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  1. Boston Marathon Explosions

    I have never been a conspiracy theorists. I beleive 9/11 was Alqaida, Moon landing did happen and Osama is dead. But you shoud see this.
  2. Boston Marathon Explosions

    NewsFlash: Two Officials claim the suspect was unarmed in the boat and there was no gun inside the boat. 1. If there wasnt a Gun on the Boat, then he could not have possibly shot himself. How the hell did the guy lose his voice? 2. If The Owner of the boat saw him curled up inside the boat, how did the suspect not see the Owner of the boat? dont think he was sleeping there. 3. City was shut down with not a civilian soul on the street except for Cops. How did this suspect walk around the neighborhood without being noticed? 4. His Brother was tackled to the floor by the cops, why would bunch of cops leave a terror suspect caught alive to be run over by a car while they evade the car.. 5. It was only after the suspect's parents divulged that their Older son was questioned by FBI, did the FBI release a statement that they did interview him in the past and was on the watch list. 6. Hard to beleive that the FBI can track and arrest Jihad Jane and let loose a suspect notified to them by Russian Intelligence. Outrageous. 7. So they engage cops in gunfight, car jack but do not kill the victim, then go to ATM to withdraw cash and PAY for doritos and Redbull. Who the fuck PAYS for stuff when you are on the run? The pattern does not match. Not to mention, initial reports of Police saying the suspect had a bomb vest, ended he didnt have any just like the latest reports that say he was unarmed. 8. The boat was riddled with bullets. Intention to kill is what I see here as cops WILL NEVER fire unless a shot is fired at them. Soo Many questions unanswered....Something isnt right about this.
  3. Facebook & Twitter

    Oldmonk66 on Twitter (I am new)...Follow me and I will follow you. https://twitter.com/OldMonk66
  4. Fernando Torres

    He wont get too many chances against big teams. I dont get why he doesnt shoot when he is clear on goal. He often takes another touch and this has been going on since last season. He may score a goal but he should have had a hattrick yesterday
  5. Oscar

    Are you the one that used to make Videos on youtube? I used to love them. havent seen any recently. On Topic, Oscar bossed Pirlo and did well in breaking down Arsenal's midfield. He had a job to do and he did well. We are spoiled for choices. One day its Oscar pulling the strings, someday its Mata and some day its Hazard.
  6. Mugshots

    http://instagram.com/p/QMq4zSkCFA/ Didnt know where to post this. David Luiz's expression is Class and Mata is the sexiest man on earth with that beard. Photo by juanmatagarcia • Instagram.htm
  7. The English Football Thread

    I am happy for AVB...I bet not many Chelsea fans will be. He is a nice guy and has gotten alot of shit for his man management . He is a very brave manager but lacks man management but what he did at OT not many teams attempt to do it. He took the game to Man Utd right from the start. Most teams even Man City, and our own Chelsea teams have used a very defensive approach at OT over the years. If only he stops getting worked up at small things and handles his players well, he will be a great manager.
  8. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    Fergie ....I didnt know Batman plays for Tottenham....Christian bale?
  9. Fernando Torres

    He is getting there...
  10. Fernando Torres

    6 goals in 10 games this season. Not sure why people are criticizing him
  11. Fernando Torres

    Torres has played 9 games including Community Sheild and Super Cup and has scored 5 goals. Yet people call him shit.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Shelvey was sent off at 38:20 = 58 Gerrard scored at 45:50 = 95... Rafel scored at 50:29 = 79 RVP scored at 80:11 = 91 so no I am not creeped out
  13. The English Football Thread

    I infact think Rodgers is a good coach just unlucky. He has had to play Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd in his first 5 gqames. Out of wich, Agger gifted Man City a draw with that back pass and Hasley gifted Man Utd a win on the platter. Nothing a manager could do.
  14. Fernando Torres

    Guess you were not a Chelsea fan back in 04-05 and 05-06
  15. Fernando Torres

    DD is a legend now...the first two seasons with Chelsea he was BAD. Yes he was a upgraded version of Heskey add to that his diving, sulking, and clashes with Chelsea Fans. I remember tht fluke backheel goal against Arsenal after which he went straight to the Chelsea fans and said something cus they were on his back all the time.