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  1. Alex Sandro

    I’m not judging Bertrand on the fact we sold him. We had Ashley Cole on his last legs and he couldn’t break in. Eventually a RB took Cole’s place. When he did he played as a LM. Says it all. He didn’t go on and become a world beater or anything we necessarily missed. Hopefully the club can find some sort of player like a Alex Sandro or even take a gamble on Luke Shaw as well.
  2. Alex Sandro

    If Bertrand was good enough he’d never have been sold and replaced by a mediocre player like Baba Rahmann. Particularly when in recent times we needed to fill our home grown quota. Regardless of playing 3 at the back, 4 at the back, 5 at the back or whatever he’s not good enough... considering we already have Alonso who is a better player than Bertrand and people want to upgrade on him. Bertrand would of been a huge step backward. Unless he was to be Alonsos back up but considering links to the likes of Alex Sandro, Alex Telles... heck even Kolasinac at the end of last season, were all linked so for me Bertrand would be a step backwards. Regarding the former youth players not given a chance your meaning him, Ake and Chalobah in particular right? To be fair Nate is a much better player, with a higher ceiling who could have easily taken Drinkwaters place in the squad but he didn’t want to stay. Bertrand for me would be an upgrade on Kenedy but still he would hardly displace Alonso and offer anything more. Where as Nathan Ake has not shown anything to prove he’s worth the 20m Bournemouth paid for him so not a problem either.
  3. Fabinho

    Another defensive minded midfielder? Wont be a priority. Not even worth considering after signing Bakayoko and Drinkwater in the summer, unless it’s some sort of bargain once in a lifetime fee (which it won’t be). Our midfield needs creativity, not more defensive minded players considering we already have Kante, Bakayoko and Drinkwater in those roles. Fabinho’s clearly not a RB/RWB either now a days so it would be a stupid move as well to sign him to play there.
  4. Riyad Mahrez

    Not for me. Don’t think Mahrez is Chelsea level. Hes a half decent player who had his best and most consistent year 2 years ago and won’t improved much more, it took two managerial changes and moving him to a “free role” to get something consistently productive from him. He wouldn’t get that here. I’m not even sure he’s better than Willian or Pedro, other than that one year he’s not done much else to get excited about except maybe 5 games since they changed coach and his role. This adjusting to PL thing is not as big as before, particularly for attacking midfielders and wide players, Lemar is a good player, if we could get him for 40-60m it would be an excellent move that would pay itself off as he’d be a player who is good enough to play here for the next 10 years. Buying in January is difficult though, Mahrez could be seen as a more attainable fall back option but he is a worse player than Lemar.
  5. Champions League thread

    Don’t think it will be anywhere near as bad as people think. I mean the matches aren’t to February... Barca is Barca but they aren’t unbeatable as Valencia showed few weeks ago. Real/PSG game should be a belter for neutral football fans.
  6. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I don’t see why Courtois doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. If we lose him that is a huge problem because for me he is in the top 5 GKs in the world, has got god knows how many years at the top left and is at least equal or perhaps better than David de Gea (who is somehow talked about being better than Neuer which is nonsense as Neuer is incredible and the complete goalkeeper). Also he is a leader, big personality and ultimately a winner. There are lots of very good goalkeepers around and very good young ones developing sure but Courtois is better than most out there.
  7. Gianluigi Donnarumma

    He’s nowhere near world class class. He’s a very good young player but people are getting carried away extremely Italians, he has shown just as many weaknesses since breaking into the Milan team as strengths, these world class tags are getting more ridiculous.He will undoubtedly grow into a top top player eventually at any club but he is not world class because if he was he would have already displaced Gigi Buffon as Italy’s number 1. That’s the stark reality of it. Buffon is a great goalkeeper (but think he’s no longer one of the best out there) but he is 40 y/o realistically if Italy had any world class goalkeepers they’d have replaced him. I think he’d be a very good long term replacement for Courtois if he left but don’t think he’s near the level of which many people think. He’ll grow into one of the best goalkeepers of his generation if not the best if he continues to play every week but honestly it could take him the next 3-4 seasons minimum to reach those heights.
  8. Dominic Solanke

    To be fair he’s hardly made an impression at Liverpool. He’s played two games recently maybe yes but we are halfway into the season. Hardly a massive leap up the pecking order. He should of went somewhere else.
  9. Jack Butland

    Definite downgrade on Courtois but a very good goalkeeper. Probably England’s best imo.
  10. Arthur Melo

    If he is as good as they say we should sign him. They are saying he will be in the Brazil World Cup squad for sure at the rate he’s going so we should to try get a deal done for the summer in January if possible, probably be our best bet. No coincidence Barca are after him either.
  11. Alex Sandro

    It doesn’t matter. Players have chosen other clubs and managers over us before. Benjamin Mendy said he had other offers (which we were one) and would only leave Monaco for City and Pep. There’s others as well clearly and with every target of the stature of a Sandro or a Mendy or a Lukaku they will have more than one suitor. The thing I meant as well is that Manchester United won’t hesitate to sign Sandro at the drop of a hat in January for £60m+ if Mourinho wants him. Like backing him with £100m Pogba, £75m Lukaku and Zlatan with huge wages despite being well in his mid 30s in the past. Conte obviously wanted Alex Sandro and still wants him but do you think upstairs will be willing to green light a potential £60m+ January move if that’s what’s Juventus want (nobody is cheap these days yet alone in January)? That is what I’m not so sure about. Time and time again in recent years we’ve shown recently that the club has a agenda regarding FFP, signing promising younger players instead of more developed ones and following a transfer strategy with targets that have clearly been followed by the club since before AVBs appointment.
  12. Alex Sandro

    If he really wants to leave Juventus and we lose out on signing him to United I will go mad. Fucking Mourinho.
  13. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    At least he’s honest and to be frank hes correct. Bad summer, bad start v Burnley, loss to Palace and now this along with City’s current form and their late goal habit (regardless of the result vs United) all but confirms it. Think the players deserve much more criticism than manager considering he changed system twice, threw Moses, Pedro and Willian on and nobody looked interested or affected game any more than before. We had 0 shots on target in second half despite 70% possession, which says it all. Either too many touches or too many passes. Or no runs or nothing was quick enough. Couple that together with lack of energy. Poor. Can’t see Conte admitting we’re out of title race going down well with upstairs but it also strengthens his hand and makes January an intriguing month because if the club dont back Conte I think it will be pretty clear he’s going in the summer. He’s been saying stuff about recruitment/playing same players every 3 days for close to 2 months now and if the club really wants him to stay he holds all the aces, he can go through the chain of command and say look we need to buy players 1 2 and 3 or 4 5 and 6 to ensure we are more competitive (I’m sure he was already like that this summer when you consider who we were all linked with but Chelsea is Chelsea).
  14. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    To be fair we’ve played played a fair amount of games over the last 10-15 years against better opposition in a similar way defending with lots of numbers and good organisation. In my eyes it’s not really dirty.. when done right, it’s very effective. No disrespect meant but end of the day winning 1-0 like that is still winning 1-0. Id rather of seen us get points playing like that than getting 0 and playing like whoever or whatever. No doubt about it West Ham worked harder than us I felt and they ultimately deservedly to win, as well as looking more dangerous than we did despite having the ball a lot less, they could have got a second if not for a pass played a second too late and arguably should of had a penalty for handball. Moratas miss was bad. He has so much time and he just doesn’t realise but wow not to hit the target from there... still we hardly created any chances but for me the effort and will to compete for first and second balls today cost us, West Ham won more or less everything from knockdowns and whatever else. Little things like that but makes a huge difference. Anyway it’s only one game. One game doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Particularly when we know everyone competing in that top 4/top 6 bar City will still drop between 5-10 points somewhere this season. On the bright side all the hardcore Chelsea fan twitter accounts like carefree daily and whatever else are losing their rag and posting utter pish which will cheer me up because some of the stuff is ridiculously funny.
  15. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    Really frustrated with Hazard, Morata, Zappacosta, Christensen and a few others so far in the second half. Christensen has looked asleep at times and scared of Arnautovic and Antonio. Zappacosta awful, poor final ball every time more or less. Second half Hazard and Morata not really offering much although at least both have the quality to do something which goes for them. No passion from the players at all though, Conte has made every sub he can too, can’t do much more. Also what the fuck was Bakayokos performance all about? Utter shite