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  1. 14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    When do Chelsea ever get it right with young academy players though?
  2. Leicester 2-4 Chelsea

    Gary Cahill and David Luiz both playing CB together for Chelsea gives me the fear.... What a pair of clowns, when Zouma is fully fit he's got to return to this team as Terry's partner. A few positives though, Marcus Alonso looked not bad at left back in his first start and should improve as he gets even more used to our team, Azpilicueta was excellent and the fighting spirit shown is a big plus after a poor performance v Liverpool where we gave them too much respect. Arsenal next, start Cesc and Alonso!!!!
  3. 14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think it makes more sense playing him as a CF if I'm honest. Physically it suits him, he doesn't have the technical ability or intelligence to control or dictate the game as a midfielder but he's quick, can take players on and makes good runs in to space. He can hold the ball up too with his frame.
  4. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I think Thibaut proved he was better than Cech when he was playing for Atletico Madrid, having outstanding games in the spanish cup final against Real Madrid and also various champions league games in their run up to the CL final in 2014 or whenever it was where he made a huge contribution. Regarding his contract situation and these quotes about returning to Spain, we finished outside the top 4 last season, have no champions league.... he considered leaving this season and if we don't do well in the league again the likes of himself and many players (Hazard, Costa, Cesc, Matic) will also be in the same boat.
  5. 19. Diego Costa

    If Costa plays like he has so far this season in terms of his application on and off the ball and continues getting into the positions he is getting in to, he will score 15-20 goals this year. His hold up play is incredible in comparison to what it was last season under Mourinho, he's really sharp, just hope he doesn't pick up any injuries.
  6. David Luiz

    Don't think this is a good move, he's shown at PSG exactly what weaknesses he showed when he was here. People can say he's matured now he's 29 but he wasn't 20 or 21 when we signed him was he?
  7. Gabriel Barbosa

    He should go to Spain or Italy yeah. Decent talent but will need time to adjust to Europe.
  8. Ricardo Rodriguez

    He looked decent defensively at the Euros and in the CL games I seen him in last season but also had a few iffy moments. I think Conte and the way he sets up could also help him, we've looked very organised in certain phases of games and that's only after 2-3 weeks of Conte doing work. He's looks a big athletic powerful player, think he'd be an ideal signing because he can still improve quite significantly too but hes at a decent enough level, (much better than Baba is) his end product is pretty good and also he takes decent set plays. I'd prefer to see us get him than the likes of an Arsenal or Liverpool or someone else.
  9. Santiago Arias

    That's what I said. 'We need to get a CB .... and sign an actual left footed LB... before looking at this guy.'
  10. Santiago Arias

    We need to get a CB, sell Ivanovic and sign an actual left footed LB like Rodriguez before even looking at this guy.
  11. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Cmom Conte sign him up. Would be an impressive signing.
  12. Marcin Bułka

    The last 17 year old keeper we signed was a gem. So hopefully more of the same with this kid.
  13. Shkodran Mustafi

    "Marca claim Valencia are ready to sacrifice Mustafi on the transfer market in order to keep Andre Gomes and even called up Milan themselves to alert the club of this possibility." so if they sold Gomes is he not available or?
  14. Nikola Maksimovic

    Glad we are looking at other alternatives since we aren't getting anywhere dealing with Napoli but not sure of this guy at all. Anyone seen him play a lot?
  15. Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool

    I think we will see tonight whether or not 4-2-4 will work against a good team that plays a fluid 4-3-3/4-2-3-1. Interesting match up despite being pre season but I'd like to see us have a MF 3 of Kante - Matic - Cesc come the start of the season.