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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Will believe it when the club website confirms he signs a new deal.
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    Ffs what a dickhead.
  3. Abdul Rahman Baba

    I think hes declining yes but hes still a very good player. In terms of top quality LBs there still arent a huge number who are at that level so its not that ridiculous. Fair enough the Sandros, Albas, etc are still about but Luis is still a top full back.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Nuno still a bit of a risk at a bigger clun. Bad spell at Porto and one good year with Valencia before a terrible half a season after in which he resigned. He has been impressive at Wolves I wont disagree but dont think he would be able to replicate that success here.
  5. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Filipe Luis is still one of the best in europe too. Scary
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The thing is though, qhen a new manager comes in it wipes the slate clean. If Conte remained in the summer, guys like Willian, Luiz, Hazard would have all left. Other than Eden due to his ability, would Luiz and Willian leaving have been a bad thing? If someone comes in again and gives Willian, Luiz, player x, y, z a clean slate then we are gonna keep getting the same shit. Sarri has been bold enough to move Kante for Jorginho. Hes even started dropping Alonso in recent months. I think he should be given another summer although our transfer ban is gonna fuck us now, to clear out a few more and get some fresh blood in to change the dynamic. No point continuously changing managers every season or two which weve been doing for almost 10 years now. We used to be able to throw a few hundred million at a few players and paper over the cracks but you cant do that do that every time these days because City, United, Liverpool are all adding more and more quality every window. Personally if we got rid of 5-7 players and had 5-7 new players I reckon there would be a huge difference in how our season has gone. He had a very very good chance to score, which was saved. The difference in him and Morata is night and day. Costa was one of the best strikers I have seen in years for movement but Higuain is certainly making very good runs that Costa would of made. The difference is he hasnt been as clinical. Fitness is an issue but again, it was well documented in Italy and since his arrival. Playing Hazard after he had played in every game upto the semi finals of a world cup is different though surely? I know what I said but I dont think any manager is stupid enough to do that because its more than inevitable a burnout or injury would of occured due to not being given a break of some sort. Without a world cup or euros the rest time before pre season is greater which is better for players returning to get match fit.
  7. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Was always gonna be out of his depth here but good to see hes managed to rebuild his reputation as he was a promising player when playing for Augsburg.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Because regardless you pick your best players to win games. Like when we played Costa when he wasnt fully fit under Jose and Conte. For instance as well, if Eden or Kante were only 60 or 70% fit would you think Sarri would bench them? Not a chance. Playing Giroud from the beginning, as much as I like Giroud, what he offers and his attiude when he plays, would have been a mistake.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    If Giroud started people would have been calling for his head lmfao. There is no comparison unfortunately for Oli who is a reasonably solid player but if he led the line every week people would be calling for Sarri to be sacked.... Also theres about 8 weeks to go of the season, why bring Steve Holland in now? Its blatently obvious the players are as big an issue as the manager. Either not commited or not good enough. Same happened under Jose and Conte. Yet when it happened the players were responsible (after a while past Joses public comments and Contes sulk) a lot more than they are now it would appear. Its hilarious we are going to have this same cycle again if Sarri was to be sacked and replaced. Some of these players are too comfortable.
  10. 9. Gonzalo Higuain

    'Underwhelming' or not - would say underwhelming is a bit harsh for someone who was never fully fit - hes shown everything you'd want. Im glad that when the ball goes in to him he can hold it up unlike Morata (who I was a massive fan of) and Torres. Its not a lot but it helps. His movement is still good and he was unlucky not to score that chance Jorginho (the man who doesnt assist...) set him up with. I think if he had been here in the summer he would of been fit and he would be on 10-15 goals easily. Interesting now to see if we sign him or not but I think in terms of a stop gap whos proven he can play at the highest level, there arent many better out there. Realistically we are never gonna get the likes of Jovic or Werner who everyones clamoring for (Jovic is going to go to the likes of a Real, Juve or Barca this summer coming or next 100% and Werner will be a Bayern player inevitably) was ever gonna go for Piatek after 6 months of goals for a mid table Italian side.
  11. Everton - Chelsea

    First half good. Second half shit. Same issues we had under Jose to an extent and Conte, although it was more the other way around. The players need a long hard look at themselves. The drop in intensity was frightening.
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    A man never known for rotation or using young players doesnt rotate or use a youngster ahead of a senior pro. Not really a surprise. Just being picky. Id love to see us play 4 or 5 youngsters every opportunity but its never gonna happen here realistically. Poor squad management and Chelsea goes hand in hand.
  13. Eder Militao

    I think de Ligt to Barca is probably as good as already done. Cant see him going anywhere else. Couldnt have seen him going anywhere else at all, even more so when de Jong signed for Barca.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Good game. Was one moment where he could have set Pedro up for another assist but took too many touches. Got to be in contention to play at the weekend surely?
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    What if they has gotten injured could occur to any of the 22 players who started for both teams and any of the subs who came on.... it was 3-0 after the first leg yea but I think Sarri was right not to throw out a hugely changed team. We need momentum running into the remainder of the season to keep on winning and playing decent. Ampadu could have played yes but instead of who to start with? Rudiger and Christensen have shown they are a decent partnership together and with no Luiz, Rudigers aeriel ability and physicality was needed. Kovacic played instead of Jorginho and the last time Ampadu played that number 6 role he was poor giving the ball away a lot and slowing it down too much, against much weaker opposition too. Sarri played Callum, played Ruben but is still criticized for not using young homegrown players. And Kante for me should start every match he can because he is our best midfield player comfortably and offers so much. Theres no point in complaining that Ampadu didnt play or that player x did or whatever. We won 5-0. There wasnt a lot of negatives tonight.