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  1. 8. Ross Barkley

    When he'll be fit?
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    It was 20 minutes? If so he made an instant impact i think. He's good to go even for about 60min, but to give him a little more extra time might be a smart move Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  3. Fernando Llorente

    Pedro, Willian isnt world class imo. But thats right - Courtois, Kante, Azpilicueta - their are among the bests on theirs position, So I think that is what makes them world class. Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  4. Diego Laxalt

    Maybe, maybe not. I know Marcos isnt world beater, but he's solid. Dont know if Laxalt is better than him, but definitely got potential to be.
  5. Diego Laxalt

    Exactly! He's young, solid, looks like fitting for our formation. We need some backup for Marcos Alonso and Lexalt could be the answer. Maybe in few years he would establish himself as first team player. I would be happy if we get him in january. Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  6. The English Football Thread

    Yeah, thats unfortunate... But fuck it, we're still 6 points clear
  7. Diego Costa

    Dont understand intetion of your post at all. Please take it down for me Blue Lyon.
  8. Diego Costa

    Yesterday in the late stage of the match he get into tight space vs Sunderlands goalkeeper and defender in they box. He lost the ball and like I said there was very liitle space, defender worked with his hands etc. Costa smiled and just get away from there. Loved that! Its now 10 games in a row nie without a card for him.
  9. Tammy Abraham

    Scored yesterday. He Didn't scoring for fun like he was at the start of the season, but i think that we all know that Tammy wont keep scoring every game through all year. Also Bristol City have a bit weaker time comparing to the early stages of the season.
  10. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Scored vs Soton U23. Shame he's so injury prone, he's good player. He had very good time in PSV last season and I think he could be very good option for our team even as a squad player, but given his injuries history he maybe wont play single game for Chelsea first team ever again.
  11. Lewis Baker

    Shit, he really is on fire this season. Dont know how his overall game looks like, but his scoring ability seems something like Lampard had. Im hoping he would be inculded in our first team next season.
  12. EFL Trophy

    Win 13-12 on penalties vs Oxford
  13. The Conte Thread

    Chelsea boss Antonio Conte admits he’s worried about his health “I’m worried about this, it’s true,” Conte told reporters. “For this reason I pay great attention to my health. “I always eat healthy food and I run and do fitness too. I don’t do the same as the players because in the training session I prefer to observe and give instructions. “But when we finish if we have time and I’m not tired I try to have my period of fitness. We have four pitches and I run around them for 40 minutes. “In one game I’ll try to put the GPS or a heart monitor on me and measure my stats.”
  14. Michy Batshuayi

    Interesting line up. Also would like to See that approach against lower opposition, but we dont see the training, maybe Conte tried/will try that and it didnt work. We'll see. Cheers mate.
  15. 15. Victor Moses

    It promises to be interesting fight for right wing back position beetween him and Azpi, when Zouma and Terry will back to the team. Azpi is one of our bests defenders, but so far Moses delivers in that role and he add more offensive. So I'm curious what Conte will do. Maybe he'll keep playing Azpi at three man defense?