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    Glad we are looking at other alternatives since we aren't getting anywhere dealing with Napoli but not sure of this guy at all. Anyone seen him play a lot?
  2. John Stones

    Imagine paying all that money when they could sign van Dijk from Southampton who is at about the same level and also very comfortable on the ball. English players prices will get even worse as well that's the worst thing about it. Surely Kompany is as good as done at City now? I reckon we should put a sneaky bid in for him, if we could get him fit and back to what he was at 2 years ago he'd be the signing of the season.
  3. Victor Lindelof

    His natural position is not right back. This is like Ivanovic all over again. If he comes to play as a Center half then fine but if not don't sign him get an actual right back...
  4. Riyad Mahrez

    World class? Honestly? He is not world class, he is decent but he had a very good year last season in terms of goals and assists which has made his stock rise so to speak. I wouldn't have him ahead of any of our wide players and when the season gets going we will see how Mahrez manages to continue his performances from last year now he will be doubled up against almost every game now that people will have figured out his strengths. The only opportunity to sign a wide player we should take this summer would be for a Bale, Douglas Costa, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez etc if someone of that ilk was available. I'd take someone like Candreva too because I like him as a player too but hes hardly a necessity or serious upgrade on what we have. But anyway I like how Conte had identified we needed another striker and a central midfielder and managed to get deals done, so hopefully center back and left back will be the next deals done (well we all know he has identified we need a CB due to the media).
  5. Kalidou Koulibaly

    I know that's true unfortunately regarding the swap deals but surely a Remy or Moses would be a reasonable player for somebody like a Napoli in a slower and lesser quality league. I mean look at Salah and Gervinho in Italy in comparison to their times in England. Someone like Moses could excel over there where it's a lot slower and less hectic. Even Remy with his pace and movement against a lot of slow defenders.
  6. Carlos Tevez

    I'm thinking more for Ruben who has played that second striker role in pre season so far, imagine he had Tevez there to watch and learn from, he was awesome in that role for Juventus and even that half a season after he went AWOL at City, Mancini used him behind Aguero to great effect.
  7. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Offer them 30m plus one of either Moses, Papy or Remy. Time to use these sort of deals to try and start persuade clubs to take our deadwood, I'm all for improving areas we need to improve but it's also pointless keeping these players who won't play any games.
  8. Carlos Tevez

    Past it? He totally reinvented himself at Juve, playing as a second striker, he could still do a job for us as a second striker with Costa or Michy I reckon, I doubt he's past it after one season in Argentina.
  9. James Rodríguez

    Think he said last week he will be staying at Real which is a shame because he is a superb player, I'm really baffled how Zidane doesn't seem to rate him or Isco and struggles to get him in to the team. Casemiro is a good footballer but Kroos played excellently as a CDM under Ancelotti the previous year...
  10. Axel Witsel

    3 or 4 years ago I'd of taken him in a heart beat due to his huge potential but now I don't think he's half as what he's made out to be, his career stalled because he chose lots of tax free money over waiting for the right move, fair enough this happens on a regular now but I think he surely understands what a mistake it was to join Zenit.
  11. Gonzalo Higuain

    Maybe Neymar, Suarez, Bale, Hazard could go in there yeah but even then still extortionate amounts of money.
  12. Riyad Mahrez

    Don't think he will ever be good enough for us to be perfectly honest. He's decent and last season Leicester had an amazing year but I doubt he'll be going anywhere, let alone coming here to rot on the bench in place of Pedro/Kenedy/Moses/Cuadrado. We are top heavy in wide areas as of right now and need to get either a loan deal for Kenedy and sell Moses or keep Kenedy and sell Moses and another. Hazard, Pedro, Cuadrado, Moses, Willian, Kenedy, heck even Traore can all operate on either the right or left wing, we have enough wingers. Not to forget Musonda, Nathan and I'm certain even Boga can do a job out wide who are on loan already.
  13. Paul Pogba

    He is a pretty good player but never worth the 100m+ and never will be. Can't believe Thierry Henry said he reckons he will be one of the best midfielders ever... strongly disagree with that. Quite glad we aren't competing in this "auction" for him, insane amounts of money being offered for somebody who was bigged up to be a star of the Euros but he really looked quite ordinary bar one game against Switzetland and another against Iceland. Although if AVB got him when he still played at United and managed to play him and help develop him it would be a different story. Wonder how many people laughed in 2012 when we were linked to him, probably did so myself
  14. Gonzalo Higuain

    Maybe but I don't think anybody in football is worth that money bar Ronaldo and Messi.
  15. Gonzalo Higuain

    €94,000,000 apparently... Are Juventus going daft? Good player but that fee, they've been rooked.