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  1. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    He has struggled this season but lets not forget how many countless big saves he made last season in games where we werent great. People branding him a panic buy really are forgetful and need to calm down. I am concerned with how hes being coached behind the scenes though.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Lampard has said similar things maybe not the same level but similarly still. Solskjaer is living a charmed life at United just now though. He has been there for over a season now and they have regressed significantly under him.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    He didnt neccessarily fail but I said before we appointed him it was hardly a hugely outstanding feat. Thats the stark truth but for his first job, it was a step in the right direction for his trajectory as a manager. There was a lot of subplots because they cut their wage bill, reduced the average age of the squad and changed their style etc but his records at Derby and here show one thing: his teams really cannot keep clean sheets and arent clinical enough. I still think Frank has put his stamp on the team, the youngsters are proof of that but if he keeps us in the top 4 this season he will remain for sure. There is a lot to be desired still about how we play and some of it is down to the quality we have and some of it due to coaching. The defensive set up at corners, ingame management at times and restricted use of more senior players who maybe arent amazing but could have offered something different to others (in a season where he wouldnt know if he could buy players) has annoyed me though. He was making mistakes earlier on tactically but looked as if he was learning from them but now it seems as if he isnt. Hopefully he will go back to learning from his own mistakes and get us going again. His saving graces so far are his affinity with the club (although his reputation as a player has to be put to one side when regarding him as a manager), the fact we are still in the top 4 and the youngsters being given a chance. We have been lucky that Spurs Mourinho appointment hasnt neccessarily brought the results many would of expected and that OGS has been the managerial equivalent of Ali Dia at United. How he has walked into that job and continued to keep it is beyond me (and how we havent beaten his side everytime weve played them too). He does need to add to the group, anyone can see that and as well as the young guys who didnt play PL football last season who are quickly learning and need to mature, he also has to learn and mature as a manager. He was a risky appointment, undoubtedly, but there have been some good signs this season although there have been some worrying ones too. I said before Sarri went we should of tried harder to keep him, although the discontent and uncertainty from the fans and board, he was never gonna stay as soon as Juve moved - I mean Juve are Juve and they wanted him. Or went all out for Allegri. But here we are so we have to back what weve got. The Pep and Zidane comparisons regarding ex players at their clubs was always a bad thing to hold Lampard to though. And many on here did it or used it as some sort of hope that it would be straight forward for Frank as it perhaps was for those 2 at Barca and Real.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    I dont think City and Liverpool are that far away. It is maybe difficult to see it now but remember the season we recalled Courtois, bought Costa and Cesc for our starting 11 and went to win the league? After finishing 3rd the previous season where Hazard, Matic and Azpi were probably our best quality of players in that period compared with the others? Weve still got good players but with 3 or 4 players of the right quality, in key positions and an improvement in our shape/organisation/team structure (which has been an issue this season), we can compete. Hopefully Tammy, Mason, Andreas, Ruben, Tomori, Reece will continue to play (if they deserve to thought) and develop, becoming better players too in the next season or two but I do think with 3 or 4 very good additions in weakspots in our team, we can be right up there. Maybe not next season but the one after? The young guys do need to come of age and there is huge potential with some of them but it will be a gradual process undoubtedly. I think a few players between 23-26 who are already pretty established at a good level and experienced along with one or two smart short term deals (ie Cavani) can definitely help us. As stated above by Vesper in the next 4 or 5 years City and Liverpools main bulk of their squad will be older. Theyll buy to replace but even then City lost Kompany and you can see the impact thats had, they will lose Silva at the end this season and Aguero probably the season after. They werent/arent just top players, they are huge figureheads in the dressing room which you need to be successful too. Leroy Sane is definitely not a cert to stay either. De Bruyne, Sterling and B. Silva are still incredible players but at the same time I dont think any team can just replace an Aguero or a David Silva or a Kompany. These guys arent/werent just top players, they are almost as vital to City as Drogba, Cole Lampard, Cech and Terry were to us as figures.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Id say he is an improvement on what United have. He is also an improvement on Mason and Ross in that more advanced position imo but we will never pay that fee for him. Hes got a bit of potential to go up another level for me but he will never truely be an elite player. Why we arent bidding for Eriksen makes no sense to me. Spurs want like 20m from Inter, fs, we should throw 35m at them if it will make them sell to us. I do think a move will reignite his career which this season has stagnated due to not wanting to be there and lack of consistent playing time under Mourinho. A much better player than Bruno Fernandes which is why I am shocked United arent after Eriksen this month too....
  6. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Too much too soon. Probably deserves the reality check based on his attitude at Celtic alone. Almost as if he was above the SPL and that team, just look at him now. Rodgers was a coach renowned for improving players too during his time in Scotland. For evidence, just look at Stuart Armstrong, Kristoffer Ajer, Kieran Tierney, James Forrest, Moussa Dembele, Ousmane Eduaord even Paddy Roberts who career has arguably nosediced since being at Celtic that first spell.. even at Liverpool the likes of Coutinho, Henderson, Sterling, Suarez (although it was obvious for me under Kenny that he would be a top top player) ... all improved a lot with him. Ndidi, Maddison, Pereira, Chillwell, Barnes etc at Leicester now again have improved and no doubt due to Rodgers influence. Charlys 23 now but he has always been overrated. He may turn good yet but never to that level many thought he would be. Id sell him with 10 or 15% sell on clause incase. If he goes again after a move for more money we would net some cash then.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Cavani yes please. 1 and a half years. Would be an Excellent move.
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    We have seen in a 3 Kante can also provide in the final third (under Sarri) despite the talk of he should of played as a fixed DM.... People thought Sarri was stubborn but we broke down in the final third due to being too slow and lack of off the ball movement more than poor decision making I felt. Mount has been a huge culprit in the last run of games as has Franks constant stubbornness in his selection of him. Emerson or even Alonso's output at Lb again would be valued in these sort of games but he refuses to play them even in matches where they will basically be wing backs... I mean people keep bringing Reeces final ball and ability to cross at RB but havent said why isnt Frank using Emerson or Alonso, who are naturally left footed on the other side to try create similar... Against a team who play counter surely having someone whos best strengths are recovering the ball, second balls and being very effective in duels is handy? Especially if we are going to press high to win the ball back? Or if they are going to get up the pitch eventually, having his ability to recover the ball would be vital I think. The honus isnt just on Kante to create as he isnt purely an offensive minded midfielder. While he can still do better so can the whole attack and in particular as I've said, Mount has shown this season he can do it but has played a lot of minutes where he hasnt. Same with Willian and others. He can do it but its very scarce which has been frustrating throughout his whole spell here. Pedro and Barkleys lack of minutes has also been a huge factor in why we have struggled. While they arent the best surely Barkley if he can recreate his performance against Burnley, can offer something? Or Pedros running in behind teams off the ball can offer something different to everyone standing on their heels waiting? We do sorely lack Pulisic in these games I feel though. He has got a lot of qualities in 1 v 1s and his end product is very decent. He has a purpose when he gets the ball in the final third. Giroud can offer an alternative compared to Tammy but Frank again, wrongly in my eyes, has basically exiled him from the team and sticks to his system of 1 up far too often. If it was Jose, Sarri or Conte there would be a lot more uproar regarding poor use of squad players. I dont think its unfair to say the same about Frank. Especially when he wasnt sure if he would get a transfer window this season, not using these players more often in certain moments of games/the season where they might have made a difference has killed us in certain matches along with the poor set up from corners and freekicks which will continually be a problem. We just seem naive in these scenarios. I suppose you can only piss with the cock you've got but at the same time theres been obvious mistakes in how hes used the squad/substitutes. If he doesnt find the solutions or manage to make improvements in these sort of games we will not be so comfortable in our position in the table and he could find himself under immense pressure. I think now with the January window he has to make at least 1 or 2 signings to bring something else to the group, be it defensively or offensively. Conceding in stoppage time to Newcastle depsite having 19 shots (not many on target either) just sums up how weve been in recent times.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    Tried? Being linked with players and making moves is 2 different stories. We havent made a move for anyone but Dembele in all realism. Nobody would expect Alaba to leave Bayern for Chelsea, not even Chelsea realisitically I would imagine. Werner has already been reported that he will leave in the summer of 2020 or 2021 for seasons now in the German media and as of now it looks more realistic than January. Chillwell would never leave Leicester in January in this season where they are 2nd and I doubt the club would be so stupid to think so either. Sancho is again, been told he is allowed to leave in the summer so I doubt we tried this window. Dembele is the only one we definitely tried this window and even then couldnt pull off a deal.
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Or drop Mount and play Kovacic as a 10? Even use Pedro and play Willian as a 10? For me, Newcastle were always gonna play on the counter so why wouldnt you put Kante in whos athletisicm and recoverys could be very helpful. Kovacic has shown an increasing attacking input and his ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces could of been helpful closer in more advanced positions closer to Tammy than the deeper position he normally plays in a game like this where teams will set up to frustrate us. Same with Willian and use Pedro on the sides where he runs in behind or always finds himself in and around the box... almost as if Mount is undroppable just now despite doing little. People keep pointing at Kantes inclusion but I would have him ahead of Mount regardless of opposition right now.
  11. 8. Ross Barkley

    Been a poor season from him but surely he can have offered much more than what Mason has for weeks on end where he has been very very poor? I know this is Masons first PL season but he hasnt offered a lot in the last run of games and its frustrating that Frank seems stubborn in his selection along with no natural LB of late. This talk of Mason does the pressing etc is an excuse, almost Oscar-esque for his selection, he is a number 10, scoring and assisting goals as well as creating chances is what he should be doing but he hasnt of late. I said beforehand Franks lack of use of Ross, Giroud (although Tammy has done better than expected and his form hasnt been as inconsistent as Mason or Willians for instance) and Pedro this season has been rather strange.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    Another poor result, lucky Spurs dropped points again and United still to play. Like for like changes not so ideal, almost Sarri esque. Playing Azpi at LB too a bit of a puzzle considering we had most of the ball.....
  13. General Transfer Talk

    They have Tierney (better than both Kurzawa and Kolasinac imo) and Kolasinac? Another LB... strange
  14. 8. Ross Barkley

    Was impressed with him yesterday. Always positive on the ball, driving forward, always wanted to take it on the half turn so he can get at the opposition. If he can do this every game, as well as start adding goals and assists, he can be an asset for us but its one game and hes been very poor since arriving bar the good run under Sarri.
  15. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    Abraham could have easily scored 3 or 4 himself. Good win and performance.