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  1. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    That flick was pure class. Absolute genius.
  2. 6. Nathan Aké

    Interesting hes back, I would hope he'd be back up LCB to Cahill, because still I think Cahill is a stronger player and also more dominant in the air as well as being taller. Azpi and Ake both as CBs would be a nightmare, Azpi isn't too tall and Im sure Ake isn't either.
  3. Thomas Muller

    Such an effective player but fuck he can be frustrating to watch, the ball just bounces off him at times, knows how to score goals though. Would be interesting in our front 3, think it would suit him, not exactly playing as a winger or a 10, just given a bit of freedom to roam about. But chances are wont happen.
  4. Franck Kessié

    Agree the deal this month and let him stay to end of Serie A season. Good prospect but would be better playing for Atalanta every week as opposed to 15-20 mins every week here. Would also give him a pre-season to get to know the squad and players better.
  5. The Conte Thread

    We got humiliated at Arsenal and Liverpool (score line wasn't exactly flattering but we were really poor until 75th minute) playing with 433, I don't think it's right for us or Conte would never have changed it. I would hardly call them major cracks, there is no perfect team with a perfect system, the best team I have ever seen which is Barca under Pep or Spain couldn't defend against long balls. We struggled with pressing. It's a work in progress, to ditch 343 would be stupid because we've seen more improvement with it than anybody expected including myself. It's something that we need to keep using and keep adding players to, competition/a better player in for Alonso and Moses wouldn't go amiss or a creative midfielder but that will come. If you get in a new manager of Conte's calibre let him work, he switched the formation after a few games and we went from top 4 contenders to title favourites without any major additions bar Luiz, Kante and Alonso. Imagine if he can get other players in that could fit in this team, to bring it up a level like Kante has done and perhaps even Luiz has done. Everybody forgets where we were last season, regardless of winning the league the previous year or not, because even in the last 6 months before we were confirmed champions we were piss poor a lot of the time. Axpilicueta has played some of his best football for us at CB. So people who criticized him regarding today's performance or whatever must have not been watching the last 3 months because he's been our best defender in my eyes.
  6. 5. Kurt Zouma

    I think he might get considered in the next few games instead of Azpi but other than those goals Azpi has been as good as any defender in the league for me. I honestly don't see Zouma playing LCB either if Gaz gets dropped, he is a wreck with the ball, well maybe that's an overstatement but don't see him being used there yet.
  7. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Oh please don't say he just relies on physical attributes because he was playing as a 6 at the start of the season when we played 433, displayed a very good tactical understanding of where to be where not to be etc and was just as consistent as he has been now (also very tidy with his distribution). He's just been freed up as a box to box player in this formation. Whether it's a high press or no press, playing with a 2 man midfield in a big game is always a risk in my eyes. Teams have won the CL with certain types of players like Kante before. Don't be silly. Hes hardly piss poor which is what you'd think you were trying to say. He's rejuvenated our team in all honestly.
  8. The Conte Thread

    Aye so it took one game after 13 STRAIGHT wins for people to suggest 1) we need a new system 2) Conte will fail 3) Azpi is not a CB 4) we've not shown any progress... need I go on? Quite embarrassing. One game doesn't win or lose you a championship in January. We will definitely finish top 4 and I'd be very surprised if anybody thought that we'd achieve that this year based on last season.
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    One poor game (his passing was shit yes) and one of our most consistent players this season and reasons why we are top of the league needs a long term replacement. speechless.
  10. 15. Victor Moses

    Decision making has always been his main issue along with consistency (but he's shown that this season), if he adds that to his game he's the perfect wing back for us. I don't think he's a world class player but this position gives him a lot of space to run in to and doesn't exactly put the creativite onus on him.
  11. Alexis Sanchez

    Im sure Juventus would only sign someone of his calibre to shoehorn him in. Same way we would if we signed Verratti. Having a settled team is better yes but if you can get someone of that level to the club you try to make them fit, because they'd improve the team.
  12. Spurs 2-0 Chelsea

    I'm intrigued to see who we will play if Alonso isn't 100% because this is a massive issue for me if he is injured. Kenedy won't even be considered ahead of Musonda in terms of a squad place I would imagine so hopefully Marcos is fully fit. Big game, Spurs are in better form than when we played them at the Bridge and there's this talk of they don't want us to get this record from Harry Kane and a few others, very similar to what we had last season with our players saying we didn't want them to win the title. Not sure what way this will go in all honesty, our defending was quite poor against Stoke, they didn't do anything breathtaking or outrageous but scored 2 goals but I do fancy us to be a bit better defensively, hopefully lining up with Matic back in for Cesc. It would be brilliant to get 14 wins in a row and would strengthen our position in the league. Hopefully we can get some additions done too this month to boost our squad, particularly at both of left/right wing back and CM/AM.
  13. Arturo Vidal

    Im not sure why we are after another "destroyer" although he is a bit more than that but he is hardly a playmaker. We need someone like Cesc but more mobile and defensively aware.
  14. James Rodríguez

    we cant splash 75M on someone that won't 100% fit what we want as a winger... so sign Dybala? Dybala is a striker... same problem. Carrasco (spelling probably dodgy) is a good option we could look at I feel. James would be more than good enough too I imagine, hes played on the wing for Madrid at times as a wide 10.
  15. Toni Kroos

    Dont see the massive hype in Donnarumma, hes an interesting prospect but quite overrated too, fair enough hes only 17 or 18 but even then I don't see him being anywhere near as good as Courtois or Cech. If we ever had to replace Courtois I'd prefer to see us go for Oblak, he is brilliant, probably just as good as anybody in goal these days.