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  • Bio Poor attempt at a controversial poster. Vanquisher of myths and stereotypes. Defender of the likes of Moses, Ramires and Mikel. And generally a self-absorbed idiot.
    WARNING: May use statistics to back up a point.
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  1. Spurs - Chelsea

    GET THE F IN!! Undeserved, but ask me if I care?!
  2. Spurs - Chelsea

    Jeez... I hope we don't regret those missed chances..
  3. Spurs - Chelsea

    I didn't realize Pedro is. Surely, he has to come on at this point??
  4. Spurs - Chelsea

    I'd take Boga over Willian right now...
  5. Spurs - Chelsea

    If someone can actually break Delle Ali's legs that would be great. The diving prick...
  6. Spurs - Chelsea

    Morata needs to be less....nice.
  7. Spurs - Chelsea

    I mean, Cahill is literally captain of the NT half of the times... Refs just don't like us (Chelsea) very much...
  8. Spurs - Chelsea

    He's still playing WB? He just doesn't have anyone more advanced than him on the wing.
  9. Spurs - Chelsea

    Where's that HT whistle??
  10. Spurs - Chelsea

    Looks more unfit to me.. He's just a yard behind everyone atm.
  11. Spurs - Chelsea

    Apparently, it varies depending on the color of the jersey....
  12. Spurs - Chelsea

    Either I don't get the violent conduct rules or their implementation varies wildly. Can someone explain ti me how that was only yellow for Dier??!
  13. Spurs - Chelsea

    Bakayoko is very clearly not match fit. Very weird decision to play him here...
  14. Spurs - Chelsea

    Alvaro needs to put that one behind him and score the next. Don't get many chances like that against Spurs..
  15. Spurs - Chelsea

    Shit, is it match day already? I guess the way to look at this day would be that it is perfectly set up for a famous CFC upset and that Tottenham don't usually do too well when they are favorites for anything. Hope the players are ready to dig deep today...Come on you BLUES!