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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    City definitely have a better squad, Liverpool a better first 11? I'd say its fair to say that, their squad isn't actually that impressive either but they have got experience on the bench in Milner, Stirrings, Shaqiri etc. Man United or Spurs have better players in certain positions than us in their first 11s but again questionable if they are actually a better team. Squadwise City are top dogs in that department. Liverpool second. Don't think United or Spurs squad is better than ours in all fairness, we lack a top CB, top RW and a top CF, add those three in and we'd be favourites for the league as well. The experience is there in the squad. Id say even then without those 3 players, we still have the third best squad in the country.
  2. 24. Gary Cahill

    Well when all these false dawns come true let me know. Until then cut the I am right because I posted 14000 words on it attitude bullshit because as far as I can see nothing you've said will happen has actually happened. Just clutching at straws getting wound up over hypothetical situations. Even the FIFA loan thing, okay it may happen but it still hasn't. "Phased in in 2 years". Also geopolitics? As somebody who lives in the UK, the last 8 letters of the word alone gives me the fear because their all about as much use as a chocolate ashtray. Romans under investigation but unless you have some sort of inside information (go on surprise us all with something) it's merely a investigation and I don't have to be into politics to tell you that the UK investigating Russian oil men isn't anything new. And any potential scenario means jack shit until they have something to nail him with, which I severely doubt happens. Still doesn't deter from the fact I find it pathetic that your comparing owners net worths as if it's 100% enivatble, confirmed, about to happen. Romans as big a Chelsea icon as many of our most influential players for me, think many would agree on here that he's been the driving force behind revolutionizing the club and also had a big part to play in how big the PL is now.
  3. 24. Gary Cahill

    Bad move? Not really. Stripping somebody who was made captain a season ago at John Terrys recommendation (apparently) is an instant way of turning the dressing room against you. Gaz is obviously a well respected and well liked individual, throw in how long he's been here and what he's achieved, he would never have been made captain otherwise and it's as simple as that, end of story. He doesn't play a lot but it would send out a bad message. Also lack of match fitness has affected Christensen too in some games, Think your getting carried away and all doom and gloom, about renewing players, selling Hazard, CHO, Abramovich dilemma (what fucking dilemma, the situations blown out of proportion ten fold) and new owners net worths in other threads etc whatever else.... The 6 loan thing as well is just an idea as of right now, it will take years to become a formality or might not even happen. Just a lot of problems that aren't even problems yet. Also based on his performances in the last year I wouldn't be overly upset if Andreas Christensen was sold for 35-40m at least and replaced with somebody else, who even if they didn't start at first would be more patient and willing to work hard without spitting the dummy out after maybe 20 games where he's played in 6 or 7. I mean if he thinks he's that good, realistically he shouldnt struggle to find a top top club, but which top top European club (level we are aspiring to be) is going to buy him after the year of below average and poor games he's had? Barca, Bayern, Real, Atletico, Juventus??? No chance. Best place for him is here, learning what Sarri wants and then doing well if he gets a chance, you'd think he had played 10/10 every game and was being shut out for whatever reason... but he's been poor and rightfully had limited minutes. Fair enough match fitness also an issue bevause he's not playing regularly but Conte played him through a tough spell last year and it broke him more than anything. Look at how long Koulibaly took to change at Napoli from a raw, perhaps struggling CB to one of the best on the go.. who does he credit with that development? Maurizio Sarri, who is our manager. If he wants to go back to Gladbach and play at that lower level for a few years rather than push himself fair enough, he had a good foot in, we know he can play but if he's not.willing to prove it to a new boss then??
  4. 29. Álvaro Morata

    It's the same thing though, saying ther different positions is nonsense for me... different formations, playing styles, rotations and interchanges of position doesn't make a difference. A striker/centre forward is 100% the same. You get different types of strikers who do different things or have different characteristics but they are all strikers or centre forwards, same with wingers, central midfielders, centre backs etc.. unless football's gone mad and following the football manager script 😂 Also regarding the team trying to find Morata, yes but when the ball goes out wide and we create the possibility for crossing situations does it go into the box? He gets stick for missing one on ones and he could improve in thst but at Juve and Real he scored a lot from inside the box, from crosses and cutbacks. Do you think it will be a surprise if Giroud and Morata, two guys who score the majority of their goals in and around the 6 to 12 yard area of the penalty box dont score 10+ goals this season? I wouldn't. I hope both score more than that but if they ended up with 10 or something I wouldn't be surprised because there's a huge tendency when we create these possible chances we recycle the ball inside and try walk through teams. Also poor finishing too froknchances as well definitely a consideration but the more chances these guys get the better probability we have of them scoring more goals. Only complaint I have about how we've started with Sarri is the defensive issues (will be a long fix I think), width in our play (at times too narrow, no variation) and the unwillingness to utilize the chance to cross more often (amount of chances Giroud/Morata/Barkley/Pedro could profit from is potentially an addition 3 or 5 goals per player over the course of a season, which could turn draws into wins, or loses into draws). He's not a striker but he's more a pure striker than his teams striker? The phrase pure striker is weird for me because there's so many different types of strikers these days. There's not only one profile for strikers, Firmino is a very different sort of striker, similarly like Benzema for instance, hes very selfless, great at combining, interchanging but he's still a striker, that ball goes in the box and hes there sniffing about. Just because his team mates score more goals means nothing. Modern day football, wingers score more goals. But still wingers just considered as wide forwards. Again doesn't mean all Salah does is score goals either.
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    That's good but again, Everton are a solid enough team. I think we've always had mixed results against Everton, we go through spells of beating them for fun then really struggling. Hopefully we beat them again but Bernard, Sigurdsson, Gomes all offer a threat of sorts (good in 1v1s - can score goals from anywhere - capable of playing passes through the lines), Coleman and Digne give good delivery from outwide. Silva has got them on a decent run the now too. Be a tough one based on recent performances too, been phases in recent matches where we have lacked intensity and purpose with our play - which is understandable because it was inevitable some teams would set up really well against us (thought Palace did well with their shape and frustrated us) - but on the day if we play with an intensity and purpose in the final third we can easily score 3 4 or 5 goals. Let's see how it goes..Kovacic and Pedro on from the start hopefully.
  6. Nabil Fekir

    Perhaps but we don't play with a 10. We dont play with "free 8s" either like City do with the Silvas or De Bruyne. He could maybe do that role in this team but I doubt it would happen. Maybe he could play as a striker? But it would be risky.
  7. Oscar

    Good to see his move paid off, winning a trophy.. oh wait he could of been doing that here. Anyway he was a bit better than average, was a good move for us to get rid of him. Pity his career sort of slowed down after that first 2 seasons where there was mixed performances, there was something there although we only seen in fits and spurts, doubt he'd ever make it as a number 10 at a top team which we were aspiring to be, his stats weren't consistent enough for that.
  8. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Salah is a wide forward. Firmino a central striker (who was converted from a 10), Ronaldo was a wide forward at Real (now best to think of him as a 9 at Juventus I would say), Benzema a striker. Yes they may play more advanced the wide forwards as opposed to the 9s in those teams but when you consider their goal scoring records it's not hard to see why. But it doesn't/didn't make them strikers... Don't see what the fuss is about, when I'm comparing Morata or Giroud I'm comparing them to number 9s in other teams, Kane, Firmino, Lacazette, Aubamayang, Gabriel Jesus, Aguero etc, not Salah, Mane, Son, Sterling, Sane... in the past Hazard has been playing as a left winger and the most advanced player in a lot of our games but hardly makes him a number 9 either did it? Playing more advanced based on average positions or heat maps or whatever means fuck all. If a full backs got a high average position it doesn't make him a winger or a number 10 does it? Or if a CB has a higher average position it doesn't make him a CM??? And Morata gets the most chances in our team? Seriously? I think its fair to say there's a bigger spread than your making out. Alot of the play is through our wide players coming inside, trying to play through the middle rather than going outside and looking to cross early, where Morata would get more chances (or even Giroud look at that goal tonight for instance, these guys are good in the air, in the penalty box). Morata has much much more involvement coming to the ball, affecting the game than affecting the game by running in behind centre backs etc but a lot of that's due to the fact the team plays through Hazard and Willian, always short into feet looking for little combinations. I reckon Morata touches the ball the least amount of times for an outfield player in our team (probably least amount of times in the box on average out of a lot of the big teams too - again reckon it's the teams willingness to look for Hazard or Willian first), I'd be surprised If Kepa isn't close sometimes too. Regarding chances/shots etc: Morata in the PL averages 2.6 shots per game, Hazard averages 2.7 shots per game, Willian averages 1.6 shots per game, Pedro averages 2 shots per game. Hazard has 7 goals, Morata 4, Pedro 4 and Willian 2. Now the averages doesn't mean a lot but shows that the spread is still varied across the team, tying to find stats for the amounts of shots each player has had because I reckon Hazard and Willian have had more than Morata this season in the PL. Also there's bound to be some info on clear cut chances as well but can't be arsed looking. Doubt there's too much of a difference again. With Ronaldo mentioned just thought I'd say he is just too good. A freak. 400 + career goals at league level. Still not Messi either. Really got to appreciste these guys because we might see nobody better in our life times.
  9. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    If we can spend 71m on a GK surely a fee around the 60-65m mark for Kovacic if he makes the right indications to his agent and Madrid is more than enough, I think we could get him for less bur Madrid fancy him as Modric's successor. Wouldn't be too much in my eyes. Even Kepa has been good and looks every bit worth what we paid. If the players perform fees are irrelevant. Should seriously consider it though, RLC and Barkley have improved but none of them have the class Kova has for me. He's still got plenty room to grow too.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Never seen the game but seen Betis play last weekend, they are some team, scored a cracker of a goal with Lo Celso involved as well. A lot of potential there with the players and their coach. Also imagine if they retained Fabian Ruiz what a player he is, now at Napoli, absolute baller.
  11. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Because Morata isn't Messi, Alonso isn't Roberto Carlos and apparently Kante and Azpi cannot play Sarri ball. It's ridiculous isn't it 😂 unbeaten in the PL, sitting second, basically through in Europe but some cunts will find something to moan about. Willian or Pedro could have scored 30 goals tonight between them and somebody would still be complaining as to why the fuck CHO isn't playing. For me, obscure European away games should just win the match by any means necessary. Play shit and win? Good job. Play good and win? Even better. I mean Mourinho was a diddy in his second spell here but we'd go to a lot better teams like Schalkes, Sportings or somebody, struggle and win like 3-0 get lauded s genius.... Sarri's gone to Belarus and we've won too despite playing poorly...
  12. Chelsea - Everton

    Tough game, Everton look decent enough, more of a threat than they were the previous season. Gylfi, Richardlison and Andre Gomes playing well.
  13. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Honestly hate to be awkward but isn't a central forward a striker? I know theres different types but that two phrases are one and all the same. Firminio has been playing as a CF since Klopp went to Liverpool no point disputing it. Honestly wouldn't say Morata played that poorly in some of those games the months before but it's typical of Chelsea fans to talk down their players, the same has been going on with Alonso, Kante and Azpi this season. Just be glad we don't have Torres upfront. If Morata was shit in August/September then don't know how bad Torres would have been. Also regarding Costa when he didn't score people were losing their minds... although he is undoubtedly missed because he can affect games without scoring by using his presence like you said. Morata is struggling because he prefers to run behind teams and there's no space because of teams playing with a low block. When we do get at teams we are constantly trying to playing through the middle, Ruud made an interesting point on MOTD, the service isn't always there, get the ball in the box sooner and the guy may get more chances. It's not the reason for everything but it's a factor along with his loss of form, confidence and injuries he had last season too. Still think there's a top player in there.
  14. Nabil Fekir

    Doesn't fit 433, so don't see it happening. Sarri is pretty strict with his system.
  15. Kevin de Bruyne

    End of the day he can keep digging this up, more people will remember Mourinho in 20 years than De Bruyne. Don't get this De Bruyne being considered in all time PL team carry on that was going on last season too... load of shite.