Fernandinho and turning Stones and Otamendi around. Brave way for LFC to approach that game too, because on a different day City could have cut through their pressing like a hot knife through butter. Anyone else think Andy Robertson for 7-9M is looking pretty impressive? Always liked him from his days at Dundee United as a very talented player but was pretty surprised he made the move there in the summer although seeing some of the performances he put in for Hull and has now put in for Liverpool he would have been a very good low fee, good value signing here.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    That is still no excuse. Regardless of who Arsenal sign, where they finish where they have been trying to finish etc, just an excuse. The same with Chelsea fans who say Hazard has to leave to play with players of his own quality/level or to compete for the Ballon D'Or... and the amount of times I've seen it this season is scary. He chose to sign for Arsenal, Hazard chose to sign for Chelsea... its not like they were coerced, both undoubtedly knew what they were getting into as opposed to signing for a better team like a Barca or Real where almost every player in the starting 11 and bench is elite level (Hazard who had every club in Europe after him) or staying where they were, at a team that was winning everything more or less in previous years (Sanchez at Barca, although he didnt play as often that last season). Just a poor excuse to justify an incredibly poor attitude, Sanchez this season for definite has been underwhelming in terms of performance and attitude, the attitude in particular for me is the worst part, it is incredibly unprofessional, these guys are making mega money, they could at least be professional - look at Coutinho, didn't want to be at Liverpool but he busted his arse for them and eventually got his move, this should be the same for everybody in that situation. Also re the whole Hazard thing (I know you didnt bring it up in your post but just a general observation from the forum/social media for the last good while): why would Chelsea fans even say shit like that? Just incredibly daft and would consider they have their heads examined. Saying that, if Sanchez is available for 30-35m and reasonable wages, sign him up.