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  1. Papy Djilobodji

      He certainly is overrated, he is nowhere near as good as Roberto Martinez or any pundits these days make out, like I said he takes too many risks to be a top top CB, he is like a less talented English David Luiz... the likes of Rio Ferdinand and JT were top top defenders, who could play out but they also knew when to put there foot threw the ball and get it away instead of fannying about with it thinking he is Pele. John Stones is trying to obviously play out which he can do very well but there is always a time when you need to stop trying to be too smart and play percentages, like the game against Swansea what was he doing even attempting to pass that back to Howard? Play for a throw in instead of dribbling it out the box before doing a stupid feint thing like a smart arse. You wouldn't have caught guys like John Terry, Rio Ferdinand or even Gary Cahill or Chris Smalling doing that. 
  2. 16. Kenedy

    Because he is an attacking player, who obviously will lack certain defensive attributes, I mean yes attacking fullbacks are a huge part of the game but the good ones can also defend, Alba, Marcelo, Alaba, Filipe Luis, Ricardo Rodriguez, Alex Sandro etc are all particularly good at both attacking and defending. I don't see the point in turning a kid who isn't a defender into a defender when he has played on the left wing for us and looked better than everyone else who has played there for us this season. 
  3. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Real binned Ozil because they could get over 40M for him to try and even their books for buying Bale, the fact he was concerned about his role in their team and also with them playing 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 Ozil doesn't particularly fit that tactics because he is a pure 10. The same happened with Di Maria when they signed James, they sold him to balance their books because they knew they would get a silly fee for him and he wanted to go so he could definitely play.  Imagine if Real had kept Ozil though wow.  Benzema Ronaldo-Ozil-Bale Kroos-Modric   Back to Chelsea-Arsenal anyway lol, I generally hope Costa starts, as well as Hazard but if he is not 110% would like to see Kenedy thrown in there. I think we will win this one tbf.
  4. Papy Djilobodji

      Derisory 20 M pounds bid ? Or a realistic price for a hugely overrated center half? You decide. If we pay anything over 30M for him in the summer then we have lost the plot. We really will have. We went after Marquinhos after failing to get Stones, I'm still confused why we didn't go after Marquinhos to start with if we really wanted him or even Laporte if we wanted a young CB. 
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Not too convinced about Koeman, obviously good history as a player and decent as a coach and sure Southampton play half decent football but still if we cannot attract a better manager than him then we really are fucked. 
  6. Patrick Bamford

    Didn't Bamford not play for Boro mostly as a right midfielder last year?     
  7. 16. Kenedy

      Really? When he has come on for Pedro in recent weeks he has excelled and given our team a huge lift, why put him back to LB where he will have much less of an effect for the team? Kenedy isn't afraid to take people on and is always looking to go forward and he is the ideal back up for Hazard in my eyes, or possibly even compete on the right side, although I like him better on the left because he provides good width and makes good darts in behind. I think if we actually had a left footed left back who played regularly nobody would want us to play Kenedy there, so the sooner Baba gets games or we sign another LB to play every week the better, because I feel it would kill his development. Also Marcelo and Alaba are two world class players, I think its fair to say to compare Kenedy's potential in any position to those two is unfair on him.
  8. 16. Kenedy

      Why play him at LB when hes shown hes clearly got enough about his game to play on the left wing and probably the right if needed? I really like this kid and hope he gets a chance to play as often as he can but hes obviously not a left back, hes a left winger/striker, no point reinventing him, would just kill his career. 
  9. General Transfer Talk

      Wait you want to replace Pedro with Moses and now Oscar with RLC? How many times do I need to post this, RLC isn't all that, he might not be Chelsea material yet and lets be honest could never be. He has a big build but a pretty shocking technique, almost like Jack Rodwell, big build and poor technical qualities. Oscar at least has got the attributes to be a good squad player, technically hes very sound and is still youngish and can still improve, I wouldn't say hes not good enough at times he is poor but he struggles with consistency more for me when he gets going on a half decent few games.  Cesc was more influential than Hazard in our best part of then season last year. Sell him? Are you nuts? He made that team tick, we were playing good football in the first 5-6 months and he was the main reason why for me along with Costa. He gives availability to his team mates, always wants the ball, always takes it anywhere he can and always looked to go forward first and foremost, be it a killer pass or a 5 yard pass. But yeah lets sell him and go back to watching Matic, Mikel and Ramires all trying to be playmakers when they aren't, because that wasn't the most depressing sight on a football field for a Chelsea fan, was it? 
  10. Alexandre Pato

    I think it would be stupid to bring him in on a permanent deal, maybe a loan but even then despite his lack of injuries in the last few years he still has a lot of previous which makes me doubt he'd ever be as good as he once had the potential to be years ago.
  11. 6. Abdul Rahman Baba

        Sergio Busquets was a very talented player that made sense to be promoted and played in that team because really Toure was a box to box player who was forced to play holding midfield.  I mean to say that Jose not dropping Ivanovic for Baba, who really is quite average or he would of played eventually, doesn't have balls is ridiculous. He dropped Casillas, Pepe, Ramos at Real and whoever else at various clubs. I mean dropping Casillas in its own right cost him his job, if thats not balls then what is. That Porto team that won the CL as well under him, look at the young players and were they all went to and what the became, he doesn't just play 11 36 year olds at every club and intentionally neglect youth. Lukaku would probably of gotten a chance if he stayed here as well, that was all but confirmed before he decided to move to Everton and the others bar Filipe Luis who I agree with you on, were unproven and not completely ready/not good enough for Chelsea.
  12. General Transfer Talk

      Why would we be getting rid of Oscar, Pedro, Cesc, Remy, JT, Mikel? They can all be valuable squad players/important players next year (well only Cesc and JT really).  We just need to buy two or three players for the first 11, maybe two or three more for the squad that are right for the team and the new manager, no need to have a huge overhaul again 3-4 years after the last one if you want to call it that. I mean we won the PL last year, look at City and Arsenal this year, they bought maybe one, two or three players last year and look like totally different teams.  You don't break up a whole squad that won the PL last year because of one dodgy season. 
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    Fault him for limitations, certain incidents etc but he got us back into that game and his attitude, which many on here criticize, could be a big factor in where we finish this year. I'd like to see a few others step up and give the same sort of effort and play with that aggressiveness he did in the match. Guus has helped get him back among the goals and long may it continue. 
  14. 12. John Mikel Obi

    Barkley caught him and Matic out too often but I think Matic was pretty piss poor today as well. Mikel wasn't great either obviously but I think we are better off using him next to Cesc right now than Matic. 
  15. Chelsea 3-3 Everton

    Well lets hope Diego Costa isn't seriously injured. We would of won if he was still on I think. Goal and an assist, although he wasn't up to much in the first half he is quite clearly vital to our team. Also I'll say it again John Stones is one of the most overrated defenders in Europe, he would make a pretty good midfield player but honestly hes not worth 35M or anything near it, he takes too many chances with the ball and still gets caught out with silly things.  Also hate Roberto Martinez so much, so to see John Terry score an offside goal in the 99th minute or whatever when it was only 7 minutes added on is so good.