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  • Bio Poor attempt at a controversial poster. Vanquisher of myths and stereotypes. Defender of the likes of Moses, Ramires and Mikel. And generally a self-absorbed idiot.
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  1. Chelsea v Arsenal

    I don't like going into cup finals as favorites...
  2. 26. John Terry

    The best response to the nonsense in the media about his send off:
  3. Politics & Stuff

    Yeah, that's what I meant by 'obvious reasons' in the first line.
  4. Politics & Stuff

    And very much hated by most Saudis for obvious reasons, let alone shia minorities in the country. I'm sure you've not even heard about this, but for the past couple of weeks at the very least there has basically been in a war between the armed forces and the citizens of Qatif in Saudi Arabia. There have been hundreds of arrests and injuries, tens of injuries and quite a few causalities including children. For all its oil money, KSA has one of the highest poverty rates in the Arab world. Make no mistake, one of the main reasons why the Saudi tyrant family has not been overthrown is the support and protection of American oil companies.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    A lot of people from all over the spectrum tend to view terrorism issues as having A solution. But reality is inevitably much more complex. There isn't one line of action that can make this stop nor is there anything that can halt terrorist acts in the short term. People don't want to hear this, but no matter what we do now, there will be more attacks like this in Europe and certainly in the middle east. Instead, the problem needs to be tackled systematically, long-term and on various fronts. Yes, covert work to try to stop individuals before they carry out these actions is important (though, historically incredibly unsuccessful) as are background checks...etc. but ultimately they are futile unless there is a genuine desire to address the root causes of terrorism which there isn't right now because otherwise you are only treating symptoms and not causes. And there can be a lot of valid discussion about what influences terrorism more, but in the case of the UK and it's western allies, the first and most obvious step to stopping terrorism is, as Chomsky says, to stop participating in it. And I hope no one misunderstands me. This has nothing to do with the British public, but rather the successive UK governments. The most logical thing to do is to stop committing terrorism in third-world countries. The second step would be to stop spreading terrorism either by sledge-hammer approach that creates vacuums and failed states to be filled by terrorist groups or by directly arming and funding those terrorist groups to use them for geopolitical gains. And third obvious step would be to stop strengthening the core ideology of terrorist groups by arming and protecting the tyrants of KSA and Qatar and the gulf states which are the beating heart of Sunni extremism around the world and the source of its ideology: Wahabism. All this is not at all to say that terrorism can all be blamed on the west and that no one in the middle east has any responsibilities. But obviously, if we are to solve this global problem, we all need to tackle the causes that we are responsible for. Here in the middle east we need, first of all, to change our oppressive governments and regimes that breed extremism, we need to root out and stop the funding the radical clerks who spread those ideas, we need to stop using sectarianism to score cheap political points and we need religious leaders to more vehemently disavow those interpretations of Islam. Once we all take those obvious starting steps then we can seriously discuss what else needs to be done and where the priorities lie. But at the moment, there is no genuine clear will to eradicate the causes of terrorism, neither here nor in the west.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    Been shocked to the core since reading the news yesterday morning. This was so barbaric and senseless and random and pointless. Particularly that the victims were mostly kids trying to have a good time. I couldn't help but cry when reading about that innocent 8-year-old and what her teacher had to say about her. It's just beyond evil. I am genuinely not saying this to disagree with manpe and Spike about how foreigners vs Englishmen must feel about this, and I certainly am not claiming that I am nearly as emotionally affected by this as anyone in Manchester. But maybe it's because I'm from somewhere where these kind of atrocities have happened (too) many times in my lifetime. I know what it's like. I know the feelings of shock and in ability to move and think when you hear the bang. I know the desperation when you scramble to call all your friends and loved ones to make sure they are okay, only to find that the lines are down because everyone else is scrambling to do the same. And I know the utter and sheer helplessness you feel when you sit in front of the TV watching the tragedy unfold. My heart goes out to, not only the families and friends of all the victims and wounded, but for everyone in Manchester. I feel for them, deeply.
  7. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Record 30 wins in a premiere league season!
  8. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    @Johnnyeye HULL SCORE!!
  9. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    And now Gabriel being stretchered off for Arsenal just after Coutinho scores the goal that confirms they'll be playing in the EL next season. This really isn't Arsenal's day....
  10. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Just saw the challenge. There's no way they will appeal. The most obvious red card you'll ever see. Horrible career-ending tackle.
  11. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

  12. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Think Lloris gets it on goals conceded. Not 100% sure, though.
  13. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Koscielny sent off. Will miss FA cup final.
  14. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Fuck it, we need to score 26 today in honor of JT!!
  15. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    I am not ready for JT's last Chelsea match. I am not ready for JT's last Chelsea match. I am not ready...