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  1. 7 hours ago, Blusan Alamb said:

    Pep Guardiola: "If Mendy is out I will feel sad for him. He is a unique player. We will see in January about a new signing."#Vultures

    No way he gets Mendy and Sandro. Not way man!

  2. 6 hours ago, lucashm said:

    I am honestly in awe of how he has developed. I remember his first game against Bayern, they lost 3-0 i think, and he looked lost on the pitch, you could clearly see how nervous he was. To see him playing with the confidence and calmness that he has now is absolutely incredible. I knew he had potential, but i never knew he was this fucking good, and he is just 21 years old!

    We genuinely have our next captain now, and better yet, he is OUR player, he came from OUR youth team, and he is THE best young CB in the world, which just speaks volume about the level of players we are creating there.

    He needs to be a permanent starter, not next year, not in January, but NOW, he is ready, i am sure of that.

    If only he were English he'd be all over the TV

  3. 13 minutes ago, Pizy said:

    I'm wondering what the specific role Conte has in mind for him. Probably will be competing with Cesc I think. I'm not sure we'll ever really see him without one of Kante or Bakayoko beside him. Can also envision using him in a midfield 3.

    He's Kante n Bakayokos back up. Cesc plays a different role. 

  4. Would've been easier to incorporate him in next year if we had kept Matic. We wouldn't need to spend money on a Drinkwater. Then next year, if this guy really impresses at CP, he can come in and take 65min sub role, Cesc current role. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Zolan025 said:

    Sorry! but you can't keep a man in a job based on previous history. It's about today and right now he's well past his sell by date and their are a few others in that category. When it happens once it's a learning curve but to happen again it's just plain ignorance. Taxi for the man!!!! 

    Marina is the one u shld go after not Emenalo

  6. Always interesting to see how a promising Chelsea youth falls off. Every time I hear ppl get excited about a youth, I just think to myself " I wonder how this guy's down fall will look like".