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  1. Coronaviral

    Big post incoming, wouldnt have done it but seem the queens speech so had to be done 😂 Seen the Queen did a rallying speech on the tele. All well and good but when will her and the fucking rest of the royal family get their hands in their pockets and dig deep? They have a net worth of what? £80 odd billion betweem them if the figures are to be believed? It is absolutely criminal the lack of talk there is about them not donating anything, even more so when you look at the urgent need for ventilators and face masks and what not for the NHS. Yes all these other fuckers should also look at themselves in the mirrors and also be putting there hands in. Doesnt have to be 50% of their wealth or whatever but jesus christ I mean everything will help one way or another. I mean the whole narrative on footballers taking a paycut is well and good but not everyones Carlos Tevez, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, whoever else having had years and years of huge wages or sponsorships etc. The lower league guys wont be on that much and it will affect them hugely. In the UK outside of the PL which leagues really have that much money invested into it and whatnot for paying out to their players? The PL is the richest league in the world but again they need to try do it on a case by case basis based on what bracket of pay certain players earn in and outside of the PL. Would it necessarily be fair to say to somebody on 5k a week okay take a 30% paycut and then to somebody on 250k a week also take the same? Wayne Rooney also hit the nail on the head, it seems as if the whole footballers and paycut shit has covered up with how the government has dealt with the whole situation. Big Boris was seen on the tv shaking hands with nurses and doctors in hospitals when they had advised no handshakes or contact and now he is in hospital ill as fuck too 2 weeks later. Sounds harsh but its ironic isnt it? And that Catherine Calderwood? What is she all about, she should of been sacked on the spot with her tail between her legs. Talk about a daft cunt.
  2. Jadon Sancho

    Yeah but the funny thing is United were fucking about with the fee for Pedro with Barcelona. Personal terms reportedly weren't an issue. I doubt United are gonna fuck about with a fee for Sancho.
  3. Jadon Sancho

    Lots of rumors he will snub us for Man United and we will go for Coutinho. So much for Sancho was always gonna come here to play with his mates Hudson Odoi and whoever else eh 🤣
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Precisely. Wait and see though, the refreshing thing about this virus has been the lack of hugely optimistic we can spend 300-400m in 1 window on 7 new players posts with 2 or 3 totally unrealistic sales at unrealistic prices. Even though for the last 3 or 4 years we havent got close to it IIRC. Think th closest we have had in years was Conte's 2nd season? Which was 170-180m in one window? Or theres about. I think we will have 100-125m max with this coronavirus shit if the season doesn't finish, if we are lucky. Okay we might sell a few but again many other clubs arent going to be buying for lots of cash either. Okay the Hazard money and the Morata money bla bla bla whatever else might be there but again its a might and even if it is it is not as if we will get all of that... more to running a football club than transfer budgets. Plus with this virus I am sure the club and Roman have taken a huge hit financially like everything else.
  5. 19. Mason Mount

    I think this article doing the rounds is a fake. Surely. Dont see how anyone could rate Alexander Arnold, Mount, Foden, Sancho or Pulisic above Havertz, de Jong or ultimately Mbappe, yet alone the greatest footballer of all time. That isnt a criticism of them but Mbappe, Havertz and de Jong are incredible. For me, Kylian Mbappe is already world class and there isnt anybody better in his age bracket or even at many of the top top clubs around Europe, regardless of age. You dont see many young players, yet alone young central midfielders, who have the attributes or traits that Frenkie de Jong has either: tactical understanding, technique, versatility, dribbling, vision, recovering the ball, passing range. Kai Havertz as well in that number 10 position, will undoubtedly be a top top player. Not to say these other boys wont have top careers, they will, but those 3 and also throw in de Ligt, Vinicuis, Rodrygo as well as a few others who are missing in that list. Good few other young players on it though, Dembele and Eder Militao who havent quite kicked on but still, very good young players. Kimmich may be older but again an excellent player. The boy from Lyon as well.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Bruno Fernandes and Grealish.... KDB and B. Silva level of creativity? What. The. Fuck. Dont be silly. Grealish is a good wee player but hes hardly outstanding. I mean he really isnt. Bruno Fernandes is much better but hes still nowhere near those 2 although he has more potential and credibility when your talking about players who can do what KDB and Bernardo do for City. I doubt Grealish would be Uniteds number 1 choice, they will want Sancho, if they get him okay we should maybe be worried but again they are still very average in terms of how they play with the ball and if they lose/cant get Pogba in that team where he can contribute to the best of his ability, then they will suffer as well. Pogba is Uniteds best player but if they sign Sancho or even Grealish and continue playing 4231, where will he fit in? Okay people will say in a 2 playing deeper but anyone will tell you that his best football has undoubtedly been played in a 3 man MF at Juventus, at United when Jose spraingly used 433 and even when Jose played him as a 10 almost off Ibrahimovic in a 4231. He hasnt got the discipline to play in a 2. If they play him in a 2 he will leave spaces that can be exposed/fail to track runners etc etc as he has been doing since going to United. I would also argue that in terms of being creative Ziyech is better than Grealish and probably close to being on par with Fernandes.
  7. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Has won a world cup and is France's 3rd top goal scorer of all time... not bad for a kart.... Benzema on the other hand yes better club career but even then winning 10 CLs doesnt equal to winning a world cup.
  8. Eden Hazard

    Season to adapt? He cost 100m euros and is meant to be one of the best players on the planet. In his best years may I add. What a crock of shite. That excuse might of worked here or somewhere else but at Real Madrid, it is very dangerous saying something like that. Even worse considering how Madrid likely can just go and sign new top top players in the summer if they want to. I mean look how quickly they've thrown Ozil, Di Maria and James Rodriguez aside to get new shiny toys.
  9. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Lets hope he goes. Hopeless footballer.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Regarding Alaba. He has said or it has been repeatedly reported in the past that he would only leave Bayern for Barca or Real Madrid and even then there was something along the lines of wanting to play more infield as a central midfielder. Even then if they dont go for him, I mean who leaves that current Bayern side for this current Chelsea side? Lets be honest, not many, never mind one of the best fullbacks who is also one of the most versatile footballers around and has been over the years. Its absurd that his contract will only have a year on it but I still think he will only move if he gets to Barca or Real. I dont think he would even go to City, who would undoubtedbly have an advantage in doing business with Bayern (the rumors Bayern want to try do a deal for Sane with him in it) and also when you consider that Pep was very influential and pushed him on him as a manager there playing him as a CB as well as a LB.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    So Burnley apparently resigned to losing Nick Pope to us to replace Kepa (wtf). So if things are to be believed, him and Declan Rice are top targets for us in the summer. Holy fuck. Is Lampard actually Kenny Dalglish in disguise? Okay Sancho and Chilwell would be good moves for definite but Declan Rice and Nick Pope? Not having it. Unless Pope is a number 2.
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Partey would be a top buy. Felt that he was oustanding in both legs v Liverpool and in the La Liga games Ive seen in the last few season, has probably been one of Atleticos most consistent player bar Oblak for a few seasons now. Okay he is seen primarily as a destroyer but he has more to his game, able to see forward, play short or long passes on both feet very comfortably and has got physicality and endurance. Arsenal want him apparently too wouldnt want to see him go there but again we also have N'Golo which maybe would mean we would look for somebody younger in that mould to grow into the team. Dont see the hype on Declan Rice, hes average, okay he can play CM and CB but for the value for money would be along the lines of Liverpool signing Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll for me. Hasnt impressed me at all this season with the ball, just looks a very ordinary footballer and always seems to want to play safe. Okay hes a holding player, can do the dirty side which is good but even under no pressure when West Ham have the initiative in games, he goes sideways or safe a lot with his passes. Maybe its part of their way of playing but again I doubt it as even under Pellegrini who played more openly more offensive minded he still played very safe a lot. A lot of this is just lazy journalism I would say. Rice and Mason are mates, theyve played for England and youth teams, we are looking to use young English/homegrown players and Rice has been linked with United as well. There was no talk of us wanting him in January either..... we didnt get the lad from Lille so why didnt we try for Rice? If we were geniuenly interested surely we would of?
  13. 8. Ross Barkley

    Have no idea what Joe Cole is seeing because tbe the performances we see most games hes played in his spell here dont reflect this quotes.... I'd been saying he should of been used more when Mount was underperforming earlier in the season but I am sorry, for anybody to say Ross Barkley has done a terrific job for Chelsea, I cannot accept that. He has had maybe 8 good games in 3 years for fuck sake. Its at the stage where I would say he is a potential casualty come the summer unless Frank can get him to deliver week in week out against everybody be it Bayern Munich, Southampton or Oxford United. 2 games every 6 months isnt any use. Joe Cole was a severely underrated player when you look back on his career here especially but Ross Barkley is a severely overrated one.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Top midfielder but 4 or 5 years too late. Hes 29 now. Still plenty left in the tank as well I would say but our stance on older players isnt great either. Lampard was very keen on Cavani but that was different circumstances too as weve basically invested our season having a 21 year old as our number 1 CF. We have Kovacic, Kante and Jorginho already in midfield who are between 25 and 28 years old in their best years so to speak. A swap deal for Jorginho wouldn't make sense in my eyes because I wouldnt say there is a huge difference in quality or their playing styles either. Jorginho is younger. Maybe Pjanic offers more with his shooting and deadball ability but again, I dont think we would go for it. I doubt Juventus would go for it too. Seems very odd. Thought theyd want to replace Khedira and Matuidi (maybe not as much as Khedira tbf) more as they dont necessarily suit Sarri's style where as Pjanic is a player whos skillset means he could be the heartbeat of it.
  15. 19. Mason Mount

    I thought it was pretty obvious he left him out for discipline issues? I mean he didnt make the 18. I dont think thats a coincidence. Regardless, regarding Mount. Fine him. 100%. Beyond stupid.