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  1. Nicolo Zaniolo

    Looking increasingly better every time I watch him. Very talented boy. Not be long before Juventus want him or Inter try to resign him.
  2. 5. Jorginho

    4 days rest is more than plenty of time. Hes made it through unscathed despite people thinking he should of been rested. Less international breaks throughout the season would be better but wont happen quickly enough.
  3. John Terry

    True and it was actually confirmed Carlo wanted Torres. So maybe Aguero wasnt the right fit for what Carlo wanted. Still think Dzeko would of been a even better fit for us but City got him from Wolfsburg.
  4. Eden Hazard

    Probably all true. This is why Hazard with all the ability he has, will still never get to that next level because he is a bit more chilled out and perhaps lazier than someone of his level should be. I doubt Mikel meant this in a bad way because he knew first hand Eden is so good but with a little more dedication he could potentially go that step closer to those 2 at the top. I think Cesc said if he was more greedier and wanted to score more goals or be a bit more selfish he could have gotten closer too. Was the start of last season he said that IIRC.
  5. John Terry

    I think this is probably the most bullshit story theyve posted about us in a while. As if JT would of said that and as if the club, who are so thorough and during that time, did brilliant recruitment would not go for Aguero due to JT saying something like that. I know there was the Ribery and Villa quote he put out (that article has it there too) but we didnt get realisitcally close to signing either of them either. We probably never went for Aguero because at the time Anelka and Deogba were playing well. Will be as simple as that.
  6. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Kante probably needed the minutes having not played for a few weeks being out with an injury but as I said in another thread, still no gripe regarding Mancini using Jorginho who was fully fit and not injured beforehand. Regardless, Kante being fit again is very good for us, especially with the City game coming up. Hopefully go with a 3 man MF with Kovacic-Jorginho-Kante.
  7. Man City v Chelsea

    Im still on the fence regarding these comments as some of it I'd say is spot on and some of it ie the comments after United game, is a bit off. I have really enjoyed him and Keane on Sky because they are straight up and arent biased compared to Neville and Carragher who make it a United and Liverpool love in every game. Even if they arent fucking playing 😂 The whole youth thing will be reflecting poorly on Jose and Conte for definite. If the whole buzz around us playing the academy players is going to affect his judgement, which I dont think it will, then he shouldn't be a manager or a pundit. Hes left us a few times and weve done right enough and even at United when he went they improved for a while, I doubt that has affected his judgement or opinion on taking or not taking jobs or particularly bothered him at any level. I mean he managed us and ended up at United so if the whole buzz around our youth playing is affecting him then I will be really surprised. He said in a game of that dimension you need more and as youve said the teams not the finished article but Jose being Jose, I think hes talking about it from what he would expect. He mentioned the gaps between the midfield and defence not being right IIRC which was spot on as well as our press consisting of 4 players going and the rest of the team not going, which again was fair and spot on. I do agree with you regarding the whole tactics and experience thing, it is experience but you cant get experience as a kid if your not playing. I do still think the game v Liverpool in the supercup is the best of our big game performances this season. Theres still plenty to work on. Set pieces are horrific still. The Leicester game I think we were lucky we didnt lose because if Maddisons final ball was better theyd have won the game 100%. It was controlled to a point but the gaps were huge, Leicester just seemed to find it easy to get at the back line. I think if we sat a bit deeper, it would of suited us better because they'd have to pick us off and we would be a threat on the counter. Again though he is learning and he has been tweaking set piece defending etc to no avail because we still look ropey defending them. Franks a flexible manager, hes still very much learning as well so this teams trajectory can only go up as will his stock as a manager. I think he has exceeded expectations so far as youve mentioned were above City, have played better without making any signings etc but we still have plenty to do.
  8. 5. Jorginho

    But again, in my eyes, regardless of if their qualified or not, that would be like saying it doesnt make sense for Frank to play him against a lesser team here in the PL or what. For all the NT games in a season as well, if youve got your best players avaliable surely it is in your best interest to use them to maximize the chance of winning? If he was carrying a knock or something I could understand them resting him. But he wasnt. He just sat 1 game out due to his suspension v Palace too so he would of been rested so to speak so Mancini is well within his rights to select him. We can't be selfish in a way where we want Jorginho or any fully fit international player to be able to play most games for us and get rested by their NT even if they are qualified or not. It has never really worked like that. Mancini having PL coaching experience from his time at City as well he will be aware that players he selects from there will play a lot of competitions and not have a winter break. It will be more up to Frank to find time and solutions to rest guys like Jorginho, Tammy, Kovacic etc who will have amassed X amount of minutes. In an ideal world there wouldnt be as many NT breaks but there is, so it will be a recurring theme all season, like England being qualified and playing Kane, Sterling etc when theyve played a lot as well this season. Its not just a Chelsea or a Jorginho specific problem.
  9. 5. Jorginho

    Perhaps but again, what do you want Frank or Mancini to do? He is undoubtedly a key figure for club and country. He has played a lot but I doubt it is really going to benefit him if he plays 5 or 6 games in a row and is then rested for 2 weeks or whatever. He is in good form, has got good match rhythm so interrupting that, which it will happen eventually with the festive fixtures/cup games, may also affect his performances. The recovery time between games has been kind so far, obviously the fixtures are more crammed this time of year but I dont think he is any danger of being burnt out when we are only not even halfway into the season. If he was struggling with injuries or looking sluggish in his performances, then yes I'd see the point more but throughout his career at Napoli and here he has been pretty good for avoiding injuries and while that isnt always a guarantee, he played for how many years under Sarri who is notoriously known for a lack of rotation... and he was arguably one of the most key components of his side there and here. Obviously the team will change for the games coming up and he will be part of that in some capacity but I still think its being a bit over the top its not as if hes breaking down. I really dont think Frank and Jody would have played him so much if they were as concerned about his fitness/potentially picking up an injury due to being overplayed.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Yeah its madness. Such a disgrace to see in all fairness, never mind in football. I still remember when Neil Lennon and Niall McGinn got sent bullets when they were at Celtic and the whole circus around that, not sure why these idiots feel compelled to do this sort of shit. Italian football has enough problems with racism and now this sort of thing happening, doesnt bode well for it.
  11. 5. Jorginho

    I see the concerns but he just missed a game for us through a suspension.... Its upto Frank to manage him throughout the season accordingly because he will play more for club than country. The regards to Italy calling him up, if Italy want to play him despite being qualified they can and he is fully fit so dont see an issue where I know there was regarding Ngolo due to his fitness at that moment in time. But again, Jorginho didnt play the last game for us before the international break so he would of had time to rest and while over the course of a season one game isnt exactly enough, he has missed other cup games as well. I think its perhaps just overthinking and expecting the worst.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    If the coaching staff want the players to not muck around on social media then they have to set that example. Morris posts on twitter and instagram a loy so he has to toe the line.
  13. Elseid Hysaj

    Sarri will take him to Juventus I think. Eventually. Cuadrado is getting on.
  14. Super Frank Thread

    Its a bit of both. Obviously hes made errors and so has the defense. Maybe a new coach is needed because Sarri had his own one last season and Kepa was better so maybe Hilario, who in all fairness and respectfully was a reasonable enough servant here, is part of the problem yeah. The natural talent is there with Kepa, his distribution and reflexes are very good. Not sure Shay Given will be the best GK coach but again not sure, a familiar face for Frank though.
  15. 5. Jorginho

    Exactly. He didnt even play poorly the majority of last season in my opinion, Sarriball maybe restricted him as well as inconsistencies from the team as a whole for a wee bit but Sarri was never fully accepted because of the disconnect with the fans and Jorginho was basically the one man everyone would associate with Sarri so he was a scapegoat. The last 3 or 4 months of last season he was just as good as anyone in that position in the PL imo and in the Europa League run, again he was very good.