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  • Bio Poor attempt at a controversial poster. Vanquisher of myths and stereotypes. Defender of the likes of Moses, Ramires and Mikel. And generally a self-absorbed idiot.
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  1. Politics & Stuff

    NEVER ceases to amaze me how shit the Daily Mail are...
  2. 19. Diego Costa

    I see where you are coming from mate. I don't think anyone outside of Chelsea fans actually thinks Costa is 'world class'....whatever that means! But regarding prices, the market is almost completely random, especially with new TV and sponsorship deals almost every year. We could 100% get 50m for Costa if say a club like PSG wanted him. I mean we almost got - what was it? 60m? 70m?- for him in Jan from China. I think the days were 'market value' and selling prices of players were an indication of anything are probably behind us.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    I guess, theoretically, we can keep him and he would have to perform his best especially with it being a WC year. But I just don't think Conte is the type of manager who would include him in his plans after all he's said. And, in practice, I have a feeling that keeping him would not end well. He's a player who's level is reliant on his mood and keeping here unhappy probably won't help anyone and would only lower his value further.
  4. Dani Alves

    For some reason I remembered when it was said that Ozil was too ugly for Real Madrid!
  5. Dani Alves

    Possible, but I think it would be a weird choice for him ahead of us because he will most likely get more playing time at a position he likes more and play a bigger role in the team here than at City. I think it's more likely that we were just never seriously interested in him. Which is a shame considering how well he's played this season.
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    Problem is, we're not in a position to dictate negotiations, are we? His wages can only be paid either by a top team or China/US, he doesn't seem to want to go to China, there aren't any other top team who seem to want him (at least not yet) and we clearly don't want to keep a player who has made it obvious that he isn't happy and doesn't want to stay. Unless we can get another team interested, we just don't have any leverage in this.
  7. Dani Alves

    I don't really follow transfers closely, but can someone please explain to me why we are letting Alves go to City even though we desperately need wing backs and the role here would suite him better than that at City?
  8. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    "The political wing of the Old Testament"
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Yup. Did you see the first episode on election night or the second on Friday? His monologues at the end are a work of art, particularly that Paul Nuttal one. Still can't believe he's actually allowed on TV!
  10. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    @Fulham Broadway mate did you see Frankie Boyle's new show? It's sooo good!
  11. Politics & Stuff

    Dunno, might have been a one off as it's still an ongoing religious debate in KSA. But honestly, does it matter in any way?
  12. Politics & Stuff

    Oh god, the climate denial is the worst part. As if the Tories need any help in insisting that the humankind races towards the cliff. This is especially rich since the Tories basically ran their campaign by accusing Corbyn of associating with the wrong people (Hamas/Hezbollah..etc.) According to the Saudi FA, they had agreed for there to be a minutes silence but had informed the organizers that the players would not stand in a line for it. Tbf, I saw a short clip of it and a few players were standing still in their positions while other continues stretching. Honestly, this is the last thing on my list of things to be enraged about concerning Saudi Arabia.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    More like the tea party. I was just reading a bit of their views on LGBT and women's rights..
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Those DUP folks seem....nice.
  15. Politics & Stuff

    Minutes silences at football matches don't happen in Saudi Arabia as some view it to go against their religious beliefs. Now, it's not a secret that I'm not a fan of the prevailing religious beliefs in Saudi Arabia, but this is just personal freedom that has no impact on anyone else. You can't assume that your cultural traditions and norms are observed everywhere..