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  1. Thibaut Courtois

    Yeah me too. That's just not acceptable for a player like Tibo. But that might be what a WC goal keeper is worth. If he really just wants to live in Spain the non businessman in me says just take the 28mil and wish him the best.
  2. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Mata was 40mil + and is a fringe player that has never lived up to his Chelsea days. Chelsea have really been moderate with our spending recently. I'm sure all the other big clubs have a net spending much larger than ours in the past 5 years
  3. Thibaut Courtois

    Sad part about this whole thing is that we can't get crazy money for him. He is worth much more that 50mil to us but for a GK 50mil would be considered insane money.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm sure you and your fellow united fans will be very excited to see him win a cup. But just like I'm upset when any other club wins a trophy, I'll be upset when united win one.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    The last team Jose wants to see win the title is Chelsea. He's been passively slagging us all season. Hope united get relegated under him for all I care. Can't stand the guy.
  6. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Does he have a chance here? Idk
  7. Victor Moses

    Think his spot is safe for some time to come.
  8. The English Football Thread

    Then you don't call a penalty?
  9. Thibaut Courtois

    That's the problem when you get relegated. We gotta sell all our players now. Seems like just yesterday we had a 7 point lead on top of the table.
  10. Adama Traore

    Is this transfer possible?
  11. Diego Costa

    Drogba had his drama too. But after that CL penalty I don't think any striker will ever top Drogba in our hearts.
  12. Diego Costa

    The Tibo thing aside it's a bit of a stretch to think nothing happened. What exactly happened no one knows but of course the tabloids will run rampant. I personally think he wanted to move to China after he heard the offer and has since calmed down a bit. He may even have a change of heart once Chelsea offer him a decent contact (in his view). Im just glad it all seems to be over
  13. Diego Costa

    So what really happened? Cause we have Tibo saying we don't need Diego to win the league. You make it seem as though the media pulled it out their ass when just reading between the lines tells you otherwise. Even the Chinese club confirmed their interest
  14. Eden Hazard

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel Chelsea need to make a bigger deal out of Hazard. As in drive the narrative that he's the best player in the best league. Maybe that's on his sponsor but I feel like he's under rated by the general public.
  15. Diego Costa

    I think he got the offer, wanted to go then claimed to have a back injury (Conte probably didn't believe the injury was real) they got into an argument. Costa had to go along with his story of a back injury and now he's "ok" so he joins the first team. Media acutually got this one right.
  16. Diego Costa

    Is this for real?
  17. Diego Costa

    we will learn a lot tmrw. Since the rest of the team is coming back.
  18. Diego Costa

    Thing is, I don't think it's gonna happen that simple. It seems Conte sees Diego has 100% in the wrong, Costa has to apologize but that alone will probably not fix the entire situation. Conte seems to be really big on respect and that seems to have motivated the guys this year. In the past you'd see Chelsea just play on first gear for so many games, but this year that really happens. And I think it's the whole respect thing with Conte. He can't just throw that away for Costa.
  19. Diego Costa

    You're ok with Muslims now? 😊😊
  20. Diego Costa

    Remember how great we were when we had Torres and Ba with their great hold up play? A striker has 3 responsibilities, each weighted differently: 85% is to create goals (especially on a countering team like us) and Diego has been the most Clinical #9 in Europe all year. 10% is probably hold up play and he's been average at this. But for some reason you seem to think this is the most important job a striker has. The other 5% is defending set pieces.
  21. Diego Costa

    I have almost always taken the mangers side over a player ( except Jose vs Hazard). This is no different, if Costa doesn't go apologize to Conte then he can fly to China ASAP
  22. Diego Costa

    Two years ago he was poor? Ok. U obviously have your panties in a bunch cause he's angering us all right now, but please go back and look at his goals this year, non of them were put on a platter for him. You do realize he's a striker right?
  23. Diego Costa

    Of course, I'm not claiming he's the perfect striker. But he's definitely been been the best striker this year. Maybe player of the season.
  24. Diego Costa

    True. I don't care if he scores 20 goals the rest of the season and suddenly wants to stay for the long term. This episode has been so frustrating that I'm willing to sell him. Maybe bring in Morata and James in the summer with the Costa money.
  25. Diego Costa

    What games are you watching? His link up play with Hazard has been one of our Bright spots this year. He's single handily won use 4-5 games this year. Compare that to Hazard's poor finishing, ridiculously poor crossing and not to mention his lack of tracking back, and Costa is better. This conversation is ridiculous and I'm done. They've both been 2 of our best players this year and our tittle winning year 2 years ago. No one would pick Costa over Hazard if we had to pick one to stay and the other leaves. But you seem to think Diego is some sort of creative player rather than a pure 9