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  1. Eden Hazard

    Can't believe he's surviving in this system. Considering his workrate and all. Lol. It's mind blowing how you people over blow workrate for our forward 3.
  2. James Rodríguez

    Idk if Neymar's workrate is good enough for some on here. Hazards would be either if he weren't already a Chelsea player
  3. James Rodríguez

    lol it's been 17 games. I doubt united regret their decision yet.
  4. James Rodríguez

    Considering we've had Cesc in a CM position and survived, I think it's safe to say having a RW with Hazard like workrate is good enough. your also forgetting the other reason our left is so solid is because opposition RB are afraid to attach and leave Hazard open. James will cause opposition LBs to face the same problem Now all 3 on at the same time? Idk...
  5. James Rodríguez

    They are both important but for his position , it's a 80/20 ratio. If he plays better than Pedro and Willian going forward, then all he has to do is give us what Hazard gives us defensively and we're golden
  6. James Rodríguez

    Can't argue with that. But we definitely have room for another star on this team.
  7. James Rodríguez

    he's gonna be sad when he sees James on the training ground since according to some michael emenalo is the only one in charge of transfers
  8. James Rodríguez

    By that standard Hazard ia not world class. about 30% of our games he's just a passenger. But ok if James isn't world class; he'd still walk in and be one of our most talented players.stop worrying about the word so much
  9. James Rodríguez

    no he's not too big for Chelsea lol.
  10. James Rodríguez

    You act as if he had a bad year while playing. It's Real Madrid. Their entire team is full of world class players. You have to look at fit if you want a reason why he's not playing. It's like saying Cesc is not good anymore because he's not first choice. James played great football since his French league days and continued that to Madrid. Are we forgetting how poor Eden and Costa were last year? We act like Eden has been setting the world on fire every day he's been here. when conditions are not right for a player they struggle. You can't hold the fact that he hasn't played against him. I rhink the main question with James is his focus and if he can fit into our RW position. I think he can.
  11. James Rodríguez

    Idk how you define world class but it's just a word with different means to different people. Some would consider any player starting for a big club world class. But if I were to rate player 1-100: Let's just say Messi and Ronaldo are at 95/100. Neymar, Suarez and Hazard at 90/100. Think it's fair to say James is around 87/100.
  12. James Rodríguez

    If you took Eden to Madrid right now he wouldn't be a constant starter. He'd play more than James is right now but he wouldn't be a sure name on the team sheet either. All I know is when James was playing consistently, he was really productive. I mean he has the most goals+ assists of any la liga midfielder since he went to Spain. That's even counting these past years he hasn't played much.
  13. James Rodríguez

    The Arsenal system is ok with Ozil not defending. Watch James when he was getting consistent playing time, he does more than enough tracking back. He is also good enough offensively to confer whatever deficiencies he may have Defensively. Do any of you know how much we've spent on these RW that can defend and "attack" in the past few years? Imagine if Cesc were able to be our RW. With James you get a similar skill set. James is better at scoring an making short passes, while cesc is better with the long ball.
  14. James Rodríguez

    Lol ok
  15. James Rodríguez

    Exactly. Don't tell that to some on here though, who complain about William but yet don't want any name because they are either slower or don't defend as well as Willian.
  16. James Rodríguez

    He's proven he can play at a world class level. I think 50mil is definitely a worthy risk considering we could sell for 25m if he fails
  17. James Rodríguez

    your over looking the fact that he can't run up and down the field for 90min. Cause for some reason we need our Right attacking Mid to be able to do that. If we didn't already have Hazard some on here would say not to sign him cause he had poor Workrate.
  18. James Rodríguez

    1. We don't need another defender as our right forward 2. James works harder or just the same as Hazard 3. Wtf is up with this work rate nonsense. Why do we worry about defending whenever we wanna sign an attacking player?
  19. James Rodríguez

    James is actually more direct than Eden. Especially when conte wasn't here. If u watch 10min of James the first thing you'll notice is how hard he's always pushing forward. Sometimes too direct.
  20. James Rodríguez

    I agree with this. What I really meant was on a given night he has the ability to be better than Hazard. Similar to how Costa can be better than Hazard on a given night. Also, I think when engaged, he has better work rate than Eden and is more creative. Eden is the better player overall, but James isn't far off when on form. Also with James the possibility of him becoming a superstar is completely there. The last time he had a chance to play regular football he excelled. He won't be leaving us for Madrid or Barca either so that's a plus
  21. James Rodríguez

    honestly guys, he's surely worth 50mill isn't he He has the ability to be better than Hazard. The knocks on him are not that bad either;he has a better workrate than Hazard and better shooting also. And if he fails we can get 25mil for him. I'm all in!
  22. James Rodríguez

    I want James for our RW since it'll be not of a second striker than a winger position. Just don't spend too much money on him. 50 pounds max I think.
  23. James Rodríguez

    You hate the man for reasons only known by you. How exactly do you know who he brought in? Your posts can't be serious. Anyone that looks at our transfer policy will know our signings are mostly geared towards whatever the coach wants or towards what Roman wants. Anyone using reason would say our managers have been in charge of the transfers considering they really seem to fit their players of interest. The only times the club seemed to have made signings without a manger or Romans demands were when we signed: KDB, Lukaku(whom AVB himself said was a club signing, not his), Oscar, Tibo, and the whole youth movement a few years back. You think Roman would spend millions on youngsters because some scout said we should do it? Get real, we barely use scouts. And if we do they have been terrible. Just stop finding a way to blame him for the bad moves and crediting the good ones to Mariana or some random scouts.
  24. James Rodríguez

    Dumbest post I've ever seen on this site. Honestly. How the hell do you even know what anyone at the club is pushing for?
  25. James Rodríguez

    So how do you know all this? How can you figure he's an idiot that had caused all our problems even though he has no power? I don't think its a race thing, most fans hate people they presume to be incharge of transfers(like Man U). But you seem to find a way to blame him for the bad moves while claiminng he has no power. Hes been here since Roman and we've been great. You need to make up your mind and figure out what his role is, cause right now according to you: he's responsible for the bad transfer and had nothing to do with the good ones.