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  1. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Excellent signing for me. He still has lots of room to grow but in our current set up he is very much of the profile we need, young, technically good and for a striker he can play with his back to goal, run in behind, link well, hold the ball up. His goals to games record for Real was actually brilliant last season, its a shame he didn't start more because if he did, who knows what he could of done. Really think he will be a great long term investment.
  2. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    I think people will be surprised with how this guy does for City. Also I don't think Kyle Walker is nailed on to be a starter regardless of his fee. Suppose we will see how he does but think he would of been a good option for us.
  3. Nemanja Matic

    If he is wanted by Juventus, we should demand he is included in any deal for Alex Sandro and that only. If not keep him, he is still a very good player I think and his contribution last season was largely overlooked due to his partner in crime receiving all the plaudits. Do not sell him to Manchester United because it gives them a very complete midfield I feel, a very nice blend of power, energy and creativity. I don't see why people are urging we sell him to United??? 40M is a good fee but who is going to replace him if he goes realistically? I think we will only gain something if he is included in the deal for Alex Sandro.
  4. Kenedy

    I think it was a mistake, maybe blown out of proportion too, but we've had guys at the club beforehand be accused of similar/worse and they've been kept, the JT incident with Anton Ferdinand (wrongly/correctly convicted whatever) and fiasco with Wayne Bridges ex or whatever the fuck it was. I'm sure he will learn his lesson, in the contrary one players actions (a 20 year old nowhere near the first team) will not make or break the clubs image in China. He will learn. Social media is a dangerous thing now a days.
  5. Nathaniel Chalobah

    Good deal for him if he takes it but I genuinely think he'd be better served elsewhere now especially that we've agreed a fee for the midfielder from Monaco. I think we'd be better served keeping Matic and Cesc anyway to compete with Kante and Bakayoko if we keep playing 3-4-3 although it would be a shame because Nathaniel looked good last season whenever he played and I'm more than sure he can compete here but whats the point if we've signed another player with a similar skill set in his position?
  6. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    I think he will be a good wing back for us. Few years ago before he made the move to Madrid, he was great at Porto, he has maybe found it a bit tough at Real which a lot of players do in all fairness but I think he will thrive as a wing back for us.
  7. Kyle Walker

    Fee in excess of 50m for a better than average player, he is a decent wing back but still have doubts about him playing in a flat back 4 and in general defensively wouldnt be so sure on him. Glad we didn't move for him at that price. Mental money.
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    I dont think he is an upgrade on Ibrahimovic and for me Marcus Rashford has probably got a more rounded game. Lukaku has a good goal record but when teams decide to park the bus against United do you think hes going to find it as easy as he did running into 10-20m of space at Everton where they were played counter attack football a lot. Also his mind set is quite weird, he is very confident in himself but has he actually won anything where he contributed in a big way? Is he a champion like Ibra is? I think Ibra will be a huge miss for United next year, purely for his experience and mentality.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    He was always going to go to United surely everybody seen that? He is not the right player for our team...
  10. Ruben Neves

    Think Wolves will be a good platform for him, he has got talent in abundance although he struggled a bit last year but he will improve physically in the Championship and I wouldn't be surprised if hes only there for a season or two before coming to the PL for someone. Surprised Nuno is there managing as he has worked for some big clubs like Valencia and Porto but I can see why Neves is moving due to having worked with Nuno before.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Andre Silva is an excellent prospect I think and for 35M euros I think he will be worth every penny. Ricardo Rodriguez and Calhanoglu are both players who have been tried and proven Bundesliga as well as Musacchio has good pedigree from playing for Villareal in La Liga. Kessie is still learning but I think he might give that Milan midfield legs and a presence. Borini is shit though haha
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Not Chelsea related but AC Milan have made some very good signings I must say. Rodriguez, Silva, Canalkojlululululilulu (not even wanting to attempt his proper spelling), Musacchio, Kessie... Borini too but don't get that one in all fairness.
  13. Antonio Rüdiger

    Perhaps, although we are apparently looking for another right wing back too, or so its been reported. I think Azpi is the best choice for that RCB role to be honest, from his time as a full back he knows how to defend out wide, when to go out and close when to stay narrow etc and he truly excelled in that role for me last year, honestly I think out of last years back 3 Azpi is the one that is least likely to be replaced.
  14. Antonio Rüdiger

    I doubt he's coming here to be a starter unless he takes Cahill's place but even then he looks more than good enough for me. Really surprised in all fairness I didn't think much of him at Stuttgart but hes improved since then, massively, didn't lose many duels tonight against Chile. PS. Still can't believe Chile were trying to play high crosses into the box for two 5 ft 7 strikers to try and beat three 6 ft plus German center halves to the crosses though. Crazy
  15. Charly Musonda Jr.

    I'm seeing people say if he goes to Scotland its a waste, but physically it would test him, playing every week against defensive, aggressive teams, having the chance to get a winning mentality at his age, similarly to what Patrick Roberts managed to get from 18 months at Celtic, (60 odd appearances in 18 months, including CL experience, playing under a coach hugely renowned for improving young players as well as winning 4 trophies) is not necessarily a bad thing. The standard isn't as high but I think the most important thing for somebody who is at the position Charly is in now with his career, needs to play every week, regardless of what mediocre standard as opposed to playing a pre-season tour and playing 3 FA Cup games in a year. I know the talk is they want to buy him but honestly we should loan him there. Unless he gets an outstanding offer from a PL team where he will be playing as regular as he would at Celtic. Also if he went to Celtic on a permanent transfer, just stick a buyback clause and take him back after 2 years or so....