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  1. Eden Hazard

    Okay fair enough if Nike have confirmed it. Still dont see the huge fuss. The guy gave everyrhing for 7 years if it is taking people to acknowledge his class with a pair of boots then God help them. He was at a Chelsea training camp like 3 weeks ago I would say that is more classly than a bit of blue on a pair of boots. Or his farewell statement. But yeah pair of boots, every Chelsea Twitter page going into meltdown 🤣
  2. Eden Hazard

    Not going to lie the colours could mean anything. Sure nobody doubts how much he cared about the club etc but they are just a pair of football boots with blue on it, could be his favorite colour, could be "honouring" the club, could be his kids or wifes or uncles or auntys or dogs or whoevers favorite colour think people get a bit too literal and read too much into these things. Could be someone who has gone onto Nike ID and designed these himself and then posted them on Twitter saying they are Edens.. also with half the shit that's on twitter, would be more than likely.
  3. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    People said the same when we had the blip last season but he adapted to the league and showed he is more than able to do the defensive side of the game. Generally dont think it will be as huge an issue.
  4. Christian Pulisic

    Hopefully people who have been apprehensive will be proved wrong by this Christian this season. I do hope he doesnt take the 10 shirt though. I dont know who will, few interesting numbers avaliable in the squad this season, 4, 9, 10.
  5. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    Kovacic over Jorginho? Dont see it personally. I do think we will end up playing 433 of some variation eventually, even with Frank preferring 4231 based on his season at Derby (could argue 4231 is a variation of 433 regardless). In terms of being effective in a double pivot or not, with the ball Jorginho will more than likely drop deeper than his partner anyway to get on the ball from the likes of the CBs and control the tempo of the game, his position may be slightly different but it won't affect how he plays and then obviously Kantes biggest strength is getting the ball back. Jorginho also showed huge defensibe improvements, yes playing in a 2 isnt the same as playing as a sole holder and Kovacic can play every midfield position which gives him a chance of playing a lot but I still really dont see him playing ahead of Jorginho. I mean if your concerned about Jorginho not being effective in a double pivot then I dont know how your not more concerned about someone who is tactically inferior and also takes much much less risks with the ball as well as having a more limited passing range. I really think this will be an issue for Frank this season, fitting in the likes of Barkley, Kovacic, Baka, and Mason when Rubens back because Ruben if he can recapture his performances from the back end of the past season, will be one of the first names on the team sheet as well as Kante 100% and I would stick my neck out and say Jorginho will make the starting midfield for us this season too most weeks. I would say we are a bit heavy in MF, Baka is potentially a good option to be a back up for Kante. Drinkwater and Barkley (depending on Franks plans for Mason) could find themselves not featuring as often as theyd want to. Competition is good but realistically we have got Drinkwater, Barkley, Jorginho, Kante, Bakayoko, Kovacic, Ruben, Mount all competing for 3 spaces in the line up every week. Sure some play more advanced like Ross and Mason as well as the fact Mateo and Ruben are more than capable of playing as out and out 10s (dont forget Pulisic and Willian are able to play there too but theyll play wide I would imagine) as well but realistically when Ruben comes back to full fitness we are probably more stocked than we need to be. As I mentioned above Drinkwater, Barkley, Bakayoko are 3 players who could find themselves on the peripheral at somepoint this upcoming season.
  6. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    Was definitely either him or Tomori to go on loan. Maybe both. Hopefully gets a good loan deal, in the championship perhaps.
  7. Billy Gilmour

    Definitely but I think the mantra with the SFA is purely to appoint Scottish managers. Especially after the Berti Vogts experience all those years ago. Its difficult because obviously McLeish for me, is well past his sell by date and Strachan who had started well fucked himself in the end and resigned. He had a real real chance of securing qualification for the Euros a few years back but by being stubborn starting shite like Chris Martin ahead of Leigh Griffiths had been on fire having scored like god knows mayne 15-20 a sesson in the previous seasons at a standard which is hardly that inferior to the championship in all honesty. As well as a few others like James Morrison and refusing to integrate younger players who are now involved with the squad. But yeah, it could take a manager from outside of Scotland to reslly push these guys on although what Steve Clarke did at Kilmarnock was really quite extrodinary taking where they were when he came in at first and the budget he was on to get a shot for European football. Antonio Conte's assistant is in there now so he could reap the rewards. Anyway the standard of youngsters and players in general is gradually improving. Ryan Fraser, Karamoko Dembele, Kieran Tierney, Andy Robertson, John McGinn, Billy Gilmour, Greg Taylor etc. Just have to hope these kids dont get tempted to move to the PL before its too soon like Feruz. Better for the Scottish game too and then when their ready to move on they can go, bring money into the club.
  8. Billy Gilmour

    Think he will be in around the squad this year. Really have high hopes for him, followed him when he was at Rangers along with Karamoko Dembele (seen him make his Celtic debut vs Hearts in May, he looked exciting and most importantly wasnt phased by it, obviously 1 first team game but hes done well for youth teams and in pre season with Celtic too). As a Scot these 2 could be huge players for the NT and at club level. Would say that while he maybe looks sinilar to Modric or de Jong as he is mobile, can dribble but he also has a bit of Cesc in him too, he is excellent at providing the final pass and that as a midfielder is a huge strength obviously along with a good range of passing. He and Mount (who I had reservations about slightly) have looked like they want to be in the first team when they've played, along with confidence in their own ability. Time will tell obviously and weve seen before its easy to get carried away with young players but you never know. I do think if we offload Bakayoko and Drinkwater it gives them 2 and also Ampadu a chance to get more minutes.
  9. Eden Hazard

    Was more Barca and his agent I think than anything else although hes not completely inadmissable from the situation. They agreed personal terms before Atleti played Juve in the CL in like March or April. Now Barca havent payed the full release clause and Atletico are taking legal actions.
  10. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Good assist for Mount yesterday, need to see this sort of thing more often, more penetrating passes in and around the box. Could be a big season for him as a player, hopefully he becomes more productive throughout the season.
  11. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    Yeah I think people are reading far too much into this can Jorginho play or not play in a double pivot, the guy in the last few years at Napoli was one of the better midfield players in his position in Europe, hes not just someone who can only play as a 6 in a 3 man MF. Hes played in a 4231 with Italy and also under Benitez with Napoli when he was there. Although a good system or tactical set up is a huge benefit, it is massively important you have very good players in key positions, that is more important and can compensate for the tactical set up not being the best (likes of Hazard, Willian - that year he was POTY - and Diego Costa in previous seasons getting us points when we were hopeless tactically or performance wise comes to mind). Binning or benching Jorginho would be one of the worst decisions Lampard will ever make as a manager. If we want to play quick, direct football going through the lines then Jorginho or someone of that mould is a must. Yes he didnt always look great at times last season when the team struggled but I think everyone could see by May he had shown his worth with a very good back end of the season for him on a personal level. I think as well hes had a transitional year where he had to adjust to a much quicker standard of football in terms of when you lose the ball and am expecting big things from him this year.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Eden said he wanted to leave last sunmer. While it wasnt a transfer request its not as if he didnt say it... Regarding CHO and more or less the majority of players with agents, I doubt his agent is really going to hugely influence him to sign or not sign a new deal etc, if a player wants to leave its ultimately their decision. Sure agents are there and maybe some yes they can influence or get their clients better deals (that fat Italian dickhead who Pogba, Ibra are represented by is the worst of them the millions he has rinsed from clubs is incredible) but ultimately the buck stops with the player for me regardless. If he wanted to really stay and sign a new deal he would of by now. This his brother is doing this or getting player X or Y a move to Bayern isnt really the reason why he hasnt signed. His head was obviously turned in Jan (the likes of Bayern being interested will do that to many young players) hence the transfer request, coupled together with a lck of playing time. The lack of talk regarding his future when asked after that said 1000 words too. Regardless, the club shouldn't be bowing down to someone who has only played 25 games in the first team if he doesnt want to stay. Anyone thinking their bigger, better or dont want to be here should be shown the door, especially a kid who however you look at it hasnt really achieved anything in terms of his footballing career to date. Not just Callum this is a huge issue with many young players in England. Big youth contracts, too much too soon, I mean look at Rashford, very good prospect and will be a top player but 200k a week? Jesse Lingard very average limited footballer, 140k a week... and theres probably hundreds of them in the UK alone.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Tbf if they look to play counter attacking football and throw crosses into the box from wider areas he will easily score 20 goals a season. Dont think Conte ever wanted him for how he linked up or that when he was here but more because of his record as a goalscorer and his physicality. Think Lukaku will do very well in Serie A if he does go. Id imagine that is only if Icardi is going to go though. Why else would they sign Lukaku when they already have Martinez and Icardi, unless he wants to play 352 with those 2 up top...
  14. Christian Pulisic

    Think he will play as a winger here, his 1 v 1 ability would be wasted in central areas where most often than not in games that area become far too congested. Generally more space out wide as teams will sit deep and narrow against us.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Definitely. He wanted Alex Sandro and Candreva (not an amazing player but would of done well at RWB and his final ball was 10 times better) to improve on Moses and Alonso. He wanted Lukaku to replace Costa (still dont get why he wanted to bin him completely, he struck me as the typical mould of player Conte would want, top player, hard working, win at all costs, did it in big games - similar traits to what Vidal, Marchisio, Bonucci, Chielleni had). Think he also wanted Nainggolan (got Kante instead) and Pogba too, glad we didnt get Pogba tbf though. Think Inter will be a lot better under him, plus they already have half decent/good/very good players there like Samir Handanovic, De Vrij, Milan Skriniar, Diego Godin, Miranda, Roberto Gagliardini, Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martinez, Ivan Perisic... a lot of experience and potential as well as a lot of definite fits for Contes 343 or 352 whatever he goes for.