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  1. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Selling Kante? Who will be our only world class player when Eden leaves? You all cannot be serious.
  2. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    If Juventus want him and we let him go, jesus christ. I do not see us getting any top managers in unfortunately. For me theres no way we will get Allegri, no way he leaves Juventus and goes fuck it I will go to a club with so much uncertainty. He will have a better move in his mind surely if hes leaving Juventus.
  3. Next Manager?

    That is rather less than a complete denial. SPOX’s editor-in-chief, Martin Volkmar, told Bild, “We stand by our story.” snip Van Bommel would be an interesting move for them but he would be in the same sort of category as Niko Kovac, hugely inexperienced at a top top European club as a manager. Allegri being available for nothing, having won leagues and cups with AC Milan and Juventus, two clubs with the sort of history and stature similar to Bayerns as well as having a respectful record in the CL, think a club as well run and organised as them would be daft to not consider him. Think Bayern would consider him more than Barca but you never know, Valverde was a bit of a less high profile appointment and Bilbao didnt exactly play incredibly similar to how Barca did so who knows.
  4. Next Manager?

    Allegri will probably be considered for Barca and Bayern, who are both going to change their managers apparently even though both of them have won the league.
  5. 22. Willian

    Talking of corners, our corners have been fucking shite for about the last 3 seasons. Hazard and Willian need to stop taking them.
  6. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Regardless to be a top team who wants to compete in multiple competitions we need to improve the squad, look at City had very good CBs already went and signed Laporte. Had Sterling, Sane, Silva already went and signed Mahrez. Thats what we used to be like, had Lampard, Mikel, Makalele, Essien already and then signed the likes of Ballack and Deco. Dont think we can guarantee the likes of CHO and RLC anything like okay you will play every week. Same with Andreas. If we signed a top level winger, top level midfielder and top level centre back it would not only improve the first 11 but the squad because we would shift some of the crap out.
  7. Luka Jović

    I think youll be surprised how often he will play. He offers a slightly more physical approach than Benzema. Both are very rounded but Benzema for all his positives struggles with consistency. Suarez is still very capable of magic on his day and probably be first choice at Barca undoubtedly where as Jovic has more chance to get in ahead of Benzema 110%. Be harder to displace Suarez than Benzema.
  8. Luka Jović

    Those 4 are wingers though. Jovic is a 9. Benzema is 30 odd, he needs a longterm replacement. Real wont care because they need to improve and in typical fashion they throw money at 5-10 players.
  9. Paulo Dybala

    Would definitely take any of the 3 in all fairness. Dybala is still an absolutely incredible player, hasnt worked this season but I still think he has got another level or two to go to.
  10. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    What a disaster. Fair enough the game was for a good cause but you need to prioritize things as a club. Having your best players fit when you have a cup final or playing a meaningless friendly (although it was for a good cause raised a lot of cash)....
  11. Luka Jović

    He will get plenty time, Real are wanting to offload Mariano and Benzema needs real competition, has done since they sold off Higuain to Napoli years ago. Diaz and Rodrygo are wingers.
  12. Paulo Dybala

    Apparently the rumours are he will go to Spain. So Barca or Real probably
  13. Luka Jović

    Never had a chance. Was obvious Barca and Real would go for him. Whos gonna turn them down for us? Realisitically?
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Lampard in? For how long 1 season when he cant get a decent finish with the shite that the board has accumulated in the last however many transfer windows? When will people see regardless of manager, a squad containing the likes of Morata, Bakayoko, Willian, Alonso, Luiz, Giroud, Drinkwater, Moses, Zappacosta, Barkley, Kovacic (Ive included who may or may not be here due to transfer ban and a change of coach could give them another chance so to speak)... simply arent that good to compete against the likes of City and Liverpool at the top end of the table which is where the club undoubtedly wants to be. If Sarri goes, we need a top top manager to come in and stop the rot. Not someone whos only managed one season (please nobody state Pep Guardiola never had more than one season before he was at Barca the guy is up there with Sir Alex as arguably the best managaer in history and probably the defining one in modern history). It would be even more riskier than Sarri, Di Matteo, Villas-Boas or whoever. The club needs to be sorted behind the scenes, throwing a guy with one seasons experience into the job, into a transfer banned team that either needs new signings or massive coaching improvements would be madness. I think people are being too sentimental to think Lampard is one, ready for the job and two, the right man for it. There is maybe a huge appeal maybe because he is playing loanee players from us in Tomori and Mount but again, Derby is Derby, in the championship.... and even then if were ever going to appoint a manager from the championship, Marcelo Bielsa is surely the only realistic one? Leeds would never let it happen but imagine what he could do with this group of players, even if they arent all great. His coaching at Leeds the difference is day and night to how theyve been in previous seasons. Fair enough Derby might win yet and go up which for Frank would be a good start for his managerial career but it doesnt mean he's ready in any capacity for us.
  15. Mental episode. Didnt quite expect Dany to go as mad as she did, burning an entire city basically but hey ho. Quite gutted she didn't torch Cersei with her dragon. But yeah fuck it, was a good watch I felt. That Gregor Clegane is an absolute mutant thank fuck he died.