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  1. Boston Marathon Explosions

    I have never been a conspiracy theorists. I beleive 9/11 was Alqaida, Moon landing did happen and Osama is dead. But you shoud see this.
  2. Boston Marathon Explosions

    NewsFlash: Two Officials claim the suspect was unarmed in the boat and there was no gun inside the boat. 1. If there wasnt a Gun on the Boat, then he could not have possibly shot himself. How the hell did the guy lose his voice? 2. If The Owner of the boat saw him curled up inside the boat, how did the suspect not see the Owner of the boat? dont think he was sleeping there. 3. City was shut down with not a civilian soul on the street except for Cops. How did this suspect walk around the neighborhood without being noticed? 4. His Brother was tackled to the floor by the cops, why would bunch of cops leave a terror suspect caught alive to be run over by a car while they evade the car.. 5. It was only after the suspect's parents divulged that their Older son was questioned by FBI, did the FBI release a statement that they did interview him in the past and was on the watch list. 6. Hard to beleive that the FBI can track and arrest Jihad Jane and let loose a suspect notified to them by Russian Intelligence. Outrageous. 7. So they engage cops in gunfight, car jack but do not kill the victim, then go to ATM to withdraw cash and PAY for doritos and Redbull. Who the fuck PAYS for stuff when you are on the run? The pattern does not match. Not to mention, initial reports of Police saying the suspect had a bomb vest, ended he didnt have any just like the latest reports that say he was unarmed. 8. The boat was riddled with bullets. Intention to kill is what I see here as cops WILL NEVER fire unless a shot is fired at them. Soo Many questions unanswered....Something isnt right about this.
  3. Facebook & Twitter

    Oldmonk66 on Twitter (I am new)...Follow me and I will follow you. https://twitter.com/OldMonk66
  4. The Cricket Thread

    There was a wave of attack against indian students in australia few years back. Pretty sure that was racially motivated. But I wont be daft enough to tag the entire Australian country as racist.
  5. The Cricket Thread

    When only two teams pretty much played cricket? I dont count that as an "even better team"
  6. Fernando Torres

    He wont get too many chances against big teams. I dont get why he doesnt shoot when he is clear on goal. He often takes another touch and this has been going on since last season. He may score a goal but he should have had a hattrick yesterday
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Wow!! Aussies got Destroyed there!! One Man team. Watson doesnt perform and they are out.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Bit Ironic that you call me deluded when your own Ian Chappel who has played more cricket than you have seen thinks otherwise. And since you said stick to facts I am sticking to Facts. Fact is We are World Champions!!. Fact is We are above you in ODI Rankings. You are talking about bunch of cricketers that have retired. Totally like a Liverpool fan you sound.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Fact is we are the World Champs. Stop gloating on past glories like a liverpudlian
  10. The Cricket Thread

    You sound like a Liverpool Fan. "We know what we are" sounds apt when an Indian cricket fan says it....
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Cry Babies and Bad Losers...Thats what they are.
  12. The Cricket Thread

    I cant deny the fact that India has had a bad history with discriminating people based on caste, religion and color. But to call Harbhajan a racist inspite of getting a clean verdict from an Australian court is just ridiculous. Even Michael Clarke said he didnt hear anything. Symonds is a thug. I would rather beleive anyone on the pitch apart from Symonds. Got what he deserved.
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Thanks I wasnt aware its called sledging. But there has got to be a limit to it. you cant cross boundaries. Hey..Harbhajan was never proved racist, THERE IS NO PROOF. Get over yourself. He was tried in an Australian Court and was cleared. And why on earth is Harbhajan tagged a racist? Gareth Bale gets called a monkey by the rest of the fans so why not Symonds? This is exactly what pisses me off. You can call a white guy a monkey but if you call a black guy monkey its racist. If Symonds hadnt made a huge deal out of it he would have been spared by the Mumbai crowd, just like Anton Ferdinand he played the victim and got what he deserved. Michael Clarke's account was critical, considering that it did not coincide favourably with the rest of the Australians. It is not without significance that the Australian players maintain other than Mr Symonds that they did not hear any other words spoken, only the ones that are said to be of significance to this hearing. This is a little surprising in the context where there was a reasonably prolonged heated exchange. Indeed Mr Clarke went so far as to say that he did not hear Mr Symonds say anything. Given Mr Symonds' own acceptance that he initiated the exchange and was abusive towards Mr Singh, that is surprising. This failure to identify any other words could be because some of what they were hearing was not in English. —John Hansen[68]
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Not doubting the talent but as humans they lacked class. Some of the stuff they used to say to the batsmen were very x-rated. Thats why they do not like Harbhajjan, Kohli, and specially Ganguly. McGrath to sarwan: How does Lara's Cock taste? Sarwan to mcGrath: Ask your wife!! LOL!! and McGrath flew into rage. I understand he lost his wife to cancer later but he is a grade A Cunt!!
  15. The Cricket Thread

    I dont get this. India always gets shit for being weak abroad and often gets termed as Flat Track Bullies. When we go abroad, we get green and bouncy pitches but when Aus or England comes to India they expect "Sporting" wickets. The only reason Australia won that one series in India in the last so many years was because of the green top in Nagpur. How many times do we get turners abroad? England cannot live with spin and so cant Australia just like we cant handle green and bouncy wickets and yet we get called flat track bullies. Oh and yes....We should have won that series in Australia in 07-08. it was a disgrace and a blot on cricket the way Bucknor saved Australia. That performance from him was equivalent to that of the bald Norwegein referee (you know who) a