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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    I don't think he is the right player for our system, in all fairness, he might be a goalscorer but his all round game isn't as rounded as Costa's or other players we are linked to like Lewandowski, Morata (who I feel would be a better suit than Lukaku), or even Harry Kane although it will never happen. The stats about less sprints and that too is also important considering Conte's emphasis on working hard and defending from the front, when you also consider Koeman is a big believer in emphasizing on similar principles too although I am sure he would buy into it but again his skill set is not that of a Morata/Lewandowski/Kane who can very much do a bit of everything. I think its an odd move for him to come here and not go to Man United in all honesty.
  2. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Honestly think it would be a huge mistake to sell him to United and to have him replaced by such an average player like Bakayoko. He is less superior to Matic, fair enough hes younger and had a good season but hes not as talented as the likes of Mendy, Bernando Silva at Monaco and shouldn't be considered as a starter if he comes here in my eyes. Also imagine if United manage to piece Matic, Herrere and Pogba together in their midfield... I really think we should be looking for a player more like Ander Herrera than Bakayoko in all fairness.
  3. Ross Barkley

    Hes shite. Passes when he should dribble/shoot and shoots/dribbles when he should pass. He has regressed horribly in the last few years, his decision making was always an issue but could be talked down to lack of experience a few seasons ago but not now, for a 10 or flair player or whatever it is vital to get those things right and he doesn't, which makes him an average/shite player and the fact Everton have moved to get Davy Klaassen from Ajax says it all. He was their 'crown jewel' a few seasons ago and now they have replaced him with a superior player. We should avoid him at all costs, home grown or not, not good enough.
  4. Dani Alves

    I was surprised with how good he was for Juventus last year, I thought his best days were behind him a few years ago but he really just is a classy player. He is a serial winner as well, over 30 trophies in his career, on a free transfer he would be excellent, 34 years old or not.
  5. Robert Lewandowski

    Regardless, he would be an excellent signing. If anybody in the PL was to sign him what a message it would send out. World class striker.
  6. Alex Sandro

    Would be an excellent signing. Really is up there as one of the best full backs/wing backs in the world.
  7. James Rodríguez

    Isco isnt a RW either. James is a 10, Isco is a 10. They wouldnt exactly be struck out to the wing, they'd be playing infield in all honesty, with the ability to drift in and out to the wing when needed, like Pedro and Hazard do now. James is not slow either. If he is slow then so is Isco.
  8. Riyad Mahrez

    Seen someone mention Salah, genuinely think Salah would be a much better signing than Mahrez. Overrated. One good season. Beyond poor this year. 30M would be far too much for a player who would struggle to even make our bench when we have Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Fabregas all vying for potential places in attacking midfield positions (albeit Cesc's probably better deeper he can still do one hell of a job closer to the striker).
  9. James Rodríguez

    Slow? He isn't slow? Hes not quite Edens speed but hes probably as quick as Pedro. He played RW beforehand, he started there, even at Real under Ancelotti he played as a RW in the 4-4-2 they played with Benzema and Ronaldo up front. He's obviously has got close control and I've seen him in Real Madrid games get out of difficult situations with it. Isco would be a better option but he is slower than James although hes probably just as good if not better. He would be a good option because the two wide players, well I'm calling them wide players but they really arent in this formation, get between the lines into the half spaces a lot and this would suit him down to the ground as he can operate in there and provide key passes for our forwards/midfield runners.
  10. James Rodríguez

    I don't think this lazy player thing is exactly fair. People have said in the future guys like Fabregas was lazy, Hazard was lazy, Mikel was lazy, Ivanovic was lazy etc and whoever else but as Cesc and Fabregas have shown us this season they aren't lazy because the manager has encouraged them to do the work backwards, improve their game in terms of pushing on and pressing etc. Conte could rejuvenate James' career in my eyes, I am certain hes scored 10 and made 10 goals or more in that Real Madrid side despite not being a regular starter, he has good ability, if he was to come here I reckon he'd be a huge success. I still think Real would be daft to sell him but if they do we should be in for him, suppose they have sold Ozil, Di Maria etc in the past. He is a genuine top player in my eyes, he was superb under Ancelotti at Real, he really was excellent and I reckon he could do some good things here in that 3-4-3 playing instead of Pedro, hes no slouch, can score goals and create them, also has excellent delivery from set pieces and corners. 50m might seem like a lot but at the world cup 3 years ago he probably was the outstanding player for me.
  11. Leonardo Bonucci

    If he was going to leave Juventus he would of already done so last summer I think. I doubt he'll be going anywhere, which is a shame because he is an excellent center back, one of the best out there but I think his ties with Juventus are too strong regardless of him falling out with the manager earlier in the season. If he was somehow to be available he would be an exquisite signing even at 29 years old.
  12. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Better be for at least £15m or another pointless signing we'll make a loss on. Although I think he has good potential to be a half decent option at LWB for us but if not, recuperate most of the money we spent on him please...
  13. Kenedy

    Put him back on loan to somewhere. I am quite impressed with the work Ajax have done with Bertrand Traore this year, maybe they could work wonders with Kenedy? Maybe not. Who knows.
  14. Aymeric Laporte

    He called him up for the recent world cup qualifying games in March I think or whenever they were but he didn't play no. The French NT has got a wealth of CB options. that shouldnt take anything away from Laporte or make anybody doubt his ability and potential. Plus hes looked into switching his national team to Spain to play for their NT after making a statement about if France rejected him for the 2016 EUROS before the tournament although obviously France called him up and he has put that on hold.
  15. The Conte Thread

    To be honest, who knows what could happen. Inter are willing to give him £250,000 a week to go there and a huge budget to compete. He said before about missing his family although they are apparently going to be moving here in the summer but still that is a huge amount of money for anybody. Although he has Juventus ties, I wouldn't be so sure that matters, even then there is talk of Allegri moving so for all we know he could go back to Juventus. I think he is going to use this as a ploy to say to Roman look I want these players and these players only, I want this guy to replace Steve Holland, I dont want us to sell player X or player Y regardless of the cost etc, I hope he stays obviously but there is a big possibility that he could leave if he isn't given complete control of transfers, a big budget to compete in the market, choice of staff etc, which is ultimately why he left Juventus. Hes even been linked with the Barcelona job (which although they've claimed they would prefer a Spaniard and whatever else if he was offered that position I don't think he would even think twice, he'd go) so I think really it is hanging in the balance as of just now, although I'm sure he is going to get a new contract offer at the end of the season, like Costa, Courtois, Hazard possibl and whoever else.