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  1. Radja Nainggolan

    If we can include Musonda on loan for a year or two along with a slightly lowered fee then we will have done exceptionally well.
  2. Dimitri Payet

    Would take him despite his age. He has class in abudance but West Ham wouldn't sell him to us
  3. Kwadwo Asamoah

    Oh cmon I'm sure when Matic was one of the best DMs in the world when we won the league (wasn't my words, likely wasn't your words either but not the point) any one would agree that he had some sort of half decent/pretty good technical ability as well as Oscar. Asamoah is an athlete, he is basically the same as Ramires, just wait if we sign him and he's plays CM against teams who have a low block people will turn on him like they turned on Ramires questioning his use. Different case If he plays LWB, fair enough then, a specialist player in that position would be a useful signing.
  4. N'Golo Kante

    20M is a nominal fee? When you have no extra money from CL and a board that has clearly bought into FFP if you look in to our last few transfer windows? And if he doesn't succeed here do we sell him for a loss like with Torres and possibly Cuadrado this summer if he doesn't stay? No point avoiding it if he is a one season wonder then we will likely overspend on him and this summer we need to get it right in recruitment like we did the year we got Costa, Cesc, Filipe Luis, recalled Courtois... Like I said previously he is a good player and would likely cut it (mainly as a squad/rotation player here if we are being realistic when you consider Nainggolan and Vidal were probably his first and second choice targets) but I believe he won't play a season of football again as well as the one he just did. Also we will need more than Ngolo Kante to win the league regardless of how well he would play considering we are a mess at the back, lack a top quality box to box/attacking midfielder, as well as needing a back up/alternative to Cesc and have no real competition for Costa other than a promising kid who's probably gonna join the loan brigade. This season coming up isn't going to be easy to get in to the top 4 yet alone win the league, especially considering our manager is new to English football (possibly the Engliah language) and nobody is any the wiser with who is coming or going.
  5. N'Golo Kante

    Anyone else under the impression he would come here and flop but exceed anywhere else? Or is it just me? not saying hes a bad player but would just be our luck if he was a one season wonder.._.
  6. The English Football Thread

    Surely that quote has been fabricated haha? I think Ibra would play for us or Utd or any other non CL team if the money was right.
  7. Radja Nainggolan

    Depends on what happens next season with other teams who overachieved/ underachieved this season. Leicester wont win the league again but they could compete for top 6 or 7 along with ourselves, City, Arsenal, United, Liverpool, Spurs... Even Everton, West Ham, Stoke and Southampton with right signings could push for positions in the top 8, who knows? This season coming up is the most important one for us in years, with this big TV deal we will see more smaller English clubs able to compete with bigger foreign clubs in the transfer market and it will lessen the gap of quality between certain teams in the PL. If we dont get this season right we could end up like Liverpool 6 or 7 years ago and fall away from the other top teams. Conte did well at Juve but not entirely sure he will get many opportunities to fix things if it all goes to shit here and we have to make do with second rate players so hopefully he can tempt top players without CL because if we got say 2 or 3 top players in it could rejuvenate the whole squadbut it might be a struggle. Talk of him green lighting Hazard, Costa and Courtious sales too would be a disaster seeing as they are top top quality footballers who need to be retained regardless if we are going for 1st or 4th or 7th.
  8. Lewis Cook

    I don't think we've ever signed anybody from Leeds that weren't youth team players, can't see that changing any time soon haha
  9. Kwadwo Asamoah

    Well looks he will be competing for a left wing back role in a 3-5-2 then. No way Conte has signed him to play as a central midfielder, lacks the technician ability the likes of Fabregas and even Matic and Oscar have despite his physical qualities. If he plays him as a CM then I am surprised we even bothered selling Ramires... Basically the same player but left footed.
  10. Radja Nainggolan

    Regardless of if Roma win big trophies or not do you think if we weren't in th CL half our team would of signed for us? If we didn't win it in 2012 we wouldn't of gotten Hazard to sign for us. If he doesn't want to leave Roma because he's comfortable there and guaranteed champions league football then fair enough. We will struggle to attract big names this summer because of no CL football I think, unless we do a Man United and go overboard with wages.
  11. Radja Nainggolan

    Not surprised he doesn't want to come here to be honest. No champions league is a killer.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Insane. What a double deal for them getting Sanches and Hummels. I'd imagine Sanches will be the long term successor to Arturo Vidal or even his replacement although I doubt he'd be available for transfer.
  13. John Stones

    40 or 50 million for John Stones..... ha ha ha hahahah ha hahaha ha ha ha Fuck off man that's embarrassing, I hope we don't pay that
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Think Gotze will go back to Dortmund. Unsure why would they sign Pjanic though they already have exceptional MF depth with players like Thiago, Alonso, Martinez, Vidal, Rode, Kimmich, Fabian Venko and also Gianluca Gaudino on loan at St. Gallen and Pierre Hojbjerg on loan at Schalke, who are both very promising. Also Lahm and Alaba who can operate there, I doubt losing Gotze won't really be a major issue where they will need to sign a direct replacement. With Ancelotti going there to take over after Pep I can see Alonso and Vidal being nailed on starts for them in midfield. Maybe even Martinez over Alonso but I think at Real, Carlo seen him as a nailed on starter due to his ability to start attacks from deep. If Bayern were to sign Pjanic I would say that surely one of those big names for them in midfield (one from Thiago, Martinez or Vidal) would be available for sale.
  15. Mats Hummels

    Think he will go to Bayern, which is a shame as I think he would be an exceptional option for us to play next to Zouma. Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels will be some partnership for Bayern. Both excellent on the ball and Boatengs pace will compliment Hummels lack of it, Hummels positional sense/reading of the game will bail Boateng out at times too. Zouma and Hummels would be along the same lines I feel.