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  1. Álvaro Morata

    Feel he needs to start.
  2. The Conte Thread

    Think Conte wanted: Lukaku 👎 Bakayoko 👍 Danilo 👎 VVD 🤔 Sandro 👎 Decent depth 🤔 Easy to see why he's not happy.
  3. The Conte Thread

    That same team that finished 10th. That same team any same person wouldn't dare take to the CL. That same team Conte seems desperate to change
  4. The Conte Thread

    This is the same Board that went into last year after finishing 10th signing no one of note. Do we really expect them to sign anyone after winning the EPL? lol
  5. The Conte Thread

    The board has changed it aim since Mariana took over. Conte isn't the type of guy they want right now. They are looking for a guy that's ok with fighting for top 4. Conte wanted to compete for CL. their goals don't match and he'll probably leave this summer regardless of what happens. Honestly if I were Eden, I'd want to move to Barca right about now.
  6. The Conte Thread

    The fact that we're interested is the problem.
  7. The Conte Thread

    Yet we're spending 50m on another CB when we have desperate needs elsewhere
  8. Alex Sandro

    What did he really say?
  9. Álvaro Morata

    Conte isn't helping either.
  10. Alex Sandro

    Any news on Spinazolla returning?
  11. Alex Sandro

    Seems like new hope
  12. Alex Sandro

    What's happening?
  13. Alex Sandro

    http://gianlucadimarzio.com/it/calciomercato-juventus-altro-tentativo-per-spinazzola-latalanta-non-molla says Juve wanna recall their LB from loan. He's pretty good. Can only mean one thing!
  14. Alex Sandro

  15. Alex Sandro

    Sandro is better than Walker and Mendy. Also City have spent a lot on fullbacks and still want more. Tocbe fair thou. If we get our way, we'd end up with a 65m Sandro and a 40m Sergi.
  16. Alex Sandro

    https://mobile.twitter.com/SkyKaveh/status/889579373090701313 Matic will be key if we get Sandro.
  17. The Board

    So why did we get ride of all the promising youngsters he signed cause Jose wanted to? if this guy is behind our transfers the last 10 years then he needs an appreciation thread. Look how much City have spent to net only to EPL trophies compared to us. Also, I think we can all agree this guy doesn't decide how much we will spend on a player, whoever makes that decision, is the one in charge of our transfers.
  18. The Conte Thread

    Sounds like he's not as power hungry as it seemed at first. Good thing because I wouldn't want my team to bow down to a coach just because of 1 year of success
  19. Michy Batshuayi

    Idk what levels they're on but all I know is Bats has scored every time he gets time but Conte seems to not like him much. Almost feels like he was a board signing and Conte wants to prove a point.
  20. Michy Batshuayi

    Man we paid 30m for this guy and he's killing it. Idk what Conte's problem is with him but the board needs to step in and say no to Lerontte and give Bats a damn chance. Bats is probably as good as Morata given a chance.
  21. The Conte Thread

    Maybe I trust what Matt Law says about Conte more than what you seem to think.
  22. Alex Sandro

    This where all the money we've staked from player sales and bargain purchases should come in. Swap deals aren't common but paying 60m for Sandro and selling them Matic for 25m would be acceptable to me
  23. The Conte Thread

    This summer can't get any worse. I cant think of any reason why he wouldn't extend the years in the deal.
  24. The Conte Thread

    Either we are scared cause of what happened with Jose or Conte is outta here soon.
  25. Alex Sandro

    According to Matt Law, Chelsea are still in for him.