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  1. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I won't be posting anymore - got too much on my plate lately with work and school. Won't be logging in. Thanks to all you guys, it was amazing experiencing the CL win with all of you. Cheers :blue scalf:
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    All I can say is Hulk would look epic WIN in the new third kit.
  3. Slobodan Rajkovic

    Mental case. Nowhere near the Chels please.
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    What the hell? Its already being sold on ebay.
  5. The Pre-Season thread

    Thank you!
  6. The Serie A Thread

    Apparently Milan have accepted PSG's 65 mil. offer for Ibra and Silva.
  7. The Pre-Season thread

    Hey guys one of my friends made this for me and I thought I would share it with all of you. 2012/13 Calendar July (pre-season) ...Thu 5: Start of pre-season training in Cobham ...Sat 14: Squad takes off to the USA for a summer tour ...Wed 18: pre-season [World Football Challenge] (N) Seattle Sounders ...Sun 22: pre-season [World Football Challenge] (N) Paris-Saint Germain ...Wed 25: pre-season [World Football Challenge] (N) MLS-All Stars ....Thu 26: Olympic Football Tournament begins ...Sat 28: pre-season [World Football Challenge] (N) AC Milan August ...Sat 4: pre-season (A) Brighton & Hove Albion/ Olympic Football quarterfinals ...Sat 11: Olympic Games football final ...Sun 12: Community Shield (N) Manchester City ...Wed 15: FIFA International Date ...Sun 19: R1 (A) Wigan Athletic ...Wed 22: R2 (H) Reading ...Sat 25: R3 (H) Newcastle United ...Thu 30: UCL Group Stage Draw ...Fri 31: UEFA Super Cup (N) Atletico Madrid September Fri/Sat 7/8: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Tue 11: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Sat 15: R4 (A) QPR ...Tue/Wed 18/19: UCL-M1 ...Sat 22: R5 (H) Stoke City ...Tue/Wed 25/26: Carling Cup 3rd Round ...Sat 29: R6 (A) Arsenal October ...Tue/Wed 2/3: UCL-M2 ...Sat 6: R7 (H) Norwich City ...Fri/Sat 12/13: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Tue 16: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Tue 20: R8 (A) Tottenham ...Tue/Wed 23/24: UCL-M3 ...Sun 28: R9 (H) Manchester United ...Tue/Wed 30/31: Carling Cup 4th Round November ...Sat 3: R10 (A) Swansea City ...Tue/Wed 6/7: UCL-M4 ...Sun 11: R11 (H) Liverpool ...Wed 14: FIFA International Date ...Sat 17: R12 (A) West Brom ...Tue/Wed 20/21: UCL-M5 ...Sun 25: R13 (H) Manchester City ...Wed 28; R14 (H) Fulham December ...Sat 1: R15 (A) West Ham United ...Tue/Wed 4/5: UCL-M6 ...Sat 8: R16 (A) Sunderland ...Thu 13: FIFA Club World Cup Semifinal ...Sat 15: R17 (H) Southampton/ FA Cup 3rd Round (both postponed due to CWC, dates yet to be announced) ...Sun 16: FIFA Club World Cup Third Place Playoff/Final ...Wed 19: (likely to be the date of Chelsea's Carling Cup quarterfinal if they make it that far) ...Sat 22: R18 (H) Aston Villa ...Wed 26: R19 (A) Norwich City ...Sat 29: R20 (A) Everton January ...Tue 1: R21 (H) QPR ...Tue/Wed 8/9: Carling Cup Semifinal, 1st Leg ...Sat 12: R22 (A) Stoke City ...Sat 19: R23 (H) Arsenal/ FA Cup 4th Round ...Tue/Wed 22/23: Carling Cup Semifinal, 2nd Leg ...Tue 29: R24 (A) Reading February ...Sat 2: R25 (A) Newcastle United ...Wed 6: FIFA International Date ...Sat 9: R26 (H) Wigan Athletic/ FA Cup 5th Round ...Tue/Wed 12/13: UCL-2R1 ...Tue/Wed 19/20: UCL-2R1 ...Sat 23: R27 (A) Manchester City/ FA Cup 6th Round ...Sun 24: Carling Cup Final (N) Wembley March ...Sat 2: R28 (H) West Brom ...Tue/Wed 5/6: UCL-2R2 ...Sat 9: R29 (A) Fulham ...Tue/Wed 12/13: UCL-2R2 ...Sat 16: R30 (H) West Ham United/FA Cup Semifinal 1 ...Fri/Sat 22/23: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Tue 26: FIFA date/World Cup qualifying ...Sat 30: R31 (A) Southampton/ FA Cup Semifinal 2 April ...Tue/Wed 2/3: UCL-QF1 ...Sat 6: R32 (H) Sunderland ...Tue/Wed 9/10: UCL-QF2 ...Sat 13: R33 (H) Tottenham ...Sat 20: R34 (A) Liverpool ...Tue/Wed 23/24: UCL-SF1 ...Sat 27: R35 (H) Swansea City ...Tue 30: UCL-SF2 May ...Wed 1: UCL-SF2 ...Sat 4: R36 (A) Manchester United ...Sat 11: FA Cup Final (N) Wembley ...Sun 12: R37 (A) Aston Villa ...Wed 15: UEFA Europa League Final (N) Amsterdam ...Sun 19: R38 (H) Everton ...Sat 25: UEFA Champions League Final (N) Wembley June ...June 15-30: FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil
  8. Chelsea Kits thread

    Me want, me want bad.. I'm a sucker for this retro stuff Very expensive though
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm still watching replays and youtube compilations of our CL victory. I can't get enough.
  10. Chelsea Kits thread

    The home and away kit look class. Love it so far. A+ for adidas. When is the third kit getting released?
  11. Fernando Torres

    Nando pls AOE fans will get his
  12. Didier Drogba

    This is just the beginning. Lamps and Terry will be gone soon as well. The changing of the guard.
  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    Decorative. Looks bloody horrible.
  14. Chelsea Kits thread

    No, I know for a fact Bayern's are for the local competition.
  15. Chelsea Kits thread

    The star symbolizes a certain number of domestic trophies won with the other clubs. We're the only ones that put one for a CL I believe.
  16. Chelsea Kits thread

    Chelseastore USA http://www.chelseamegastoreusa.com/
  17. Chelsea Kits thread

    I bought one with the gold star but with Drogba 11 on the back instead of the Champions thing. In honor of his amazing career with Chelsea and his achievement.
  18. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Not big news but I hear we're buying a young Bosnian Slovenian defensive prospect, Emir Dautovic. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/emir-dautovic/profil/spieler_197650.html
  19. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    French internet vs French ex-president