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  1. 12. Mikel John Obi

    Apparently there's talk of him maybe getting a new contract and playing higher up as a 8 as opposed to a 6. Don't think he's not good enough to be a squad player here, he's just not suited for the system as we don't play with a 6. I can't remember wher I seen the information but will try find link and post it. Think he should be looking to leave though for regular footvall, only really got back in to team due to poor performances last season which says it all considering he has sat on the bench most weeks this season.
  2. Ricardo Rodriguez

    He would be a great signing I think. Obviously like most fullbacks these days he's stronger offensively than defensively but he's a pretty decent defender too. Great crosser of the ball, takes a mean free kick as well... and takes penalties I think? In our 343 he would be excellent. He's mobile, strong, has good technical qualities.. would be a improvement on Marcos I think. I'm sure I read he would be available for a transfer next summer as he has a release clause that comes in to play then. Or maybe I'm wrong, sure I seen that somewhere. Might need to check.
  3. 15. Victor Moses

    They've improved massively on last year and considering both were linked with moves (both to Atletico/Courtous to Real) in the summer it would make sense seeing as now they look fully committed to the club in terms of performances.
  4. Hakan Calhanoglu

    "According to the sun" seriously? Oscar is a better player so replacing Oscar with an inferior player doesn't make sense. Also Leverkusen making him available for 17m? Not a chance, as soon as Chelsea is mentioned it's got to be about triple the price.
  5. João Cancelo

    Played as a right wing back against Seville the other night and was apparently quite impressive, one to keep an eye on I think but Barcelona are also interested.
  6. Milan Badelj

    He looked decent for Fiorentina earlier when they had the ball v Inter with his passing but without it he along with the rest of the team were all over the place. He looks like he could be too slow for a Conte team in all honesty, like he is slower than Matic and probably as slow as Cesc. Borja Valero is the one guy we should be looking to sign from Fiorentina in my mind, although he is 30 odd and wants to retire there, he was brilliant in the second half when they had a man less and gave them something in the final third and also penetrative passes from deeper.
  7. Man City v Chelsea

    If we get stuck in our own half like against Spurs we will be fucked but when we get Moses and Alonso higher up the park our formation can cause them issues and especially against a team like City imo who have players who are prone to an error at the back (Stones, Bravo and although he's improved from last year, Otamendi). Really will be interesting do we go at them and press them high up or are we going to sit off? I hope we press them, especially considering those players at the back who will be ordered to play out as often as possible. Should be an interesting game regardless. City will have a lot of the ball at times and when you consider 4 or 5 of Toure, Gundogan, Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva and Aguero likely to be playing they don't need any gifts.
  8. 30. David Luiz

    Few times against Spurs he looked like the Luiz we all knew from before. The goal we conceded was poor in more than one way to be honest but he sold himself and a few times he looked slightly distracted and was diving in for tackles he would never win (his booking for example) but he turned it around second half and his passing at times is brilliant, can take 3 or 4 players out the game at once, think his time at Paris along with Conte coaching him has had a good effect on him (also were seeing it with a few other players) , he's more mature now and hopefully he can keep getting better.
  9. 24. Gary Cahill

    Rio Ferdinand... proving that you don't need to be particularly clever to get a job in the media and in particular BT sport. Don't think he's not got the technical ability (sure he's not the best ball playing defender but there are worse), is it not quite normal for teams in the premier league in particular to punt the ball long or lose it when they are being pressed high and being squeezed in... even crap teams have made teams like Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern etc. look like we did in the first half when trying to play out. I think he's looked much better out on the left side of the back 3, usually you wouldn't see him being keen to go out to the channel to play against a forward/winger in a back 4 but he has to at times and isn't doing too badly imo. Hes looked 10 times the player he was last season and let's hope it continues. I think a left footed Center back arriving in January would be a massive threat to his place in the starting 11 because I think Azpi is a better defender.
  10. Abdul Rahman Baba

    I'm not sure how he's doing and wasn't really impressed with him last season but he could be a viable option to compete for the left wing back role next year but again maybe not. Still having two left footed options for left wing back would be nice rather than one leftie and a righty, just need to dump Ivanovic now to keep him away from right wing back position if Moses ever picks up an injury because if Ivan ever plays there he will get destroyed.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    I think him getting marked in games like that is sometimes good for guys like Pedro, Moses and Costa because it sometimes frees space up for them in central areas (well if they could keep control of the ball at times lol). It's also a compliment to how good Eden is that he needs to have so many people are him to make sure he can't have a huge effect and there will be other games like that but I think if other teams wants to focus on him and let guys like Pedro get that sort of space like he got for his goal it could end up costing them, like the equaliser. Sure we all want Hazard free and to be able to get in scoring positions and create chances but im sure other teams will also stifle us like Spurs did first half. Can't believe he's being slagged for his performance though, Messi would have struggled for a while if he was in our team and we were playing like that first half. Surprised we weren't 3-0 down
  12. 3. Marcos Alonso

    That was one occasion if I remember right in the first 10 minutes where Tadic beat him then did two or three faints (thought it was quite needless after the first one to be honest as it was an excellent chance to get it in early to catch our defence out) before crossing the ball in where it came to nothing. I've checked the stats and on average they aren't great for him in 1v1 duels but I don't think that means he struggles in 1v1s, this is his first season in England (he played in England for Bolton and Sunderland yes but I'm discounting these because he played in Italy after for however many years) at a top club, he's only played 7 or 8 games and he's already been declared a weak link or someone who struggles 1v1 although he is more than competent at this as he has shown bar two or three moments that stick out with Adama Traore, Kyle Walker and Dusan Tadic (I think the three of them would give a lot of people problems to be honest). He is an excellent option because he offers a different threat, some of his crossing is very good, he's got good stamina and is strong in the air, perhaps he's not to everyone's taste as he looks quite lethargic in comparison to some players but I can't see why people would want to think of him as a weak link already when we've conceded 1 goal in 7 games and he wasn't even involved in the goal we did concede. I think next season he will be even better, Conte turned Lichsteiner from an average defensive player to a very good one so I have high hopes he can improve Alonso even more.
  13. 3. Marcos Alonso

    You mean when Adama Traore blitzed past him (and for me, he rather intelligently didn't try and touch him where he would of conceded a foul) v Middlesborough and when Kyle Walker flicked the ball over his head? To be fair they are probably two of the quickest players in Europe, or at least I would think Traore would be in that list anyway, Marcos is not slow but I wonder how many players will be able to cope with Adama Traores pace in situations like that? Not many. Again Walker took it over his head in a 1v1 what is he meant to do foul him? I wonder how many fouls he has conceded in all honesty because it cannot be that many. Willians football last season was better than the year we won the league. No denying it. It's too soon to write him off, or we might as well have written Hazard off after last season.
  14. Andreas Christensen

    If he comes back next year he will likely be competing directly with David Luiz. Both play in the middle of the back 3 (or at least when Gladbach have used a back 3 this season AC has) and it is probably the best place for both of them, as both can step in to midfield and play without leaving us too exposed. Will be interesting to see who gets the nod next season if we continue with the back 3 as Luiz has been good since coming back but showed signs of his old self for the Spurs goal and in a few other instances.
  15. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Along with Juventus, Spurs and Crystal Palace oddly enough but yeah based on your other posts in this thread it seems you've written off a guy 4 months into his Chelsea career. Along with a ridiculous comment about Ba and Remy being two of the best strikers we have had at the club under Roman.. I seen him play for Marseille last year a lot and I was impressed, he was a bit raw but he always seemed to make the right runs, had good strength to cope with the center halves and ended up with 17 goals. The season before he had 9 goals in his first season in France, most of them coming from the bench because Gignac started most of their games but I suppose that doesn't really matter either does it? Marseille fans didn't just like him because of his personality, it was because of his onfield feats. also are footballers not allowed to have personalities or do they all have to be emotionless, boring robots who can only play football and do nothing else?